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Cocksucking Adventures Of Cortni Ch6

Cortni woke up to the feeling of someone licking her pussy. She jumped up, startled before realizing it was Mark, and the events of the day before came flooding back into her memory. Her plan had worked perfectly, and as Mark started flicking her tiny clit with his tongue, bringing her closer to orgasm, she thought of all the nasty things they had done the rest of the day and night! She introduced Mark to watersports, first having him piss in her mouth and then her on him. They had spent most of the night stimulating each other with various toys and even let Mark's cam mistress watch them for a bit. As she came into Mark's mouth, she was glad she had crossed the line and seduced her cousin, as now she could suck his cock and make him get her off whenever she wanted! She went to return the favor to Mark, but he stopped her, telling her he had to get ready for another test that morning and she remembered it was her volunteer day at the needle exchange downtown.

She had started volunteering there in her senior year of high school, after her father thought it would look good on her college and university applications. In the beginning, she just shadowed the exchange people, prepping bags of cotton, counting out syringes, and other teadious tasks none of the full timers wanted to do. It wasn't until the summer, after she decided to keep volunteering there, that she was allowed to deal with clients on her own, handing out the syringes. She went there every Thursday from 10am until 2pm, and had even arranged her college classes to allow her to still go. and she looked forward to it as she got to meet some very interesting people! Since doing the exchanges on her own, she'd been groped, flashed, talked dirty to, and had one regular sniff her butt on several occasions! She was supposed to report any inappropriate behavior, but thought why bother getting someone in trouble, especially when the attention turned her on! A lot of times, she'd masturbate after they left thinking about what they had just done. The one that she thought about the most was the ass sniffer, Sean. He wasn't the average "junkie" that came in, he was mid-thirties, clean cut, pretty well put together, drove a nice car, and on numerous ocassions, Cortni seen him wearing his wedding band. He was very nice, never got upset about having to wait, was very polite, and never used foul language. The only thing about him, was a few months earlier, Cortni caught him sniffing her bum!

It was a very hot day in July, and Cortni got to the community centre a half hour early, having just left the gym, and was already very sweaty as the water was off at the gym, and she couldn't take a shower. She normally went to the bathroom after her work out, but with the water shut off had to wait to get to the centre. As soon as she got into the centre, she went into the bathroom. She relieved both her bladder and her bowels before realizing there was no toilet paper in her stall! She waddled over to the second stall, shorts and panties around her ankles to find only a little bit left on that roll! She took it and wiped herself the best she could, but she knew she'd have sk** marks in her panties by the time she got home! As the day wore on, she could feel her butt crack start to slime up from the sweat mixing with the left over p*o around her little anus. By 1pm she could smell the distinct scent of bum sweat and couldn't wait to get home and shower! Just before her shift was done, Sean walked in for an exchange and she let him in the room and as usual, he sat on the chair by the supply table, and asked how she was coping with the heat. They made small talk, and when Cortni spilt a box of syringes on the floor, Sean got up to help, but she told him to relax and let her clean up her own mess. She felt safe bending over in front of him as he'd never tried anything in the past and as she continued chatting, noticed he was very quiet. She looked at the reflection in the stainless steel table leg, and seen him leaned forward, sniffing her butt!! She felt a rush of adrenaline, and pretended not to notice, instead taking even longer to pick everything up! She knew her little bum stank bad of butt sweat as she could smell it herself, and wondered how strong it was for Sean who was not even an inch away! As she was finishing putting the needles in the box, she caught the movement of his arm out the corner of he, and realized he had his hand up the leg of his cargo shorts, masturbating! He paused as she got up, but as soon as she "accidentally" dropped the box again, he resumed jerking himself behind her. She waited until she heard him groan and finished picking everything up. When she finally stood up and looked at him, Sean was sitting back in the chair looking very flushed! As she got his package ready and handed it to him, she could see a wet spot forming in the front of his shorts, and after handing him the bag, he got up and left, a glob of cum dripping out one of his leg holes and landing on the chair! As soon as he was gone, Cortni got on her knees and licked his cum from the vinyl seat of the chair! She was so turned on, she locked the doors and took off her shorts, sniffing the rear end of her cut offs, while frantically frigging her clit, smelling the nasty ass stink that Sean had smelt minutes earlier! She came hard and afterwards had to use paper towel to soak up all her cunt juice so it wouldn't leak through her shorts!

