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Punished by Mother, s****r and Wife Ch. 01

My hands were sweating and I could barely grip the steering wheel as I drove home. It was Friday afternoon, and I was caught in rush hour traffic. Looking at my watch, I was starting to panic.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I got home. I didn't know if Beth, my wife of less than six months, was going to be there waiting for me, or, my mother, or my little s****r, Cassie. Maybe it would be none of them, or maybe, I'd find they would all be there waiting for me. The fact of the matter is that I didn't know what I was going to find when I walked in the front door. All I knew was that I was supposed to be there no later than 5:30 PM, and, as my wife put it, I better not be late.

My ordeal started less than a week earlier. It seemed like a lifetime ago because there had been very little conversation between Beth and I since last Saturday afternoon when Beth caught me sitting at my computer desk in our spare bedroom. I was dressed only in a pair of my little s****r's stretchy, boyshort panties, typing away happily like I didn't have a care in the world. I was working diligently on one of my many erotic stories, trying to finish the final chapter, and my concentration level was so high, I didn't hear Beth come home to our little apartment.

I was so wrapped up with my writing, I don't even know how long she watched me before I realized she was there. To say she was shocked would be a gross misstatement. First, finding me wearing a pair of panties was a surprise, but when she read what I was writing over my shoulder, her surprise immediately turned into anger. And, believe me, I would have been fortunate if it had ended with her just being angry at me. But it got much, much worse.

My wife had actually walked right into the room and stood silently a few feet behind me as I typed. She read several paragraphs of the nasty story I was writing, and I'm guessing she even watched as I paused every few sentences and reached down into my s****r's stolen panties to stroke my cock. And, honestly, I had no idea she had come back to the apartment early until she cleared her throat to announce her presence and yanked the flash drive out of the USB slot on the front of my computer.

So, the bottom line was this: that flash drive contained all the chapters of every nasty story I had ever written, dating back to when I was in high school, including the story I was trying finish at that time. It also contained pictures I'd downloaded from the internet, as well as certain, extremely compromising pictures I'd taken of myself. And every picture..... every story...... everything on that flash drive went along with my most heavily guarded secret. The secret I'd take to my grave if I had to.

It was something so secret I'd never mentioned it to anyone. Ever! It was something so shameful, I took great pains to keep it hidden from my wife. It was so shocking and so damning, I felt like my whole life was ending when she pulled that flash drive out of the computer and shoved it down into the pocket of her jeans.

If she wouldn't have taken the flash drive, I probably could have lied my way out of it -- made up some excuse about sitting there in the frilly panties. But, the drive contained proof positive that deep down inside, I wasn't really the athletic, macho kind of guy my wife thought she married. Instead, it contained the evidence of who I really was, or, better said -- who I wanted to be:

A submissive, panty wearing Sissy, who dreamed of being sexually dominated, controlled and humiliated by all the women in his life -- namely, my mother, my s****r and my wife.

When Beth initially demanded an explanation, she hit me with a flurry of questions that came at me so fast, I wasn't sure where to begin. Why I was sitting at my desk in a pair of pink panties? Why was I writing filthy, nasty stories? How long had I been doing that? Why did I have a hard-on?

As she ranted, the only thing on my mind was getting that flash drive back. If I could just get it back from her, I might be able to talk my way out of this mess. But, she made it clear right away she wasn't giving it back until she had a chance to see what was on it. And when she told me that, a feeling of complete hopelessness and despair flooded over me -- I knew my marriage would be over and my secret would be out.

Then, on top of that, since she didn't recognize the panties I was wearing, she wanted to know where they came from. In retrospect, I should have told her the truth right then, admitting I'd taken them from my little s****r's bathroom, but I lied and told her I'd bought them myself. That lie eventually came back to haunt me, but, how was I going to tell her the lace topped, pink boyshort panties belonged to my own s****r?

When I wouldn't answer her questions, she got even madder and stormed out of the spare bedroom, walked across the hall into our master bedroom, slamming the door behind her and locking it. An hour later, she opened the door long enough to throw out my car keys, wallet, cell phone, and a complete change of clothes into a pile outside the door. When I knocked on the door pleading for a chance to talk to her, she told me she didn't want to talk to me, adding, "I think you should go stay at your Mom's house tonight. I don't want you here right now."

I know Beth well enough to know not to push her when she's like this, so, I dressed myself in the clothes she threw out in the hall and left our apartment. I called my mother from the car and asked if I could stay the night. Of course, she agreed, and twenty minutes later, I was standing at her front door. She asked me a lot of questions about what was going on with me and Beth, but, I told her it would blow over and I just needed a place to stay tonight until things cooled down.

It had been a while since I'd stayed over night at Mom's house. I stayed there for a week a year ago after Mom and Dad's divorce, and that was one of the most rewarding weeks of my life. I got to peek at my mother and my s****r numerous times, seeing them dressing and undressing; in the bathroom, in the shower and in their nightclothes. I had full access to their clean and worn panties, and for that whole week, I wore either my s****r's or my mother's panties under my clothes and they never suspected a thing.

The last time, though, was right out of one of my nasty stories. It was the night before my wedding -- the night of our rehearsal dinner. Mom had a few too many drinks, and when we got home, it was like she completely forgot I was supposed to stay there that night. Needless to say, I was able to sneak into her room after she passed out naked on her bed. I got to hold her warm, fresh panties to my nose and jack myself while I looked at her body, and even to this day, it remains one of the most erotic hours of my entire life.

Enough reminiscing......

