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Sexual memories

The following is more of a collection of memories than a cohesive story. The video I reference is on my profile. Please enjoy.

I love knowing so many people can now jerk off listening to her tell him how much better he is than me. It's not in the video, she also told him that she put things in my ass while I was tied up. I did not even know about that she told him until months later when she confessed it to me. Talk about embarrassing. So I was interacting with him and all the while he was looking at me like I was a pervert who put things in my ass. They met up later behind my back and fucked till he got her pregnant. The last time I saw him, he was in turmoil because he had "accidently" gotten her pregnant (talk about a real stupid bitch you don't want to get pregnant! HAHA!) and he was also facing jail time for a recent DUI. But again, that was 12 years ago. Hopefully he's doing well and paying his c***d support payments.

But back to the sex. He fucked her real well. She loved every minute of it. It was the second time I had ever gotten a hot young girl to have sex with my friend. The first time is another story entirely and happened way before video cameras were cost effective like they are today. But back to the sex:)again:P It was so hot seeing him slide his dick into her cunt knowing that she and I had been dating for months by that time. We had bonded enough that It was really sweet to watch her give herself over to him.

On a side note. A few months before he fucked the girl in the video I had talked another girl into having sex with him and set it up well. We were at his house watching TV and drinking. I was on a couch with her(I don't remember her name.) And he was in a chair next to us. After awhile I started to kiss her and make out with her. I could hear John making audible grunts in his chair from the excitement of watching me touch the girl I had been dating for a few weeks at that point. (Whatever her name was.) Then I escalated things and put my hand under her shirt and massaged her tits. At some point she said that John should come over to her. So I sat next to her massaging her tits while he came over and quickly got on top of her shoving his tongue in her mouth. He was all over her to the point that there was no room for me to do anything to her so I just sat on the ground in front of the couch and watched him envelope her completely and wholly. Seriously. Now normally this would be what a cuckold like me would wait for and savor when and *IF* we could make it happen. But here's the thing, he took her over so quickly and completely that it scared me. Scared might not be the right word but let's just say I got uncomfortable. So I stopped it. Before they could really get started I intervened and took her home. He was such a sexual a****l that it was like seeing a lion kill it's dinner close up, startling. But we talked about it later and I apologized for pulling the bearded rug out from underneath him. ( A guy like him probably had blue balls all night.) Unfortunately it didn't work out with her and he never got another shot at her cunt but then I started dating the next girl and you can see what he did to her.

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