She didn't see Sean around the centre for a few weeks after that, but he finally showed up, seeming very timid around her. When she acted like nothing had happened, he relaxed and became his old self again. He would however, lean in for a sniff when he could, and Cortni would pretend not to notice. However he never jerked off again, and she figured it was because she hadn't been as smelly as the first time, that would change today! She put on her shit-stained thongs that she'd caught Mark sniffing, and put on her skin tight yoga pants that went up her butt crack, and that were also very sweaty and stinky from numerous days wear without washing, and a short t-shirt. She then wrapped a sweater around her waist, covering her indecenacy. Before leaving the house, she went to the bathroom, and like back in July, barley wiped her bum after taking a crap. As she drove to the centre, she cranked the heat and turned on her heated seat, and soon after felt her bum crack start to slime up!

By the time she stopped to gas up she was beyond turned on! The stench of her sweaty teen ass was too much for her senses and she needed relief before getting to the centre. The gas attendant was a young guy around her age, athletic and cute, and decided to tease him a bit to see where it went. She took her bra off and looked down to see her tittes her visable through her t-shirt and got out of the car to pay. As she walked up to his kiosk, she noticed him oggling her titties, and licking his lips. After paying him, she nonchalantly asked if he'd like a blow job, and as he stared at her dumbfounded, she told him to meet her in the bathroom if he did. She went into the main store and asked for the key, and when she got out to the bathroom on the side of the building, he was already waiting with a shit-eating grin on his face! As soon as they got inside, Cortni dropped to her knees and unzipped the guy's gasoline stained pants and stuck her hand in to find he was wearing a jock strap. She yanked his pants down as he explained he was at hockey practice before work, hence the strap. Cortni realized the dirty fucker hadn't showered and spun him around and bent him over, spreading his firm butt cheeks and buried her face into his dirty, sweaty ass crack. As she ate his sweaty butt, she frigged her clit with one hand, and jerked his 8" cut cock with the other. He still had the jock strap on and when she was close to cumming, turned him around and shoved her nose into the pouch of the strap, instantly smelling his sweat and urine! She came hard and as her cunt was still spasming, took his whole cock down her throat and began to roughly fuck her own face on it. He blew his load down her throat, and she quickly got up and left, not saying another word to him, leaving him standing there, pants around his ankles, and jock strap under his freshly drained balls and shrinking cock!

Cortni had started keeping baby wipes in her car and used a few to clean herself up before driving away to the centre. She went in and proceeded with her duties, having a very quiet morning. Shortly after noon a guy came in she'd never seen before. As she was getting his supplies together, he explained he was just passing through and was on his way out west, having to catch his bus in under an hour. She figured he'd never be back there, and felt like doing something naughty, so she dropped some needles on the floor as she had done that day with Sean, and bent over in front of him to pick them up, tempting him with her tiny ass, encased only in skin-tight stretch leggings. She soon felt his hand grope her butt cheek, and wedge two of his fingers into her bum crack. As he traced the length of her sweaty crack with his digits, Cortni moved herself closer into him. He took the gesture as a sign of consent and started fondling her pert ass with both hands as Cortni reached back and groped his cock through his sweat pants. As he started rubbing her clit, Cortni came, soaking her dirty thongs, and as soon as it was over, dropped down in front of him and fished his cock out of his sweats. He was unwashed and as she put the head of it in her mouth, tasted the foul urine and sweat that had accumulated on it. He held her head gently as she sucked the filth from his cock, and when she placed her hands on his and moved them up and down, he got the hint and started to really face fuck her! As he felt his dirty sweaty ballsack slapping agianst her pretty little chin, he came, filling her mouth with a week's worth of jizz, which she hungerily swallowed. As she handed him his package of works, she asked him not to tell anyone, and he left saying he wouldn't.

