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The Contemptible Hollywood Agent

I stand with my head pressed against the cold glass, in my thirtieth floor office, looking out over Hollywood. With my seven hundred dollar suit, three hundred dollar shoes, and diamond Rolex, I look like your typical Hollywood talent agent. I’ve worked from the basement to the top floor in only ten years, and now I was in charge of discovering new talent, and turning them into potential gold. My day-to-day routine consisted of my audition at least five aspiring actors or actresses a day, and listening to their sob stories after deciding not to represent them because they are inherently untalented.

‘Mr. Donowitz, Miss Mendez, your ten o’clock is here’ Jean says over the intercom.

“Great” I think to myself another talentless wannabe here to waste my time. I turn away from the beautiful view of Hollywood, and sit behind my desk.

‘Okay, send here in. And get me some coffee, would you.’

I sat awaiting the arrival of Ever Mendez, a potential client who’d been recommended to me by my ex-wife, who had met her in Wall-mart. Why a woman receiving thirty thousand dollars a month in alimony was shopping in Wall-Mart was beyond me. I’d only agreed to take the meeting so she’d leave me alone.

‘Mr. Donowitz?’ a sweet sounding voice said.

I looked up from my desk to see possibly the most attractive woman ever to grace Planet Earth. Standing at around five-foot-three, of Hispanic descent, about s*******n years old, with small pert breasts, long flowing black hair, and hazel eyes, she is the spitting image of Selena Gomez I thought to myself.

‘Yes, please come in and have a seat. Can I get you something to drink?’
‘No thank you.’

I just sat there marvelling at her beauty and sex appeal. She was wearing tight-fitted Levi jeans, and a white crop top which revealed her beautiful cleavage.

I went through the customary questions when interviewing a potential client: where are you from, what is your biggest strengths, weaknesses, who do you aspire to be etc. After which I asked her to perform a monologue of her choice which she did – poorly. I sat there knowing that somewhere deep down she was a talented young lady, but nerves had gotten the best of her. I didn’t know whether it was because I wanted to fuck her, but I agreed to represent her. With most poor auditions I just throw them out of the office, but there was something about Ever.

‘Thank you so much’ she said with such glee and appreciation.

She ran over to me and hugged me. I could feel her breasts resting against my chest. My cock began to slowly rise in my trousers. My hands that were placed on her shoulders blades began to work their way down to her ass. I slowly moved my head into her neck, her scent was intoxicating, which was probably responsible for why I through caution to the wind and kissed her. She jumped out of her skin and away from me, with a look of fright upon her face.

‘What are you doing? I’m only s*******n.” She said vehemently.
‘I was… I thought…’

I walked away from her embarrassed, she just stood there frozen. I knew I’d made a big mistake, but was well worth it to taste her lips. I imagined her naked, bent over my desk with my cock buried in her ass, pummelling her with my big fat cock. There and then I decided to do something I knew existed within the industry, but it was something I’d never thought of doing personally – I was going to give her an ultimatum – do what I want or get the fuck out of my office.

‘If you want to work in this town, bitch, you will suck my big fat cock’
‘I won’t do that’ she said.
‘Okay, nice meeting you. Please leave my office now.’
‘Wait…you said you’d represent me.’
‘Do what I tell you and I will.’

She stood there with her arms crossed over her chest. I could see on her face that she was contemplating whether to leave now with her dignity intact, or stay and feel violated by me.

‘What do you want me to do?’

I walked over to the my sofa and sat down. I unzipped my fly and grabbed my cock.

‘Take off your clothes.”

She slowly unzipped her jeans and pulled them down revealing her pink panties with white roses on them. They she lifted up her white crop top to reveal her sexy black bra.

‘Panties and bra’ I said.

She unclipped her bra and let it fall to the floor revealing her perfectly formed breasts and erect nipples.

‘mmm, very nice.’

She then pulled down her panties revealing her neatly trimmed pussy. I pulled down my trousers and began to stroke my cock.

‘Turn around and get on your hands and knees.’