Anyway, once I got to Mom's house, she put me in my old bedroom and it looked almost the same as when I used to live there. I sat there on my old bed with my head in my hands, trying to decide what I should do about Beth and the flash drive. My mother came in and sat next to me, trying to get me to tell her what happened, but, I told her it was too complicated to explain and asked if she could just let me have some time alone to think. After a few minutes, she hugged me, got up from the bed and suggested I try to take a nap. Then, she closed the door and left me alone to think about how I was going to get out of this mess.

I stretched out on my old bed and must have fallen asl**p, not waking up until it was almost 8:00 PM. When I opened the door and looked out into the hallway, I found my Mom's house empty. Mom wasn't there and neither was my twenty year old s****r, Cassie. I guessed they might have gone out, giving me some privacy hoping I would call my wife to try to patch things up, so that's what I did. But, when I called the apartment to plead with Beth to let me come home, it just rang and rang -- the message machine didn't even pick up. When I called Beth's cell phone, it went right to voice mail and I had no choice but to leave a message asking her to please call me back.

Finally, about 9:45 my s****r, Cassie, walked through the front door followed closely by my mother. Neither one of them spoke to me when they saw me; they both walked right into the kitchen, ignoring me as if I wasn't there. Cassie was carrying one of those flimsy plastic bags like you get at the grocery store these days, and as I walked into the kitchen behind them to ask where they had been, Cassie dumped the bag out on the kitchen table and looked up at me.

There, in a pile right in front of my eyes, was the small collection of panties I'd taken from my s****r and my mother over the last year, or so. I recognized them immediately, and as all the color drained from my face, I looked first at my s****r and then at my mother. Mom was standing there with her hands on her hips, with the 'I can't believe you did this' look all over her face.

"Tom," my mother finally said to me, "do you want to try to explain to me why you had twelve pairs of your s****r's and my panties at your apartment?"

I stood there for a minute and thought what I might say. Obviously, if they had these panties, they'd been over at the apartment with Beth and she probably told them how she found me in panties and what I was writing. They probably started snooping around in the boxes I had in the spare bedroom, and they probably found the other lingerie I'd hidden there and probably my toys, too. Holy shit.

"We left the rest of your lingerie there, Tom." Mother added. "We only took what we knew belonged to us. We left the rest in your hiding place with all your other, uh..... sex things."

My little s****r reached down into the pile and pulled out one of the panties and held it up. "Do you have any idea how much just one pair of these costs?" Cassie asked. "There's over a hundred dollars worth of panties here you stole from us."

"I'm sorry." I said softly, hanging my head and turning my face away from them.

I decided I'd better say something more than that, so I looked up at my mother and started to speak, saying, "Mom, I'm really sorry. I don't know what got into me, and....."

"Tom, don't dig yourself in any deeper than you already are." Mom said. "Beth showed us a few of those stories you've been writing and it's plainly obvious to all of us why you took our panties. But," she paused for a second to take a deep breath, "I can't deal with this any more tonight. We'll talk more in the morning..... I'm going to bed."

As my mother turned to walk out of the kitchen, she stopped and looked at me. Then, reaching out to put her hand on my cheek, she said, "You know I love you, right?"

"I don't understand how we're going to deal with all this yet," Mom added softly, "but, you're still my son and I love you. And, believe it or not, I think Beth still loves you, too. So, if I were you, I'd be on my best behavior the next few days and try to do what you're told."

I f***ed myself to nod my head. Then, as she was leaving the room, she told me my wife had fed them dinner while they were at the apartment, and then turning to my s****r, Mom asked if Cassie would make me something to eat.

"Sure, Mom." Cassie answered. "I'll make the perv some dinner."

Mom shook her head at my little s****r's remark and left the kitchen, leaving me standing there next to the table full of panties I'd stolen from my Mom and Cassie. My s****r and I just stared at each other for a minute, but eventually, Cassie took a few steps closer to me and whispered, "I can't believe you were stealing our dirty panties. That's really sick, you know?"

I didn't want to sit through a lecture from my little s****r, so I told her not to worry about dinner, I was just going to go to bed. But, when I turned toward the doorway to leave the kitchen, she grabbed my arm and pulled me around to face her.

"Oh, no you don't." Cassie hissed at me. "You're going to sit down and answer my questions while I get you something to eat. You remember what Mom said about doing what you're told, don't you?"

I rolled my eyes and moved to the kitchen table and sat down facing my s****r. Having just turned twenty and in college now, I guess she thought she could assert herself given the situation, but, I didn't argue. The last thing I needed right now was someone else mad at me, so I sat down.

"You were jacking off with my panties, huh?" Cassie asked. "And Mom's, too? Holding them up to your nose and sniffing the crotches while you jerked yourself?"

"Did it get you off?" She pressed. "Smelling your own s****r's pussy?"

I didn't answer her. I just sat there letting her rant at me.

"You know," Cassie said in a snotty voice, "I read a few of those stories, myself. Like the one where I stripped you in your bedroom and made you jack off for me? I laughed when you wrote how I dressed you up in one of my nighties and made you wear my silky panties to bed. That's so sick, big b*****r."

"And, the one where Mom wakes you up in the morning and holds her wet panties over your face and makes you masturbate for her before you get out of bed." Cassie, added. "I can't even believe how you could ever come up with that kind of crap!"

"I'll have you know Mom read both of those stories." Cassie went on. "And we read the one where Mom made you lick between her legs after she'd had some man over to spend the night. Let me see....." Cassie mused for a moment, "What was it you said in that one? Oh yeah, I remember...... didn't you say something like how much you loved being made to lick sperm from a freshly fucked pussy?"

