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I talked her into this!

I talked her into this!!!

She looked down at her smartphone and read the text she had just received. Smiling she began replying to the sender. Her husband sat anxiously in the driver seat of their car as she squirmed in the passenger seat replying to the sex text.
“Is that him?” her husband enquired.
Continuing the text message she replied.
“Yes that’s him and he’s giving me the address of the apartment I’ve to meet him at”.
Her husband was now resigned to the fact that his faithful wife was about to allow a different cock enter her body and basically do whatever the owner wanted and he would drive her to the bed of her chosen lover. Her husband had originally suggested bringing another partner to the marital bed as a fantasy but she always refused. After months of persuasion she reluctantly agreed to go ahead and fuck some other guy as long as she could choose who it should be. She had flirted around with various websites but almost always stumbled across the letches and perverts, but this one night she struck up a conversation with one guy online and things escalated from there. They started off innocently flirting then progressed to more sexual flirting when inevitably they began a full on cyber affair, even exchanging sexually explicit photographs. They discussed their fantasies and what turned them on. When she discovered he was single she offered to meet him and take things to the next level. They swapped mobile phone numbers and began texting each other. It turned out he lived 300 miles away but was often in our home town on business. He explained that he would be in our town the following Wednesday (today) and he would love to meet her and take things further. She explained that she was married but was willing to meet if he was ok with the situation. He said he would as long as her husband didn’t find out. She texted him back saying that all of this was her husband’s idea and was with his full blessing. He replied that after he saw the photographs of her in her lingerie he couldn’t understand how many man would wish to share such a wonderful creature. The texts then progressed to serious sexual flirting, bordering on cyber foreplay. Sometimes her husband would catch her playing with her clitoris reading one of his texts or emails and on one occasion he found her forcing a vibrator inside her pussy while she stared at a photograph of his cock, which from the photograph appeared to a most impressive weapon. The sexual bantering had progressed to where they were now waiting for the address for his wife to go and visit her soon to be lover and have him do to her whatever he desired sexually.
He had requested a couple of sexual requirements he would like her to adhere to. He asked that she wear sexy lingerie and that she shave her pussy and if possible bring along some sexual toys. She was sitting in the passenger seat d****d in the following garments. A tight fitting, black lace see through Basque with garter belt attachments. These were fastened to Black shiny nylon seamed stockings. Spike heeled ankle strap court shoes and long black evening gloves. Covering this was a calf length PVC Macintosh. She had foregone wearing knickers or a thong as she had freshly shaved her pussy bare and wanted to feel the fresh air waft across her naked pussy flesh. Her make-up was of the slutty variety. Heavy Eye make-up with rouged cheeks and lipstick with lip gloss covering. Her husband was sitting awaiting the directions, nervous and anxious of his wife’s impending infidelity but strangely aroused at the same time. He wanted this to happen and thought he would be present when it occurred, but here she was in the car, dressed like a wanton slut, excitedly waiting to be fucked by a complete stranger. Could he handle the prospect of her being fucked while he wasn’t witnessing the act? He would depend on her recollection skills, regaling the incidents of the sexual antics she had just performed. Of the sequence of events, how it felt, how she felt, what they did, what he did to her, what she did to him. The questions in his head were endless. He looked at his wife as she texted her soon to be lover. She continued her text as she told her husband the address of the apartment she would commit her act of unfaithfulness. Her husband programmed the address into the Satellite Navigation as the screen displayed the route to the destination. It was in a part of town he was quite familiar with and was the known haunt of the chic set. He pulled away from the kerb and began the short drive to the apartment. His wife put her phone on her lap and placed her gloved hand on her husband’s crotch and delicately rubbed his obvious erection.
“Looks like I’m not the only one looking forward to this!”
He swallowed slowly then gently spoke.
“I’m so proud of how sexy you look and I’m so proud to share you with another man, but I wish I was in the room when you fuck him!”
He put his right hand in his jacket pocket and pulled out a small digital camera. The camera had the facility to take photographs and also to record short HD Videos. Handing the video camera to his wife he whispered.
“As I’m not in the room maybe you could bring me a souvenir?”
His wife held the camera in her gloved hand. Opening her legs she began shooting pics of her shaved pussy. Pulling her shaved lips open with her left hand she flashed off a couple of more pics.
