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Episode 12 - Sex in the Country

At the pub
The 14 year old Ami twins were dressed identically in very short black skirts, that hugged their young bottoms, and low scoop-necked tops that provided an excellent view under their breasts if you looked carefully from a certain angle. This video features the girls standing at a bar ordering drinks, leaning slightly forward to entice the barman, while two older boys jostle to get the best view of all four tits in the skimpy tee-shirts. The girls are identical with long black hair, large dark eyes, and as the boys shortly find out small tits, crowned with large dark nipples. As Jill the make-up artist from Episode 8 discovered the only certain way to tell them apart is by their pussy juice flavour: one sweet, the other more tangy.
The girls accept a drink from the boys and the 4 walk off to a quiet corner table, where sweet-tasting Ami sits opposite tangy-cunt-Ami and chat up the boys. The video camera was obviously being held under the table by one lad and focuses up tangy-Ami's skirt at the red thong stretched over her puffy pussy lips. The other boy pretends to drop a spoon and crawls under the table towards sweet-cunt-Ami and pushes his head between her opening thighs. Finding no resistance or knickers he licks down from her smooth shaven pussy, between her lips and pushes two fingers into her moist cunt. Both Ami's start to breathe heavily in unison and a damp patch appears in the centre of the red thong. Thinking his luck must be in he slides his other hand under her bum and just reaches her arse when he gets an almighty electric shock through his tongue and fingers, leaps up banging his head on the underneath of the metal table, stunned.
The video camera is then placed on the table focussing on both girls' tits as the boy slides one hand up each girl's tee-shirt and fondles a breast. He is loving the contrasting feel of supple, bumpy aureole and the hard cold nipple rings against the smooth weight of their 32B tits. He completely fails to notice one Ami pulling out the waistband of his jogging trousers, exposing his rising prick, and the other tipping in her entire glass of ice-cold coke. He fights the sensation to scream and instead panics to pull out the ice cubes from around his rapidly cooling bollocks.
The two Amis grab the camera and casually stroll outside and then run giggling into the woods behind the pub. They carefully set up the camera underneath a large oak tree, pull off each other's skirt and hang them on a branch, throwing away the single-use anti-**** device. They lay down on a patch of soft leaves in a perfect '69' formation, each pushing her tongue into her s****r's cunt, and pulling her bum cheeks wide apart. The automatic face-recognition feature on the video camera struggles to hold focus on each pretty Ami face between the other's thighs as they roll around on the ground.
The boys are heard muttering "I'll never buy those lezzers a drink again" and "where the hell is that camera, my dad will be mad if I've lost it".
Coming up for air they kneel face to face, chest to chest and lick the juice off each other's chin and noses: "how do they know we're lesbians? We shag boys too".
"Yes , I’m tangy, no you’re sweet, we are the Tangy and Sweet twins", they sing.
Furiously finger fucking each other and pinching nipples hard, they hit a synchronised climax, squirting a puddle on the crisp leaves. Then pull on skirts, push tits back into tee-shirts, remove SD memory card from the camera and skip off hand-in-hand into the wood.
Twitchers in the wood
Little did they know the local ladies bird-watching club had been carefully spying on them through binoculars and spotting telescopes from a wooden hut about 100m away hidden in the woods. As they almost fell over the entrance, the door opened and a lithe woman of at least 50 emerged smiling and beckoned them in. It was dark in the hut, and smelled strongly of wood, perfume, gin and something that was probably pussy juice. The lady told them not to be frightened, but that they had been watching them rolling about and snogging under the tree, and would love another demonstration. Tangy-Ami asked just how much they had seen, and was intrigued when the ladies gave a blow-by-blow account of their pussy-lapping, nipple-tweaking, face-licking and finger-fucking, using all the proper anatomical terms, which made it sound much ruder. Sweet-Ami started to feel her pussy moistening at the idea of arousing these very straight-looking ladies. One lady slapped the SD card into her video camera and played back the recording on its little screen. They all loved the under-breast views, and applauded the ice in pants put down. The bunch had been chattering, but went very quiet as they watched the close-up '69' action, the older lady asked "What exactly do you lezzers, sorry Lesbians, actually do?"
Two ladies slipped off their green padded waxed jackets and carefully laid them on wooden floor to make a demonstration area. Sweet-Ami slowly pulled off tangy-Ami's clothes kissing each exposed part, explaining carefully the effects of each erotic zone. Pulling apart her pussy lips and plunging her tongue in made a lovely gurgling sound in both their throats. Tangy-Ami tried to explain, in between pauses to catch her breath, that they had always slept together and started exploring each other sexually around the age of 6, developing an insatiable taste for pussy juice by 9. Sweet-Ami dropped her own clothes and started a mutual masturbation session with fingers and teeth.