"But, the best one," Cassie said, "I think is the one where you begged Beth to go out and bring a guy home and let him fuck her in front of you. I really liked the part where you described getting on your knees and sucking his dick to get him hard so he could fuck your wife, Tom. I could tell you really got into writing that part, and the part where you licked his sperm out of your wife after he fucked her."

"Did you read all the stories?" I asked as bravely as I could.

"Are you k**ding!" Cassie replied. "There was way too many to read while we were there. Those are just the ones Beth pointed out to us. But," Cassie said as her eyes lit up with joy, "and, you're gonna love this part, big b*****r....... your wife copied all your stories to CDs for us. So Mom and I now have our own private copies of your stories and we can read them as much as we like. Wasn't that thoughtful of her? Mom's probably in her room reading them on her laptop right now."

Cassie was intentionally trying to hurt me with what she was saying. I'm not trying to say she didn't have the right to be mad that I took her panties, but my s****r seemed to be taking advantage of the situation in order to be hurtful. After listening to her, I realized how screwed I was going to be if they read every one of the stories that was on my flash drive. If they read them all, they would read some really shocking things, like how I peeked on both my mother and my s****r every time I could; how I dreamed of Cassie making me suck off her boyfriends; how much I wanted my mother to strip me and expose me to Mrs. Hampton and her two daughters down the street; my desires to be stripped and dressed by my wife as a little girl, and then taken with a strap-on up my ass by my mother while my wife and s****r watched. There was even a whole story centered around a theme where my wife allowed my mother and my s****r to bathe me, shave my pubic hair, powder me, masturbate me and then dress me in my s****r's lingerie -- all while my wife directed and watched the action. And as I sat there remembering all the stories I'd written since I was in high school, and, all the nasty things in those stories, I felt so utterly ashamed of myself, tears began to swell up in my eyes.

As my smarty-pants s****r looked down on me, chastising me with her condescending tone, I started to cry as I sat there - slowly at first, but before I knew it, my emotions and shame overtook me and a moment later, tears were streaming down my face.

I was so ashamed. I hung my head and covered my face with my hands. I knew my s****r, my mom and my wife would never look at me the same again once they read all those stories I'd written, and all I could do was cry. I didn't even care what Cassie thought -- at this point, why should I? After all this was over, I'd just wait until the divorce was final and then I'd quit my job, move away and change my name. That's was probably the only way out.

It had been a long time since I cried like that -- probably since I was ten or eleven years old. And I was just about to yell 'Fuck It', go get my car keys and leave that house and go find a hotel room for the night, but, Cassie surprised me by coming over next to me and putting her arms around my back.

"I'm sorry, Tom." She whispered. "I didn't mean to say those things."

I looked up at Cassie and she had tears in her eyes, too. "I didn't mean to hurt you like that. I'm so, so sorry."

I cried a little more and Cassie sat next to me until my crying stopped. I knew she felt hurt and violated by me taking her panties and writing stories about her, but, I think once she saw how much I was hurting, and once she realized what the implications would be for what I'd done, I think she genuinely felt sorry for me.

After a few more minutes, Cassie rubbed my back and stood up. Then, walking across the kitchen to the refrigerator, she said, "You're a good writer, Tom."

Then, as I looked up at her, she leaned into the refrigerator to take something out and added, "Really, I'm not k**ding. Even your wife said the writing was good. And, I have to admit, some of it..... uh, you know...... really got to me."

She and I exchanged glances and she continued. "Mom was shocked at first when she started reading, but she read several of your stories before we left."

I was surprised to hear all this from my little s****r. I would think if they were so repulsed at what I'd written, they wouldn't have read so many of them. I knew there must be hundreds of graphic and trashy paragraphs in those stories - about all three of them -- my s****r, my mother and my wife. I wasn't sure if they would be able to separate out the sexual fantasy part of it from the things I had written which were true. Like, for example, I really did peek at my mother and my s****r and I'd seen them naked many times. I definitely had taken their used panties to sniff and lick while I masturbated, and I'd also taken their clean ones to wear. I even found a pair of my s****r's panties one Sunday morning that she probably wore out on her date the night before, and I think they had her boyfriend's cum in them -- and yes, I wrote about all of those things in my stories.

I was so absolutely, and, totally screwed.

Cassie made me a sandwich and put it on a plate with some chips and gave me a glass of water, and I started to eat. It was hard to sit there and eat when I knew she was just standing there, watching me...... her sick, perverted b*****r.

After a few minutes, she sat down across from me, slumped back in her chair and asked, "Tom, do you mind if we talk a little? I'm just curious about a few things. I promise I'll keep it just between us...... uh, I won't say anything to Mom or Beth."

"It depends on what you want to talk about." I answered. "And if you'll really keep it just between us."

"I promise you I won't repeat anything." Cassie said, softly. "Can I ask you a few questions?"

"Okay." I replied, looking up at her.

"Are you a cross dresser?" Cassie asked. "You know, one of those guys that dresses up all the way in women's clothes with wigs and make up"

"No." I said, shaking my head and taking a bite of the sandwich. "I've never done that, and, Cassie, I've never wanted to do that."

"Well, I asked that because all the stories I read seemed to have a common theme, Tom." Cassie said. "You dressing up in panties. Or frills and ruffles, or little nighties. All girl's clothes."

"Panties, yes." I answered. "But, I've never worn any other women's clothes."

"You've never put on a bra?" Cassie inquired.

"Okay, I've worn a bra, too. But that's all." I replied.

"What about those other things?" My s****r asked.

"What do you mean?" I asked, in return.

