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I had no idea it was a dream. It was so real that I was sure it was happening. Let me tell you about it...

I was running through a sort of desert land. I had on a black tank top and jeans shorts with ripped tights under. It was right before the sun set so the sky was a mix of orange, pink and purple. I was running towards something, I'm not sure what though. Maybe shelter? I was sweating and there was bl**d on my shirt. I heard people chasing me but I was too focussed on what was in front of me. There was a shack. If I could just get to that I'd be safe, I thought. Doing my best to run faster I pushed myself. I just need to get there. I reached it but as soon as I opened the door I blacked out.

When I focussed again I was in a bright lab. I kept looking around. I brushed my hair out of the way. I didn't know how I got there but I didn't wait. I tried to find a way out. There was only one door but I didn't want to go that way. There was a vent on the ceiling. I tried to reach but I was to short, even standing on the table. I jumped at it but I still couldn't get to it. The jump just made me fall on my ass. I stayed there thinking for a while longer before I decided to take a chance. I opened the door and walked through the halls. No more doors, just more halls. The was finally another door. I opened it without thinking.

The room was filled with all kinds of weird machines. I moved around them, listening intently to make sure nobody was around. "Hey," a man's voice said. My head wipped up until I spotted the man a few yard down from me. How had I missed him? He was older than me, in his 20's. He was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He had dark hair and eyes, they regarded me with smug superiority.

"Wh-who are you?" I asked. I took a couple steps back. Why was I afraid of this guy? I knew I needed to get away but not the why. "What the hell do you want?" I said more strongly.

He laughed, "You really don't remember?"

Something in his tone warned me. I turned around and ran back the way I came from. Before I could get very far something wrapped around my waist and pulled me back. I screamed and tried to fight but then two more things wrapped around my wrists. The pulled me in front of the man. I looked at what help me. The were tentacles. They were strong and looked metal but were kind of soft. Almost like steal covered in shiny velvet. I kept trying to fight. Once I started kicking two more restrained my ankles. I screamed again, "Let me go!"

The man laughed again. His laughter made me want to knock him out but I couldn't reach him. "Calm down sweetheart. I won't hurt you. I'm actually going to make you feel very, very good." As he said that he ran his hands down my sides to cup my ass. He pulled me close to him even though I still struggled. "Mmmm, you still feel so good against me."

"Don't touch me!" I yelled. I tried to put some space between us but him and the tentacles wouldn't let me.

"Relax baby. We've done this before," he said, then chuckled. "Well, not this," he nodded towards the tentacles. "Don't worry, I'll remind you of it." He suddenly took out a knife. I screamed and tried harder to get free but I could barely move. He grabbed my shirt and cut it down the middle, revealing my purple bra. He cut the straps too so that the tank top fell to the floor. He bit his lip before cupping my breasts through my bra. The he pulled it down so they were over the cups. He tweaked and pulled on my nipples. My breath caught and my nipples got hard. "Mmmm," he moaned before he put his head down and sucked on a nipple. After a minute he switched breasts. When he pulled his head up I was squirming. I hated how I seemed to react to him.

He laughed when he saw how effected I was. "I told you I would remind you of how it felt." He knelt in front of my and pulled down my shorts. He ran his fingers over my dark pink panties. When had my tights become thigh highs? I thought. Maybe they were like that the whole time but I wasn't sure. He rubbed his finger along my pussy lips outside of my panties. "You're already wet, just like always." He slid them down to my shorts. He started rubbing my pussy with two fingers. They felt so good but I didn't want them too. I started struggling again but that didn't do any good. He stood up and pulled me against him again, my nipples rubbed against his chest. All of a sudden he put the two fingers inside me. When I cried out he pulled my head to his and kissed me. I had to admit he was a really good kisser even if I didn't know him and didn't want him doing all this.

"Stop!" I cried when he found my g-spot. The pressure increased so much so fast. I kept moaning and gasping before I finally came. I strained again the tentacles.

"I love how fast you cum," he said. "Now that you're warmed up let's get to the fun part." He took off his t shirt. He had a muscle shirt on under it but that kind of emphasized the lean muscles he had. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I don't know why but my mouth watered when I looked at it. It was big and thick and I had the urge to put it in my mouth.

Suddenly the tentacles pulled me up. My arms and legs locked behind me and I was hanging in the air, almost I was hog tied. The tentacles lowered me to his cock. My breath quickened. He rubbed it against my lips then started pushing it against them until the head of his cock popped into my mouth. He had some precum on the tip and it tasted salty. But I kind of liked it. He started pulling it in and out, slowly putting more and more in. Then he increased his speed until he was fucking my mouth. He pushed his cock all the way in until I felt it in my throat. My eyes watered and I gagged. I heard him moan before he did it again and again and again. Finally he pulled out after a few minutes. I coughed and gasped, his cock had made it so hard to breathe but for some reason that just made me wetter. Dripping wet in fact.

He pulled me up, the tentacles apparently moving when he wants them too. He kissed me hard, thrusting his tongue into my mouth and I couldn't help but respond. Then he flipped me around and bent me over. My feet were on the floor again but my arms were still behind my back. He ran the head of his cock along my pussy. He shoved inside of me a second later. I cried out. He kept thrusting against me and pounding my pussy. I kept yelling and moaning. No, I thought, don't react. But nothing I tried would make my body stop feeling so damn good. He put his hands on my hips and started fucking me harder. "Oh my god," I yelled. Then he bent over me, he slid his hands to my breasts and pinched my nipples. I was about to cum when he pulled out. "Don't stop!" I said. Then shut my mouth, my eyes widening. I couldn't believe I said that.

He grinned at me. "Don't worry, I'm not done yet," he said. Then the tentacles lifted me again. They spread my legs, leaving my pussy at the perfect height to be fucked by his cock. And my damn hands were still being held behind my back. I started struggling again, I didn't want to be effected. I didn't want to cum for him again. But that stopped when he shoved inside of me again. Then all I could do was moan and cry out again. He kept thrusting, harder and faster. "Fuck your pussy is tight, and so fucking wet," he said. He groaned before going faster. I cried out. It felt so good. I wrapped my legs around his waist, the tentacles seemed to be fine when I moved to encourage him. I started grinding against him with every thrust. He started kissing me, muffling my moans. My head tilted back. I was so close, just a little more. I moved against him harder. I needed to cum. Please let me cum, I thought but didn't dare say it outloud.

I heard him groan loudly just as I came. I screamed because it was so strong. Strong enough to pull me out of the dream. I woke up in my bed, my hips thrusting into the hair, my pussy tingling. I moaned then put my hand into my shorts to rub my pussy to keep my orgasm going. When it finally stopped I lay back in my bed. That was one of the best dreams I've ever had but I was a little disappointed I didn't remember exactly what the mans face looked like and that I didn't get to feel him cum completely. But after I while I fell back to sl**p. Maybe I'd dream about him again.

I hope you liked this story of mine. And it really was a dream of mine and when I woke up I did react that way. I'll try to write another story soon ;) Till next time.

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