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My first time

I've finally decided to go ahead and write about my very first time, this is the story of how my v-card was suspended, hope you enjoy, and if you don't, well write your own lol.

Sooo, I come from a very very small town where everyone knows each other, and my friends and I pretty much stayed in trouble or trying like hell to get into some so we spent a lot of time in the tiny little bars shooting pool and sneaking beer even when we were 15.

Which is when my story begins, I was in my middle teens and like any mid-teen I was a s**tter brained ball of energy with a perpetual hard on haha, which drew me towards nearly every woman I laid eyes on...but one in particular, one of my mom's friends, a stunning petite but "well rounded" blonde who we always vacationed and went swimming with.

She was a pretty wild woman, especially for being 35 year old, she acted like a wild college girl most of the time when she drank.

Which brings me to one specific night in the bar room, it was new years eve and the bar was packed, I had been there for four hours already shooting pool with my friends and everyone else, paying double for the older people to buy us drinks, there was tons of food, live music playing and the place was packed...a pretty rare occasion indeed.

Just finishing up a game I had to go to the restroom, and as I walked past the bar someone called my name, quite angrily...It was my moms friend, as I looked my mom was standing next to her! Just as I went into innocent mode she told me that I should have let them know my friends and I would be there so they could have put more beer in the ice chest to sneak into the bar lol.

Well as it got closer and closer to midnight I was getting more and more tipsy and so was everyone else, I was trying everything I could to maintain so I could win this round of pool when someone grabbed me by the collar and jerked me backwards, as I spun around it was my moms friend and she was dancing with a drink in her hand, clearly she was pretty much hammered.

I'm a horrible dancer but I tried my best to keep up, just as I got some sort of d***ken rhythm the song ended and a slow song came on, I started to turn away but she grabbed my by the shoulder and jerked me forward, pressing her big perky tits into my chest and her head on my shoulder, being the horny k** I was feeling her pressed into me, breathing on my neck I instantly got rock hard, and with my loose pants and cotton boxers there was absolutely no hiding it at all!

As we danced I could feel it brushing against her, and every time I backed away from her as much as I could but she just kept getting closer and closer, until she was practically hanging off my neck, her thigh between my legs grinding on it.

As the song ended my mom walked over and informed us the fireworks were about to start so we should go outside, but I think they already had, in my pants at least.

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