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OHGIRL: The Adventures Continue

Three weeks had past since my new boyfriend, Mikey, had taken me to the adult bookstore and watched me suck and fuck a group of men. He understood my sexual cravings and knew that I wouldn't be able to lead a normal relationship after years of fucking men for a living. Unlike many girls that entered the profession out of need of money or because they are f***ed into it, I had entered my career as a stripper on my own accord. I had progressed by selling my sexual services to my customers and eventually moved on to becoming an e****t. I loved the sex and the attention and over the years had become accustomed to the lifestyle. My short foray into adult porn was just another way for me to explore my sexual addiction and now I fully understood my urges and needs. I loved to suck and fuck, I loved to be cum in and on and I loved being used by the men that wanted me, regardless of whether I was paid or not, although being paid made for a great way to make a living. Luckily my fantastic lover and boyfriend understood this and he was finding new ways to provide me with entertainment each week. Whether it was a sexy, upscale area of town or a cheap dive in the ghetto, he knew that the more slutty that it made me feel, the more intense the sexual satisfaction felt. The week after my gloryhole suckoff at the adult bookstore, Mikey took me out for a few drinks. He let me dance and grind with a few of the men at the club and then we called a cab for a ride home. When we got to my condo, Mikey feigned his lack of money and asked if the cabbie would consider letting me blow him for his fee.

The cab fee was only $13.50, but the cab driver was already horny from watching and listening to Mikey as he finger fucked me on the ride home. My skirt was pulled up, exposing my wet, bald pussy and he got a definite eye full each time he looked back to see two or three fingers plunging deep into my eager hole. We pulled into an empty parking lot a couple of blocks down the road from my condo and I was soon on my knees, sucking off my Yellow Cab driver. He had a short, thick brown cock and it was hard right when he pulled it out. He was probably in his late 50's and from some middle eastern country, but it didn't keep his dick from getting as hard as an iron bar. My skirt was still hiked up around my waist as I squatted in front of him, hidden by the door, as he leaned against it. I began fingering my own twat as I stroked him in my mouth and licked his balls whenever I heard him moan. My pussy couldn't take it any longer and I was soon, leading him by his hand, to the back of the taxi, where I bent over and pulled him behind me. His hard, short cock slipped right into my gaping cunt and his hands were soon gripping my waist while he pounded me from behind. His pole throbbed and soon he was filling me with his warm seed. I reached back and pulled him deeper into me and began to grind my ass into his pelvis. Finally his limp prick slipped out of my cum filled slit and soon his sticky jizz was running down my leg. I thanked him and we decided to walk the two blocks home. Mikey was such a sweetie and he just knew me so well. I began to anticipate each weekend and as it approached, my cunt was soaking wet with the thought of who and how I would get fucked.

One weekend Mikey got tickets to a home basketball game. Even though our Buckeye team wasn't too bad, it was not the best year and we were playing the league leader, Michigan. We had gotten a couple of cheaper seats near the visitor's section and halfway into the game Mikey had made a bet with three Wolverine alumni who were in town for the game. I had dressed pretty provocatively that night and was teasing them as much as possible, while Mikey used me as his wager against their team. They were all staying across from the stadium in a hotel and had agreed to bet $300 against me fucking each one of them, depending on the outcome of the game. The game was pretty much over before the third quarter ended and they decided that it was time to leave early, with more than 8 minutes to go in the game. All three of them were middle aged married men, out of town for the game and having a guys weekend, so fucking me was going to add that much more fun than just their team winning. They actually invited us to stop for pizza and beer before we got back to their hotel, since they were hungry and wanted some energy and a slight buzz before they began. We had fun flirting at the restaurant and it made for a nice bit of foreplay before we finally made it back to their room. They were all pretty nervous about how to begin, so I made it easy as I stripped out of my OSU shirt and began to undress them. Their beer buzz soon gave them the courage and the staying power to take turns fucking me for the next two hours. Of course, they had to make sure that they fucked the Ohio State girl really well, as they each took a turn pumping my asshole for bragging rights. Mikey and I left after 2 am and my pussy was still leaking some of their cum when we got back to my condo and I sucked him off. He was so fucking hot and my pussy was still tingling as he sprayed his spunk all over my face. I licked his cock clean and washed up before we fell asl**p and I dreamed of our possible future adventures.