One lady rummaged around in a satchel and fished out an enormous blue double-ended dildo, still in its original packing, explaining that she had found it in her hotel room, feeling embarrassed at handing it in, she had kept it. The others laughed at her idea of using it to support the bird-spotting telescope; the real lesbians smiling to each other. Removing it from the plastic packaging she licked both ends and offered it to Tangy-Ami, who pushed sweet-Ami onto her back; legs spread wide and pushed it up her own cunt as far as it would go. Jangling against her shiny clit rings she pushed it f***efully into Sweet-Ami, who already had pulled her lips apart. Their shaven pubes nearly met on the first thrust, so tried again and the clit rings touched. Leaning forward they grasped each other’s nipples, pinching and twisting hard they writhed on the floor for 10 minutes climaxing messily.
The older lady, who turned out to be the local Magistrate, was interested in everyone’s opinion on u******e lesbians and whether the laws on Statutory **** applied. Between orgasms the Ami’s convinced her that it was impossible to say who was r****g who with the double-ender as you could also view it as mutual masturbation.
Before they left they collected invites from the village school teacher and two special offer vouchers for a free tan at the local tanning studio.
Teacher's house
Teacher had been admiring their bottoms since Year 3, fascinated to see the tiny curve of bum cheeks from the front when legs pulled apart and eye level just right. Had the girls standing in lounge in just bras and socks, legs spread, video camera focussed close on pussies, gradually lower tripod until bum cheeks come into view. Insists twins stroke clits – don’t need much prompting. One Ami turns around and bends forward so that now her cunt is visible between bum cheeks. Both push blue dildos vertically into cunt at same rate, video camera recording the action from both back and front. Repeat with smaller dildo in arse. Teacher is masturbating furiously, when her gardener appears at open French window, smiles broadly and drops his trousers.
The two Ami's cower together trying to hide their engorged pussy lips, only make situation worse. Gardener roughly pulls off their bras and pinches nipples. Sit on sofa either side of Teacher; gardener chews teacher's cunt while finger-fucking the twins, then slides forwards to pound teacher with twins lifting her legs high in the air.
"OK who's next?" grunts the gardener as he fills the teacher and pulls out his sticky prick.
"oh oh, time to go" chorus the two Ami's, pick up their discarded clothing and head for the door...
Tanning Studio
Ami's presented their special vouchers at the desk and were whisked into a back room by the owner they recognised from the bird hide. The owner had loved the contrast between their really pale skin and darkest nipples, and wanted to exploit them for her own pleasure and her customers. Tangy Ami stripped off first and lay on the massage table, while sweet-Ami played around with the owner’s 18 year old daughter Sam. The owner carefully applied fake tan from a bottle to tangy-Ami's legs and belly, arms and face, chest and back ensuring none got near her pubes in the 'bikini area'.
Using a mixture of soft tape and tissues to create a pair of impossibly small bikini bottoms, that were so low at the sides that they could never have stayed on, she then carefully sprayed more fake tan onto the top of her buttocks down to the panty line, and between her thighs ensuring the 'bikini area' stayed pale. After carefully removing the tape and checking cunt and arse for any overspray she held up a mirror so Ami could admire her pale shaven pubes surrounded by deeply tanned tummy and thighs. Popping her baggy dungaree shorts back on, Ami sat in the foyer area fiddling with her mobile phone waiting for sweet-Ami to finish in the other room.
Sam covered sweet-Ami's chest so that it left a tiny triangle of un-tanned area around each pierced nipple, just grazing the aureole, and a fake halter-neck strap. She liberally applied the bronze tanning liquid all over her front, concentrating heavily on her shaved pussy. She reluctantly flipped Ami over onto her front, losing sight of the lovely breasts, and wound a handle at the side of the couch which raised the padded middle section so that Ami's bum was pushed into the air and her legs f***ed apart. This provided a lovely cool draught onto her over-heating pussy, but made her bum feel very vulnerable.
Ami did not need to wait long for the stuff to cover her back and legs, then Sam started at her waist making sure it was deeply massaged into her bum. With a gloved thumb pressed between her cheeks and 3 fingers grazing her pussy lips she rocked her hand backwards and forwards to f***e the fluid evenly into Ami cunt and arse. "Is that really necessary?" asked Ami, getting quite excited.
"Oh yes" replied the assistant "we have to make sure all are clients are fully satisfied" pulling her hand out and licking her fingers. She opened her knee-length white coat revealing a pale blue see-through 36D bra, matching lacy thong and stay-up stockings and most surprisingly a dark blue strap-on dildo.
"What exactly are you planning to do with that? asks a fascinated Ami, looking down from the lovely hard nipples to the badly strapped-on dildo "have you ever actually used one before?
"No never, I've only had boys; but the owner – my mum said I could have a go with you".
