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Single's Party

It's a very elegant party... I'm in an evening dress, my hair tied up, revealing my neck with just a couple of stray hairs framing my face.
You're wearing a sexy black tuxedo.

You tease me at first since we're in a presentable public place.You touch my earing, and your hand slightly brushes against my neck. As you do that I look up at you, you smile back and look away shifting your attention to something else.I follow your example...

But soon enough I feel your hand on my lower back on my bare skin in the oppening of my backless dress. I feel goosebumps as the warmth from your hand transfers into my back your hand slightly lowers you stroke my butt and suddenly move away and disappear among the crowd.

As I stand next to the bar, trying to find you with my eyes I notice you next to the exit. You meet my gaze, smile and leave. I have no choice but to go after you. I want to see where you are going. After all we did come together to this party.

You turn around the hallway and I follow. You open the door to some room with a nice satin bed. As I enter you close the door behind me, and pressing me against the wall whisper dirty things in my ear as you undo my hair. My hair falls back on my shoulders spreading like a fan. your hands are now on the zipper of my dress. You unzip it slowly, kissing every inch of the revealed skin until the dress drops down to the floor and I have nothing on, but a lacy black bra and black panties and my heels. I step over the dress..

I want to turn around but you dont give me the chance as you press your body against mine. I feel through my panties your rock hard cock. You push my hair aside and kiss my neck, your hands making their way around and cupping my breasts. I feel my panties soaking and my whole body reacting to your touch. You push my bra straps and unhook the bra. Your hands are now on my bare breasts. My nipples get hard as you stroke them gently, your mouth still on my neck.

Finally you give me a chance to turn around. I kiss your neck in return, unbotton your shirt. You take over and continue unbuttoning your shirt, as I squat and unzip your pants revealing your huge dick, so warm, the skin so soft against my hand. I kiss it gently, lick it like an ice cream giving it a taste, and then I slide it in my mouth. My saliva is acumulating more and more in my mouth until there is enough to start dripping around your cock as I suck you in and out.

As I do that, I push your pants down your hips, past your knees and to the floor they fall along with your boxers. You step from them and I push you on the bed that is behind you. My hand caressing your chest, your stomach, as I keep teasing you by sucking on your dickhead a bit and then deep throat... dickhead tease.. and then deep throat... my saliva errupting from my mouth, is spread all over your cock.

I move my mouth away and proceed by giving you a handjob while I slide up along your side on the bed. I lick your nipples and kiss your chest, your lips. Our tongues entwirling around each other. You push my hand away and I end up on my back. You pull off my panties and spread my legs. You give my pussy a stroke to check how wet I am, but I'm already soaking.

You spread my legs as a V and holding my ankles slide your cock inside of my hungry, starving cunt. And if you though my mouth was warm and wet well it was nothing compared to my pussy that is now contracting itself around the length of your cock. You slide in and out slowly and then suddenly decide to bump hard into me. So hard that my ass cheek bounce with your rythm. You let go one of my legs and I bend it in the knee. You use your free hand to stroke my clit and I lose control as your fingers are teasing my clit and your cock is stretching my pussy, pressing itself against my G-spot.

I explode in orgasms, I moan, I bite my lips but instead end up screaming anyway. I try to grab hold of anything around, I clench on tightly to the sheets as my weakened body twitches in contractions of climax. But it doesnt stop you, you only gain speed and f***e.

You stop stimulating my clit and bend over me sucking on my nipples. As I grab on to your shoulders, you fuck me hard until sweat appears on your forehead. And then as you push it one last time your deepest, you quickly pull out and I bend over to take you in my mouth. As I help the cum leave your are barely able to stand. And as one of my hands is caressing your balls, the other is roaming on your chest. While I keep on swallowing the infinite amount of your creamy cum.

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