For the next week, I was on pins and needles as I looked forward to my surprise sexual encounter.I was so horny that I fucked Mikey every chance I could and made sure that he gave me a mouthful of his spunk, so that I could taste his sweetness. I was finding it hard to quit smoking because each time he fucked me I just had to have another cigarette. His cock made me feel so good and it wasn't because he had the biggest, thickest, longest or hardest cock I'd ever had. I had fucked and sucked off nearly two thousand men over the years and even though he was a great lover, there was more than all of the things I had thought about whenever I picked a guy to date. His humor, his caring and his understanding of my sexual addiction made be feel so awesome around him. He liked watching me enjoy myself and did what ever he could to get me off, even if it meant letting other men help.

I was dressed real sexy and revealing when Friday night arrived. We left my condo and drove around before we came to a stop at a dive bar in the bad part of town. Mikey led me from the car and we entered the bar. He was the only white guy there and we got plenty of stares. He ordered drinks for both of us and we went back to the area that had the pool tables. I knew that Mikey was a really good pool player and he got involved in a few games with the men who were playing. They all played for money at first and Mikey won every time. He was getting to know the men in the room as he played and they became comfortable with him and were making comments about me. He was loving it as the night went on, while I continued to drink and dance near him, teasing the guys who watched. As it got later and closing time approached, Mikey made a show of touching me and rubbing on me as I danced, showing off to some of the men who seemed quite jealous that a white boy was having so much fun with the black girl that they were all eyeballing. Mikey had probably won a few hundred dollars over the period of time that we were at the bar and for the last game, he offered to make a bet with all 4 of the remaining men in the room. If he won, they paid him double what he had won that night, but if they won, he would give them a special price to fuck his hot girlfriend. He told them that they could all have a shot at me in a hotel down the road for $25 each if they won.

They seemed pretty eager and chose their best player to take on Mikey. Mikey had played him twice before that evening and even though the man was pretty good, Mikey had beaten him both times. The game began and it went by very quickly as Mikey nearly ran the table, knocking in all of his balls, except one. The other man shot very well, but it came down to Mikey shooting at the 8 ball. It was so strange to see him miss the shot, but his cue ball scratched and he lost the game on a technicality. The men hooted and hollered when he missed and Mikey made plans for them to meet us at a cheap motel just down the road. He had apparently already booked a room, so he knew the outcome long before the night began. We got to the room first and a short time later three of the four men arrived. One of the men was married and he decided not to come. Two of the men were older and in their later 40's or early 50's and the other guy was probably around my age and was rather athletic and attractive. I had wondered all night why he was in such a bar, but I wouldn't find out for quite some time later.

Mikey put on some music and I began to dance for the guys while they each gave Mikey the agreed up price of $25. I led the first older man to the bed where he quickly disrobed and I slid out of my dress. My legs were spread and his cock was in me without any foreplay or cock sucking. He made a show of pounding my pussy hard with his big black cock and the other two guys watched and joked around while I got fucked. I told him to let me know when he was going to cum and when he did, I slid off of the bed and onto the floor to suck him off. He filled my mouth with hot sticky cum and I swallowed it down for the others to see. He got dressed as the other older guy stepped up to me and pulled his semi-erect penis from his pants. I began stroking it and sucking it as I looked up at him and he was soon sporting a large erection. Not long afterwards, I was on all fours on the bed and he was behind me, fucking me hard and telling the younger guy how he was tearing up my pussy before he could get any. They all laughed and I arched my back and pushed my ass into him as he pumped me. My pussy began to quiver and I had an orgasm just as he unloaded a huge blast into my cunt. His last three thrusts were long, hard strokes, as he slammed his pelvis into my ass and drove his jizz deeper into my hole. After his black pole slid from my open gash, I rolled onto my back and beckoned the younger guy over to fuck me and when he dropped his pants, I nearly came again.

