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Punished by Mother, s****r and Wife Ch. 03

"Well," My mother mused, tucking the panties filled with my cum back in the pocket of her robe, "Would you like to help me make some breakfast for the three of us?"

"I'd love to." I replied, swinging my legs out of bed and looking up at her. "Just let me get dressed and I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Hold on just a minute, Sweetheart." Mom said, pausing for a moment as she cinched up the tie on her robe. "You told me earlier those stories you've been writing are the real you -- the person you are inside. Is that really true?"

"I think so." I answered honestly. "Or, maybe the person I want to be."

"So, if that's true," Mom continued, "you'd like to live them out? The stories, I mean..... if you could. Right?"

"It doesn't matter now." I replied. "My wife is undoubtedly going to file for divorce and once you and Cassie read the rest of those stories, the two of you will disown me and after that...... I'm basically damned forever."

"I see." Mom said, looking at me. Then standing, she asked, "But, you still didn't answer me, Tom. If given the chance, you'd like to live them out. Just give me a straight answer." Mom asked. "Yes or no?"

"Yes." I felt ashamed of myself for saying it, but, it was true and if she wanted to push me for a straight answer, then, she got her wish. And, I was being fully honest with her.

"Alright." Mom said, softly. Then, telling me not to move and saying she'd be back in a few minutes, Mom left the room quietly, closing the door behind her.

I sat on the edge of the bed and hung my head in disgrace. Sitting there on that bed lamenting my situation and how I'd just openly admitted my desires to my own mother, I felt helpless. But, after a few minutes my stomach started to rumble and I realized how hungry I was and finally smiled at the thought of Mom making one of her big breakfasts. Then, reaching over to grab my cell phone, I checked to see if my wife, Beth, had called or texted me, but, she hadn't. Closing my cell phone up, I wondered what was going to happen between Beth and I as husband and wife. I wasn't even sure what I'd say to her when I got the chance -- whenever that might be.

My thoughts went back to last night and I half smiled at the memory of my s****r, Cassie, stripping me, making me masturbate for her and then dressing me up in one of her old nighties, a pair of her panties and then putting me to bed like a little c***d. Of course, I realize she did all that just to make amends after she was so harsh to me when she and Mom got back from talking to Beth at the apartment. Cassie did such a thorough job of berating me and making me feel so bad, I actually cried -- something I haven't done in years. And seeing that she made me cry, Cassie simply felt like she needed to make it up to me.

It was easy enough for her to do. Cassie, Mom and Beth had just read the story where I described in detail how I wanted Cassie to take control of me, strip me, make me jackoff in front of her and then dress me like a little girl for bed. Hell, the story was fresh in her mind -- all she had to do is make me do it, and that wasn't hard at all. Still though, Cassie and I agreed to keep it between us and I greatly appreciate what she did.

I stood up and reached down to the floor to pick up my clothes from where my little s****r, Cassie, left them last night and then turned to pull the sheet and comforter up the bed and fluff up the pillow.

I heard the door open and Mom came back in, closing the door behind her. Standing there with nothing on but my s****r's short nightie, I instinctively reached down to cover my cock, but, when Mom gently smiled, I realized there was no reason to cover myself at this point since she'd already seen me naked and erect this morning.

"Take your s****r's nightie off, Tom." Mom said.

I took it as a foregone conclusion Mom had been up for a while last night reading my stories and was probably going to make me stand in front of her naked while she gave me suggestions on how to get Beth to take me back while she watched me get dressed for breakfast. So, after I'd pulled Cassie's old nightie over my head and laid it on the bed, imagine how surprised I was to see my mother reaching for my clothes, walking to the closet in my room, and then tossing the clothes on the floor of the closet and closing the closet doors. She knew I was going to get dressed and come down to help her with breakfast...... why did she just throw my clothes in the closet?

Mom came to stand in front of me, put her hand into the left pocket of her robe, pulled out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. "This story you wrote....." Mom said, "do you remember it?"