"I guess what I mean is," Cassie said, "all those things in your stories...... like being submissive and being exposed, or having someone dress you up like a girl. Is that something you'd really like to do if you could?"

"Maybe." I answered, honestly. "But, there's no chance of that now, so it doesn't matter anymore. I'm sure Beth's going to leave me, and you and Mom will probably disown me once you read all those stories and see what I wrote about you guys."

"Tom," Cassie said, looking over at me, "Beth said tonight she still loved you. She said she was hurt and confused, but, she said she still loved you."

"Cassie, there were probably twenty-five full length stories she took from me." I replied. "And each of them had, on the average, six or seven chapters. There's no way she's read even a tenth of what I've written, and I'm sure once she reads it all, she's going to decide she's better off without me. So, like I said, I'm probably on my own now."

"But," Cassie interrupted, "be honest with me if you can, okay?"

I nodded as I took a bite of my sandwich and followed it with a drink of water.

"If you had someone you could talk to about this stuff," Cassie said, "and if you had someone that would help you do these things, and if you didn't have to worry about being judged or ridiculed, would you really want that? Someone to make all this happen for you?"

"Yes." I said, quietly, not looking up at her. "But it's too late for that."

"How about some of those other things I read?" Cassie asked. "Like being dominated? Being a Sissy? Or, being stripped and f***ed to masturbate? What about all that?"

"You're getting very personal now." I said to Cassie.

"Tom," she replied, "I told you I wouldn't say anything to anyone, remember? This is just between us. Cross my heart."

"Cassie," I answered, as I finished eating, "I've had those kinds of thoughts since I was in high school..... that's when I started writing those stories. All through college, I struggled with it. When I fell in love with Beth, I thought she'd be enough to satisfy those longings, but, she wasn't enough."

"So, just answer my question honestly." My little s****r said.

"Yes." I answered, looking up at her to see reaction. "All those things I wrote about -- yes, I'd like to experience that if I could."

Cassie sat there for a moment and then reached over and picked up the plate from in front of me. Standing up, she walked over to the counter and set the plate by the sink. Then, she came over and stood next to the table. I looked up at her from where I was sitting and after a few seconds she said, "If your wife won't help you....... if she won't do those things for you, then I will."

I wasn't sure I heard her right. "Huh?" I said.

"Wait right here." Cassie said. "I'll be right back."

As Cassie turned and left, I tried to recall if she said what I just thought she said. That wasn't possible at all, was it? Was my little s****r offering to dominate me? To make me a Sissy? To do all those other things? My head was spinning, and I convinced myself I either misunderstood or misheard her. There was no way in hell she said what I thought she said.

After about five minutes, Cassie came back into the kitchen. She had changed into a knee length nightshirt, but, since it was almost eleven o'clock at night, I didn't think too much of it.

"Come with me." My little s****r said.

"What?" I asked.

"Come on." Cassie said, walking to the table and grasping my hand.

As she led me out of the kitchen, she shut off the light and started pulling me up the stairs. Half way up, she stopped and turned to me, whispering, "Ssshhhh. Mom's still up." Then she pulled me the rest of the way up the stairs, past my room and straight into her room. She let go of my hand and went to her dresser and pulled open one of her drawers.

Then, she stepped aside and looked at me. "Pick out a pair of panties." Cassie said. "You can have your pick of any of them, then you can pick out one of my nighties to wear to bed. Just like in that story I read."

Immediately, I shook my head and took a step backwards. I intended to leave, but, she reached out and grasped my elbow saying, "I won't ever make this offer again if you walk out."

Her words sliced through me like a knife, and as I stood there thinking about it, I realized what she was doing. Cassie was giving me a chance to live out one of the fantasies in my stories. She was going to let me pick out a pair of her panties, and one of her nighties to wear to bed. As my face turned red with embarrassment, I was filled with desire to take her up on her offer. But, if I did, would she keep it a secret from my mother and from Beth? On the other hand, I didn't know when I'd ever get the chance again, so with a severely red face, I walked up to her panty drawer stood there.

"Go ahead." Cassie said. "No one will ever know but the two of us. Pick any pair you want, then you can choose from some of those old, silky nighties I used to wear."

I could feel my pulse shooting through the veins in my neck, and my throat got so dry, I could barely swallow. But, all that seemed to go away when my hands reached into the sea of different color panties that filled her panty drawer, and as I touched them, I felt my cock start to harden.

One by one, I pulled out pairs I was interested in and held them up to look at them. Cassie stood next to me the whole time and as I looked through her panties, I wondered what was going through her head as she watched her big b*****r going through her panties. I didn't look at her -- I just couldn't bear to, but, after a short time, I came across a pair of yellow rayon panties that were very silky and full cut, similar to the kind I liked to wear.

"These." I said, softly.

"Okay." Cassie said as she reached up to close her panty drawer. Then, leaning down, she opened up the very bottom drawer and reached in to take out some old swim suits that were lying on top of the clothes in that drawer. When she did, I saw three or four silky nighties -- the kind younger girls wear that come with colorful, matching panties.

"Most of these got too stretched out for me," Cassie explained, "and they'll probably be pretty short on you, but, it's the best I can do right now. Go ahead and pick one."

I looked at Cassie as I held her yellow panties in my hand. "Why are you doing this?" I asked.

"Because you need it." She replied. "And, because I want to."

I accepted her answer as being the truth and kneeled down to the drawer and picked up a light purple nightie I remember seeing her wear. As I held it up, I imagined myself in it. Cassie reached out, took it from my hands and told me to stand up. When I did, she held the silky nightie up against my chest. It only came down to my waist, but, with my slim build, it looked like it would fit over my shoulders and around my chest.