“Just to get the party started!” she said
Smiling at her husband she put the camera in her hand bag and returned her hand to his crotch.
Rubbing his cock through the straining material she reminded her husband that all of this was his idea. She said she had discussed the possibility of fucking her lover in front of her husband but wasn’t too sure of how her lover would react. As they hadn’t even met never mind fucked she was unsure as to how thing’s would progress. She promised her husband that tonight would be all about her and her lover and she would hopefully get a few souvenir pics and videos of the event but in the future he would be present if things went well.
“OK you go in his flat and do what you want and I’ll wait outside just in case you change your mind or things don’t go as you want!”
She was comforted to hear that he cared enough to protect her but hook or by crook she would be going into the flat and getting fucked. It was all could think about ever since she and her lover agreed to meet and then escalated the sexual texts and emails.
Her husband pulled up to the car park for the apartments. He looked at his wife in a trance like state of disbelief. Here she was sitting in a car all dressed in provocative lingerie, something she would only do for him on special occasions and then under duress. She was smoothing her black nylon stockings to look her best for awaiting lover. As she kissed him on the cheek she then opened the car door. The interior light shone and he caught a glimpse of her shaved pussy. This was something she refused point blank for him. A light pang of jealousy crept up on him as she texted her lover that she had arrived. Closing the door behind her, he watched her walk the few yards to the main entrance. It was a cool evening but she let the calf length PVC Mac flap open as her underwear and shaved was partially revealed. His window was slightly opened as he heard her press the buzzer of the intercom.
“Hello” A deep husky voice drifted out of the intercom speaker.
“I’m here to be fucked anyway you want!” she replied.
The buzzer sounded as the electronic lock opened on the outer security ushering her inside the lobby. She stepped inside the lobby as the door closed behind her. She was now out of her husband’s reaches and was now the sex toy of the man behind the door. A huge waft of jealousy swept over her husband. He relived the moment his wife spoke on the intercom telling her lover that she was here to be fucked anyway he wanted. His mind was now swirling. Surely she wouldn’t let this stranger fuck her arse or come in her mouth? Both activities always out of bounds for his pleasure with his wife. But he had never seen his wife so aroused or sexually charged has she had been over the last few days, culminating in the total slut he had witnessed today. Hee looked up to the first floor flat, which was the only apartment with any interior lights on. The blinds were open and he could make out shadows moving around inside. Silhouettes appeared in the frame of the window and he could make out the distinct shape of his wife. The stranger was holding her close and he could easily see that the stranger was removing his wife’s PVC Mac. He saw the silhouettes get closer as it became obvious mouth contact was taking place between the two shadows. He could also work out from the movement of the shadows that his wife was squirming and thrusting herself into the stranger. The shadows moved away from the window frame as the colour of interior light dimmed somewhat casting a soft red hue on the white painted walls. The shadows could be seen dancing on the white walls now as the two bodies began squirming into contorted shapes. His mind was going frantic now. He could tell that some form of sexual activity was taking place but his jealous curiosity was playing havoc with his emotions. He was desperate to witness at first-hand what was occurring in the first floor flat. A bright flash lit the room for an instant. She’s taking photograph’s he thought. Another flash lit the room followed by a sudden burst of about ten repetitive flashes. The shadows swirled around the room when all of a sudden he could distinguish the shape of his wife leaning against the window. Her lovers shadow wasn’t visible. He watched as his wife’s silhouette began to move in an obvious sexual manner. Her face seemed to be pressed against the window and he was sure his wife was experiencing an orgasm from the movements and shape she was taking. Her lover was either performing oral sex on her or taking her from behind. Again these were two sexual antics that were rarely an option in their love life. Jealousy swept over him again as he watched transfixed at the silhouette of his wife being taken by another man.