"Well" said Ami climbing off the damp patch on the table "I think you need a good lesson first” she pulled off the dildo and thong, gasping at the hairy mound "wow you need a good trim – no girl likes hair stuck in her teeth". She hopped into the dildo, tightened up the straps (properly), pushed the girl back onto the table and straight in with the dildo. No need for any lubrication – Sam was already dripping in anticipation, she squeezed her nipples whilst Ami rubbed her clit and achieved orgasm in 2 minutes of vigorous fucking.
“So” asked Ami “do you prefer boys or girls?” releasing Sam’s heavy tits from the bra, and licking up to each large sensitive nipple.
“Oh I love a bit of both” replied Sam, idly flicking her engorged clit from side to side.
“Then you need to check out Becki’s friend Samantha – he’s definitely a bit of both” and wrote down the young porn club web site address.
The owner came back in, amazed to see her daughter naked on the bed and took a series of photographs of Ami, suitable for advertising posters, and a further set with legs wide open for her own use, and with her daughter for her 'special' customers.
In the foyer tangy-Ami became aware that the woman sitting opposite her was checking out the open side view of her exposed tanned breasts, afforded by the loose dungaree top, who asked innocently "Is that tan all over?"
"Not quite" said Ami, un-buttoning the side of the shorts and flashing the very narrow strip of pale skin.
"Oh I love little white panties" said the lady, slipping her hand inside Ami's shorts "Oh I'm sorry they're not panties are they, that's skin".
"Yes" growled Ami "now stop m*****ing me" at which point sweet-Ami bounded out lifting her tee-shirt and flashing her perfect un-tanned tits chuckling "Get a load of these".
The owner came out asking if everything was alright, Ami's said "Fine for u******e lezzers" and skipped out of the salon hand-in-hand.
Art Studio
That afternoon before the tan washed off they were grabbed by the Art Studio lady and asked to pose for the life drawing class. They re-enacted the '69' mutual cunt-licking pose from the woods, laying on a firm mattress in the centre of the room in a pool of bright sunlight from the window. The art students, sitting in a circle around the pair, attempted to render the visible tanned and pale areas, the shining nipple and clit rings and imagine the remainder. After munching on each other's cunt for 15 minutes they needed a break and walked around the class accepting snogs, bottom-patting, nipple-pinching and an attempted cunt-fingering from the students.
At the request of the teacher the twins attempted a convincing looking trib position with sweet-Ami sliding her moist cunt up and over tangy-Ami's raised knee, but they couldn't hold the pose long enough for the students, who just put down their pencils and brushes and watched the twins climaxing noisily. Both Ami's tried to explain that they could sense each other's approaching orgasms, and found hardly any difference between masturbating themselves or each other, both made them incredibly aroused.
They finished with their favourite pose kneeling on the mattress, bum-to-bum joined by a thin purple double-ended dildo, whilst trying not to move but secretly rubbing their own clits. The contrast between one deeply tanned bottom and the other really pale but identically shapely, both f***ed apart by the wicked anal dildo featured in every sketch and painting.
The lesson abruptly finished when the teacher could not resist joining them on the floor pushing the dildo firmly into each bum in turn and then in the shower to wash off the mixture of fake tan and pussy juices, and then added some of her own.
The picnic
A few weeks later a message arrived from Sam inviting the twins to an afternoon picnic; her twin b*****r would pick them up at 1 o'clock, wear something appropriate. What on earth is appropriate clothing for a pair of identical 14 year old lesbians meeting Sam's twin b*****r? They settled on a tiny pale grey see-through bra under a short scoop-neck top, to show off their dark nipples and chunky rings. These were complemented by matching see-through thongs under a very short red skirt which together could show a flash of their dark pencil-thin Brazilian cuntal 'landing strips'. The large area of perfectly flat smooth exposed midriff invited anyone to slide their hand down under the skirt waist-band. Sam knocked on their door at 1 promptly and ushered the twins out to a soft-top sports car driven by her dishy looking b*****r. They clambered into the back seat, skirts lifting, making no attempt to hide their pretty underwear or bare bums. Sam's b*****r Tony couldn't believe his eyes: "wow beautiful" and drove off as soon as Sam had jumped in.
On the way to the park Sam described how she had discovered that she always had a tingle high up in her pussy whenever Tony was wanking, when she walked into the bathroom around the age of 13. She pushed her breasts, which had always been large – Tony said generous – into his back and grabbed his erect prick covered in shampoo and finished off wanking him into the sink. This became a regular Saturday morning treat; eventually sucking him off to avoid wasting the lovely sticky fluid.
Early one morning Tony awoke from a wet dream about Sam and found her in the bath with the shower head clamped between her thighs sending pulses of warm water onto her pubes. He replaced the shower with his tongue and sucked Sam to her first unaided climax.
