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Husbands good friend is now mine and I met my matc

Finally Gus selected for me a ebony stud.
I've known this guy for a few years and never suspected him a player!
He is a huge 6'7" middle aged b**st of a muscle man.
I took two photos of Dave, trying to paste in here but I can't figure it out.
I'll post them in the pictures.

Started this morning when Gus wanted to know for sure I'd be home.
Maybe 9am there is a knock, I see it's Dave.
"Come on in. What's up?"
He looks half embarassed, eyes down and says "Gus sent me here to breed you. I'm serious.". I'm more than a litle surprised and Dave hands me a note.
I'll type it exactly.

Dave's a very good man.
And as you know he's a very big man, in more ways than meets the eye.
Live out your fantasy of breeding with the ebony stud.
Happy Valentines Day,

I look up surprised as heck by the note and coyly and softly ask "Are you good Dave?". He responded "Eager to please".

I can't tell you how much the idea of forbidden fruit turns me on. Let's just say I get wet just thinking about the lilly white viking girl breeding with the imposing Nubian giant.

I took his hand, gently pulled him my direction and said
"You're my husband, I'm your wife and we are going to make a love baby."
I continued to guide him to our bedroom. He responded by saying "I have the same fantasy with a sexy little white girl."

And here I thought all black studs had their fill of white girls. I guess not. We disrobed quickly and I took a couple pictures. Tender kissing started and a lot of it. I ended up standing on the bed to be face to face with this giant. When I was up high, he took to my breasts with a big appetite.
By this time he was totally aroused and those earlier pictures just do not do him justice. I was dripping from his nipple play and soulfull kissing.
"Do me now." I whispered and he picked me up with one arm and slid onto the covers. He dropped me on top with my labia centered over his shaft which drew up well above his naval.

This was going to be a new challenge as he about as thick as my upper forearm.

Dave was not yet a brute, though he could have been. He allowed me to go at my own pace and slowly work myself over him. Getting his head alone inside me was equal taking a big man to the root. After a while with little success I hopped off and grabber the KY. What I was doing felt good but I wanted all of him.

With a big sloppy handfull of lube on both of us it became easier. I wiggled, twisted and crammed. We both laughed a lot at this absurd but pleasurable work. Daves erection has a fairly good curve to it. So about 2/3rds of the way in we hit the cervix. I leaned back, hands on his knees and grunted a bit in good pain when I dropped my weight completely on his cock. I now had him balls deep where I wanted but I was unable to do much beyond grind a little. I told him of my dilemma. Dave told me he was a little freaked out upon passing through my cervix. I explained. He was "Like wow" and I told him "You take control".

Dave just picked me up while staying deep, turned, laid me on the bed and he stood on the floor. With our mismatched stature there was no kissing and I missed that very much. The dialog turned into pure soap opera.
"Just fuck me husband, make my honeymoon baby" (I did want one of them once)
And he started to withdraw slowly a little and then plow back in hard and fast.
After a few of these I had my first cum and he was now at a steady smooth pace.

With my first cum I started mumbling something about all his cock. This got me my second cum real quick. About then Dave started to get real excited and was hitting me for all he was worth. Steady and smooth became more intense and rapid. It was getting uncomfortable but still felt terrific. I was stretched by this mans cock to a point where I can honestly say I've never been before. It hurt so good. I began telling him between breaths how his cock was the biggest and baddest I've ever had. Dave was on script when he replied "Of course, because you are my virgin bride.". Then he added the best words "Let's make that baby now."

His words put me back on track. All I could do was grab his forearms and hold my legs around his waist. Dave then did the unthinkable, full withdrawal and full insertion. Again, again and again. Hard and fast. It hurt. A lot. Maybe a foot of cock flying out of me, then slamming home. By this time my lips were either numb or used to the thickness. My cervix was feeling it every time he slammed through. Tears were in my eyes. But I was both cumming again and pounding/punching his chest with my fists.

My rediculous helpless attempts at exerting f***e pushed him past his brink. "Take it all" he bellows as bigger, harder and thicker than ever he bored in as deep as possible and held unmoving. I felt the sensation of a cock going into spasms while deep in me. This usually kicks me into the most intense and pleasurable vaginal orgasm. With the rawness and discomfort and plain punishment Dave was inflicting on me I did not expect it this time. I recall a passing thought like just being very thankfull he is finally done.
It hit me like a jolt of electric or something. His cock pumping me full of semen just triggered the most intense and long lasting vaginal orgasm I have ever experienced. Dave tells me later that for about 20 seconds I was totally passed out.

The gentle giant soon returned. He says within me growing a little soft. He picke me up gently and we return to the starting position on the bed. We lay there for hours literally holding, kissing and teasing. I might even write more later about me getting him to cum a second time. Let's just say I witnessed up close and personal a cum shot of biblical proportions!

I'm done, It's approching 6:30. I'm still full of cum, I can feel a sizable puddle pooling in my uterus. I'm also making a big wet spot on the chair. I'm also very sore and raw. Gus will be home soon only to find Dave and his new wife still in bed with the wife adoring her giant 6'7" monster ebony mans body.

Until today I thought no cock could be too big for me.
I suspect I've met both my match and my master.

And once this tenderness and rawness goes away, I'm doing Dave vaginally again.
Morning if necessary. For tonight I'll be creative as both guys are taking tomorrow off.

A also need to upload those photo too!

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