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Two for the Balcony

You and I are at a movie theater. We have the back row all
to ourselves. No more than a minute after the lights have dimmed,
you begin slipping your hand beneath the box of popcorn on my lap
to give me an unexpected massage. I flinch in surprise at first
and slap your hand away out of propriety. But after you make
another advance beneath the popcorn, I find myself with a rather
powerful involuntary hard-on. My whispered warnings for you to
behave go unheeded. By the time the previews have ended and the
feature has begun, you've managed to unzip my trousers and have
worked your fingers into my briefs. When I mention that you'll
soon be in for a bottom-warming, you simply giggle and continue
your game of pinch the pickle. After a few more squeezes, I place
the popcorn box on the floor, grab hold of you and pull your
wriggling frame across my lap. For a moment or two I hold you
firmly in place, rubbing and kneading your ass cheeks as a prelude
to the spanking you so richly deserve. Then, as something loud
happens on the screen, I give the back of your skirt a sound smack.
I wait for more noise and when the audience breaks into laughter,
I spank you three more times in quick succession. This goes on
for several minutes- something loud happens in the movie and you
get a swat. The audience reacts and you get two smacks to your
shapely rump. Then, just as I raise my hand to continue, I am
blinded by an usher's flashlight. Momentarily stunned, I silently
hold you in place as not to expose myself. The usher turns off the
light and through the darkness I seem to make out a smile coming
across his face. Instead of throwing us out, he simply points to
a balcony overhead.

"You'd be better off up there." he says quietly, as he turns and
walks away.

As the usher leaves, you push yourself from my lap and stand up.
Poking my cock back into my underwear, I rise and zip up.

Then, taking you by the arm, I lead you out into the lobby and up
the stairs. Once inside the dark empty balcony, we begin kissing.
Our bodies press against each other. Your lips are soft and wet.
I reach down between your legs, hoping to find moisture there
as well. You are quite damp. Your thighs clamp around my fingers.
Slowly pulling my hand away, I guide you to the rear aisle and
bend you over the back of the nearest seat. Throwing you skirt
over your back, I raise my hand to give that stunning ass of
yours another dose of correction. But now there is a quiet scene
being played out on the screen and I dare not spank you for fear
of attracting attention. So instead, I begin working your thighs
and buttocks between my strong hands, occasionally allowing my
fingers to gently probe your most tender regions. Moaning ever
so softly, you reach forward, gripping the armrests and elevate
your exquisite backside, providing a none too subtle invitation.
I immediately unbuckle my belt, zip down and push my pants to
my ankles. Taking my almost painfully stiff rod in hand,
I playfully slap your rosy cheeks with it. You begin to laugh,
then cover your mouth as not to be heard. I continue teasing you
by sliding the head of my member up and down the crack of your ass
until you begin to grunt and wiggle your hips impatiently.
So I enter you. Slowly but with determination I ease myself deep
into your warm inviting passage. I step forward, taking you by
the hips as I push my cock in up to its hilt. I slowly withdraw,
almost completely, only to slide in deeply once again. I continue
fucking you slowly until neither of us can stand it any longer.
For a moment I stop all together and then start again, thrusting
with greater and greater speed eventually bringing our act to an
intense, if muted, climax.

Afterward, we share a quick kiss and a long embrace before putting
our clothing and composures back in order. We sit and watch
the film for a while, but for some reason it seems rather dull,
so we decide to go home and continue making our own entertainment.

Leaving the theater, we walk past the usher who is now manning
the candy counter. He looks away politely as we exit, pretending
not to notice that my hand is cupping your lovely bottom.


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