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My b*****r And I

My name is Paige and I am 18 years old. My b*****r Lee is 17 and My mom and dad are both in there early 40's. We have a nice house mostly because my mom and dad are working constantly and make good money I guess. I guess my life is been mostly typical, High school and boys but one day something happened that has changed my life for better or worse I guess.

My mom and dad were constantly working and after school I had to come home and tend to my b*****r who was a quiet person and never came out of his room unless he was told to and would just lay on his bed and listen to his music. My b*****r is not ugly but had never really made the effort to go out and meet girls. He is kinda tall for his age and thin, he had short brown hair and green eyes and kinda dresses like a punk rocker. I am shorter than his is and have long brown/blonde hair. I have always gotten plenty of attention from guys because my body developed faster than I have gotten taller. My breasts are larger than most girls I go to school with and I have always gotten plenty of compliments about my ass from guys in school. I have had many boyfriends that I have ended up dumping because they all wanna jump right to sex. I made that mistake with the first guy I dated and ended up losing my virginity to him. I told myself I wasn't going to let another guy use me for sex and I haven't.

I try to bring my b*****r out with me to social events and stuff but he would always say he didn't feel like doing anything and would lose himself in his headphones. I talked to my girl friends who all said they would date him but he never really made an effort to get to know them. I never gave up him as much as I told myself I should and tried to talk to my parents about it but all they would ever say is "We will talk to him". One day I got home from school late which never got me in trouble because my parents were never there. I went into my room and turned on some music and yelled for Lee but got no answer. I yelled again closer to his door and again got no answer. I cracked his door open and saw he was sitting on his bed with his headphones on which he had in his laptop and was watching porn. He had his back turned to me and I could see he had his pants to his ankles and was jerking off.

He was watching a girl having sex with some guy on his laptop and the first thing that struck me was that the girl looked a lot like me. Same hair color, eyes, and height. I pulled the door closed and went into my room and laid on my bed listening to music and was wondering if it was a just coincidence that the girl he was masturbating to looked just like me. Lee had never looked at me like that but one time he walked in the bathroom after I had gotten out of the shower and saw me naked. He apologized over and over and asked me not to tell mom and dad. I never told them but just told him he needed to knock next time. I laid there thinking until I heard his door open, He walked to my doorway and asked me how school went not knowing that I had seen him. I said good and asked him what he was up too. Just listing to music he said, I wanted to bring it up but figured it would embarrass him.

I couple weeks went by when I got home and again called him but got nothing in response. Again I cracked his door and again he was jerking off with his headphones watching a video on his laptop with the same girl as the last time I caught him. I stood there and began to close his door when he knelt on the bed as I heard him groaning loudly as he came. He stood up from the bed when I saw on his bed that he had taken one of my pictures off my pegboard in my room of me in a bathing suit from one of our vacations. He had cum all over it. I quickly shut the door and ran to my room with my hand on my mouth. I laid in my bed in shock that I had just saw my own b*****r cum all over a picture of me. Again I didn't say anything but I really wanted to say something but didn't know how. And as much as I was in shock seeing my picture covered in a ton his cum turned me on, on some level. I never looked at Lee like that but I always felt sorry for him when it came to girls and I was always there for him when he needed anything.

Something in me sexually turned on and made me want him more than any guy Id ever been with. I didn't want to just barge in his room and blurt out "Wanna have sex" but I wanted to do something. I opened my door a crack and laid in my bed with just a bra on and my pink socks. I laid down and began fingering myself when I heard his door open. As soon as I heard it open I let out a moan, Not a loud one but just enough of one that I knew he would hear me. I tried to stare at the door out of the corner of my to see if he was looking but I didn't want him to know that I knew he was watching. I bit my lip as I fingered myself faster when I saw a shadow by the door and knew that he was there, I began moaning a little louder knowing that he was there watching me. I softly said "Oh Lee" as I fingered myself until I came. I let out a loud groan and arched my body as I came. I sat up to put my clots back on when I heard his door close. I smiled knowing what he was probably going to do in his room. I got dressed and knocked on his door when I heard him say "Just a minute" I smiled and than opened the door when he said OK. He was laying in bed and looked at me and said "Whats up?" I knew he had to be horny as hell.