Ever obliged. I was staring down at her pussy and ass hole. Her ass was perfectly formed and her pussy lips looked good enough to eat. I got up removing the test of my clothing and walked over to her. Kneeling beside her I caressed her right breast and slowly inserted two fingers into her pussy. She winced. Her pussy is so tight. Slowly increasing the speed in which I finger fucked her pussy. After several minutes finger fucking her in doggy position, I turned her onto her back, and violently finger fuck her in missionary position. Her pussy began to cream all over my finders.

‘You like that don’t you bitch?’

She didn’t answer me, but I knew she was enjoying it. I removed my fingers without warning and she winced. I stood up.

‘Get on your knees and suck my cock.”

She reluctantly rested on her knees and took my seven inch cock in her hand.

‘Go on baby, suck it’

Before taking my cock in her mouth she stroked it, spitting on it for lubricant, and then taking it deep into her throat. What technique she has.

‘You’ve done that before haven’t you’
‘No I haven’t’

Looking down at her head slowly moving up and down as she sucked my cock I couldn’t help but think of what her face would look like covered in cum.

‘Faster and deeper’

Taking all seven inches down her throat I couldn’t believe this was the first time she’s ever suck cock. I decided I wanted to do the work so I took my cock out of her throat, and lifted her to her feet, then placing her on my desk, so her head was hanging off the end of the desk upside down. I inserted my cock back into her mouth and fucked her it again. Looking at her pussy I began to rub her clit. I could hear her groaning through my cock. I could feel saliva dropping of my balls, so I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to lick my balls dry. When she was done I walked to the other side of the desk and pulled her pussy close.

‘Ready to get fuck, bitch?’

I slowly inserted my hard cock into her tight pussy. Her clit quickly engulfing my meet. I slowly began to drill her whilst rubbing her clit. I then grabbed her breasts and began to fuck her deep. She was screaming with pleasure. Fucking slut. I looked down to see she had come all over my cock. I didn’t want to stop, ever, this pussy was the best I’d ever had. Lifting her up and resting her back against the wall I drilled her pussy, deeper, and harder than ever before. I was looking into her eyes and kissing her while giving her the best fuck of her life.

‘I’m cumming’ she said

She let out a loud groan as she came. Still inside her I walked us over to the sofa and placed her in doggy style. I grabbed her by the chin and inserted the two fingers I’d fingered fuck her with into her mouth. I pulled out my cock and without warning inserted into her asshole. She groaned with displeasure. Her asshole was even tighter than her pussy. This time I didn’t slowly increase the speed, I just slammed her as fast and as hard as I could.

‘Take it bitch. Take that big cock in your tight ass.’

I placed my hands on both of her ass cheeks and fucked her faster and deeper.

‘I’m going cum soon, bitch.’

After several more minutes of violating her asshole I pulled out.

‘Back in your mouth.’

She again took my cock deep in her mouth.

‘Stroked it as well’

She obliged. I placed my left hand on her forehead, and with only my hips removed my cock from her mouth, and began to jerk it off with my right hand.

‘Open you fucking mouth.’ I said.

I jerked my cock until I could feel the cum rising from my balls.

‘I’m cumming.’

I shot my cum all over her beautiful face, in her mouth, and all over her hair. She was defiantly a good looking cum whore.

‘Get cleaned up and get the fuck out of my office. I’ll have Jean contact you with the contracts.’

I watched her slowly clean herself up. She was no longer an innocent, cute looking young lady, she was my very own cum slut I could use anytime I pleased.

‘Mr. Donowitz, thank you.’

I couldn’t believe it she was thanking me.

‘Thank you?’
‘Yes, for representing me. I’m sure you’ll find me work.’

With a pussy and mouth like that she’s entering the wrong entertainment industry.

‘You’re very welcome Ever. It was my pleasure.”

Ever left my office with cum still in her hair. I didn’t bother to tell her. I walked over to the window, still naked, and looked out over Hollywood.

‘Mr Donowitz, AnnaLeigh Swift, your eleven o’clock is here.’
‘Send her in’

A smile graced my face.

‘This is going to be a fun day. And where the fuck is my coffee.’

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