I opened the folded paper to see she'd printed out the first page to a story I'd written just last month. The title was at the top in bold type, "The Punishment I Deserved and Longed For."

The set up for that particular story is this: my wife continually catches me masturbating over the period of a week - sometimes, four, five or even six times a day. Finally, one morning, she's had enough. She gets mad, loses her temper and sends me to my mother's house to be punished. When I get to Mom's house, I learn that my wife has called her on the telephone and told her in graphic detail what I've been doing. She's given my Mom, and my little s****r, permission to punish me any way they see fit to break me of my sneaky masturbation habits.

Now, I have to say right here this story is one of my most submissive stories. It has me being very submissive to my mother and my s****r, and it has a strong female dominance theme. There's a lot of exhibitionism, voyeurism, CFNM, and humiliation in this story, and quite honestly, it's one of the best pieces I think I've ever written. The prose is very believable, even though the story line is obviously pretty far fetched. But, all that aside, the story did give me a chance to write something that allowed my mother and my s****r, as a team, to dominate, punish me and humiliate me.

I scanned the page and then nodded my head. I felt my heart sink inside my chest knowing exactly what was in that story. Then, looking up at my mother I said, "Please tell me you didn't read this story."

"I read it twice last night." She replied. "And I just checked with your s****r and she read it last night, too. So, is there anything you'd like to say before your punishment begins?"

"What?" I asked. "Mom, I've already told everyone I was sorry for writing all the stories. I'm probably going to lose my wife over all this. I don't think I need any more stress in my life right now."

"Tom," Mom said, crossing her arms across her chest, "It doesn't matter right now what you think you need. I think you need to be punished for what you've done and now it's up to us to punish you. It's as simple as that."

About that time, the door opened and Cassie came in. She as wearing only a thin bra and a pair of tight, white panties, and when I saw her, the light bulb went on in my head.

They were role playing 'The Punishment I Deserved and Longed For' story. What I mean is, they were going to act out the story...... with me.... right now. That's why my s****r was in her bra and panties and my Mom was talking about punishment.

Reaching into her robe pocket again, Mom pulled out a foil wrapped condom and tossed it to me. "Put this on." Mom said firmly.

I looked at Cassie and she was biting her lip, holding back an obvious smile.

"Go on." Mom said, sharply. "Get yourself hard and put the condom on."

I felt a blush of epic proportions spread over my face and chest as I looked at my mother. Cassie stepped up next to her and crossed her arms over her chest, saying, "You better do what she says. Get your penis hard...... play with it."

Neither one of them was smiling now, and, as I swallowed hard, I dropped my hand to my soft member and wrapped my fingers around my cock.

"Just get it hard enough to put the condom on, Tom." Mom said clearly. "Then, if either your s****r or I see you touching yourself again until I give you permission, you'll be spanked. And I mean that, so consider yourself duly warned."

I began stroking my cock as I looked at them not truly believing what I was hearing. And after a minute or two, my cock was hard. I was literally shaking -- my chest was shuddering, and as I pumped my cock in front of my mother and my s****r, the words of the story we were acting out played through my head. Surely, they wouldn't follow the story line to the letter...... no way my mother would do that to me. She wouldn't...... she couldn't make me do those things...... not in front of both of them. And as my hand moved up and down my cock, I silently prayed they wouldn't go through with this.

"That's enough." Mom said, holding up her hand. "We don't want you ejaculating all over my nice clean carpet."

Then Mom glanced at my little s****r, saying, "Cassie, go help your b*****r with the condom."

I looked at Cassie. Her eyebrows immediately shot up and her jaw dropped open. A few seconds later, my little s****r stepped forward and took the condom out of my hand. Then, opening the package and pulling out the rolled condom, my little s****r kneeled down in front of me and grasped my erection firmly with her left hand.

"Make sure you leave enough room at the tip for his semen." Mom said, as Cassie prepared to slip the condom over the tip of my inflated cock. "He's going to be milked every two hours today. Plus, he'll be leaking, too, so give him some room to hold it."