One day I couldn't take it anymore, A couple weeks later I got home and again called for him with no answer. I cracked his door to see him sitting in his little chair he has in his room watching that porn video at his desk. He had his pants around his ankles and this whole time as much as I knew what he was doing I never saw his cock. I closed his door and walked into my room and pulled my cloths off. I put on a pink thong I had that really showed off my ass and a pink matching bra that could barely hold my breasts. I put on a pair of high heels that I had that my friends called stripper shoes and put my hair in pig tails. I walked to his door cracked it open and took a deep breath. I walked in and closed the door behind me without him seeing me with his back turned, my legs were shaking and I thought I was going to hyperventilate with every step. I got to the chair and tapped his shoulder, he closed the laptop and spun around. He sat there with his eyes so wide I thought they were going to fall out. He opened his mouth to say something with his headphones still on but I put my finger to his lips and smiled. He sat there with almost no emotion but I could tell that he wanted me because I looked down at his cock which was very big and it was rock hard.

I opened the laptop back up and pressed play on the video. My legs shook as I got on my knees. I grabbed a hold of his large cock and began stroking it. He looked at me with no facial expression as I jerked him. I looked up at him as I licked from his balls to the tip of his cock. His mouth opened and he let out a moan as I grabbed the base of his cock and began sucking him. I heard him pull the headphones off and set them down as he moaned over and over while I sucked him. I tried to put as much of his cock in my mouth as I could but gagged about half way down. I heard him ask if I was OK when I gagged, I looked up at him and smiled as he smiled at me as I started sucking him again. His cock felt so good in my mouth and throbbed as I moved my head side to side and up and down. He moaned a lot until I heard him say "That feels so good" I giggled with his cock in my mouth and began going faster, He groaned as I felt him put one of his hands on the back of my head. I could feel him gently start pushing down in my head as he groaned. It turned me on so much as he pushed my head onto his cock. I grabbed his hands and put one on each of my pig tails and told him to fuck my face.

He grabbed them tight as I held my head just over his cock and he began thrusting his hips upwards slamming his cock into my mouth. He moaned loudly until he said "You like that?" I said a yes as his cock was slamming into the back of my throat. It was like a switch hit in him and he got really into it and let out all his sexual aggression on me. He stopped and put his hand on the back of my head again and said "Suck my cock" I started sucking him faster and faster as he groaned. I stood up and walked over to his bed which had a large headboard with a mirror in it and laid down. He got up and pulled his pants all the way off and walked over to the foot of the bed and watched me pull my thong off. He smiled grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed as he got on the floor and opened my legs and began eating my pussy. I began breathing heavily and moaning as I felt his tongue sliding in between my pussy lips. He had his hands around my legs and was burying his face in me as I moaned. I felt him spread my lips with his fingers and my body jumped as he began sucking on my clit. I put my hand on his head and began moving my hips side to side as he ate me out.

He reached up with one of his hands and began squeezing my tit's as I felt him slide one of his fingers in me. It seemed like the more I moaned the faster he went. He stopped, climbed on me and pulled my bra up and started sucking my my tits. He was sucking on my nipple when he looked at me like he was waiting for permission, I smiled at him and said "Fuck Me" He smiled and began sucking my tits again when I felt him slide his cock into me. I tiled my head back and let out a groan as he inch by inch slid his big cock into. I opened my mouth but couldn't make a noise as It felt so amazing, I grunted as he started sliding it in and out of me slowly and then started going faster. I put my hands on his back as he looked at me sweating and groaning. I looked at him and said "Harder" he started slamming his cock into me until I yelled "I'm cumming" He started going so hard the bed was moving, I felt my whole body quivering as he put his hand on my forehead and pushed it back as I let out a scream and could feel my pussy bursting cum onto his cock. My body shook as he smiled at me and kissed me.

I smiled at him breathing heavily as he sat up. I turned over and got on all fours looking at him in the mirror as he positioned himself behind me and slid his cock back into me. I opened my mouth and groaned as he grabbed my hips and began thrusting. I watched myself in the mirror being pounded by his big cock, He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back towards him as he fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked before. I let our scream after scream as he said "Take that cock" I smiled at him in the mirror as I felt my body starting to shake again. I screamed as I slammed my head into the pillow and came again. He turned me back over and quickly began fucking me again until I could see in his face he was going to cum. He was fucking me so fast I looked at him and said "Cum on my face". He looked at me for a second then jumped off and knelt over my head he began stroking his cock until he tilted his head back and let out a loud grunt, the cum exploded out of his cock. It his me in the eye ,mouth and hair. He shot a huge load onto me as I looked at him smiling. He laid on the bed next to me panting as I went down to his cock and began sucking him again with his cum all over my face.

I got up and grabbed my cloths and walked into the bathroom without either of us saying a word to each other. We never talked about it but we both made it into each others bedrooms over and over again.

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