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The maid's knickers - part four.

I couldn't help noticing that Chi-chi's one night out on a Saturday was getting longer and longer. She always used to be back by ten or eleven in her virginal days, but then it got to midnight before I would hear her entering the house, quietly going into her quarters - and then sometimes it got to be even two o'clock or after before she'd get back. I'd stay awake, waiting for her return: sometimes walking back to our house or sometimes on the back of a motorbike. I knew then, of course, that she wasn't just innocently singing and dancing at the village kara-oke, but probably getting fucked by some horny guy from the village. I imagined her being fucked in one of the simple nipa huts on a reed mat, or out in the coconut plantation - her body naked, all covered in sweat as they did it in the tropical heat.
I was even more obsessed with her and her knickers now. I desperately wanted to find out about her sex life now that she wasn't doing it with me. I don't know what drove me on to torture myself with finding out exactly what she was doing. But I'd search her room on a Sunday looking for evidence from the night before - perhaps a condom, or cum stains in her knickers after she'd walked home - the cream perhaps still dribbling out of her. Then I noticed the word "safe" written at regular monthly intervals on the calendar. I knew she was a strict Catholic girl, so I guessed these were the dates when she could have sex without getting pregnant. I made a note of the next mention of a "safe" date and decided to watch her from the bar over the road from the kara-oke place near the basketball court. And I remember masturbating myself that afternoon, while she was still taking mass, over the very pair of striped shorts she'd worn on our first night of sex together.
Annabelle left on her own about midnight that next Saturday night, so I went on waiting and waiting for Chi-chi and her "lover" to emerge. She finally came out about 30 minutes later with a guy from the village clinging to her, and I could see him squeezing her bum cheeks and then putting his hand between her legs as they walked up towards the municipal hall at the top of the town. There were some vacant houses still under construction up there. I knew instinctively that this was where they would be going for their fucking as I thought he was probably one of the builders who'd been labouring on the properties. Perhaps he had a mattress on the floor up there. And just before they disappeared into the first of the properties, I could see them kissing, with the man eagerly rubbing "my" Chi-chi's bottom. However much it was going to hurt me, I wanted to see her doing it with that guy and my heart was pounding that night in excitement as I ran up the road to the house where I knew they were.
I couldn't really see much in the semi-darkness, but through one of places left open for the the air-conditioning units to be installed, I could just about see her on her knees licking his cock as if she worshipped it, and when they fell to the floor I could certainly hear them going at it. And it was Chi-chi who was making the most noise. She was moaning in ecstasy, and every so often would whisper something to him in Filipino which obviously made him want to fuck her even harder and then she'd moan even louder. Every so often she would say "Oh God, Oh God" and her breathing would become irregular - (most Filipinas preferring to use English when they are about to cum) - and I also remember her saying something about " I need wee", or what sounded like that, and both of them laughing. I guessed she'd urinated in her excitement before she came.
After that night nothing was really ever the same between me and Chi-chi. She was no longer shy now, and she knew what my angry silences and glances meant (usually on a Monday morning) and would eventually say, when the silence became too much for her: "Do you want me?" and we would either go upstairs and she'd put her maids outfit on for me, or on one special occasion we went to the "love" hotel in the port area. I'd ordered some pink crotchless knickers via mail order for her that week, and gave her them as an early Christmas gift. And so as the holiday shoppers left the mall, we found ourselves without a taxi and ended up in a hotel room instead. It was a dingy looking place where office managers used to take their secretaries for a quick fuck in the lunch hour, but that just seemed to add to the spice, and anyway we were both so horny that evening that all we wanted to do was fuck.
Meanwhile, now that his wife had left him, the Korean guy next door had got two more maids in to assist Annabelle in her "duties" and I could only dream about his life over the fence - servicing three ladies. I guess I was growing tired of Chi-chi, but not of the sex that maids had to offer. I got my parents to get rid of Chi-chi, and I'm told she's now living with the builder guy from the village and is pregnant. The night before she left I avoided her, already masturbating over the thought of the "interviews" I would carry out to find the new maid, but still with a pair of Chi-chi's knickers on the pillow to assist me.

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