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First fuck

Billy and I had agreed to meet the next night after I got off work. The anticipation of what was to cum had me so turned on all day that my panties were wet with precum my whole shift. I had made sure before I left for work that I had an enema because I was determined to get fucked that night. When I got to his place he was wearing nothing but a bath robe he sat down on the couch and I sat next to him as we watch a bit of porn he opened his bath robe and began to stroke his cock and I watched in fascination. I undressed fast and wasted no time I dropped to my knees in front of him and took his whole cock in my mouth. It hit the back of my throat and his pubes tickled my nose. I was turned on by the smell of his cock .I began to move my mouth up and down his cock never taking my mouth completely off it , I would tease the head with my tongue very time I got to the top of his shaft running my tongue around it in circles and sliding my tongue into the slit to better taste his precum. I reached with one hand and began to massage his ball looking up at him and listening to his moans. I felt so dominated yet empowered at the same time.

We moved to the bed and Billy and I faced each other locked in a deep kiss our tongue entwined our hard cocks rubbing together. I slide down his body and started to lick his cock from the head to his balls taking the time to suck on his balls one at a time. He moaned he wanted me to lay on my back so we could 69.i lay on my back and he got on top his hard cock in front of my face as he engulfed my cock. We lay there sucking each other’s cocks for quite awhile then he moved his mouth to my ass kissing my cheeks before he began to circle my asshole with his tongue. I followed his lead and began to lick his asshole teasing him as he teased me , he began to push his tongue into me using it to fuck my ass I was going crazy it felt amazing and once I was well lubed he slid 2 fingers into me fucking me with them I lifted my hips pushing back and forth on his fingers.

Billy got off me and on to his knees asking me to fuck him ,I wasted no time and rubbed the head of my cock on his ass hole teasing it before I slid into him. I was so turned on I fucked him hard watching as my cock went back and forth in his asshole till I couldn’t hold back anymore and I exploded inside of him. We stayed that way as my cock went soft and I pulled out of him, he asked if I wanted to get fucked and I was on my knees with my ass in the air in seconds I wanted it so bad. He licked my asshole again making sure it was lubed then began to slide his cock in me when he got all the way in he asked if it hurt and I said not at all that for many years I had been getting fucked pretty regularly with dildos. He began to move bake and forth inside me my hole wrapped around his hard cock , this felt different then a dildo I could feel the heat of his cock and his balls hitting my taint every time he was in me deep , his pubes tickling around my asshole . I began to move with him each movement urging him to fuck me harder till his hips were slapping against my ass cheeks. he had a hold off my hips slamming his cock into my asshole over and over as I moaned with a new pleasure he moaned louder and louder till he slammed his cock all the way in and I felt the throbbing of it as wave after wave of his cum went deep into my ass.

When he pulled out he fell onto the bed on his back and I turned and took his softening cock in my mouth tasting it and tasting his cum. Soon we dressed and parted ways. On the train ride home I thought of what had just happened as the crotch of my panties were soaked in the cum that was now running out of me. I began to think does this mean I am gay? What does this mean?

As I lay in bed thinking I came to the conclusion that yes I liked getting fucked that yes I like sucking his cock but that was the only part of a man I found useful that I was not physically attracted to them that it was the taboo of the act , that it was the attention and the pleasure I enjoyed giving. That I still loved everything about a woman from the top of her head to the tips of her toes and that I loved the sex with a woman. But there was a guilt that came with the act that just as it did with the cross dressing would eat at me.

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