I looked down at Cassie and she was smiling as she unrolled a little of the condom and then pushed it over the mushroom head of my cock. She was squeezing the base of my cock so tightly, I probably could have cum from just that, but, she released her grip as she rolled the condom down my shaft as far as it would unroll.

"Remember," Mom said, once my s****r stood up next to her, "from now until I say, if you touch yourself even once without being told, you're going to be put on your hands and knees, and your s****r and I will spank your butt until its red."

I nodded my head and looked at Mom, still in total disbelief this was happening.

"Cassie, I'd like you to go down stairs and start a fresh pot of coffee. And if you would, get the eggs, bacon and fry pan out, along with some plates and everything else we need for breakfast." Mother said. Then, reaching down to wrap her hand around my sheathed cock, Mom told me she wanted to speak to me privately in her room. I don't know who was more surprised, Cassie or me, as my mother pulled me past my wide eyed s****r out of the room, tugging at my cock like a leash.

Mom's fingers were wrapped tightly around my erection, and she tugged me roughly as she turned into the hallway and led me into her bedroom. "Close the door." Mom said once I was through the doorway, and as I did, she untied the belt of her robe, slipped it off her shoulders and unceremoniously threw her robe on her bed.

Standing there in her matronly nightgown, she pointed to her chest of drawers and told me to pick out a bra and a pair of panties for her. "I'm sure you've been in my lingerie drawers enough times to know exactly where they are."

It was true, I knew exactly where she kept her bras and panties. They were in two different drawers, the bras and slips in the top drawer and her panties, pantyhose and knee-highs in the next drawer down. My cock was at full strength as I thought about picking out a bra and panties for her -- swinging back and forth as I walked the few steps to her dresser.

"You might as well pick something you'd like to see me in." Mom said. "Well, for a little while at least."

I opened the top drawer and started looking through my mother's bras, and as I was carefully sifting through the sea of silk and lace, Mom started talking to me.

"It excites you to touch my bras, doesn't it?" Mom asked. "Even with me standing here hovering over you, you're still turned on by it."

"Yes." I croaked.

"I can just imagine how fast your heart is beating right now." Mom added. "Especially after I read about all those times you peeked at me when I was in the bathroom...... the shower....... and getting dressed and undressed in here. You've probably seen me wearing every bras and panty I own, and I don't know how many times you've seen me naked, but, I'd venture a guess it's a lot."

I kept my mouth shut because I didn't know if she was role playing or if she was really trying to talk to me about what she read in my stories. She was right about both things, though. I probably had seen her in every one of her bra and panties, and I'd seen her naked more times than I could recount.

"When was the last time you saw me naked?" Mom asked. "How long ago was it?"

I kept busy looking through her bras, holding them up one by one to find the one I was looking for. "Please answer me, Sweetheart. I promise I won't get mad at you. I just want to know."

I stopped what I was doing and turned my head to look at her. I knew exactly when it was. There was no way I could forget it because it was superbly memorable, and hearing her say she wouldn't get mad, I decided there was no reason not to tell her about it.

"It was the night before my wedding." I said. "The night of the rehearsal dinner. Beth's Mom didn't want us to stay together the night before the wedding, so I stayed over here. Remember?"

"Oh, yes." Mom sighed. "I remember that night."

"It was the only time in the last twenty years I might have had too much to drink." Mom said. "Are you saying you took advantage of the situation and spied on me that night?"

"I'm sorry, Mom." I said, turning to face her. "At the time, it was something I couldn't walk away from. You were so beautiful that night and you left your door open a little. I couldn't pass it up."

"Can you be honest with me and tell me what happened? And what you did?" She asked.

I had to take a deep breath before I could look her in the eyes. This was going to be hard, but, if there was any time to start telling the truth, it was now. She'd already told me she wouldn't get mad, and I knew once Mom had the chance to read all the stories I'd written, I probably wouldn't get much leeway from her again. So, with all the courage I could find, I apologized again, and then told her the complete story, just as it happened...... how I found her bedroom door slightly ajar, pushed it open a little and how I watched her from the hallway.