"This is about the biggest one I have." Cassie said, looking up into my eyes. "But, I think it would work for just one night. Want to give it a try?"

My throat felt so thick, I couldn't even answer her. Between that and the blush of embarrassment that ran over my face, all I could do is nod, so I nodded and squeaked out an almost inaudible, "Okay."

Bending down to push the dresser drawer closed, she reached over and took the yellow panties from me and held them in the same hand that had her nightie. Then, she reached out for my hand and led me out of her room, down the hall and into my old room.

Cassie closed the door after she pulled me in. As soon as she did, my mind started to freak out faced with the possibility she might actually try to follow the story line in the story she already read, and try to strip me naked. Not only that, but, if she followed the story to the letter, it would get much worse for me. She'd make me masturbate and then she'd dress me in her nightie and her panties, and put me to bed. The prospect of all of it was working on me, and my cock was bulging against my jeans.

Cassie and I looked at each other for a bit and then she shrugged her shoulders and flipped her hair back behind her shoulders. I watched in rapt fascination as she reached her hands up under her nightshirt and without me seeing anything, drew the panties she was wearing down her legs and stepped out of them.

My little s****r held her panties up, stretching them out between her two hands with the crotch facing me. "If you do exactly as I ask, I'll let you keep these tonight while you sl**p. You'll have to give them back in the morning, but, you can have them all night. Understand?"

The heat on my cheeks became unbearable and even my eyes started to hurt. My heart was thumping in my chest and my cock lurched at the thought of Cassie voluntarily giving me her panties. Sure, I'd have to give them back, but having her fresh panties -- the actual panties she was just wearing and took off in front of me, for a whole night would be more than I could have ever prayed for.

"Okay." I said, nervously.

"I'm serious, Tom." Cassie warned. "If you don't do exactly as I say, or if you hesitate even a few seconds, you won't get them."

"I understand." I replied, shaking as I said it.

Cassie stepped forward and handed me her freshly worn panties. "Don't do anything with those yet." She said. "Just hold them for now."

With that, Cassie reached down and placed her hands on the button of my jeans, then, looking up at me, flipped the button open and reached for the zipper.

"Just stand still." Cassie said. "Don't move or I'm walking out of here and I'll take the panties with me."

"Cassie," I said, quickly, "look, I need to warn you. I'm..... uh....... a little excited right now."

"You mean excited as in, you've got a hard-on?" She asked.

I nodded my head up and down, and my little s****r smiled. "I was wondering if you'd be hard already."

But, that didn't seem to deter her from her plan. I watched intently as my little s****r pulled the zipper down and opened the flap of my jeans. Then, smiling up at me, tugged my jeans down to my thighs, leaving me standing there with a hard-on tucked inside the same pink, lace topped boyshorts Beth caught me in this afternoon. Of course, when Beth angrily threw my clothes into the hallway, she didn't give me any of my real underwear to put on, so I had no choice other than to wear the boyshort panties she caught me in.

"I knew it!" Cassie whispered as she took a step back to get a better look at her missing boyshorts. "I wondered what happened to those. I looked all over for them, Tom. I only wore them once and thought I threw them in the laundry hamper."

"That's where I got them," I replied, ".....from your bathroom hamper."

"When Beth described to us what you were wearing when she found you, I told her they were probably mine since the ones I had so mysteriously disappeared." Cassie added. "So, I guess that means your wife, and our Mom knows you were wearing my panties today."

"Oh, that's just great." I said, sarcastically.

Cassie stepped forward and pulled my jeans the rest of the way down and told me to step out of them. As I did, she lifted my shirt and looked down at my crotch, staring at my hard-on as it throbbed inside her panties. I felt extremely embarrassed as I stood there -- not only because I was in her panties, but also because my cock was hard and I knew she could easily see it pushing against the material of her stolen panties.

"How do you feel?" My little s****r asked, looking down at my straining cock.

"I'm not sure." I answered. "Embarrassed as hell, I guess."

"No Tom." She said, almost interrupting me. "Are you nervous? Turned on? Humiliated?"

"All that." I replied.

"Do you want me to stop?" Cassie asked.

"No." I said, shyly.

"You know I'm going to undress you all the way, don't you?" Cassie asked. "You're going to be completely naked in a minute. You still want me to continue knowing I'm going to strip you and you'll be standing in front of your little s****r with a hard-on?"

Now I knew exactly what her plan was. And, it didn't take Sherlock Holmes to figure out she was probably trying to follow my story line to the letter, and that meant I'd be masturbating in front of my s****r once she had me naked. That fact caused my cock to lurch inside the panties, and when she saw it jerk, Cassie giggled and said, "I'll take that as a 'Yes'."

I was caught by surprise when my little s****r hooked her fingers into the waistband of the pink boyshorts and pulled them right down to my knees. Immediately, my cock popped out, pointing toward the ceiling and swaying back and forth. Cassie smiled and reached down to wrap her hand around my shaft, giving it a hard squeeze as soon as her fingers wrapped solidly around it.

I closed my eyes and gasped as she squeezed me tightly. "Stand still, big b*****r." Cassie whispered up to me. "I'm not going to hurt you. But, I think you owe me some liberties given how long you've been sneaking around peeking at me and stealing my panties."

I gasped as she began tugging on my cock. And, Cassie giggled as she moved her hand up and down my pretentious pole.

"You didn't know I knew you were sneaking peeks at me, did you?" Cassie hissed. "Mom knew you were peeking at her, too, she told me in the car on the way home from your apartment. She made some excuse about guys just being curious about the female body, but, I think it's more than that."

