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First Meeting with Couple

Hi everyone,

I actually went through with it and got together with the couple from the fetish party to experience my first sex and scene in real life. It didn't go as i had dreamed of; but, thinking that it would go like that was pretty naive on my part.

To start with, i Must tell how cute I looked and what I was all dolled up in. We were meeting at a hotel that i was familiar with (but lived about 20 miles away) so I wasn't concerned about seeing anyone I knew or dressing too provocatively.

I've colored my hair and need to upload a new photo. I'm a blonde now ( and I love it!) I had 5 in strappy sandals on, no stockings, and a black microfiber dress with faux crocodile and gold zipper down the middle and a longer hem in the back (I'll upload a pic today). Underneath was a black onyx wet look side tie string bikini panty. I had a simple black pvc and rhinestone studded choker and shimmery wet light pink lip gloss. I left my hair down and wavy. I was dressed for whatever would happen. I also brought a few changes of outfits just in case.

I'm going to use false names for the couple (Stacy and John). I arrived after they had and they let me in. They are in their mid forties. Stacy is a dyed redhead with a lovely voluptuous body which I know she works very hard for. John is average. Average everything. Black hair, thinning, about 5ft 10in and probably has an extra 15 pounds, but not unattractive. Stacy is agressive and energetic and she definitely wears the pants. He was along for the ride and didn't seemed to be very happy.

She was in a light pink chiffon cocktail dress and 6 in white patent pumps and he was in jeans and a blue button down shirt (average). She and I sat down and talked for a few minutes while he stood next to her. She told me that John had been a naughty boy for the past few days, and that he was going to have to make up for it tonight. She said that we could both call her Mistress since neither of us were real men. i responded with a sincere "Yes Mistress!" and he just sulked.

She stood up, stroked my hair, and stuck her finger in my mouth and told me i was a good girl. Then she slapped John across the face and made him kneel. I was very uncomfortable but extremely turned on as well. I loved this woman taking complete charge. She then called him a pathetic little sissy and had him stand up and remove his clothes.

He was completely humiliated while he stripped. She then stood me up and attached a collar and leash to me and remarked about how much she loved the outfit that I had one and she ran her hands all over my body. i tanked her profusely but kept my eyes downward. With the leash as a guide she led me to my knees and told me that I was going to be on all fours like the pet that I was. i was told to stay put.

She then sternly lectured john like a little boy about how this meeting was originally intended so that i would be sucking his cock and she would have a barbie doll to dress up. However, because of his sissy behavior she was going to treat him accordingly as it appeared to her that was what he really wanted. he begged her to not do it, and that he would act manlier. When you're begging to your Mistress that you will act more like a man, it sort of works against you. it was humiliating.

She put a collar and leash on him and cuffed his hands behind his back. she put a big teased blonde wig on him and the brightest cock sucking lipstick that i've ever seen. Meanwhile I'm looking at his cock which was about 4 inches soft and just thinking that i want to get it in my mouth and make it as long as possible.she told him that he was going to suck on my "clitty" to learn what a wimp he really was. He started begging and crying at the same time. she pulled my leash and had my lie down on my back and spread my legs.

She then had "Joan" (he whimpered when she called him that)crawl over to my body and unzip my dress and kiss my achingly hard 4 1/2 inches cock ( i have a small cock) through the panties. And she made Joan keep eye contact with her the whole time. He was then ordered to pull my panties down with his teeth and lick my cock all over. I was ready to explode because this whole scene was so hot for me. Stacy was constantly saying things to Joan about how this is his true slutty girly self, etc.

He limply sucked my cock for about 6 minutes before i came in torrents into his mouth with no warning. Stacy yanked on my leash and said i was a very bad little pet. i apologized to mistress Stacy and begged her to let me make up for cumming without permission. Joan was told to stay put and think about being a true cocksucker while she took me to the table and she had me change my outfit to the balc and white vinyl school girl skirt and top. She took hair bands and gave me pigtails and had me put on some black knee highs stockings. She said loudly that when Joan was John he used to love a school girl outfit, and that this would probably be the only way to arouse a faggot like him.

i was led over in front of joan and had to model my outfit for "her" and tell him that I was a bad little girl and had to suck my first cock as a punishment and could i please suck his cock. I did my best coy and slutty little vixen and he shook his head but his average little cock seemed to like the idea. joan was ledt by the leash to sit on the edge of the bed and she had me kneels right in front of him while she held my leash from behind and said that she would give me some guidance.

I couldn't use my hands so i started by rubbing my face all over his cock while i was moaning. She said a good blowjob should be heard as well as felt. I gave that average little wimp the best, wettest, most enthusiastic blowjob that i could. He was whimpering throught the entire thing which wasn't the best thing for my ego as a cocksucker. But when he came in buckets after less than 10 minutes i felt a little better about myself. I swallowed it all after i showed mistress what he had deposited on my tongue. She said she was proud and that i was good little pet again. I beamed. "Joan" just grunted.

I left about 20 minutes after that. We said our goodbyes and said that we would keep in touch. Truth be told that I would love to see her again if we could just have a different cock involved because he was really just a loser.


I will try it again but I will stil be very cautious and take things very slowly.

I really hope that you let me knwo what you think of my first time.


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