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Trained by Maitresse Helen Part 1

Dedicated to Maitresse H.
It started with an on line greeting to Maitresse H on Collarme, a well established BDSM forum. Having exchanged messages and a few phone calls a meeting was arranged in the north Wales countryside. I had booked a hotel for the weekend as Maitresse lived nearby. The first meeting had me filled with trepidation but after a few drinks at the local pub we got along like a house on fire (should that be a welsh cottage ?)

After a pleasant evening we retired to my hotel room where Maitresse instructed me to remove my clothes for her inspection. As I stood there naked I was told to go to the bathroom and get out my razor. Maitresse then shaved my pubic area and instructed me that I was always to present myself in this way.

The weekend passed wonderfully though quickly with the introduction of ever increasing SM elements such as nipple twisting and Maitresse's speciality, binding my cock and balls with a long shoe lace. This was worn to the pub on the second night much to Maitresse's amusement.

This is when Maitresse named me sissy slut clit pointing out that my pathetic cock was an insult to her beautiful vagina. I was told that if we met any of her friends I should introduce myself by this title at all times.

We both agreed to meet again very soon and Maitresse instructed that this would be in Manchester which was convenient for us both to reach and slightly more cosmoplitan than north Wales. Prior to my journey to Manchester Maitresse called me and instructed me to make sure that when I travelled I should have purchased and bring with me the following.
Female Wig
Selection of butt plugs
False eyelashes
Various stockings including black fishnet
PVC Maids Uniform, PVC Mini skirt, suspender belt and Basque
Baby Doll Night dress
Tarty jewelery

Maitresse informed me that I had a journey to take and that this was but the beginning. The final instruction was that when I arrived in Manchester I should be wearing the panties and stockings.

Having worked all day the only opportunity to comply was in the very cramped toilet on a Virgin train. It seemed to take forever with suspender clasps pinging in all directions and various irate travellers banging on the door. The walk back to my seat was quite strange with the stockings feeling odd on my feet, the panties restraining my penis and my feeling of embarrassment soaring as I noticed that my legs were exposed at the ankles when I sat down.

We checked into our apart hotel and Maitresse congratulate me on my pretty choices. She also said that I would soon have a full wardrobe of pretty sissy clothing and that I should get used to wearing them at all times indoors and on occasions outdoors. For our night on the town in Manchester I was given a bra that Maitresse had brought for me to wear under my shirt. My cock and balls were bound and panties, suspender belt and stockings re arranged as Maitresse complained they were not straight. Maitresse said that to teach me a lesson I would have to go out with a butt plug inserted. She lubricated my hole and gently inserted the bright red plug.

The final touches of false eyelashes and lipstick were applied to my increasingly reddened face before we headed off to the night. Maitresse led the way with her high heeled stiletto PVC boots clicking on the damp Manchester cobble stones. Maitresse grinned as she asked me if I felt embarrassed and pointed out that she would find me a nice high stool to sit on so that my ankles were well exposed. I was also told thta my jacket would be coming off once we arrived at a bar so that my bra would be equally visible.

To be continued

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