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Cuckold lifestyle 65

The weather here in Georgia changes day to day, sometimes even hour to hour. A week ago the weather man said Saturday was going to be milder than normal for this time of year. I had planed on doing some much needed yard work but I thought I had best check with the wife first. Good thing I did, she said since it was going to be nice she wanted to go to down town Atlanta and do some shopping/showing off. Saturday around noon she said I should shower and get dressed first. I did and while she was showering I turned on the Speed channel. At almost one she came in the den dressed. She was wearing a cafe length dress and high hills. I told her she looked very nice but I thought she wanted to show off and how could she show off in a long dress? She said you'll see.

We parked at Lenox Mall , she said follow me but not to closely. She went in a high end dress shop. As I followed her in I noticed a few men in there..they all looked very unexcited to be there. I thought to myself guys just you wait , you'll be glad your wife d**g you in here. My wife started looking through the dresses in her size... that would be size seven. I walked around to the other side of the rack and acted as if I was helping. I found a dress that could be what is known as the LITTLE BLACK DRESS , it was short and low cut. I pulled it off the rack and held it up to show my wife. She already had two in her arms. She took my selection and started toward the fitting room. I say down next to a guy that looked to be about fourty. He was waiting on his wife to try one cloths also. The curtin opened and his wife came out in a nice evening dress. Long and high neck line. she was a nice looking lady , like a Sunday school teacher type. He acted all excited about how good she looked in it. She smiled and spun around and went back inside the curtin. I looked over and asked, how many does that make? He looked at me and after a few seconds he said five...can you tell? I said yeah then laughted a little, he said I hate this crap...she always wants to buy old lady styles. I told him I know what he means, but to set tight I have a feeling you'll want to see what my wife comes out wearing.

After a few minutes my wife tossed back the curtin and steped out wearing that little black number. She looked fucking hot. I remarked it's kind of short isn't it? She looked at me and the guy next to me and said well I can't be reaching for anything over my head...see then she raised her arms up over her head, the hem came up all the way to the tops of her stockings, she was wearing her eight strap garter belt and we could see almost all eight. She put her arms down but the hem caught on the garter clasp. She then put her hands under her tits and pushed them up as she asked if it showed enough cleavage. I turned to my new buddy and said what do you think ? does it? He stuttered uh yeah it looks nice then he looked away like if he was afraid his wife might catch him. My wife turned on her hills and went back behind the curtin. I said she's something isn't she to him. He could only smile and knod.

His wife poped out and he stood up and they left. In a few minutes another poor soul sat down next to me...I glanched over to him and asked " you haveing fun" ? He looked at me and said no..are you? I said yeah, I enjoy coming shopping with my wife. He was just asking why when she tossed the curtin back and came out wearing a red sequin covered cocktail dress. It was split up her left leg all the way pasted her stocking top...she slung her leg out so the dress would fall away and show off her beautiful stocking covered leg and nicely tanned thigh. I jestured toward her and answered that's why. He sat with his mouth open. With her leg still on full diaplay she again pushed up her tits to make them almost pop out over the neck line. I like this one she said, do you she asked me. I said I do, but isn't it to long? She said well yeah but I can still show off if I wanted to she took the slit and pulled it open so both of her legs , garter straps and all where in plain sight to both he and I.

This went on for almost an hour. we ending up not buying anything. On the way home I told her that I was sure I had a wet sport on the front of my underwear. She said well if I had worn any I would too. I said you don't have any panties on? She said no, why? I told her several times she was showing almost her pussy then to me and the other guys. She said it never did show? I told her not but it was close a few times. She said well shit I was trying to show off my pussy rings. Oh that would have been nice I said, you still fell like showing them off? She said sure what do you have in mind? I asked it she could fix her dress in the car so her pussy shown with out looking like she ment to. Not this dress she said it's to long. I turned into a little strip mall and said well lets buy one that will show it off.