My little s****r continued to tug on me, and when a drip of precum bubbled up at the end of my cock, she touched it with the tip of her finger and held it up in front of my face. Then, without saying a word, Cassie rubbed her finger around my lips and then thrust her finger straight into my mouth.

"Suck it." She whispered up to me.

Without thinking, I did as she asked, sucking her finger and using my tongue to rub off the thick, slippery precum from her slimy digit.

"Still feel embarrassed?" Cassie asked as I sucked her finger.

I shook my head slightly from side to side and my little s****r giggled at me. Her hand started to stroke me again, but, after about fifteen seconds, she suddenly stopped and let go of my cock.

"You're going to masturbate for me in a few minutes." She said. "Then we'll see how embarrassed you feel."

Cassie left the panties at my knees and started to unbutton my shirt. When she was done, she pulled it from my shoulders and then pulled my undershirt over my head. At that point, I was virtually naked, except for her panties. Then, unceremoniously, she reached down and pushed the panties down and pulled them from around my feet, one foot at a time.

"These are mine, big b*****r." Cassie said, waving the pink boyshorts in front of me. "From now on, no more stealing my panties. If you want them, you need to come to me and ask me directly. If I find you taking even one more pair of panties without my permission, I promise there's going to be trouble. Got it?"

I couldn't believe what she was saying. If I heard her right, she just told me I could ask for her panties and I wouldn't have to steal them anymore. I was floored by the implication she was making, but, my cock appreciated her offer and I felt it twitch in gleeful agreement.

"Got it?" She asked again. "No more taking my panties without my permission."

"Yeah, I got it." I replied.

"Okay," Cassie said excitedly, "you're naked and it's time for the big show."

Cassie scooted around me and sat on the bed, then told me to come stand in front of her. So, I turned and took the few steps over to the bed and stopped two or three feet in front of her.

"I don't think so, Tom." She said, giggling up at me. "Get closer. I want to see this up close. I just love seeing a guy stroke his cock."

I moved closer to her, but apparently I still wasn't close enough. She rectified that by grabbing my hips and pulling me toward her -- stopping when my cock was no more than six or seven inches from her face.

"Now," she said, "I want to see exactly what you've been doing with my panties all this time, so start sniffing and jacking yourself. But, tell me before you cum."

I looked down at my little s****r and she had a serious look on her face. I remembered what she said about following her directions, or, she'd take her panties back, so I reached down and took hold of my cock and started stroking.

I have to admit, stroking my cock in front of my s****r while I was completely naked was more exciting than I ever thought it would be. Cassie's eyes were open wide and she was staring at my cock as my hand moved up and down its length. I could feel my face was flushed and red, and my legs were trembling. But, I was so turned on -- I couldn't believe I was actually doing this and I couldn't believe how hard my cock was.

"How does it feel?" She asked, glancing up at me. "Does it feel good?"

"Yeah," I moaned as I stroked, "it feels really good."

"So, you're not embarrassed to be masturbating in front of your little s****r?" She asked.

"No." I answered. "I've dreamed about doing this for a long time."

"Oh, good." Cassie replied. "Then maybe I'll make you do it for me again. I bet you'd like that wouldn't you?"

"Oh, yes." I said, as I looked down and saw her smiling up at me.

"And, how do you like sniffing my panties?" She posed, after another minute of stroking went by. "I wore them all day today."

I was about to answer her when she said, "I bet you'd like them more if they were soaking wet with my pussy juice, wouldn't you? You'd be sucking and licking the crotch of those panties to get every molecule of my juices out, wouldn't you?"

I thought about what she said, and it was true. I'd sucked the crotch of her panties before, and if these had been wet with her girl lube, I would have devoured the gusset of her panties, licking them clean of every trace. And, as I thought about that, the combination of smelling her vaginal aroma and jerking my cock right in front of her, I felt the first stirrings of my climax begin.

"I'm going to cum soon." I said, almost panting. "It won't be too long."

"Don't stop." Cassie said, watching my hand as it flew up and down my cock. "Tell me when you know you're a few seconds away."

I kept masturbating as I looked down at her. She glanced up at my face every few seconds to see if I was there yet, and when I knew I was right at the point where I was going to cum, I told her so, saying, "Okay, I'm getting ready to cum."

My s****r quickly reached up and pulled her panties away from my face, stretched her panties open and held the cotton crotch a few inches away from the head of my dick. "Shoot your cum into my panties." Cassie instructed. "And you better not get any on me...... I want it all right there in the crotch panel."

As soon as she finished talking, I felt it boil up and I knew from the strength of the first contraction it was going to be a big cum. And, I was right.

The first spurt was a long, thick ribbon of cum. I pointed my cock into her opened panties and it splattered right into the middle of the crotch panel, followed by another six or seven strong spurts that made large pools of thick, white cum along side my first deposit. Then, it trailed off to dribbles of cum and I inched my cock closer to her panties and let it drip onto the crotch.

It was the longest cum I can remember having for a long time, probably because of the way she took control and ordered me to do it, and when I looked down inside her panties, I felt proud of the fact that I was able to spew so much cum in front of her.

"That's a lot of sperm, big b*****r." Cassie said, softly. "Too bad for you, though."

Then, looking up at me, my little s****r smiled a sinister smile and said, "I've always wanted to do something like this......."

And with that, Cassie stood up in front of me and brought her panties up to my face and held the crotch open. "If you ever want me to watch you jerk off again," she whispered, "you need to lick this up. All of it."