A silhouette appeared behind his wife as he adjusted his eyes to the light. The guy was appeared to be fairly muscular and it was obvious he was holding his wife’s waist and he was fucking her. His wife appeared to be thrashing quite wildly as the stranger banged into her from behind. His wife’s movements couldn’t be confirmed as movements of pleasure or pain but she was thrashing even more vividly. A bright flash lit the room as it became obvious her lover was taking photographs of him fucking her. His wife’s hands, still encased in the elbow length evening gloves reached up to the top of the window. The dim light of the room displayed that her breasts were now outside the cups of her black Basque as her lover continued to pound her. Her head twisted back toward her lover and her husband could see that she was kissing the man inside her. What her husband couldn’t vouch for was that he was inside her pussy or was fucking her virgin ass. Whatever it was there was no denying that he had never seen her enjoying sexual activity like she was obviously enjoying it now. Her lover grabber her breast and appeared to lift her up and move her away from the window. The shadows lowered as the voyeuristic displayed dissipated. His imagination was running riot as to what was going on upstairs. Another flash lit the room and he could clearly make out his wife on all fours with what looked like her lovers cock at her face. He was almost insane with jealous curiosity imaging what antics and sexual escapades were occurring. He realised his hand was massaging his cock through his trousers. He daren’t remove his erect cock in this car park for fear of being caught, but he knew he would need to relieve his own sexual tension soon before he involuntarily exploded. He looked back up to the first floor dimly lit apartment, witnessing small shadow movements on the white walls and ceiling. A few flashes burst onto the walls giving just a hint of the writhing shadows. Suddenly his wife’s frame came into view in the window; her short blonde hair was clearly visible as was the shape of her exposed breasts. She was resting on what would seem to the window sill as her lover was standing between her opened legs. The silhouette of her raised opened legs became more obvious that her lover was inside her and fucking her in full view of the window not just for his viewing pleasure but for anyone in the area. He never knew his wife had such an exhibitionist streak. Her lovers figure stooped over her and looked as though his head had reached the same level as her own. He was kissing and fucking her! His jealousy waned slightly as the sexual arousal of the situation grew stronger. It was evident that both he and his wife were receiving sexual gratification from her lover. He continued to watch the activity when abruptly his wife’s lover moved upright quite dramatically as his wife adopted a similar stance, then dropped from vision and appeared to be below the window sill. Her lover was standing upright and his body convulsed slightly. He was obviously coming and it would seem that his faithless wife was on her knees accepting his load. The evidence before his eyes was undeniable. His wife was fucking and obviously enjoying another cock. He looked at the imagery and felt a strange mixture of emotions. He was obviously jealous but not insanely. He was unbelievably aroused and frantic with curiosity. He couldn’t believe how acceptable the situation was to him. He looked at the dimly lit room and the shadowy figures were not as visible as earlier. His imagination was running riot as to what his wife and her lover where now doing. Erotic images of his wife being penetrated, or sucking a huge cock almost worshipping it were flowing in and out of his mind’s eye. The images were so real he could hear the moans of sexual ecstasy as she experienced the new cock. The images disappeared in an instant as his mobile phone rang and interrupted the fantasy.
It was his wife calling.
“Hello” he croaked almost broken.
“Did you get to see any of that?” she enquired.
“Just shadows but it looked like you were having sex!” he replied.
“We certainly did and it was fucking brilliant!” his wife responded with an air of confidence he had never heard before. His wife never used such colourful language and never in such a slutty sexual manner. The jealous pang raced through his stomach quickly followed by an insatiable bl**d rush to his ever hardening cock.
“I did notice a few flashes so assumed you were taken photos!”
“A few pics and a video at the end of him coming on my face!” she taunted.
Her husband swallowed quickly as the truth of the actions hit home.
“Will you be long?” he enquired.
“I’m going to stay the night as he’s popped a Viagra and his cock is still rock hard so he’s going to fuck me all night!” she pronounced.
“I didn’t think that was part of the plan!” he queried.
“Well that’s what’s happening. I’m all dressed for fucking so it will last a lot longer than you thought. Do you want to watch the next fuck?” she asked.
“Is he ok with that?” her husband questioned.
“He wants this body so he’ll do what I want!” she demanded.
“It’s buzzer D just press it and I’ll let you in, but you’re not fucking me. All this is just for him!”
The phone went dead. He placed the phone in his jacket pocket, got out of the car, locked the door and walked over to the intercom. Pressing buzzer D as stated he heard his wife’s voice say “Come up”. He climbed the one flight of stairs to bet in the doorway by his wife. Her hair was slightly dishevelled and her make-up a little smeared. She put her hand on his chest and told him the rules.
