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Fucking other men for hubby

I have been fucking other men now for a few months at hubby's request. First I fucked Dave, and older gentleman, he was my first when this all started. Then i fucked a much older man at his house a couple of times and so lets just say im starting to like it more now. I am in my early 40's, hispanic and mother of three. I am 5'0 and i am a 34DD. My hubby and i have always had a great sex life i so i cannot complain about that at all. It was his idea for me to start having sex with other men and to be honest at first i thought it was the craziest thing ever. A married woman and a mother has no business doing anything like this. Well I had been seeing the much older guy a few times and i got a hold of Dave again. He was the one who actually broke me in, in more ways than one. My hubby kept insisting that he wanted to watch me get fucked, I agreed so we decided to invite Dave over our house. Hubby wanted to watch me get fucked on our bed so we set up a plan for Dave to come over after everyone was off to school. It was a Thursday morning and about eight in the morning after everyone had left for school i made the phone call. I gave Dave the directions to my house. He arrived about 45 minutes after i placed the call. When he arrived he parked his care on the street. I just had on some short shorts and a tee-shirt with no bra and some silky blue panties underneath. My husband stayed home from work so he could watch and maybe join in, we hadn't decided on that part yet. When the doorbell rang my Husband went to the door and answered it. They introduced themeselves to each other and shook hands, Dave walked inside the house and walked into the living room. I was in the bedroom looking thru the camera on our security system so i was watching everything. I walked into the living room and went and gave Dave a hug. We all sat down in the living room and we talked for a couple of minutes and hubby and Dave got to know each other a little bit. About 20 mins or so past by when Hubby finally told Dave that him and I should probably get started and head for the bedroom. I grabbed Dave's hand and led him to the room while my Hubby locked all the doors to the house and took the dog outside. I left the bedroom door unlocked so my husband could come in if he wanted to.

When we got to the bedroom i closed the door and started kissing Dave right away, i just closed my eyes and started kissing him and i felt him lift me up and lay me on the bed. He laid me on my back and got on top of me kissing me slowly while caressing my body. He then started to work his way down and immediately pulled off my shorts and panties. We kissed and fondled each other for a couple of minutes when i told him that we should get under the sheets. as i pulled the sheets back i removed my shirt so now i was completely naked, i got under the sheets and i looked at Dave and he was undressing too. He unbuttoned his pants and removed them and then he reomoved his shirt. I saw his big cock again, didnt look quite as big anymore as i was getting used to seeing big cock, but it was still big. He got under the sheets with me and started kissing me right away. I then told him to lay back and i started kissing his chest and worked my way down to his cock. I slowly put it in my mouth and started making love to his cock with my mouth. I licked it slowly from the head of his cock, down to his balls. While i was sucking him off i heard my bedroom door open slowly, i didnt look back i just kept sucking. Thru the corner of my eye i saw my husband walk by the side of the bed and i heard him ask Dave if i was doing a good job. Dave smile and nodded in approval as i kept sucking. most of my lower body was under the sheets barely covering my ass, i felt hubby rub my back and tell me that i was doing a good job. I heard my hubby tell Dave that i seemed to be enjoying sucking his cock. i didnt know what to do but keep sucking as i was speechless, to be honest i was a little uncomfortable but Dave seemed relaxed and was laying back enjoying it. I then heard my Hubby tell me that he was going to be in the living room so he was going to leave us alone. He walked out and i heard him close the door behind him. I was still sucking cock when Dave told me to stop and get on my back,i got on my back and spread my legs for him. Dave got on his knees between my legs and lifted the back of my legs with his arms and leaned forward and placed his cock on my slit. I felt the head start to spread my pussy lips apart, i bit my bottom lip as it slowly started to spread me in two and i let out a moan as i felt him inch inside me. When he as about halfway in he whispered to me if i had been fucking another big cock. I told him "yes" and he smiled and said if i had been liking it and i told him "yes" again. He told me he was going to pound my hole harder this time since i had been fucking other men with big cocks.

I watched as Dave held my legs back and pumped my pussy for what seemed like a long time, he was hitting bottom on almost every stroke, i rubbed his chest and arms as he pumped away and i moaned softly while he fucked me. Dave started picking up the pace and asked me where i wanted his load, i told him to put it wherever he wanted. I watched as his forehead was red in color and i could tell he was getting ready to cum. He then pulled out and with that he told me to open my mouth, I had only swallowed once in my life and i really didnt like it. But i opened my mouth and closed my eyes and i felt the warm liquid hit the back of my throat and i just swallowed it. It wasn't that bad, i guess it was the heat of the moment that got me going. After he came we laid there talking under the sheets and i heard hubby knock on the door and come inside. He asked us if we had enjoyed it ourselves and we both smiled and said yes.

We chatted for a bit and then Hubby started to undress and Dave and i just watched, we didnt say anything so he got down to his boxers, he had a hard on but compared to Dave his cock didnt look that big. He asked Dave if he minded and Dave said "No" and Hubby got under the sheets and started licking my pussy, i lay there and closed my eyes as he ate me out and Dave played with my hair, the next thing i remember I heard Dave tell my husband that they should put me on all fours so I could suck Dave's cock again. With that i got on all fours and Dave lay back with his back on the headboard. I went down and started sucking his big cock again while my hubby ate me out from behind. I then felt hubby position himself behind me and i felt him slide in slowly, with that i spread myself a little while he stared fucking me doggie. While he was fucking he asked me if i liked big cock, and i mumbled that i did because i couldnt talk as my mouth was full of Dave's cock. It didnt take long for my Hubby to cum and he shot his load on my back which dripped down to my asshole. The whole time i never stopped sucking Daves big cock. Hubby then wiped me off and got off the bed and Dave told me to stay on all fours, and i grabbed a couple of pillows. Dave positioned himself behind me and told my Hubby that i had a great ass. Hubby agreed and started putting his boxers back on when i felt Dave rub his cock on my asshole and slit. I then heard Dave tell my Hubby that he was going to pound me so that he could stay or leave the room. Hubby didnt say a word and left the room. For the next few minutes Dave pounded my pussy hard on all fours. My pillows were under my tummy but i still managed to rub my clit as Dave pounded me hard. He then pulled out and laid on his back and told me if i wanted to ride his cock, i gave him the pillows so he could put behind him and grabbed his cock and slowly lowered myself onto it. I rode slowly for a couple of minutes and i must have orgasmed way too much because i started getting light headed.

Dave then put me on my back again and fucked me for a while again, i could hear the headboard hitting the wall softly with each stroke that he hit bottom. I watched as he fucked and sweat ran down his chest, i moaned softly and then i felt him tense up and lower himself into me as he came inside me. We laid there for about a half hour and then Dave got up and got dressed, i put on my shorts and t-shirt and kissed him goodbye. When Dave left Hubby and i went into the bedroom and i lay on my back as Hubby pumped away inside me, honestly i couldnt feel much anymore as hubby fucked me and finally came inside my pussy. I knew then that I had become a big cock type of woman, i just hope he continues to let me keep fucking other men.

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