Mom wasn't completely d***k, but, she was more than tipsy. She undressed, laying her dress over the back of a chair, and then dropping the rest of her clothes, including her bra and panties on the floor and stumbled into her bathroom. When she came out, she pulled the covers down on her bed, sat down naked and then she stretched out and fell asl**p on top of the covers with the light on.

When I was sure she was sl**ping, I snuck into her room and stood next to the bed and looked down at her. Her full breasts were rising with each breath, and each of her large nipples looked to be the perfect adornment to each breast. It was the first time I'd been this close to her naked body, and I was absolutely fascinated with how striking she was.

I picked up her panties and held them to my nose, sniffing them and searching the crotch panel for a hint of moisture and for my mother's vaginal scent - the scent I'd been familiar with for years. And when I found it, my fate was sealed.

I stripped myself right there, by her bed, holding her panties to my face and inhaling them as I took my clothes off, one piece at a time. When I was naked, I very carefully, and very slowly, spread her legs so I could see her pussy better. While I was inching her legs apart, she inadvertently helped me, moving her legs apart as she stirred, to the point where I could see her entire slit, from top to bottom. She obviously had trimmed her pussy hair recently and it was easy to see the clear definition of her pussy lips and her clitoral hood.

I didn't dare touch her between her legs, although I seriously considered it. My desire to see inside her -- the rich pinkness that I new lay just inside her lips, was strong, and it had been something I'd always wanted to see, but never did. After years of peeking at her, I never once saw inside her lips. I'd even seen her shaved before, but the most I'd ever seen was her bare, hairless mound and her outer lips.

That night, the urge to see pink drove me to the point where I actually reached out and almost touched her. But, at the last second, I stopped myself. Not because I thought she might awaken and catch me, but because she was my mother and there was no way I would have ever taken that kind of liberty with her. Sure, I wanted to see deeply between her legs, but not like this.

And so, as she lay there naked with her legs open, I masturbated myself -- stroking my hardened pole for at least thirty minutes, stopping when I was getting close to climaxing, and then resuming when the urge to cum dissipated. Finally, when I couldn't hold off any longer, I held her panties to my face and stared directly at her slit until I came. It was an orgasm of unbelievable proportions because not only did I get to smell her freshly worn panties as I stood next to her, but I got to see her entire naked body while I jacked at the same time.

I told my mother everything -- about how I looked at her, sniffed her panties and jacked off. I was forthcoming with all the details and I told her the entire story. I ended by telling her how I was filled with a tremendous feeling of remorse when it was over, and how shameful I felt the next day - the day of my wedding. And the reason for my shame wasn't that I'd taken advantage of my beautiful mother in her time of weakness, but, because I lusted after my own mother as a woman on the day before I was supposed to be getting married to a woman I purportedly loved.

When I was finished explaining to my mother what happened that night, I waited for her reaction. When she just sat there calmly with no reaction at all, I had to wonder if she'd heard what I said and realized how close I came to touching her vagina. Instead, she casually asked if I'd found a bra and a pair of panties for her yet, and since I hadn't, I turned my attention back to her lingerie drawer looking for a specific bra and panty set I knew she had.

"Thank you for telling the truth, though." She said, as I looked through her lingerie. "You don't know how much I appreciate that"

As she was speaking, I found the bra I was looking for and opened the lower drawer looking for the panties. They were easy to find -- all I had to do was match the color and the material and in short order, I turned to her holding up the bra and panties I wanted her to wear.

She smiled gently, saying, "I should have known you'd pick those. You've taken those panties from my hamper and my drawer before."

Then, as I watched, she stood up and pulled her nightgown over her head, leaving herself as naked as I was. We stood no more than four feet apart, both of us naked and not a word being said.

"I've known about you and the panties for some time, Sweetheart. You're not nearly as clever as you thought you were." She said. "And I knew you used to peek at me."

