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Fishing ! Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend. My b*****r Dave was home for the weekend of rest from playing baseball on the collage team. He's built like a model six foot , nice body. If I wasn’t his s****r I would **** him. I decided to go out by the pool and get some sun. I put on my sexy bathing suit, and a towel and laid by the pool, reading this love story. Some girls get it all, rich boy friends and all. I don’t believe half of this stuff.
Just then she heard the door open, her b*****r comes out with his fishing gear and wearing the smallest shorts she had seen him wear

“Where are you going?” She asked him.
“I thought I would take the boat out and do a little fishing, why do you want to go along?”
‘I don’t know, the way you are dressed, I thought maybe you were going after something else besides fish,” then she laughs.
He looks at his s****r and grins, “well you never know what you’ll find when you’re out there, I may run into a mermaid,” he say grinning.
His s****r laying there rubbing her breast, then she jumps up, “yeah, I think I’ll go with you,” she said.
She grabs her towel and follows her b*****r towards the boat house, watching his ass in his tight swim trunks, wondering how many girls has had him between their legs.
He fires up the boat and heads out into a quiet cove that he knows about, not to many other boaters bother to come this way.
He fixes the bate on his line and then casts it out into the lake, not to much going on, he fixes a pillow in the back of the boat and lays back, his s****r has been reading her book, but she sees the bulge in her b*****rs swim suit, she can’t take her eyes from it.
He goes to sl**p, and u*********sly starts rubbing his cock in his sl**p. His bulge seems to be getting larger all the time as she watches. He raises one leg, and the side of his shorts gap open, and his enlarged cock slips out the side. It must be sticking out there at least six inches, Dave’s s****r can’t believe the size of it, she licks her lips, then rubs her pussy, she has to have her b*****rs cock, but how does she do it ?
Just then his fishing pole jumps, Dave , you’ve got a bite she says,” he jumps up form his sl**p, not knowing his stiff cock is sticking out the bottom of this shorts, he grabs his pole, and jerks, “darn I missed him,” then he finally realizes his cock is sticking out the bottom of his shorts, he look’s at his s****r and try’s to turn his back, don’t worry about it , I’ve already seen it, nice cock. I’ll bet all the girls like to have it stuck inside their pussy’s.”
“No Barb, not to many has seen it, I’m pretty picky about what I stick it into,” he said . “That’s good.” she said, how about putting some lotion on my back while you’re waiting for your next bite,”
’Okay roll over,” he said.
She rolled over and unfastened her bra, and let the straps drop.
He started rubbing oil on her back, running his hand down to her bikini line, then down along the side of her body, running his fingers along the side of her breasts, “Oh that feels so good Dave,” he had been setting straddle of her butt, she noticed he was starting to get a heart on, she could feel it rub against her butt, when he moved forward.
She was starting to get warm, her pussy was starting to tingle she would push down on her pussy, when ever he came close to her breasts.
“You want me to do the front now?” he asked, “you going to put your bra on first before you turn over?”
‘No no need to, no other boat out here,”
“Yeah but I’m here,” he said.
‘But you’re my b*****r , that’s okay,”
“That’s the point, I get all stirred up like any other guy you know, and you’re my s****r. ’what happens then?”
She rolls over her pointed breasts, that are already hard form him doing her back, her pussy is sopping wet already.
He starts rubbing oil on her stomach, he keeps getting a little higher each time, but he seems unsure about going up to her breasts, finally she can’t stand it any more, she grabs his hand and places it on her breasts, then he starts rubbing oil on her nipples, around and around, she starts moaning with pleasure. She starts raising her pelvic up ward, he makes it down to her groin.
“Take my bottom off,” she begs.
’Do know what you are asking?” He said.
“Yes I do, pull them off,” she said raising her bottom up so he can pull the off.
“You remember I’m your b*****r,” he said.
“Yes I know who you are,” she said as she reaches up to hold his cock that was sticking out from his swim trunks again.
Dave stands up, and slowly removes his shorts, exposing the biggest cock she had ever seen.
Get down here and put that thing in me,” she begs. You don’t have to worry, I’m on the pill,” she says. ’I’m sure glad you told me that, because you’re going to get fucked like you’ve never been fucked before,”
He pushes her back down on the floor of the boat then spread her legs gets on his knees, and takes his large cock, and rubs it up and down to make sure the entrance was good and wet. Then he pushes the large head in between her pussy lips, and drives it home. He can feel her virginal walls spread as he pushed forward. His s****r is squirming, and lunging upwards to meet his thrust, then he felt the bottom. She screamed, as she shot out a mighty load, he could feel the warmth around his cock, then he let go. His cock throbbing, shooting with every throb He could feel it running out upon his balls, which was resting against his s****r ass.
“Oh Dave don’t stop, that’s the best cock I’ve ever had in my pussy, please don’t take it out,’ she begged.
