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Meeting My Mother In Law At The Travelodge

For the last three weeks, my mother in law Jane and I have been communicating by text and phone and we usually end up having phone sex. The yearning to be together gets stronger every time, so I have suggested I book a room for a couple of nights at a Travelodge, near to her home town but far enough away for her not to recognized and we can spend all day in bed.
How I’m looking forward to seeing her in the flesh again, she’s fifty-four years old, five foot six, size ten to twelve maybes with nice size tits, certainly bigger than her daughters and dark shoulder length hair
I told my wife that I would be going away on business for a couple of days, which is nothing new to her.
After what seemed a very long night in my hotel bed alone, I saw Jane pull in to the car park and I hurry out to see her. Was I surprised or what, when I stuck my had through the open window of her car. Dressed as a businesswoman in a pinstripe skirt and jacket and a white blouse showing plenty of cleavage, at least there was from where I was looking from, she looked very hot and sexy.
“Will I past” Jane asked
“No problem”
She told me she wanted to come as a businesswoman, I think she was turn on with the idea of that. What had me turned on more was when she opened the split in her skirt and showed my her black lacy stocking tops, the petals of the flowery pattern were red and she had metal suspender clips attached to them.
“We better get you inside before I explode,” I said
Jane oozed sex appeal as she got from the car, flashing her leg again to me. She even had a brief case with her to make the part more realistic. Once inside she looked normal among the other business people scurrying about after their breakfast. I followed her up the stairs watched her tight little ass wriggle in her skirt. With the room door firmly shut and Jane up against it, our mouths locked together as our hands groped each other‘s body’s.
We had a full five hours to ourselves. I slid my hand inside the split of her skirt and she parted her legs for me, feeling past her stocking tops and on to her bare leg. She gasped sharply as my fingers slipped between her legs and my thumb traced up the lips of her pussy to her clit. Jane was moist already and started to dry hump my fingers; I fumbled with her jacket buttons with my other hand and was rewarded by the low cut blouse she was wearing. The blouse not enough to cover the red lace trim of her bra that her tits were bulging from.
“Let me at you” Jane said
She slid down the door on to her knees, unfastening my trousers as she went, my cock strained to get free from my boxers as she pulled them over the throbbing end and off my feet. With a tight grasp, she licked the leaking end
“How I’ve dreamt of this moment,” Jane said
“Let’s get on the bed” I replied
I pulled her up and removed her jacket while getting another glimpse of her bulging cleavage, she undid my shirt, tugging it off my arms as I unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor.
Jane undid her blouse, slowly opening it to reveal her matching red and black bra, panties and suspender belt, my cock give a jump in approval as I pulled her to the bed. I lay on the bed and Jane started to remove her panties
“Leave them on” I said pulling her on top of me “I thought we might try the 69 position”
I got the most wonderful sight of Jane as she swung her leg over my head, her suspenders pulled taught across her firm bum and her panties pulled up her crack revealing her hairy bush. I kissed her bare leg as she lowered down on to my face
“I’ve never done this before, just read about it,” Jane said before lowering her mouth around my standing cock. I moved my hands on to the cheeks of her bum and licked the thin material covering her pussy; I could taste her fresh pussy fragrance soaking the gusset of her panties.
Jane was sucking like there was no tomorrow, sometimes it popped out the side of her mouth and smeared her cheek with pre cum. Then she’d lick down to my ball on both sides, cleaning the wetness she had made before taking my cock back in to her mouth, her lust for cock was great.
I had her panties pushed in to her pussy with both her lips exposed and bulging out while Jane was rocking back and forth on my tongue, fetching herself off. She was in control of her destiny and had all the control of when I came and she came.
Her hand gripped around my shaft and started to twist and turn my cock, I pushed my tongue deeper in to her pussy until her knickers stopped me pushing any further. Jane lifted and positioned her clit over my tongue, her whole body started to roll around in a circular motion, then back and forth. I was trapped between her stocking covered legs and her pussy pushing in to my face, all I could do was keep my tongue sticking out for her pleasure.
I could feel she was nearing her orgasm; her movements became faster on my tongue as well as my cock. I give a big loud grunt and arched my body up off the bed when I came, filling her mouth full of squirting cock. Then Jane nipped her legs together around my head, pushing her pussy in to my face. All I could hear was sucking, slurping noises mixed with sporadic moaning from her as she tried to swallow my mighty load.
Jane’s pussy lifted as she collapsed on to my legs trying to catch her breath before rolling off and on to her back. Climbing off the bed a few minutes later she stood in front of me and pulled her knickers out from her crack then slid them off her feet. It was the first time today I seen the overall view of her in her underwear, god she had a fantastic figure for 54 and sexy with it. I ran my hand up her stocking and played with her suspenders.