At five minutes to two, Cortni was feeling very disappointed Sean hadn't shown up and as she gathered her stuff up, heard the receptionist talking to someone, telling them they had to wait several minutes for their exchange. Cortni looked out in the waiting area and seen it was Sean! She told the receptionist she'd do his exchange before she left and went back to the room to let him in. Again she got butterflies in her tummy and after she let him in, he sat on the chair. Her adrenanline was pumping so hard she thought her head would explode! The whole room stank of her sweaty ass and she proceeded to drop a box of sterile water and bent over to pick them up, sticking her stinky teen butt right in his face. She sensed him move in for a sniff and when he realized it was indeed her dirty bum he smelt when he walked into the room, started unabashedly sniffing it like a dog!

She could clearly hear him sniffing, and calmly asked him if he liked the smell of her teen ass, and as he froze up, she laughed and told him it was cool. She looked over her shoulder, keeping her filthy rear-end in his face, and went on to tell him she'd made it especially stinky today just for him! Sean was at a loss for words as Cortni turned to face him and asked if he wanted to go somewhere so he could smell her bum proper. He just nodded and told her his wife was working and wouldn't be home for several hours, and that they could just go to his place. The thought of playing around with a married guy in his own house, while his wife was out intrigued Cortni and she agreed telling him to meet her outside by her beemer.

Five minutes later, she walked out to find him standing by her car, looking as if he was ready to bolt. He later told her that he thought maybe it was a set up for jerking off to her before and was expecting the cops to show up! He had his car and they agreed she'd follow him to his place, and park around the corner so his neighbours wouldn't see a strange BMW parked in his driveway. Cortni watched Sean pull into his driveway and she proceeded half a block and turned, parking on a side street. As she approached the house, she was surprised to see it was very nice, and well kept. When they got inside, they sat on the couch and Sean told her he'd never done anything like this before, and didn't know how to start. Cortni told him neither had she, but catching him sniffing her bum really turned her on and she wanted to do more. She told him to relax and tell her what he was into, that there was no rush. Sean leaned back in the couch and explained to her that he only used d**gs when his wife was at work or away on business and that he'd watch porn on his computer while he did, masturbating for hours at a time. He told her he had a huge fetish for ass stink, and that the smell drove him wild! Cortni laughed and told him she already knew that from watching him jerk off back in the summer! Sean chuckled and blushed as he realized she had indeed knew what he had done. He asked Cortni if she minded him shooting up before they fooled around. She told him it was fine and he took her downstairs to his office. It was quite plain, just a desk and leather office chair, and a futon beside it. There were dirty clothes everywhere, and Sean asked her to excuse the mess. As soon as Cortni entered she could detect the funky scent of masturbation, the kind that was only made from numerous hours of jerking off and cumming repeatedly! Her pussy started to get wet as she pictured Sean at his desk, surfing porn, beating his meat. She couldn't wait to see his cock, and told him to strip down.

Sean grinned at her and started disrobing and when Cortni went to do the same, he asked her to keep her yoga tights and panties on. She did and watched as his naked body was exposed to her. He was 6'2", overwieght with a beer belly and man boobies, his ass was flat, and his cock dangled between his legs at about 3" soft. He wasn't really hairy, he had a light covering on his chest and fat stomach, and his legs were also only lightly covered, but his crotch was a jungle! The wirey mat above his cock stuck out almost 3" and the hair on his shriveled ball sack was almost as long! Her mouth watered as she thought of the nasty flavor that awaited her on his pubic hair! When he sat at his desk and took his works out, and started to mix up his fix,she realized that whenever she saw him before, he had obviously sucked in his gut! Looking at him sitting there nude, his belly seemed huge hanging down to his pubes, and his side rolls sagged down pretty far as well, and his titties drooped down a few inches, rolling his nipples under them. She thought about how most women would be utterly repulsed seeing Sean sitting there naked, and her cunt started to tingle, thinking what people would say if they knew what she was about to do to him!