He had already had his shirt off and was showing off his tight, muscular six pack, but when his pants dropped and he proved to be going commando, my eyes opened wide to see his long, black sexy cock. It was standing at attention with a slight curve in its more than 12 inch length of dark, meaty shaft. My body building client, JJ, had the biggest cock that I had ever had, in length and in girth. His girth was the freaky part, since his pole was as thick as a grown man's forearm and if you put that on a footlong dick....damn, it was scarey... until you got used to it. But this guy had just as long of a cock, but it was proportional and was smooth. His dark ebony snake looked so shiny in the light as it bounced up and down while he sauntered my way. I began to rub my swollen clit, the cum from my previous fuck making my fingers all sticky and slippery. I sat up on the edge of the bed and grabbed his long cock and put it in my mouth. I sucked and licked on his chocolate stick for quite some time before I bent over and begged him to slide his black mamba into my eager slit. I looked back to watch him slowly slide it all the way in and then I told him to fuck me hard. He began to drive his cock deep into my cunt and pounded it like there was no tomorrow. I moaned and grunted with each thrust as he pile drove his monster into my wide hole. It felt so good and I had to keep watching it as it slid in and out of my wet, sperm covered, pussy. He didn't seem to mind the sloppy thirds that he was getting and the other two men and Mikey watched on while this black stud fucked me for the next hour in every position that he could twist me into.

I was delirious when I finally felt his hose spray my cervix deep inside of my gaping cunt. I thought that he was done, but he just kept pumping me and his cock stayed hard. His cum poured from my cavernous opening, my labia surrounding the chasm, swollen thick with excitement and stimulation from the fucking he was giving me. He pushed my legs back against my chest and held my ankles up close to my ears as he continued to thrust his hips and drive his hard, foot long member into me. The two older men decided to leave and Mikey told my current partner that he would drive him home when he finished. I thought that he would be done when he finally pulled his sloppy, cum coated cock from my pussy and fed it to me, blasting my tongue and throat with a thick layer of his warm jizz. I licked and cleaned the entire length of his tool and it remained hard as an iron bar. He laid on his back and pulled me on top of him. He gripped his black sausage and held it straight up for me to slide onto and I didn't hesitate as I sunk down his entire length until his balls were smashed against my ass. I rode him until I came again and my legs were aching when he flipped me over and worked his slippery cock into my ass. His strokes slowed, but he buried his cock deep into my ass with each slow motion thrust. I laid there on my side, my leg lifted to the ceiling as he pumped me for another 20 minutes before cumming once again and filling my ass with his hot seed. We were both covered in sweat and it was nearly 5 am when he told me that he'd like to continue, but that he had stuff to do. His cock remained hard when he stood up and put his pants back on and I admired his sexy, muscular body and rigid ebony horse cock. Wow!!!...was all I could think as I laid there on the bed, my pussy and ass oozing his cum from both gaping openings. I saw Mikey talking with him and they both walked out of the room when my black boy toy declined a ride. When Mikey came back into the room, he said that Shawn was going to walk to where he was going. So that was the name of the guy who had just given me the fuck of my life. I would remember that for a while.

I was on a soft blanket of some sort, so my knees were spared the pain of being in that position, even though I had gotten used to it over the years. I heard a few people moving around the room, but the blindfold I was wearing kept me from seeing anything, but I soon felt the familiar feel of a hard cock pressed against my face. I opened my mouth and it slid between my lips as the stranger grabbed me by my hair and began fucking my mouth. Another two sets of hands began pulling my dress down around my shoulders and soon they were squeezing and pinching my breasts and nipples. I felt a mouth began sucking on one of my breasts, but I just kept sucking the hard cock in my mouth. I was guided forward onto my hands and I felt my dress bottom get pulled up above my hips as it was soon bunched up around my waist. A pair of hands grabbed my hips and a long cock prodded my pussy from behind before it quickly slid deep into my moist hole. It was so strange to be blindfolded for this entire fuck session. I was on my hands and knees as someone fucked me from behind and my mouth was filled with a thick cock from the front. Mikey had another night planned for me and I was already enjoying it. A few weeks of wild sex with strangers had kept my pussy satiated and my mind clear of the thoughts that ran through it when my sexual addiction welled up. I was enjoying each week and my love for Mikey was growing more and more intense.

