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Anna and Erica (a lesbian tale)

ANNA AND ERICA (a Lesbian tale)
Moscow was bitterly cold and windy. Erica could have chosen a nicer evening but no, she had no choice. Her cover was less and less credible to the authorities and she had to leave by the night train. She was hoping to see Anna one last time before she left. Erica hadn’t seen the Russian since that time in the club. The Embassy had ordered her back to the US. Maybe she would get a chance to come back and convince Anna to join her. This is a summary of the short but passionate relationship between Anna and Erica.


The US State Department had found out that one of the leading military experts in Soviet Russia, Anna Vlatista, was a lesbian to boot. Russians didn’t usually employ that type of personality which was subjected to blackmail or had what they still considered in those days a “weakness”. But Anna was so good in her field and cumulated such experience and so many languages that they looked the other way. The Department decided to dispatch an agent who was not particularly experienced but who was very attractive and also a lesbian. Actually the mission was not to steal documents or photograph secret weapons but simply to try to convince Anna to defect to the US.
Erica was sent over as an employee of the US embassy in Moscow. Her Russian was excellent but not fluent and she was to have little contact with the locals….except for Anna. Erica was a stunning blonde who could brag about her Slavic ancestors. Actually her great-great grandparents had come from the Ukraine and settled in the Midwest as farmers at the turn of the 20th century. Her oval face, large blue eyes and overall built had people often mistake her for a Russian. On top of that, at 40, she had the confidence of a mature woman.
The embassy circuit in Moscow was active and there were balls, concerts, conferences and openings nearly every night. Erica attended most of them. One evening, a famous Russian prodigy was playing the piano at the Institute and it was there that Erica saw Anna for the first time. She recognized her from the numerous photographs she had seen. Anna also saw Erica – Erica made sure of that – but the women didn’t speak.
Although she was a scientist and worked with military personnel, Anna was very feminine and looked more like a ballet dancer than an atomic physicist. She had celebrated her 45th birthday not that long ago. Her long black hair fell all around her face to her shoulders and she often had to move her curls to one side with her hands. People kept telling her to tie her hair but she rarely did it.
As I said, the two women saw each other that evening. Their eyes may have met for an instant but Anna didn’t know who this lady was and apparently didn’t enquire.
Erica was happy because the first contact was established, although tenuous.
The second time they saw each other was at the opening of an art exhibition at a local trendy gallery. Erica wore a very short blue dress which hugged her body while Anna had a grey pant suit which accentuated her long legs and her round bottom. Erica spotted the Russian woman first, then walked by her looking at the wall covered in paintings. She could feel Anna’s stare burning holes through her blue dress. Someone from the French embassy recognized Erica and began to speak to her. That ruined Erica’s plans as she stood there smiling at this man listening to him comparing the Russian artist to Nicolas de Staël, who had just died. Suddenly Anna was next to her, even touching her shoulder with her elbow, and asked the Frenchman to introduce them.
“I thought you were French at first since you were speaking with Monsieur Charles”, said Anna in perfect English and pulling her away from the Frenchman.
“Oh no..actually my French is less than perfect, as is my Russian unfortunately”, answered Erica, her head spinning and her skin covered in goose bumps.
“So you are with the American Embassy”, asked Anna, who of course knew that.
“Yes I am…actually I just arrived a few weeks ago”, said Erica
“I know. I saw you at the concert”, said Anna
“Yes I remember..I saw you there also”, answered Erica smiling, so happy Anna had remembered her.
The two women stood there for a few seconds, each smelling the other’s perfume, trembling slightly with what we call “lust”. Anna slid her hand over Erica’s arm, looked at her straight in the eyes and said:
“I see you have…how do you say ? eye for the ladies ? ..No ?”.
Anna had moved so close to Erica that the American could feel the warm breath on her neck.
“Actually I have both eyes for the ladies”, answered Erica, moving so close to Anna that faces nearly touched. Anna turned and gave her glass to a waiter and led the blonde American to a quieter corner of the gallery. Anna pushed Erica against the wall with her body. Erica could feel droplets sliding down her inner thighs.
“I must see you again”, whispered Anna to Erica’s ear.
“I would love to see you”, answered Erica, her nose nearly buried in Anna’s hair.
“No..I mean…I HAVE to see you….you understand ?”, insisted Anna
“Where and when ?”, asked Erica innocently.
“But NOW of course…”, nearly screamed Anna who was getting very impatient with her friend.
As they were speaking, a man walked over to the couple, smiled awkwardly at Erica, and took Anna by the arm. They spoke under their breath but had an animated conversation. Finally Anna bit her lip, put her glass on the table, and left the gallery without even looking at Erica.
“Anna is very sorry but she had an urgent matter to deal with”, blurted the man to Erica
“She will contact you”, he added