Dave laid still,, taking in the warmth of his s****r pussy, soon it started to get hard again,, but he just laid there. Feeling the walls of her pussy suck on his cock. Soon she started moving up and down again. Slowly he pushed it in and out, building up speed, she was rocking with him, thrusting her pussy up as hard as she could. Then he exploded, he could feel it hit the walls of her pit. She lay there moaning, raising her pussy up and down slowly, she had to have more.
She took his face in her hands and kissed him soundly, running her tongue, inside is mouth exploring, moaning. He didn’t think he had run into any woman like his s****r, she was one hot woman.
Then he slowly rises from his s****r’s pussy, his cock making a sucking sound when he pulled it out, some of his seaman still running from the end of cock.
It still looks large to his s****r when it was soft, the head looked as large as a tennis ball, swinging around when he walked. It must be ten inches long when it was soft, she thinks.
“Let’s jump in the lake and clean off,” she says.
“Good Idea s*s lets go,” he says ,then he jumps into the water. She jumped in after him, then swam up top him, and locked her arms around him, pushing her pussy against his half had cock.
’You better quit, you’re going to get in trouble,” he said, “you talk big ,“ she said.
They wash their self off, then climb back aboard the boat, Dave’s cock still half hard, water dripping from the end of it, his s****r can’t take her eyes from it.
’Have you every had a blow job?” She asked her b*****r.
“Yes I have, but you can forget it. It’s bad enough to fuck my s****r, let alone, let her give me a blow job.”
’What if I like doing it, would that make a difference?”
“I’ll have to think about it,” he told her.
’Let’s get dressed, and go back to the house, I’m getting hungry,” he said grinning.
So she slips back into her tight bikini, and he in his short swim trunks, then start the boat, and head back in.
They put the boat away, the go inside to get something to eat.
“When do you have to go back Dave?” His s****r asked.
“Oh, not until tomorrow afternoon, why do you ask?”
“Just wondering, I was just wondering how much time we had to play around.”
“Now s*s , that was just a one time thing, playing around out there in the boat.”
“I don’t know Dave, I think you spoiled me with that big cock you’ve got. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to my boyfriend and be satisfied like I was today.”
Dave looks at her and grins.
‘I’m going up and take a shower s*s, maybe read a little while I’m up there in my room.”
“Okay,” she answered.
Then Dave heads for his room and the shower.
Barb waits and waits, but Dave did not come back down, so she goes to see what was taking him so long.
She walks into his room to find him laying on his bed naked reading. His big cock laying sideways on his stomach.
“Well what do we have here? Laying there naked like that. What are you trying to do make this girl go crazy?”
“No I didn’t feel like putting any clothes back on yet.”
His s****r starts taking off her clothes, and strips off every thing.
“Now Babb’s he says, I don’t want any trouble.”
“I’m not going to give you any trouble,”
‘I hear you, but I don’t believe you,” he said
His s****r lays down beside him, with her head on his stomach, facing his half hard cock.
Then she starts running her fingers up and down the inside of his legs, he opens them some to give her more room. Then she starts massaging his balls, working them with her fingers. Then she takes her finger and starts running them up and down the full length of his cock. His cock starts getting hard, and little moans start come form him.
His enlarged cock is now close to her mouth. It’s stating to throb, and bounce up and down on his stomach.
I know he said he didn’t want me to do a blow job, but I’m going to make him beg for it.
He is so hot, he starts raising his hips up and down like he is screwing. Precum is starting to ooze from the end of his cock, and it’s starting to turn blue.
And every time he rises his s****r takes her tongue and licks the head of his cock. He starts thrashing up and down more, then his s****r takes the head and puts it in her mouth.
“ Oh s*s,” he muttered, then grabs her head and shoves it down on his large cock. He can feel the back of her throat as it goes in, ‘Oh“ he moans
As she fingers his balls. He raises his hips trying to f***e it farther down her throat. ”Oh Oh Babb’s, I’m coming,” then he explodes, shooting load after load down his s****r throat, she kept on sucking, till there was no more to suck.
‘Oh Babb’s honey, you didn’t have to do that,”
‘I know, but I told you I liked it.”
He reaches over and rub’s her breast, which are as hard as rocks. Then he reaches down and sticks his finger inside her hot pussy, that makes her stretch out and ,moan, “Oh Dave ,” she sad, “I just love you.” Even through you’re my b*****r, I still love your cock.” Then she takes it her mouth once more, then Dave stretches out on his back waiting for the climax. With his finger in her hot box working her to a climax, she sucks on his cock that much more. He finally shot his load, but it felt like he was shooting balls and all. It was the best blow job he had ever had.
Him and his s****r kept up the sex act, till finally Dave meet a women and got married to the dismay of his s****r. If nothing else, she still had memories.

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