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My first time pt2

So as I left off everyone was on their way outside to watch the fireworks, I walked out with my friends and on the way to my friend truck my mom and her friend stopped me to sit with them on her tailgate, as much as I really did not want to sit between my mom and her friend with a raging hard on I did anyway until the fireworks were over.

As they finally finished up I told my mom that I was going to stay the night with my friends at one of their houses and told her I'd be home the next day, which I thoroughly intended and attempted to do.

But just as we pulled into the driveway and started getting out I saw a familiar truck slowing in the street, it was my mom's friend's truck so I walked out to it thinking she changed her mind about me not sl**ping at home.

As I walked up to the the window started cranking down "anyone remember manual windows? lol" it was just my moms friend stretched across the seat, her firm round tits jiggling back and forth as the cranked the window down, my cock still fully erect from the dance we had about an hour and a half earlier so if the sight had any effect it was unnoticed, as the window reached it's lowest point she asked me if I wanted to get in, did'nt say where or why, but I guess that did'nt matter at this point, of course I wanted in!.

So as she's driving she's complaining about her luck at the bar, and how bad the music was and how high the drinks were but all I could notice was she kept slapping me in the thigh every time she was done flailing her arms when she spoke.

Then as we neared her house she went to do it again and slapped me right in the cock, I jumped and grabbed myself and she realized what she did and burst into laughter as she pulled into her driveway.

As we walked in and closed the door she bent over and spoke directly to my now throbbing AND stinging member and told him she was so sorry and gave him a few pets through my pants and stood back up, gave me a peck on the lips and told me to get in bed and find a movie to watch as the took off for the shower.

I was excited, nervous, scared, terrified all at once at the thought of what might happen, and with good reason so I would find out as she came back from the shower wearing only her towel, as I layed there in bed fully clothed on top of the covers she gave me the most confused look I'd ever seen and barked out that there was no way in hell I'm sl**ping with all my clothes on...Get em off! she told me, and so I did as she stood there watching, instructing me in what needed to go until I was completely nude and under the covers.

It was only then she took off her towel and joined me and instantly started rubbing me and kissing my neck, she could definitely tell I was terrified which brought her to ask If I was a virgin, to which I answered "yes" which prompted me to tell her she had some things to teach me then, but she was going to touch me because I would cum way before she got a chance to get off.

She grabbed me by the back of the head and directed me under the covers, I kissed her as she guided me down her chest, and stomach, stopping me just at her waist, telling me not to go straight for it, but kiss around it, and on the sides of it before going to it, and I did for what seemed like hours, I came to love the smooth soft little pockets to either side of her mound, where it met her thighs "still to this day my favorite part of a woman to kiss", it made her jump and squeal each time I kissed her there.

Finally she could'nt take any more and pulled me right dead center and I started kissing her right on her nice full soft lips, sucking them into my mouth and kneading them with my lips, then releasing them before I started parting them with my tongue, tracing it up and down between them for what seemed like forever, before gently tickling her huge clit with my tongue, and sucking it, gently biting it with my lips.

Then she instructed me to slide my fingers in her, so I did, first I slid one in which did'nt seem to take up very much room at all, so I slid another, still not much happened, then another, and it was starting to feel a little tighter as she started rocking her hips and squeezing my fingers with her muscles, she called for more so I gave her another, not knowing how abnormal it was I found myself fucking her with four fingers, she completely swallowed them all the way past my knuckles, and she told me to suck her clit, hard, so I did.

She was getting really really slippery, her lady cum was really thick and white as it rolled down my wrist, and it tasted delicious as well, all I could think was that I was going to do it, I was going to make the beautiful lady, my moms friend cum her brains out when all of a sudden she stopped and slid away from me and stood up in the bed over me, instructing me to roll over and scoot up, so I did, and just as I did she kicked my arms down by my side and kneeled down on top of me, with her big wet pussy right in my face she grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face into it hard, mashing it into my mouth, with her other hand she reached back and started stroking me, she started rocking faster and slouching lower until my head was firmly pushed into the mattress, she was fucking my face like nothing I'd ever seen before in any movies, then all of a sudden her body started bucking and flinching out of control, and she let loose a shower of hot thick juice right into my mouth, and down my cheeks and up my nose, and no sooner than I realized what happened I felt myself cumming uncontrollably, I counted each time my cock jerked and she furiously stroked me ten jets of cum I let fly, I shot a stream of cum up her arm, down her back and ass, all the way back to my own cock.

She slept pretty well, I did'nt sl**p at all, I must have made 3 trips to the bathroom to revel in what had happened and jerk myself off!

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