The long cock in my cunt slid out and I soon felt someone else slide up behind me, their well lubed tool pressing against my asshole and penetrating deep into my behind. It spread my butt cheeks wide and kept going deeper and deeper. It was so long and hard and when I finally felt my anonymous anal intruder's groin press against my ass, I knew he was all the way in. He began pumping my ass slowly before his pace picked up and I was finding it harder to concentrate on the dick in my mouth. It didn't matter much longer, as my mouth soon filled with hot jizz, when my first male stranger ejaculated. I swallowed the huge sticky load and began to moan out loud as my ass began to really take a pounding from behind. A pair of hands found the side of my head and my pussy was soon fed to me upon the hard cock that had been fucking my twat before my ass was filled. I tried not to gag while it was shoved deep into my throat and my head was bobbed up and down on the long, hard shaft. After a short while both of the men switched places and I soon tasted my asshole while my cunt was being pumped again. The cock in my pussy began to drive in harder and deeper and it soon filled me with a huge load of cum. That's when my mouth was left empty and the stranger returned to my ass, filling it again and fucking me with a passion. It would have been hard to not know who the person fucking me was, but I played along with the secret as he plowed his long, thick monster into my ass. His shaft was buried deep in me when he exploded and filled my rectum with his warm seed.

That didn't stop him from continuing to fuck my gaping, cum filled ass with his still hard and I'm positive, footlong, black cock. I didn't think that he would stop, but eventually his penis slipped down into my cum filled pussy and he began taking turns stoking both holes with his hard tool. After alternating between both of my well fucked slits for what seemed an eternity, I felt his cum splash across my ass and back, when he pulled out and sprayed me with his hose. He smacked my ass with his wet member and I took a deep breath as I laid on my stomach on the floor, my ass and pussy full of strangers' sperm. My break was short though, when I smelled his cock as it neared my mouth and he fed me his penis covered with cum and my pussy and ass. I rolled on my back and sucked his long dick, licking the monstrosity that covered the length of my face and the balls that made their way to my hungry mouth. He was still hard and he made his way back between my legs and held them straight up as he went another round between my spread cunt lips. My blindfold was still on and someone was holding my hands up around my head as my pussy was being slammed by my anonymous lover. Over and over he drove deep into me and I moaned and grunted until my hands were free and my lover laid his body on mine.Our sweaty, wet, sticky groins ground against one another and the base of his stiff shaft rubbed my clit until I spasmed with a huge orgasm. I wrapped my legs around my lovers back and my hands gripped his muscular ass while I bucked against his foot long black cock and pulled him deeper into me. I knew this was Shawn, because no other guy could cum this many times and keep fucking. I let out a grown and small primal scream as he drove harder and deeper into me before he exploded again.

He laid on top of me for a while before Mikey pulled off my blindfold. His huge cock was still stiff and buried in my jizz filled twat. My legs were still gripping him and we looked into each others eyes as he held himself up off of me with his muscular arms. His head leaned down and we began to kiss, our tongues plunging into each others mouths. We were both moaning and purring and he rolled onto his back while I was still impaled on his stiff black shaft. I began to ride him like a stallion and rotated and grinded my pussy on his dark tower. I could feel his dick deep inside of me as I gyrated on his unbelievably huge cock and I kept grinding until he came deep inside of me one more time, 30 minutes later. I collapsed onto his ripped abs and chiseled chest, licking and kissing his sweaty sexy body. I couldn't believe that his cock was still in me and it was still hard. I sighed in contentment and he rolled me off of him and onto my stomach, then laid on top of my back, sliding his cock between my legs and up into my pussy again. He began to pump me very slowly and I just laid there as he did. That went on for another hellacious orgasm and then he pulled his wet cock from my pussy and held it over my shoulder while he straddled my back. He gripped his black, 12 inch tool and stroked it as I turned my head and took it between my lips to suck him off. He kept stroking while I sucked and I was soon rewarded with another blast from his endless supply of spunk.

We actually talked for a while this time and I soon found out that he was multi- orgasmic. He said that he could cum 5 or 6 times in a row without losing his erection and that the only thing that kept him from continuing to fuck was either his strength or his lack of time. I knew right away what I wanted Mikey to get me now and Mikey could tell before Shawn even left. It was the first time that we went out for my weekend rendezvous that Mikey and I didn't make love when we got back to my condo. I was spent and that was a first. Mikey made sure to let me know the next morning that Shawn was going to be my new boytoy, to fuck when ever I pleased. I was so happy and excited that I made up for the lack of sex that night and fucked my lover until noon. Mikey enjoyed my happiness, but things wouldn't remain as happy as time went by.

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