It felt like time started moving in slow motion as she pushed the panties closer and closer to my mouth, and when it got close enough, my mouth automatically opened and my tongue came out. And, as if I was having some kind of out of body experience, I started to lick up the globs of my own warm cum as she held the crotch panel open for me.

Time after time, my tongue lapped at the wet fabric, bringing my sperm into my mouth and then going back for more. Cassie's eyes were glued to me as I cleaned her panties, and once I'd licked off the obvious globs of cum, she told me to swallow, and once I did, she stuffed the soiled fabric in my mouth and told me to suck the rest out.

She let go of her panties and left them dangling from my mouth as I sucked. A feeling came over me that was the pinnacle of all my dreams and fantasies, and as I closed my eyes and sucked the wet material, I melted away in the blissful realization of what I'd just done. It felt so decadent and absolutely nasty, but, I loved every minute of it -- the mix of embarrassment, humiliation and the submission I felt. At that exact instant, I knew without a doubt in my mind I'd have to experience these feelings again. It was just too good to ignore, and even though I knew I'd just done the nastiest thing of my whole life, I still loved the feeling that was coursing through my body.

When I opened my eyes, Cassie was just standing there, watching me. After another minute, she reached up and pulled her panties gently from my mouth and checked the crotch panel of her panties to make sure I cleaned all my cum from them. I knew they were clean, believe me, after the way I sucked them, and after a few seconds, she smiled up at me and simply said, "That was absolutely the hottest thing I've ever seen."

I felt myself turn red knowing she'd just complimented me on the way I'd sucked my warm sperm from her panties. For a second, a huge rush of remorse flooded over me, but, I didn't have time to think about that because my s****r brought me back to reality when she reached out and put her hand on my chest.

"Was it everything you thought it would be?" Cassie asked, patting my chest with the palm of her hand.

"Absolutely." I replied, smiling back at her.

"It wasn't too much?" She asked, sweetly.

"No," I answered, "it was embarrassing as hell, but, I'm glad I did it."

"Then," Cassie asked me, "you'll want to do something like this again?

"Oh sure." I said, eagerly. "I'd love that."

My s****r gave me a cute smile and told me to sit down on the bed. When I did, Cassie leaned over to pick up the purple nightie she let me borrow and held it up. "Arms up." She said, and when I put them up, she slipped the bottom hem of the silky nightie over my arms and pulled it down to my shoulders.

"I enjoyed it, too." She said, as she pulled the purple nightie down my chest and stepped back to take a look at it. "I'm going to read the rest of your stories and see what else might be fun to do. I really like the idea of dressing you up like a little girl..... I think that would be a lot of fun."

"You know," she said as she looked at the way the nightie fit me, "that doesn't look half bad at all. I don't even think it's that tight on you."

I looked down, moved my arms around and she was right. It was a little tight, but, it wasn't bad and I knew I could sl**p in it. Then, she pulled me up and reached down to gently take my cock in her hand.

"I'm not a virgin, Tom." She began. "I've had a few boyfriends and I've done some crazy things with them. But," she continued, "it's always been a fantasy of mine to have a guy masturbate himself right in front of me, and, I'd be lying if I didn't say it was totally hot watching you do it and then see you eat your own cum. So, tonight we did something for each other, and I wasn't k**ding -- I really enjoyed it and I hope we'll have an opportunity like this again."

Cassie looked down at my semi hard cock in her hand and then looked back up at me.

"And let me just say this," Cassie added, "You have a very nice cock. It's a little bigger than any of my boyfriends had, and, it's a little thicker, too. I sure hope your wife has been appreciating it, but, if she hasn't, remember what I said earlier....... if you need someone to help you with what you need, I'd like to be the person to do that."

She then let go of my cock and reached for the yellow panties I picked out of her panty drawer. Kneeling down in front of me, she held the silky panties open for me to step into, and gently pulled them up my legs and set them on my hips. Then, giggling, she reached inside the panties and adjusted my half hard cock so it was lying against my belly and then carefully adjusted the panties so they were straight in the front.

"There." She said, looking down at her handiwork. "Nice fit, actually, and if you don't mind me saying this, you actually look pretty hot wearing panties, Big b*****r."

I smiled at her comment, and she giggled a little as she reached out to put her hand around the bulge in the front of the panties she put me in and gave me a gentle squeeze. "Look, there's something I just have to ask you." She said. "If I do, can you tell me the honest truth?"

"Yeah, probably," I answered, sitting back down on the bed, "but, it depends on what you're going to ask. I don't want to get myself into any more trouble."

"Fair enough." Cassie replied. "What I was wondering was, uh..... why or how, exactly, did you start sniffing my panties?"

"I mean, was it because they were easy to get?" She asked. "Or because you saw me in them? Or what?"

I felt it was a reasonable question for her to ask me, and after what she'd just done with me -- living out one of my stories with me, letting me jerk off in front of her and dressing me up in her panties and nightie, I guess she deserved an answer.

"Honestly," I began, "the very first time, it was because of your smell. I found a pair on the floor of your room. You'd gone out one night with your friends and probably just left them there when you were changing clothes."

I explained how they were still tucked into a pair of her shorts, as if she'd quickly pulled her shorts and panties down at the same time, stepped out of them and left them there on the floor just like that. As I looked down at them, the crotch of her panties was staring up at me.

I told her how I looked at them for several minutes, realizing I was looking right at the exact spot -- right at the crotch of her panties -- right at the piece of material that had been touching her pussy. And, as I looked at her panties, it occurred to me that it was normal for a girl's vagina to be moist and leak her natural secretions to be soaked up by the cotton panel in the crotch of her underwear.