Cortni got on her hands and knees, and crawled under his desk, smelling the stench of old cum, urine, and sweaty ass and cock. She got her head between his thighs and sniffed his crotch. Sean moaned his approval and spread his chubby thighs, allowing her to nuzzle her nose into the sweaty nook where his leg met his crotch. He smelt mostly of pee and sweat there and when she moved her nose over to his hairy scrotum, she could smell the familar stench of old cum and immediately started licking. As she savored the salty taste of his balls, Cortni could feel his cock hardening on her forehead and looked up in time to see it spring up to it's full 6". She worked his sweaty sack for a bit before licking her way up his shaft, cleaning it as she went. She felt him moving around and heard the nasty sounds of sex as he turned on some porn. As she started sucking his rock hard cock again, she watched as he took the needle, stuck it in his arm and pushed the plunger in.

Sean fell back in his chair, lit a smoke and looked down at Cortni with glassy eyes as she sucked his cock. About thirty seconds later, Cortni felt his dick go limp in her mouth. Sean apologized, and told her it was a side effect from the d**gs, Cortni told him it was cool, that she loved the feel of a soft dick in her mouth and went back to blowing him. It was true, one of Cortni's favorite thing about cocksucking was the feel of a flaccid member on her tongue and lips. She loved how rubberery they felt, soft, and was always a bit disappointed when she'd feel them getting hard.

She spent the next twenty minutes sucking, licking,nibbling, and stroking his limp cock. She loved how she could suck it hard and move her head back, making it stretch out unnaturally from his crotch, and then open her mouth and watch as it snapped back like a rubber band! She lost count of how many orgasms she had, only knowing she wanted more! The position she was in under the desk made all her cunt juice flow forward onto her pubic region, and she could now feel it soak through her thongs and tights and start to run down her flat tummy, dripping from her belly button ring onto the floor. When she felt the bl**d flow back into his member and fill it to hardness, she felt something ooze into her mouth and realized a huge amount of precum was leaking from his engorged head! She sucked the salty fluid from the tiny hole and swirled it around her mouth like a fine wine, enjoying the salty, pungent flavor of it, before gulping it down as if it were a cheap beer.

Sean was more alert now, as he had came down from his high, and watched young Cortni blow him. While she stopped to swallow his pre-cum, he asked if she wanted him to cum. Cortni had been thinking about what he said about jerking off for hours and asked him what he normally did. He told her his regular routine was doing a hit, sitting back with a smoke and watching porn while he jerked off. Once he got hard, he'd continue masturbating until he was ready to cum and then stop and take another hit. He told her he usually did this cylcle until he had to stop, and had once did it for 32 hours straight, only getting up for water and to piss, but usually only had about 9 hours, as that was how long his wife was at work! Cortni's pussy throbbed at the thought of sucking cock for 32 hours, and asked him how long they had until his wife came home. Sean looked at the clock and told her they had almost five hours. Cortni was estatic! Sure, she'd spent longer at the porn theatre sucking dick, but there were always breaks in between cocks, sometimes 10 or 15 minutes! But to be able to suck cock for five straight hours was a dream come true! She told Sean she was game to keep going until they ran out of time and that she was willing to do anything he wanted, and wanted him to treat her like the slut she was! Sean agreed and told her to keep blowing him while he made up another fix.

His cock had gone a bit soft as they talked, but as Cortni took it into her mouth and started giving him the sloppiest blow job she ever gave, his cock sprung to life. She slobbered all over it, letting her spit run down the shaft and into his thick pubes, and when she heard the nasty slurping sounds she was making, came without even touching her pussy! The naughty wet sounds that Cortni was making wasn't lost on Sean, and he stopped what he was doing to watch his dream teen from the needle exchange suck his dick like a porn star! He tapped the top of her head and told her to stop or he'd cum. He then wiggled his fat ass up the chair until he almost fell off it, rose up a bit, spread his butt cheeks and sat back down. He told Cortni to lick his dirty shitter and went back to making his fix. She moved under the chair and seen that his asshole was compeletly exposed, his cheeks spread under the weight of his body. His ass was as hairy as the rest of his crotch, the only differance being, it was all matted and wet from sweat. As she moved in to tongue it, she smelt his ass stink and felt the stirrings of another orgasm. As she rimmed his dirty, sweaty ass crack Sean started jerking off and Cortni realized he was ready to take another hit.