“Christ you look sexy Jane”
“Thanks, are you really sure you like my bush, all wild and hairy, I can get it tidied up if you like” Asked Jane
“I love it as it is, now climb on top and I’ll show you how much I do love it”
I felt all my fanaticise had came at once as Jane straddled my chest. I ran my hands over the deep lace; front fastening suspender belt and all six suspenders that made her hairy pussy look like it was in a picture frame. Then cupped her bra that her 34dd tits were spilling from. She could have looked slutty wearing something like this but Jane just oozed sex appeal.
Jane moved up my chest, she wanted her pussy licked as much as I wanted to, that was one of the thing she was very much looking forward to in her texts.
Grabbing the headboard she lowered her exposed lips down on to my face and the warm musty smell of pussy filled my nostrils. My tongue investigated every fold and wrinkle inside her moist pussy many times before sucking on her clit. I was attached like a limpet, flicking my tongue over the ever-increasing lump as Jane started rocked her hips back and forth.
“Ahhhh yes” she repeated through her moaning
I nipped my lips tight around her clit and she thrust her fanny in to my face, her whole body jerked in spasm just before I felt her legs tighten around my head, it felt as if my head was in a vice.
Jane had come and panted above me, I darted my tongue in to her slit, a warm sticky fluid flooded her pussy and I wanted more. For seven weeks, I have just had her used knickers to remind me of her pussy juice, now I have as much as I want of her freshly made juice to lick and taste.
Jane allowed me the pleasure of licking her clean before sliding down my body, she kissed and licked my face clean of her spilt juices before snogging me in the most intense kiss possible, then rolled off me
“Thank you” she said afterwards
“What for”
“Giving me my sex life back”
She kisses me again, like new lovers do for some time, something her daughter and me don’t do much now a days. We talked, kissed and felt each other‘s body’s, just enjoying the quality time we had together.
I could feel my ever-hardening cock slipping between her legs, lightly nudging at her moist pussy lips as we cuddled. The kissing intensified until I was pulling her back on top of me. Jane slid herself down and on to my shaft, impaling her pussy on my cock. Hovering over me, she began to rub her bra-covered tits across my face; I kissed the soft flesh spilling from her bra that made the wonderful cleavage she had. Reaching around her back, I unclipped her bra letting her tits spill out in to my face.
I sucked on her nipple, stretching her tit as Jane ride my cock back and forth, this I knew she liked and she made sure both her tits were getting the same attention.
Jane was now starting to slam down on my cock and lifted herself upright; she placed her hands behind her and on to my legs which made her tits look skywards. What a view I got, my 54-year-old mother in law taking my cock in to her hairy snatch, I got to see her pink swollen lips gripping tight around my cock as she slid up and down with every stroke.
I held Jane tight round the waist, giving her extra help to ride my cock, she was getting slammed hard down on to my shaft faster and faster until her tits banged each other like a set of clackers (Two balls on string you banged together in the seventies)
Jane grabbed each tit in her hand and let me carry on lifting and dropping her on to my cock, I was lifting myself off the bed to meet her on the way down. Her pussy was making squelching noises and my shaft glistened with love making juice.
She rubbed her nipples between her finger and thumb and I knew then she was about to come
“Ahhhh yeeeee” she strained out through gritted theeth “I’m coming”
One last thrust and I banged her down on to my cock just as it squirted, I kept her jammed on to my cock as it squirted like exploding volcano, filled her pussy full with hot creamy cum. Tremor after tremor shot through our body’s in unison as each orgasm fuelled the other.
I pulled Jane down on top of me, kissing with vigour like never before, I could have held on to her all day. Once my cock had withered away and fell out, Jane rolled off me and got off the bed.
“I have a surprise for you,” she said
She went to her briefcase and opened it
“I have a picnic for us”
“What here”
“Pull the cover off the bed and on to the floor, we need to keep our strength up”
Jane was well prepared as we sat on the floor naked in the bedroom having a picnic; she showed no reservation to being naked in front of me, even with a 25-year age difference. We laughed and joked like a proper outing and one thing lead to another, food furthest from our thoughts, Jane lay back on her elbows and raised her legs. Her pussy was beautiful; her long slit party open and leaking love juice on to the bed cover.
“What are you thinking?” she asked
“How much I have enjoyed today”
“Me to, I never thought I could be so slutty, wanting so much sex, its all then texts you send me”
“Your’s is just as rube”
“I know, Is my daughter like me”
“Far from it, her pussy is as smooth as a bald man’s head and never wants sex”
“Just like her dad then” Jane said
I ran my hand up her stocking leg slowly, feeling every inch of smooth stocking and came to rest on her naked leg
“Dose she wear stocking for you”
“I very rarely do, glad I did at new year, you might not have liked me so much”
“When we kissed and I felt your suspender belt it drove me craze knowing you were in stockings”
Jane started opening and closing her legs on my hand making it squash in to her leaking hairy pussy
“Is that driving you crazy?”
“You don’t know how much”
“Well, you better show me, I will have to be going shortly after a shower”
Jane opened her legs wide apart and smiled, with my cock sticking straight out in front of me; I climbed over Jane and slowly stuck it in her. Her legs came over mine, knotting us together as I pushed in to her sodden pussy.