“If you don’t like what you see in here, then tough! He’s fucked me in the ass and is about to do it again and yes I loved it! He came on my face and in my mouth and I swallowed it all and it’s all on video. You can wank if you want but you’re not getting to fuck me!”
Her husband nodded his head subserviently. He was in a serious state of arousal and shock hearing his placid wife speak so graphically. She leant closer to him and he could smell her minty breath contaminated with the distinctive smell of cock and sperm. This aroused him even further if that was possible. They stepped inside the flat and closed the door. Walking into the spacious he could see her wife’s new lover sitting naked on the sofa sprouting a seriously large erection. He couldn’t believe that his wife could accommodate such a monster in her pussy never mind her ass. He sat on the chair opposite as his wife sat next to her lover on the sofa. Her lover smiled across at her husband and without saying a word pulled his wife toward him and plunged his tongue down his wife’s throat. His wife responded with a large throaty moan as she grasped the prominent erect cock. Rubbing the foreskin back and forth she placed one stockinged leg over her lover’s thigh. Her shaved pussy became visible to her husband as she moved her body up her lovers thigh and positioned her pussy over the tip of his massive cock. She slid slowly down on her lovers cock. Her husband witnessed her pussy stretch over the huge cock as she slid slowly down smooth shaft. As the cock reached full penetration his wife turned her head toward her husband. Her eyes were glazed with a look of lustful abandonment. Her lips parted and a low soft moan breathed from her mouth. Her hips began to gyrate as the cock inside began to pulse. She pulled her tits out of the cup of her Basque and offered them to lover to devour. He hungrily sucked and nibbled the rock hard nipples. Her husband had never seen them so hard or her so aroused. She was almost a****l like in her sexual passion. She fucked her lovers cock as he left a prominent love bite on her right breast. His hand cupped her left buttock as his manly fingers began to explore her puckered anus. His middle finger slid into her ass effortlessly. She softly cried out “Fuck me!” which she repeated several times. Her lover just smiled up at her and continued thrusting his huge cock inside her stretched hairless pussy. Her breathing became more erratic and it was evident that she was in the process of orgasm.
“Fuck me!” she pleaded as she thrashed on the rampant cock of her lover.
“You love cock don’t you?” her lover huskily enquired.
“Yes! Yes! I love your cock!” she moaned as the first waves of orgasm flushed through her body. Her lover took this acceptance as a signal to f***e a second finger inside her ass. She willingly accepted the additional digit and slammed her mouth over her lovers as she devoured his lips and tongue. Slowing her riding down in time with her breathing and panting, she relaxed as the cock and fingers stretched her holes. Turning toward her husband she could see that his cock was out of his trousers and he was furiously masturbating the bl**d engorged cock. She had never seen his cock so hard and purple. Her lover put his hands around her Basque clad waist and lifted her off his glistening cock. He placed her on the sofa on all fours as he placed her head at the arm of the sofa. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and spat on her puckered ring. His wife startled at this sudden action. She placed her hands on her buttocks and pulled her ass cheeks wide apart. He placed the tip of his rampant cock at her asshole. Her husband watched mesmerised as his wife gratefully accepted the entire length of his cock deep inside her stretched ass. Smiling over at her husband he leant forward slightly and cupped both her breasts. Thrusting away at her ass he pawed her breasts and twisted the nipples ferociously.
“If you want this cock again get these fuckers pierced!” he demanded.
“Yes! Yes!” she enthused.
Her husband feared he may have lost his wife to this cocksman as he watched the sexual athlete annihilate his wife with his enormous shaft.
“You can suck his cock if you want!” he offered.
“I want only yours!” she retorted and orgasmed instantly as her ass undulated on the probing weapon.
Her husband was shocked beyond redemption hearing his wife utter that phrase whilst impaled anally on another man’s cock.
Nodding at her husband her lover said.
“Take some pics if you want!”
Her husband dutifully picked up the camera and began to take photographs of the cock defiling his wife’s ass. Shot after shot as he clicked away hoping that his shaking hands would not blur the images too drastically.
