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Apparently my GF is a slut pt 2

I asked my GF to explain "the pics" that she was talking about in the previous story, and this is what came out...cant tell if its hot or too slutty for all this to have happened...

My first month at school my freshman year I met this guy who I ended up being friends with. But when we first met, we used to fuck and one night he took pictures of me with my top off.
I didn't think much about it, but about a month later I heard he'd shown some of our other guy friends. Suddenly I had some asking me for blow jobs. At first I didn't know what to do and just laughed about it, but then some would keep asking, bring me back to their rooms late at night. One guy had me come to his room, said we were going to get some more alcohol, but instead we got there and he started kissing me and grabbing my chest. Asked me to suck his cock, so I did, then we went back to meet our friends.
Word seemed to keep spreading about the pics of me and I started having a little fun being a slut. Loved having a cock in my mouth and sometimes sucking guys I didn't know. I was out
At a party right after spring break when I met this guy who I'd seen around and talked to a few times.he was flirting with me and I was really horny, so i asked him if he wanted to come out to my car with me so I could get something. When we got there he leaned against the door so I couldn't open it and I started kissing him...moving down his neck while unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock. I sucked him in the driveway - it was pretty dark, but I remember hearing people walk by. I just kept going until he came.
About an hour later my friend drew and I were talking and saying the party was getting a little boring. We went outside to sit on some chairs and instead he pulled me onto his lap. Started fingering me in my dress and I reached down and felt his hard cock. There was only light coming from inside so I pulled his pants off and sat on his cock with my ass in his face. Just before he came I got up and sucked him so he'd cum in my mouth.
Word got around that I was a slut and I really liked cock. I was so horny I started sucking a lot of cock, even of guys I hadn't met before. By mid year my second year I'd sucked at least 20 cocks and met a lot of them often to do it more.

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