The bathroom etiquette of only closing the door if you really had to be private had started when they were quite young; if the door was open the occupant welcomed a quick grope. One morning the twins mum walked in whilst Sam was wanking Tony over the bath "hey this is the way to do it" and pushed Sam's left hand hard into his perineum, whilst pulling with right hand, he gasped and came all over her chin, dripping down between her breasts as she hastily unbuttoned her pyjama top. Sam dropped to her knees to grapple her mum's tits and lick off the dripping spunk, whilst Tony stood by her side so she could suck the remaining cum off the end of his softening prick.
Tony explained he had a full picnic basket in the boot, but needed some fruit for afters, so stopped at the village green-grocer. While he was buying g****s, peaches and bananas; sweet-Ami asked when they had first fucked. Tangy-Ami thought that was a bit personal, but Sam was happy to confirm they had waited until their sixteenth birthday, avoiding all wanks for a month, when Tony had filled her stretched cunt to overflowing.
Just before Tony returned to the car Tangy-Ami wanted to know what Sam was expecting of them – they had thought it just a girly picnic; Sam explained that Tony would be happy just to watch them lezzing, or perhaps just have a bum or two. "Ok, just no cunt" replied sweet-Ami.
Tony drove to the woods with eyes glued to rear-view mirror watching the Ami's slyly stroking each other's tits, whilst his s****r kept hold of his prick through his thin shorts. In the woods Sam and Tony spread out the picnic blanket and opened the basket full of sandwiches, crisps, salad and poured out plastic cups full of lovely sparkling wine. After some food the Ami's were grinning broadly and had slipped off their underwear leaving tee-shirt and micro-skirts in place. Sam opened her rucksack of dildos and helped tangy-Ami into a short fat strap-on, and sweet-Ami into a long thin model, trying to stop them giggling long enough to front and back double-fuck her. Tony couldn't believe his luck as Sam climaxed whilst sucking him off, causing an enormous vacuum, which he filled with cum. "Is this Tantric Sex? asked Sam; "buggered if I know " shrugged tangy-Ami thrusting the dildo hard into her arse.
Tony explained that they had a very open sexual relationship, taken away by their mum on holiday to naturist beaches, watching her playing with several girl-friends, and now he wanted to experience a lesbian bottom up close. Tangy-Ami stepped out of her dripping strap-on and lay face-up on top of him, smoothing olive oil between her bum cheeks for an easy penetration. Tony roughly pulled her bum up and down on his slippery prick, until Sam grabbed hold of it and flipped into Ami's arse. Using more squelching olive oil she pushed three fingers into Ami's stretched pussy, feeling her b*****r's prick head through the thin back wall, and forcing Ami to climax.
Tony continued bouncing her up and down on his mighty pole, while sweet-Ami swapped places with Sam to lick her twin's clit. Tony squeezed her tiny tits mercilessly, moaning that he loved the huge fat nipples; Sam took offence and withdrew her D cups from his mouth and instead pushed one into sweet-Ami's arse. After pouring on a cup or two of wine over Tony, both Ami's climaxed together, and all cuddled into a hot sweaty heap of sex.
Afters consisted of bananas covered in pussy juice, and g****s pushed into cunts and sucked out, interspersed by memories of early couplings.
Tony told the story of from several years ago when he recognised his school French teacher slipping out of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel around her wet hair –"beaux seins, mademoiselle" in his best French accent. "Are you sl**ping with my mum...can I watch?" asked Tony dropping his eyes to her dark mound, as Giselle struggled to cover both heavy tits with her free hand.

"Non, non, but I do fancy your Souris – your s****r" she replied admiring his rising prick.
Tony quickly pushed Giselle down the corridor and into Sam's bedroom, who was lying naked on top of the bed legs widely spread and right hand buried in her cunt up to the wrist. She quickly closed her thighs trying to hide the hand, and cover her tits until she saw Tony hiding behind mum's latest girlfriend. Giselle calmly walked over, kissed Sam full on the lips and prised her legs apart adding her own fingers to Sam's slippery clit.
Tony lubricates his hand and Giselle's arse "non, not the derriere" so instead pushes his whole hand into her moist cunt for a Ménage à trois.
Giselle is murmuring “descendre à la cave” and “brouter le cresson” to no avail, until Sam remembers something about watercress, telling Tony to lick her cunt.
Mum comes in and takes over fucking Giselle up against the wall, while Sam squats over her b*****r's face, leans forward to suck him off, asks "so what is the French for Soixante-neuf?"
Back at the picnic Tony insists on tasting both Ami cunts to confirm the difference, only sweet-Ami has pushed 6 pimento-olives into her cunt, and tangy-Ami filled hers with banana and honey to disguise their natural pussy juice flavours, so he never figures out which is really which.

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