She felt something hit her head and looked up to see Sean's once tight, shriveled ballsack, had completely loosened and his balls hung low, bouncing with the rythym of his maturbating. She went back to eating his ass and when she felt his balls stop moving, figured he was taking his hit. She felt his asshole relax, and wormed her little tongue up it, tasting the earthiness of it, cumming while doing so! Sean had started jerking off agian and she heard him telling her to eat his dirty ass while he jerked off thinking about how nasty it was to make a sweet girl like her rim him! Cortni was on the brink of another orgasm, and when he told her how he fantasized all the time about sniffing her smelly teen bum, she came!

Sean heard her moaning and realized she was cumming and watched as she got off, jerking his dick as hard as could, but not getting hard. When she was done, he thought of something nasty and got up, telling her to stay in that position. He left the room and when he came back, she saw he had a portable heater with him. He plugged it in, turned it on, and placed it behind her, pointing at her ass. He then sat back down and told her to suck his cock, as he lit another smoke. It only took ten minutes this time for his cock to come back to life, and by this point the whole room stunk of Cortni's sweaty little bum. Being confined under the desk with a heater blasting on her, Cortni was drenched in sweat and she could feel it drip around the fabric of her thongs and run down her crack until her tights soaked it up. Sean stopped her when he close and told her to turn the heater off as he again started making up another hit.

When he was done, he told Cortni to get up from the under the desk and stand beside him. He turned the chair and pulled her sweaty body towards him and took one of her pert little nipples in his mouth. Sean swirled his tongue all around the tiny nip, feeling it harden up like a pencil eraser, running his tongue over the little bumps popping up, surrounding her little areolas. He was so turned on at this point, that he licked his way down her tummy, marvelling how flat and tight it was, and stopped at her belly button. He stuck his tongue in and licked out the sweat that had gathered inside, and nibbled her her piercing. The taste of her sweat excited him farther and he wanted more, so he got up and lifted her arm up and shoved his face into her moist armpit. Cortni started to giggle as he licked her sweaty pit, and by the time he had licked the second one clean she was in hysterics, begging him to stop! But when he stood up and she felt his cock poking into her as he started kissing and licking her neck she stopped laughing and got horny. As Sean nibbled on her ear lobe, he reached between them and rubbed her cunt through her tights, and as soon as he touched her, she came.

Sean let Cortni relax a bit after her cum, and when she was ready he led her to the futon and told her he wanted her to sit on his face after he did his hit, and sniff her sweaty butt and jerk off until his buzz ended. Cortni agreed, and after he took his hit and layed down, she straddled his face. He told her to relax and sit on him as if he were a chair and pulled her yummy ass onto his face. She put all her weight on him and watched as he grabbed his dick and started to furiously jerk it. Now she had seen a lot of guys jerk off in her life, but never had she seen anything like what was happening right in front of her! Sean's dick had gone limp, but the head stayed engorged with bl**d and was almost twice the size it was when he was fully erect! It had turned a deep dark pruple, was very shiny and Cortni was sure it would explode! But what amazed her even more was Sean had his thumb and two fingers under it, squeezing his cock, and was jerking it like a madman! It was painfully being pulled from his body in such an unnatrual way, Cortni wondered how he got any pleasure from it! Her train of thought was broken as Sean started moaning into her ass crack, and she realized she could feel every breath as he sniffed her stinky butt! She felt him move around a bit and then felt his nose press up against her bumhole through the fabric of the thongs and tights! She began masturbating, thinking how naughty she was being, sitting on a married guy's face, letting him sniff her dirty butt, watching him jerk off, and knowing she'd be sucking his cock for another couple hours. The last thought sent her over the edge, and as she came, bent over and took the obsenely oversized penis head into her mouth. This moved her cunt over Sean's mouth and she felt him start sucking her juice through her tights and panties, his mouth feeling like a vacuum cleaner! This lead to yet another orgasm and another and the more he sucked the more she came! He finally stopped and she collapsed on top of him.