Mom took several steps forward until we were no more than mere inches apart. "Tom," she said, whispering up at me as her hands rested on my chest, "I didn't fall asl**p that night. I knew you were at the door, watching me. I intentionally left the light on, and I was awake the whole time you stood by the bed and masturbated yourself."

My mind exploded with thoughts and feelings I'd repressed since that night. But, in the matter of an instant, I realized what she said, and exactly what it meant.

She must have seen the look of bewilderment on my face, and she responded to it by grasping me by the hand and pulling me toward the bed with her. When we got to the side of the bed, she reached down and took both my hands in hers and brought them to her breasts and pressed them into her softness.

You never had to go around peeking, Sweetheart." She said. "I know boys are curious -- even about their mothers, Tom. All you ever had to do was come in, or ask if you could see me naked. I know it's completely normal for boys to be interested in the female body and I would have let you look."

As she held my hands to her breasts, she moved even closer to me, pinning my hardened cock between our naked bodies, saying, "We can't stay up here too much longer or your s****r will wonder what we're doing. But, if you still want to see what I look like down there, we probably have enough time for you to take a quick look."

"You mean, see inside you?" I asked, with a hopeful expression.

"That's exactly what I mean." She answered. "No touching, though. But you can look as close as you want."

Without saying another word, Mom sat down on her bed and then eased herself back. Blushing demurely, she pulled her knees up and opened them up wide, giving me a perfect view of her femininity right in front of my eyes. Then, as if it were really a dream, she moved her hands down to the side of her outer labia and spread herself completely open.

Just the sound of her lips spreading -- the crinkling, wet sound of her wet pussy opening up was something I'll never forget. And as soon as her lips began pulling apart, I could see the moist, crimson softness of her inner femininity.

My hand began to inch lower, toward my cock, but, she let go of her pussy and pointed to my hand, saying, "I wasn't k**ding, Sweetheart. No touching or you'll be sorry."

Then, her hands went back to the sides of her pussy lips and she pulled them apart again and smiled up at me.

"There." Mom said. "Have yourself a good look, but you better be quick about it."

My chest was pounding as I leaned down to put my face between my mother's legs. Even before I got close, I could smell her familiar aroma, and I almost passed out from sensory overload. I could see everything perfectly - her inner labia blossomed open allowing me to see down inside her vaginal passage; her clit and her pee hole were perfectly framed between her glistening lips. And, as my face moved closer and closer to the essence of my mother's womanhood, the only thing I could do was look and sniff.

"This is what you wanted that night, huh?" Mother asked. "Can you see well enough?"

I mumbled that I could see her, and as I looked at my mother's sex, she repositioned her hands, using her spread fingers of one hand to hold herself open, and, with her other hand, began running her fingers slowly up and down from her pussy hole to her clit and back down again.

"Are you going to play with yourself?" I asked eagerly.

"We don't have time for that now." Mom answered. "But, if you're a good boy today, and if you do everything we tell you to do without any problems, perhaps I'll let you help me with that later, and maybe I'll give you a little reward, too."

I couldn't speak. I could only look down between her legs, at my mother's pussy, and take in its beauty. I had seen my wife's pussy like this before, but, the feeling I got from looking at my mother's sex was entirely different than looking at my wife's. My mother was wet and luscious, and she was heavily lubricating, and while I looked at her, the only thing I could think about was how much I'd love to sink my face down into her wet lips and lick her pinkness.

"Okay." Mom said, removing her hands and lowering her legs. "Enough for now. We have to get downstairs before your s****r wonders what we're doing up here."

I watched as she wrapped the bra around her waist and hooked the strap together. As she slid the bra around and put her arms through the shoulder straps, she looked up at me.

"I really do hope you can patch things up with your wife." Mom said, lovingly. "But, if you can't and if you need a place to stay, you can always move back into your old room, Tom."