He flicked the camera control onto Video and began recording the scene in front of him. His wife began uttering the strongest obscenities. She was demanding to be fucked in the ass by her found lover. She insisted that he come in her mouth as he had requested in their text messages. His wife thrashed and gyrated on this awesome cock. Panting furiously she began to orgasm. This was the first multiple orgasm she had ever experienced. The ripples of pleasure seemed to last an eternity as she worshipped the new cock fucking her. As the last waves of sexual ecstasy wafted through her lover removed his cock and stepped toward her front. His bl**d engorged cock poking through his fist he waved the spurting cock at his wife’s face. She opened her mouth and willingly accepted what turned out to be a copious amount of hot white spunk. Spurt after spurt landed on her tongue and lips as he emptied the seed into her mouth. She closed her mouth on his still erect cock as fellated the monster weapon. She was performing ass to mouth! His innocent wife was acting the ultimate filthy whore! As she swallowed the cream and continued sucking his still hard cock her finger rubbed her bald slit venomously. Her husband stood behind her and f***ed three fingers inside his wife’s gaping cunt. Her lover smiled and nodded approvingly. His wife thrust her pussy back onto his fingers and began to fuck the digits. He f***ed his finger to the front walls of her pussy and began to stimulate her Gspot. Her thrusting became wilder with each frantic rub of her Gspot. Her orgasm arrived quicker than envisaged as she removed her lovers cock from her mouth; her screams of ecstasy were drowned out by the squelching sounds coming from her finger fucked pussy. As her orgasm peaked, a gushing burst of creamy pussy juice sprayed up her husband’s arm. He continued applying pressure to her Gspot and a further spurt of creamy fluid burst from her opening. Her husband ejaculated instantly hitting his wife’s ass with a thick creamy dollop hot cum.
The lover just sniggered and handed a towel over to husband to wipe the spunk off his wife’s ass. It was obvious the fucking wasn’t finished!
The husband dutifully wiped the semen from his wife’s buttocks. His wife turned toward him still holding her lovers cock. She kissed her husband softly on the lips. He could taste the cock on her lips. She stroked his hair as she kissed him then broke free and said.
“Leave me here tonight and collect me tomorrow morning!”
Her lover picked the camera up and handed it to her husband. He tucked his flaccid cock into his trousers and left the flat for his wife to be devoured by her new lover.
Walking down the stairs with an air of disbelief he could never have imagined his homely wife being such a sexual a****l. As he opened the external door he vividly heard his wife moaning as her lover entered her again. Closing the door behind him he made his way to the car. Opening the door he had to sit and compose himself. He was too shaken to drive straight away. He looked back up at the flat to see the silhouettes of his wife her lover flickering away in the soft light. A smile spread across his face as he reached into his pocket and took out the camera. Carefully panning the photographs he then viewed the video he had shot then watched the one her lover had shot. He listened as her lover fed his cock inside her ass after she had come quite loudly form his pussy fuck. Her lover said he would get some of his friends round and they would gang bang her if she wanted. She screamed at her lover as his cock filled her ass that he could do anything he wanted with her tonight. He could hear her lover making a phone call saying to someone that he had a fantastic filthy slut in his flat that loved the cock and was wanting gangbanged in all her holes. His wife instantly orgasmed as her lover described what she was wearing and that the guys could video and photograph the sex session. Her second anal orgasm occurred at the suggestion of this as she agreed totally with what her lover had suggested as the guy on the phone heard her screaming to be fucked. The phone was put down as her lover pulled his cock out of her virgin ass and stood before her. She dropped to her knees and took his entire length in her mouth as the spunk slid down her accepting throat. The camera caught this entire image and not one drop was spilled.
As her husband looked at the photographs one last time a car pulled up opposite. Three guys got out from the vehicle and pressed the buzzer. He distinctly heard her lover answer the intercom as he said.
“You won’t believe this hot fucking slut!! She’s up for anything!”
The three guys ran inside the building as the door closed behind them. The silhouettes in the flat grew as the guys obviously entered the room. He could distinctly see the silhouette of his wife as she appeared to be doing a kind of striptease dance. Knowing full well that her lover would be bragging how he fucked his wife up the ass in full view of her husband and that the guys would either be inside his wife or soon would be he decided that it be best if he left the scene and returned to collect her the following morning. As he started the engine to drive away he looked up one last time to see his wife leaning against the window as the silhouette of some guy was obviously fucking her. He noticed she blew a kiss in his direction then turned her head to accept someone’s cock. With that final image he drove from the car park and headed home to reflect on the events that had unfurled before his eyes.

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