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Ravathi - My Dream Aunt

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Hi my dear Iss readers I am a regular reader of ISS .This is my first story. Hope you like it. This is a real incident that happened in my life . And the best one. Let me introduce myself and my aunt(uncle's wife). I am an average guy with average sized dick. I am 18 years old. My aunt is a very beautiful figure. She has two c***dren one 8 years old boy and 3 years old girl. She is very thin even after two c***dren.

I was at my aunt's place for the summer vacation. She is a very free kind of woman. She would always talk to me and sit very near to me. I respected her as my aunt but she would wear sarees very carelessly you could see her cleavage very clearly. I gradually felt attracted. During night times she would wear nighties and tie them at her waist that would show her legs but they were covered with hair but were sexy none the less. I used to fantasize her always.

She used to sl**p in the afternoon but was a very light sl**per. The slightest sound would wake her up. While sl**ping her figure was astonishing now let’s go to the story. My aunt as I said was very sexy one day while I was alone with her at evening. She asked let’s play a game .I was licking my lips for this chance. We started playing ludo then I jumped on her pawn I won the game narrowly she said she was bored and asked its night and after dinner we had to sl**p .(others were gone to other place for night) actually they went to my aunt's s****r's place .

My aunt said she was unwell and stayed at home. during sl**ping I said I will sl**p in another room but she said I fear to sl**p alone and said me sl**p with her. I accepted it and was sl**ping besides her. and suddenly the line went off . It was very hot and immediately we started sweating and my aunt said me wear Bermuda and she said "I will wear my short nightie". I was excited inside but did not show it. Now we were sl**ping on same bed my aunt was in half nightie I was in bermuda.

My cock was starting to grow. I was not able to control myself. Then suddenly my aunt said she want to go to bathroom and she went. It was pitch dark she could not see anything and she did not close her bathroom door. Little did she know I was following her. She entered the bathroom and I followed her into. The bathroom was a huge one and the pot was in the center facing away from the entrance. She was going to the pot but she was standing there and she removed her nightie she was naked and I was behind her she did not see me.

I removed my Bermuda and was behind her naked. My cock became erect and I was stroking it .Then she did a completely unexpected thing she sat down on the floor of the bathroom and touching her breast and was finger fucking and was loudly moaning. I was amazed at my position. I was in my aunt's bathroom naked and stroking my cock and my aunt was finger fucking and naked. Then suddenly the shock of my life the line came I panicked and ran straight to the bedroom.

My aunt had seen me. I was naked and covered myself with a pillow. My aunt quickly wore her nighty and came out fuming and I thought my time is up I will be ruined. She came like a devil and she saw I was only covering myself with a pillow .She burst into laughter and I became relieved .but only temporarily. She shouted "what were you doing in my bathroom, I will tell everybody what I was doing.

I instinctively went for her legs but forgot I was wearing nothing .she saw that I was naked and asked what are you doing don't have any sense. She said stand up . I stood up and tried to cover myself she said remove your hands. I obeyed her . She started touching my dick. It instantly stood up . She said me sl**p on the bed I slept on it. She then removed her nightie and slept on the bed and said now I am naked but do not dare to touch me or else you know what will happen. She turned the other side I could see her ass.

She was horny and sexy. Suddenly I grabbed her and I stared at her boobs and started sucking them she did not talk a single word. I quickly thrust my cock. She was shocked and trying to do something was utterly powerless. I enter in a single thrust she cried in pain and pleasure. I was entering and removing my cock uniformly she was moaning ah aha aa ahh ahh ... I was ramming her and she became responsive.

And was pulling my hair . It felt like heaven then I said I would cum she said yeah baby do it cum inside me cum. I shot hot sperm into her vagina and she said I need a massage to my parts I brought coconut oil and started rubbing her vagina and her breasts and I inserted my fingers into hey pussy .She shrieked with ecstasy and released her juices.

We tried doggy style and ass fuck that night. In the morning I had to leave at evening but left next morning. Not knowing what to do .Then after a few weeks I heard she phoned me and asked why did I leave .I said I was frightened what would happen so I left morning .She said she had a very great time .

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