Then, as she wiggled into the panties and reached back to adjust the fit on her butt, she added, "I haven't read all your stories yet, but I'm going to read each and every one. And whatever happens with you and Beth, if you still feel the need to live out some of those stories, I hope you won't forget you can always talk to me about anything and I'd never be mad at you."

"Just keep that in mind, Sweetheart." Mom said, as she once again reached down and wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled me to her bedroom door. Then, without saying another word, she opened the door, pulled me out, down the hall and down the stairs to the kitchen.

Cassie was leaning against one of the counters, waiting for us, and for some reason, I don't think she was surprised to see Mom dressed only in her bra and panties, too. When we came into the kitchen, she told us she'd gotten everything out for breakfast, but, Mom interrupted her.

My mother's hand let go of my condom wrapped cock and left me standing in the center of the kitchen. Going over to stand next to Cassie, her expression took on a more serious appearance.

"Here's how it's gonna be today." Mom said to me. "Your s****r and I both read that nasty story you wrote, 'The Punishment I Deserved and Longed For' and based on the fact that you've been sneaking around, peeking at both of us and taking our panties for who knows how long, I think it's appropriate that you receive some kind of punishment."

"Your s****r and I have decided that you'll live that story as your punishment for what you did. When it's over, all will be forgiven and forgotten. But, I warn you, Tom," my mother said, "if you don't obey us and play along, your chance of forgiveness will be dramatically decreased."

Cassie's lips turned up into a small smile as she looked at me, but, mother's expression didn't change.

"Here's the rules." Mom said.

"First," she said, "you might as well know right now that you will be wearing a condom all day, and since you wrote the story, you know it's to catch all your semen and your leakage. Then, at the end of your punishment, you'll be required to take care of everything we've collected in the condoms, just like in your story, and you'll do it in front of both of us. You wrote the story, so you know exactly what I mean by that."

"Fuck!" My brain screamed. They were going to make me eat my cum in front of the two of them?

"Second," Mom continued, "we're going to do everything we can to keep you aroused and excited. That's why we're both in our bra and panties, and that's why you're naked, except for the condom. You will let us keep you excited however we choose to do so, and if that means touching you or telling you to do things, then you had better comply."

Cassie's hand dropped to her crotch and she began to touch herself as she smiled smugly at me, running her fingers over the front of her panties, making a crease in the material right in the middle of her lips.

"Third," Mother went on, "you'll be spanked on the spot if you touch your penis in any way. And to make sure you follow the rules, either your s****r or I will need to be with you all the time to make sure you don't masturbate. So, when you need to go to the bathroom, one of us will go with you and remove the current condom and tie it up. Then, when you're done with your business, we'll put a new one on you."

"Fourth," she said, as she put her hands on her hips, "you will be milked every two hours, just like in your punishment story. I think you probably know what that means. I'm going to show your s****r exactly how to do it so she can help me with that task during the day. And, I wouldn't get your hopes up too much about being milked. You won't be having any orgasms and no pleasurable ejaculations, I can assure you of that."

"Lastly," Mom said as she looked over at Cassie and then looked back at me, "Your s****r and I have a few errands to run today, and that means we'll dress you and you'll have to go out with one, or, both of us. I don't want any problems while we're out, and at no time will you be allowed to be out of our sight. Keep that in mind."

Mom asked me if I had any questions, and even if I did, my throat was so choked up, there was no way I'd be able to ask them. She told me she knew this would be hard on me. She said she knew I'd be embarrassed and humiliated, especially during the milking. But, if I wanted their forgiveness, I had to complete my punishment.

"When the punishment is over," Mom repeated, "your s****r and I will forgive you for everything you've done. And, considering the way you've violated our privacy in so many different ways, I hope you'll agree that it's a fair and just punishment."

When I didn't say anything, Mom looked at my little s****r and then back at me.

"We'll do your first milking after breakfast so we can get on with our day." Mother said. "For now, let's get going on breakfast, and remember," mother added, looking right at me, "keep your hands away from your penis."

To be continued...

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