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Something Different

“Honey, I want to try something different tonight.”

“Ummm, ok. What did you have in mind?” Chuck really wasn’t sure what Kathy was thinking when she said “something different.” They were just watching some tv when she brought it up. Maybe she wanted to watch a different show. Chuck was reaching for the remote when she stood up.

“Oh I don’t mean anything on television. I mean I want to try something different with you.”

He was a little surprised to realize that Kathy seemed to be talking about sex. She was never usually the one to initiate things. “Well that sounds even better, babe. Tell me.”

She walked over to his chair, lifting her skirt as she did. She had nothing on under it. Chuck grinned and licked his lips. When Kathy got to him, she straddled his legs and bent her head to give him a slow, deep kiss. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer as their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. When his hand reached down to her bare ass and squeezed, she broke the kiss.

“Treat me like a bad girl,” she whispered in his ear. “Take me over your knee and spank me, baby.”

Kathy had never asked for that sort of thing before. She wasn’t even normally into getting rough during sex. But Chuck wasn’t about to question her. Surprised, but willing, he decided to go for it.

He tangled his hand into her hair and pulled. “Just what do you think you’re doing?” He spoke firmly and she knew he was into it.

“Please, sir. I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry.”

“You will be sorry.” He pulled her up and moved her next to him, all by her hair. She struggled a little but kept her head lowered.

“No use trying to get away from me now. You know you deserve every bit of punishment you’re getting. Now keep that skirt up and get yourself across my lap.” When she hesitated slightly, he gave her hair a tug. “Now!”

She held the bunched up skirt around her hips as he pulled her down across his knees. She had no idea what to expect at this point; Chuck had never spanked her before.

He let go of her hair and put his hand on her back. “Don’t you make a move or I’ll make this worse than it needs to be, understand?”

“Yes, sir,” Kathy replied quietly, her heart racing at the thought of how rough he might get with her. As he spoke, his other hand was slowly rubbing her ass, kneading it just a little. Just as she was beginning to relax, he raised his hand and...


Kathy gasped and flexed her ass. That had been harder than she expected.


She couldn’t help the groan escaping her lips. That second one had been just a bit more firm than the first. She squirmed on his lap thinking this may not have been such a great idea after all. It hurt so much more than she had expected.

“You keep quiet and stop moving,” Chuck told her, squeezing one of her ass cheeks and making her squirm even more. “If you’re going to show me you can be a good girl, you won’t make a sound. Do you understand?”

She nodded her head, not wanting to respond verbally just in case. The control he was exerting over her was really getting in her head. And she liked it.

“That’s more like it. You take your punishment like a good girl and then I’ll make you feel all better.”

Kathy didn’t know what he had in mind, but she liked the sound of it. If enduring a few more of those smacks meant even more fun then she was all for it.


She clenched her hands into fists on the second smack and had to bite her lip hard by the third to keep herself from crying out. Those ones really hurt and the sting was so much worse when they came one after the other like that. It was almost like he knew exactly what he was putting her through. Despite the pain, she felt herself getting wet.

Kathy was bracing herself for more spanks when Chuck changed course. He was rubbing her ass again.

“Oh your ass is such a nice shade of rosy red. I think you’ve learned your lesson now, haven’t you?” She nodded as she felt his hand move down, between her thighs. She spread her legs and moaned as he began slowly stroking her wet lips.

“Good girl. You know what I like, don’t you. So nice and wet for me.” His hand moved to her clitoris and he used her own juices to keep it wet as he focused on it. She started grinding against his fingers, wanting more, wanting him to make her cum. But he was going to make her wait just a little bit longer.

Check stopped rubbing and returned to stroking her lips. She groaned and pumped her hips, not wanting to be denied.

“Now, now. Don’t be so greedy or I might just have to stop,” he told her, still stroking. “You don’t want me to stop, do you?”

“N.. no… no sir. Please don’t stop.”

“That’s better. Now how much can my good girl take before she starts to beg?” He moved his fingers between her lips, inserting two of them into her now dripping pussy. Kathy couldn’t stop the moans as he slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her. The rhythm was constant and she started moving her hips in time to it, wanting his fingers deeper.

Feeling her open more, Chuck inserted a third finger. It was a tight fit and she gasped, but kept the rhythm. He knew her body well enough to know that insertion alone would not make her cum. And he really wanted to hear Kathy beg for it.

Keeping his fingers inside her pussy, he shifted his thumb to her throbbing clit. She moaned as soon as he made contact, moving her hips faster, urging him on. But he wouldn’t give her the satisfaction of moving any faster. He still wanted her to beg. So he continued, slow and steady.

“Please, sir. Please.” Kathy moaned, approaching the edge.

“Please what?” Chuck increased the speed of his fingers slightly, rubbing her clit just a little more firmly at the same time. “Is there something you want?”

She was concentrating so hard on the motion of his fingers that she almost couldn’t form the words. “Please… please can I cum… for you, sir. Please let me… cum.”

“Good girl! That’s what I was waiting to hear. Cum for me, cum for me now!” And he pumped her faster, rubbed harder, his hand soaked in her wetness. Her hips gyrated as she fucked his hand, getting closer and closer until she finally reached her peak. She screamed as the orgasm hit her, rolling through her body. He slid his hand out of her drenched pussy and used it fully on her engorged clit. The ebb and flow of pleasure coursed through her and he refused to stop rubbing, holding her down on his lap and making her cum over and over.

After minutes that seemed to Kathy to go on for days, he slowed his fingers and returned to caressing her full lips. Her breathing steadied as she came down from her orgasmic high. Chuck moved his hand back to her ass, rubbing it softly.

“Get up, baby. Sit on my lap,” he told her, steadying her as she repositioned herself. She leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder, almost purring in contentment as he stroked her hair.

“That’s my good girl.”

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