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Having sex with a mature woman

I was 23 at that time, as I met this 32 yo woman. She was astonishing. She had a beautiful body, a bit round, but not plump at all, with nice round tits and pretty small feet. She was just perfect!

I was invited at her place one, and we had dinner (she was an excellent cook), and had a bottle of wine as well. I thought that I could stay overnight but at some point she indicated me that it would be better if I left. Which I did.

We saw each other for a couple of more times, but every time she indicated me that we could be just friends, nothing more. I accepted this, even though my Dick was telling me something else. I didn't want to push my luck and I was a bit shy too since she was nine years older.

One day, as I arrived at her place, she gave me some very short instructions. She said, that she was expecting another man and I had to play the role of the boyfriend, which is, to stay together for about half an hour, then to excuse myself under the pretext that I was dead tired and wanted to take a shower and then go to bed. The whole idea was to get rid of that person.

Shortly after I heard the doorbell. She opened the door, a man came inside, she introduced me as her boyfriend, we shook hands and chatted a little bit. I was still shy and not sure whether I should really do what she asked me for or not. But, whadda heck, I said to myself. What do you have to lose here buddy? So, I stood up and apologized myself saying that it had been a rather long day for me and I wanted to go take a shower and then go to bed.

I dissapeared from the living room into the bathroom and I let the water running so that they could hear it. Honestly, I wanted to jump in the shower, but then I thought that this wold be too much. It was November, fucking freezing outside, I didn't have a car and I thought, what if she kicks me out? Then I would be outside, after taking a hot shower, freeezing... the perfect solution for catching a pneumonia.
As I sat on the bathtub watching the water running she came into the bathroom and told me that the man left. I closed the water tap, then we went back in the living room. She thanked me for my help, we chatted for another half an hour, then (it was already about 11:30 pm), I said that I should be going as well.

'Well... now you better stay. Just go and take that shower, as you were supposed to', said she. 'Besides, what if he is still outside and watching to see if you area leaving or really staying.'

I just could not believe my ears! There I was, a 23 yo boy, with this beautiful astonishing 32 yo woman! I piched myself to make sure that I was not asl**p and tis was not one of those wet dreams.

I went and took that shower, then I looked in the cabinet for toothpaste and using my finger I brushed my teeth really good. I then came in my underware in the bedroom. She went to take a shower as well and she left me in the bed, under those nice silky sheets. When she came, she was wearing a black lace lingerie and she slipped in bed under the sheets beside me.

I was still under shock and could not explain how did I end up in bed with this beautiful woman. So, I started talking some nonsense, just small talk which was not at all apropriate with the situation, She replied back a couple of times. At some point there was silence... I said to her 'Good night' and bent over to kiss her. She replied with 'Good night to you too', then our lips met and our tongues started to dance that nice little dance that we all know so well.

I started carressing her beautiful body, then I slipped a hand under her lingerie to feel her breasts. Her nipples were hard. She took my hard cock in her hand and started carressing it as well. My cock was so hard that youd could have hung a wet towel on it and it would have still pointed north! - OK, let's be honest and make that North-North-East ;-)

I started carressing her thighs and she put a leg around my waist, guiding my hand to her pussy. It was well trimmed, however not shaved, which I liked very much. She was wet and ready. I removed her black lingerie, then, she lied on her back and open her legs wide to welcome me. I was there, kneeling between her thighs with my hand was still fondling that wet clit while she was panting. I slipped my index finger first, then the middle finger joined the index, while my thumb was still touching her clit. I started to finger her looking for that sweet spot called the G-spot. I knew I was doing the right thing, because she was panting harder and harder, then she started moaning and squirted all over those silky sheets.

I then entered her. She felt tight and I started pumping that wet pussy while my tongue was exploring her sensual mouth, using one one hand as a prop and the other one was fondling her breast and feeling the hard nipple between my finger.

I filled her pussy with a large load of white stuff. We were both covered in sweat, but... boy, that felt good! She was totally different than any other women I had ever had before, experienced, knowing what she wanted, oh ,boy... she was a goddes!

We rested for about 20 minutes, then my cock was hard again (I believe hat it never rested), then we started kissing again. My hands were exploring every inch of her body, from head to toes. I asked her to kneel adn bend slowly so that I can take her from behind, which she agreed without commenting. I entered her from behind, at first slowly, while caressing her buttocks and thighs. As I started pumping her faster, while she was responding with counter-thrusting, I bent over her and grabbed one of those nice rounded breasts and started fondling. I then move my hand between her legs, feeling for that clit, which was wet and ready to be touched. As I pounded her pussy my hand was making circular moved around her clit, which drove her crazy. She came there, screaming of joy, and, hearing those screams I came too releasing a second load into her pussy.

We were lying next to each other panting, trying to catch our breath. We rested a while, then we started again - 'oh, boy... she said. you never stop, do you? You didn't have enough of it? You want more? Take it, it's all yours', she said, while massaging my hard cock. Then, as I was lying on my back, I wanted to stand up, but she pushed me hard down, ordering me 'You stay there now!' She saddled me, rubbing her clit against my hard cock, while I had one tit in each hand, milking her. At some point she guided my cock insider her and started thrusting as she knew better. At first slowly, then faster, then with a circular motion from her hips, then slowly again, and faster... I believe she felt when I was about to come and then she was slowing down, then she was going faster... During this time my hands were busy fondling thise beautiful tits of her while our tongues were dancing, at some point fully exploring the other partner's mouth, then just teasing me with a fast lick on my upper lip, then peentrating my mouth fully witha hard tongue, then again just barely touching my mouth. It was just fucking crazy! This was not sex, this was HEAVEN! When I finished it was the best and greatest orgasm ever experienced in my entire life!

After that we slept so dirty until next morning, spooning, with my hand resting on her breast and my cock getting hard from time to time between her tighs.


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