There was a little consignment shop in that strip mall. We found her a very short mini skirt and button up blouse...she tried them on and they where just right. After we paid for them she changed in the car in the parking lot. She could pull the mini up at the waist so that her crotch was in full view. I said lets have some fun. I pulled into a drive threw restraunt and order us each a drink, the voice on the intercom was male..young male. I told her to get her pussy out as I pulled around. I pulled up to the window and a guy that looked about s*******n opened the window and told me the amount. As I acted like I was digging for the bills in my bill fold I was giving him time to notice the legs and pussy on display next to me. I tryed handing him the money but he was looking pasted me at my wife's legs. I knew if I turned around as if to see what he was looking at it would spoil the fun. I just sat there holding the money out the window, it took him several seconds to get his mind back on what he was doing. He took the money and started to make change. He said excuse me sir I need to get change for this. I had handed him a twenty...I knew what he was up to. He walked away from the window. I looked at my wife and said watch this, he's going to get his buddy. She giggled and spread her legs apart so they wheren't touching at the top. I think from his advantage point he would be able to see pussy lips. Sure enough here comes the " manager" , another guy about maybe eighteen at the most, as he acted like he was putting small bills in the drawer he was looking straight at my wife's pussy. We got our drinks and change and drove off. I was laughing before my window even made it up. My wife was too, I said you think those lads had boaners? She said I'm almost sure they did.

I hit the interstate headed back home and every time I saw a trucker I'd adjust my speed so he could get a nice long look at my wife setting there with all her charms on display. I asked her if she wanted to go home yet or if she wanted to saty out and play. She said her pussy was wet from knowing all the guys had been looking at it and she wanted me to call one of my buddies to see if they would fuck her . I said me? why me? She said it's sexy when I listen to you ask for some guy to have sex with me. I asked what she felt like, you want a long one , fat one ,or a black one? She said suprise me. I scrolled my cell and the first name it stopped at was Mike. I hit call and it rang for ever. He answered and I asked him if he where busy? Yeah sort of why, he answered. I said well the wife is horny and she wanted to know if I brought her over if you would fuck her nice and hard while I watched . He said well I will fuck her but you can't watch , besides he said I know you added that part, she likes us to be alone when I fuck her. Ok I'll be there in half an hour. I hung up. She asked who I had called. I told her Mike, she oh ,what did he say? I said he said he'd fuck you but I couldn't watch. Oh well to bad for you she told me. I pulled up in Mike's drive way and she jumped out. Her mini just could hide her stocking tops as she wiggled her ass up to the door. It opnened and she went in. As I backed out I noticed a car I didn't know setting beside Mike's house.

I went home to wait for the call to come get her. Mike lives only a few miles from us. I watched TV and fell asl**p on the couch. I woke up and it was daylight. I freaked and went to see if she was in our bed. She wasn't I grabbed my keys and headed to Mike's. She has stayed out all night before but she always lets me know when she does. I pulled in Mike's driveway at about seven thirty. I knocked on the door. Then I beat on the door. Then I kicked on the door. I was about to try and kick it in when some guy opened it and said what the fuck man? I shoved him aside and went in I started calling her name. The door man said she's in Mike's room man. I opened Mike's bed room door and there was my bride sound alseep in Mike's bed. I did something I have never done in my Cuckold life. I jerked the covers off and said get up we are going home. She was wearing her garter belt and stockings only, Mike was butt assed naked. She jumped up and started picking up her stuff. She said I'll call you later Mike. I put my hand on her shoulder and guided her down the hall and out the front door , she was still only wearing her garter and stockings. As we headed home she said what has gotten into you? You know I can fuck who ever I want for as long as I want. I was pissed that I was worried about her safety. I didn't say anything. when we got home I pulled straight into the garage and hit the door closer so she could get out without the neighbors seeing. In the house I again put my hand on her shoulder and guided her to our bed. once there I grabbed all her cloths out of her hands and tossed them on a chair then I pushed her back to the bed. As soon as she hit the bed I had her legs aparts and started eatting her. She fought me for a half a second and then grabbed my hair and pulled me in tighter. She had an orgasm after a minute. I sat up and said don't you ever stay out all night without letting me know you are going to. That scared the shit out of me. She told me she was sorry but after being fucked all night by Mike and his buddy she fell asl**p. I said who was that guy? She said she didn't know, he was some friend of Mike's and when Mike offered him some of her pussy he took it. Did that make you mad I asked? She said no when she saw his cock all she could think of was getting in her. We took showers and laid around all day... I crossed a line that day, And I didn't get into trouble for doing it, I guess she likes the idea I really do love her.

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