Erica spent the next month going to all the official and cultural events she could find in Moscow but she never saw Anna. She asked the Ambassador and other members of the Embassy, but nobody had seen Anna. Erica thought that maybe she had been assigned somewhere else or was on a mission in a foreign land. One evening quite late she was walking home alone and she was stopped on the sidewalk by an older woman. Often in Moscow especially in winter, homeless people accosted pedestrians and some had been stabbed. Erica didn’t stop at first when the lady spoke to her, then when she mentioned Erica’s name and Anna’s, the American listened.
“Follow me..for Anna”, the lady said
The anonymous woman led Erica to a dingy nightclub where she seemed to know everyone. They went downstairs and went through what were probably dressing rooms, and where the people could have been men or women, Erica wasn’t sure. She led Erica down a deserted hallway and stopped in front of a door. The building was drafty and cold.
“You warm here”, the lady said in her primitive English, smiled and asked for a tip which Erica gave her.
She looked left and right and made sure that nobody was coming or had seen them. Then she opened the door to a space which was equivalent to a very small closet. It was dark but Erica saw some eyes and white teeth. Anna.
The women didn’t speak after Anna whispered “We have five minutes” in Erica’s ear.
Anna wore bra and panties under a simple black dress. Erica, who hadn’t planned any amorous encounter, had a winter coat, a blouse, a skirt, underwear, a hat and gloves. The two women embraced passionately, kissed while their lips smeared lipstick and saliva all over each other’s face, then they filled each other mouth with their tongue. Once they broke the kiss, Erica started to disrobe with the help of Anna. They just dropped to the floor what they could take off the American’s body. The closet was so small, they only had a few inches around them when they hugged. At least they managed to both be in dress or skirt when they began to fondle again. There was no time for frills and it was overall a pretty rough encounter. Both women squeezed the other’s breasts through the fabric and rubbed each other’s crotch with their free hand. They had managed to lift the other’s skirt or dress high enough so that thongs were exposed. The two lesbians quickly slipped a hand in each other’s thong and began rubbing and fingering. Erica made a move to slide down into a squat to lick Anna but the Russian woman lifted her by the arms as there was no room. As soon as the women felt the other’s finger touch her clit, the both had an orgasm, the scream smothered by a tongue-kiss. They resumed their mutual fingering, their chin resting on the other’s shoulder, or lips locked in a kiss. Their thighs were covered in sticky cunt-juice, their wet pubic hair plastered to their mound like a fan. The smell of sex made their head spin. As they build each other up to another orgasm, they licked each other’s face and began to cry in frustration at not being to eat each other. Then Erica slid her thong half-way down her thighs and pulled on Anna’s until the Russian woman’s mound was uncovered. The American lesbian took the lead as she moved her body up and down against the Russian’s smaller frame. Their mounds slid against each other, too quickly at first but the women soon moved their legs further apart. Erica being taller also bent her knees enough so that her hairy mound was level with Anna’s cunt. As if they had a sensing device, the two pairs of cunt lips pushed against each other as soon as they touched. Erica flattened Anna against the wall as she moved enough against her to rub clits. Anna went crazy with lust as she slammed Erica against the wall behind her and took over the rubbing of engorged cunt lips. The two lesbians didn’t even bother kissing, too absorbed in rubbing their hairy wet cracks. Both lesbians spurted juices at the same time, the sticky liquid running down their legs in droplets. They screamed in each other’s mouth. As if this had been a signal, the door opened and the women shielded their face from the neon light of the hallway. The lady smiling broadly and running her hands over the two half-naked women, said something to Anna in Russian. Anna pushed her out and closed the door on them again.
“Must go”, Anna cried, “NOW”.
Erica took off her thong and gave it to Anna who gave hers to Erica who stuffed it into her handbag.
Erica put her winter coat over what was left of her clothing, slipped her heels back on, opened the door and left with the lady. Before she closed the door on herself, Anna whispered “She will ask you for something, please do it …it’s important for my safety”.
The woman took Erica by the hand and they walked back the way they had come in. Erica was getting worried but she remembered Anna’s parting words. Once in the dressing room, the woman took off her coat and asked Erica to get more comfortable. Erica noticed that most of the people around them were cross-dressers, so at least she wasn’t worried about getting ****d. The woman, who looked a little d***k, kissed Erica’s neck, then she showed her pictures and posters on the walls which showed her as a dancer in her youth. “No more…”, shouted the woman. The cross-dressers left the room and the woman locked it from the inside. Finally the former dancer sat on the make-up table and opened her legs, blowing kisses at Erica. When faced with a task at hand, pleasant or unpleasant, Erica had energy and will-power. She put her coat on the back of a chair and raised her skirt to the woman. The woman’s eyes widened and she smiled broadly as Erica was pantyless, having given her thong to Anna. Even though this former dancer was older and half-d***k, Erica was very horny from her short encounter with Anna and that may have contributed to her zeal. The American took the lead and approached the lady on the table.
“What do you want ?”, asked Erica, ready to do about anything
“Sixty-nine”, said the woman, such a universal word.
The Russian woman led Erica to another larger table and invited her to lay down on it. The Russian then slipped off her thong, raised her skirt and straddled Erica head to toe. The woman started to lick Erica’s furry triangle then stopped as she had to move so that Erica had better access to her cunt without having to strain her neck too much. The Russian woman mumbled something probably commenting on Erica’s very wet cunt. The room was quickly filled with the smell of sex and the cheap perfume Russian women wore. As they continued licking, both women opened her legs wider, giving and receiving. The Russian’s black hairy snatch was dry at first and it took Erica a few minutes to reach the pink flesh. Erica seemed to enjoy the encounter, probably more than she first thought, and eagerly licked the older Russian thoroughly, easily moving back and forth between her cunt crack and her ass crack. The Russian lesbian seemed particularly excited at licking Erica’s blond cunt since she suspected some of the juices she inhaled did belong to Anna. From the up and down head movements, it was quite obvious that both women were now sucking on the other’s clit. They moved their hips more quickly against the other’s mouth. The Russian woman certainly came first as she groaned loudly but she continued to suck on Erica’s clit and labia for a few more minutes before Erica showed any sign of an orgasm. The two women then untangled, got off the table and adjusted their dress. Erica’s lover gave her a towel to wipe her face and hands. She insisted on keeping it and she mimicked masturbation. Erica’s smell would provide the lonely Russian dancer with many evenings of self-love. The women dressed and Erica was shown the way back to her apartment. When she left Erica, the Russian woman tried to kiss her but Erica pushed her away. The woman smiled, patted her handbag containing the towel and walked into the night.


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