When she felt she was able to stand, she got up and thanked Sean for giving her the best orgasm of her young life, before going down on him and sucking his cock back to life. He stopped her when he felt an approaching orgasm, and they relaxed on the couch for a few minutes, Sean going and getting them both something to drink. As he drank, Sean asked what she wanted to do and when she told him anything, he said he wanted to bend her over the back of the futon and eat her bare ass. She told him she'd love that, and picked up his dirty underwear, telling him she needed something to sniff to help get her off. When Sean jokingly asked if she'd like to sniff his wife's dirty panties like he did, he was surprised when she answered yes! He went and grabbed a few pairs, and as he made another hit, Cortni took a pair and inspected them. She was surprised to see they were thongs, as Sean's wife was a bigger woman, and when she looked at the back of them seen they had huge sk** marks in them. She brought them to her nose and sniffed this strange ladie's dirty ass stink! She then looked at the crotch and found it heavily crusted with discharge and urine. She started licking them, frigging her clitty at the same time, and by the time Sean was done, she'd already came twice, the panties spotlessly clean.

Sean had watched her last orgasm, as she licked his wife's panties clean, and was now really horny and harder then he'd been in a long time! As he played with his cock, a huge string of precum flowed out and hung from his cock head, slowly dropping to the floor. Cortni saw this too and bent over too lick the tip of his cock and when she had the end of the precum string in her mouth, moved back allowing Sean to watch her suck it up like a long piece of spaghetti! She wiped the slime around her mouth sith her tongue, coating her gums with it so she'd be able to taste it for awhile. Meanwhile, Sean bent down in front of her and started taking her tights off.

He left her filthy thongs on, and once he had the tights off her, lifted the back of them to his nose and sniffed her teen ass sweat. When he finally put them down, he proceeded to take her thongs off, sniffing those as well, shocked at how dirty they were. The whole back was completely covered in brown ass sweat and the crotch was yellow with her piss stains, they were very wet from the multiple orgasms she'd had all day and he was tempted to suck them clean, but decided to let them dry and use them later in a jerk off session. He spread them out on the back of the futon and then had Cortni turn around and kneel on the futon, sticking her perfect little bum out.

He quickly did his hit and got behind her and started cleaning her nasty bum crack with his tongue. Cortni had started sniffing another pair of his wife's panties and when he rubbed her clitty, she came. They did this for almost half an hour before Sean stopped and told Cortni he was ready for another hit. She had came several times and all the panties were clean, her mouth full of some strange woman's bodily fluids! She was ready to suck some cock now and told Sean so, and he told her to get under the desk and blow him for as long as she wanted, telling her he'd let her know when they had to finish up.

Cortni spent the next two hours under Sean's desk in cocksucker heaven. He just sat there, getting high, smoking and watching porn. The only time she'd stop was when he was ready to bust, and even then she'd either tongue his sweaty ass crack or suck on his swollen balls. Her jaw had gone numb a long time ago, and the only thing she tasted was salty precum. But she was still disappointed when Sean told her it was time to finish up before his wife came home. He had her suck him to the brink of cumming before taking his final hit, and grabbing her filthy thongs to sniff. Cortni sucked as hard as she could and this time he didn't go limp! As she squeezed his balls she felt fluid start flowing from the tiny pisshole and at first thought he was pissing in her mouth. But when the familar taste and texture of cum became apparent to her, she realized he had started ejaculating. She was disappointed his cum was just ozzing out, instead of shooting, but after several seconds, had to swallow from the amount of it! Sean was screaming in exctasy and telling her he was close! Close she thought, he'd already started cumming! But all of a sudden she felt his head swell up, and felt his cock surge as he blasted a huge cumshot down her throat! Cortni had never had a guy cum this hard and this long before and was truly amazed! His cock kept pulsing out cum for almost thirty seconds, before stopping. Even as it started going soft, cum ran out of it, and Cortni swallowed every drop! She had never eaten so much cum at once and came from the thought. When her orgasm subsided, she belched out a huge burp, smelling Sean's cum on the escaping air!

Sean was leaning back in the chair catching his breath, and Cortni got up and started to dress, leaving her smelly thongs for him. When she was dressed, Sean grabbed her and pulled her to him. He kissed her before thanking her for the best sexual experience of his life. Cortni told him the same went for her and wrote her number down for him, telling him to call her the next time he was free. She then kissed his cheek and left him sitting in his chair. As she walked to her car with a squeaky clean ass and a tummy full of cum, Cortni wondered what the next naughty adventure would be.......

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