So, logically, it made sense that her panties would smell like her pussy, and what guy would turn down a chance to know how a girl's pussy smelled? "It was an easy decision to make." I told her.

"I picked them up and smelled them." I told her. "And when I did, I was immediately blown away by your smell. After that," I added, "I used to check your room, the bathroom and your hamper for panties any time I got the chance."

"You smell nice down there, Cassie." I said, looking up at her. "It seemed like such a waste to let them go unused."

"I see." My little s****r said after looking at me and thinking about what I'd said.

"You think I smell good?" She asked. "And it turned you on to smell my pussy?"

I nodded my head in shame and told her that was the truth. Then, stepping in front of me, she slowly reached down and slipped her hand under the hem of her nightshirt. I wasn't able to see much with her nightshirt hanging over her wrist, but I knew she didn't have any panties on, and if she was touching down there, she was probably touching her bare pussy.

I looked up at her. "Just watch." Cassie whispered.

And I did just that. I watched as she spread her feet apart and pushed her hand deeper into her crotch. I couldn't see her pussy clearly, but I caught brief glimpses of bare skin as her hand worked between her legs. I wish she would have lifted her nightshirt so I could have seen my little s****r's pussy, but I was so excited about what she was doing, I just kept staring.

"I'm so wet." I heard her moan as her fingers obviously slipped past her lips and directly into her vagina.

I could hear the squishy sound of her fingers as it invaded the wetness of her pussy, and when I glanced up at her, her eyes were closed and it looked like she was in deep concentration as she touched herself.

My cock was starting to get hard again as I watched her, not more than a foot in front of me. Like most men, I've always loved the idea of a woman touching herself, and even though she had her nightshirt on, this was an incredible turn on.

Suddenly, she stopped and pulled her hand out from under her nightshirt and looked down at me. "Don't move." She said. "Just sit there and don't move."

After saying it, she raised the hand that had been down between her legs and rubbed her fingers against my upper lip and around my nostrils. Then, plunging her hand back down under her nightshirt, she fingered herself for several more seconds and got them wet again. Answering my prayers, she pulled her hand out and wiped her wet fingers around my mouth and all over my lips.

Again, she pushed her hand down between her legs and soaked her fingers with her pussy juice. And one more time, she pulled them out. But, this time, she held her fingers in front of my mouth.

"Lick." Cassie, said in a quiet, soft voice. "I want you to go to sl**p tonight with the smell of my pussy on your face, and my taste in your mouth."

Looking up at her to make sure she was serious, I opened my mouth and took her fingers between my lips and sucked her fresh vaginal secretions from her fingers. She looked down at me approvingly as I did it, and I think she was surprised that I put so much effort into cleaning her fingers, sucking and licking them as she held them out for me.

When I was done, she pulled her fingers from my mouth. "The only thing left," she said, "is to send you to bed."

"I think I followed your story pretty close, didn't I?" She asked. "I mean the major parts, anyway. Right?"

"Well you added some, but, I like your version better." I replied, chuckling.

Cassie reached down and picked up the panties she told me I could keep overnight and handed them to me. "No tugging on your yourself tonight, okay?" She said to me. "I'm giving you my panties like we agreed, but, I don't want you lying in bed all night pulling that cock of yours. I'll find some way to take care of you tomorrow if you'll promise me that."

"And speaking of tomorrow," she added, "you realize I have to act mad about what you did in front of Mom and Beth, right? What we did tonight can't change any of the past, and from Mom and Beth's point of view, I think you're really in the shit house. So, don't get mad at me if I'm a little hard on you when they're around. Okay?"

I told Cassie I understood that what we did tonight was just between us, and I didn't expect her to go easy on me in front of my mother, or my wife. I also gave her my promise I'd keep my hands off my cock, but, as soon as I said it, I wondered how I was going to keep that promise. Having just lived out one of my fantasies, not to mention the fact that she'd dressed me in one of her silky nighties and panties, and given me the panties she was wearing -- it was going to be hard to keep from stroking my cock again.

Then, before I knew it, she was reaching to the side of me, pulling the comforter, pillow and the sheets down from the top of the bed, and then tenderly pushing me back onto the mattress, telling me to lie down. And as I stretched out, she pulled the sheets back up my body and looked down at me.

"I don't know anything about Sissies." She said. "But, I'll see what I can find on the internet. Right now, I want you to stay in bed until Mom or I come to get you up, and remember what I said..... no jerking off tonight."

For a minute, I felt like a k** being tucked in bed. And, you know, it actually felt really nice. For once, I could go to sl**p satisfied and fulfilled, and while I felt a little guilty it wasn't my wife that made me feel like this, I think I deserved to have at least one fantasy fulfilled -- especially with the imminent demise of my marriage lying ahead of me.

So, as my little s****r walked toward the door and reached for the door handle, I told her goodnight and I thanked her for what she did for me.

"I'm just curious, Tom," Cassie said, pausing before she opened the door, "have you ever done anything with another guy? Have you ever sucked a cock?"

"No." I replied. "I've never done anything with another guy."

"Well," Cassie said, softly, "if I asked you to do it, would you do it for me? Suck a real cock?"

Instantly I blushed, knowing what my answer was going to be. And as I felt my face turn a bright shade of red, I looked at her and said, "Yes" while nodding my head.

"I was hoping you'd say that." She answered. "That's something I'd like to see very much, Tom."

I started to say something, but she held her fingers to her lips.

"Ssshhh." She said. "Go to sl**p now." And, as she shut off my light, she quietly closed my door and left me in the silent darkness of my old room, dressed in her nightie and her panties, and with a pair of her worn panties that she let me keep until morning.

To be continued.

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