“Ahhhh ye”
I fucked her nice and slow, feeling her lips suck around my shaft with every stroke
“Ahhhh, That’s nice”
Jane lay down on her back and I belt down to kiss her, it wasn’t sex now but love making as our tongues fought in our mouths. Breaking off from our long kiss Jane Said
“I want it from behind, just like on our first night”
Jane untied her legs and I climbed off and saw the wetness of her fanny leaking down her bum crack and soaking the bed cover. She turned over on to all fours on the cover and I started to feed my length back in to her sodden hole,
“Shit that feels big”
I reached for her tits as I started to fuck her a bit faster
“Fuck me big boy”
I knew her texts became dirtier but this was the first I hear her talk dirty and it excited me the more, I began to pull on her nipples and the whimpering became louder.
I dropped her tits and gripped her waist and started to fuck her wet fanny with all I had, using every inch of my cock, I kept pounding away, pushing more of her fanny juice and my old spunk out with every thrust.
We were like them dogs in heat again, probably because we don’t know when our next fuck together will be. We were both sticky with sweat, breathing fast and panting hard, the third fuck of the day was proving to be a long one
“Jane, I’m coming Jane” I shouted out
“Yes, yes, yeeeeeeees”
We tensed together, our orgasms fighting for what little space was left in her cunt, I’d filled her full of air and it was starting to past out too. The rippling of her fanny muscles milked my cock dry and it softened sooner than I wanted. I loosed my grip on Jane and she collapsed face down on the bed cover with her legs wide apart just as she fell. Her fanny wide open with a constant flow of love making juice coming out.
Jane turned over eventually
“At least I haven’t got wet muddy knees tonight,” she said “I better be getting sorted, do you want to take my stocking and suspenders off?”
It was the most sexiest feeling as she let me undress her, unclipping her metal suspenders and rolling her stockings down her legs before starting on her front fastening suspender belt.
“Are you coming in, I’ll have to be fast and I don’t want my hair wet”
I pulled her up off the floor causing a stream of cum to run down her leg
“Oh shit its running out”
She held her hand over her fanny as she walked to the bathroom
“Why is it I never feel embarrass around you”
“I must make you feel relaxed” I said jokingly
Jane went in first and time I walked in, she was sitting on the toilet peeing,
“Oh sorry”
“It’s alright I think you know me well enough now”
She sat peeing with not a care in the world that I was there, the loud gush as it sprayed out from her bush hitting the porcelain with f***e didn’t embarrass her one bit.
“Is that arousing you” she asked as my cock began to lengthen down my leg
“Sort of, sorry”
Jane reached out and grabbed my cock, pulling it towards her mouth and kissed it while she finished peeing.
“Time to give you a wash big boy”
She stood up and before she could move I was kissing her while my hand found her wet hairy bush and rubbed the drips of pee in to her matted bush. Jane kissed back hard signalling she did not mind and maybe’s getting turned on a little.
“I wish we had more time” Jane said “I better get sorted”
All showered and dried, I watched as Jane dressed, suspender belt, stockings and bra, picking her knickers up off the floor, she threw them to me
“I want these in the post next week” she said
I knew what she meant as she went to her briefcase and pulled out a new pair. Both dressed now we sorted the room and Jane picked up her phone.
“One message from him” she said as she read it “I wished I had knowing sooner”
“What is it”
“He be back later, have tea for eight” She read “We could still of been in bed, I have another three hours now”
“Come on I’m taking you out, we didn’t get to eat much of our picnic, did we”
The Travelodge came with its own carvery restaurant next door
“But look how I’m dressed”
“Sexily, you look great”
We were giving a quite booth and at three o clock the place was quite too. It felt like some proper date, only in reverse, we’ve had the sex already, now the food. We still could not keep our hands off one and other while eating, the split in the skirt was well positioned for me to slip my hand up and feel her stocking tops. This seemed to encourage us to eat faster and go straight back to our room.
It was just like this morning, hands fumbling to remove each others clothes, just in her underwear I pushed Jane back on to the bed and pulled her knickers off. Her legs raised, I slid in between them and buried my head in to her pussy.
Jane’s bush smelt of soap but once her lips were parted the smell of sex was very much present, her juices and my cum mixed to leave her very wet and sticky inside. Somehow, this seemed to excite us all the more, Jane pulled my head up and down her fanny, squashing my face all the more in to her. I threaded my arms under her legs and managed to feel her tits through her bra, Jane helped me out and pulled the bottom of her bra over her tits, freeing them for me to fondle.
She was thrusting and gyrating her hips in to my face and her breathing was getting faster, I rubbed her nipples and she gasped loudly. That was the start of her coming
“Yeee, yeeees, eat my pussy”
Jane pushed her fanny lips up in to my face and froze, all I could hear was her panting hard and fast
“Lick me” she whimpered
I could feel her fanny in spasm, contracting around my tongue as I pushed it in and a flood of warm juice coating her fanny walls again. I savoured the taste of her juices coming out while sucking on her fat swollen lips.
“Kiss Me”
I climbed on top and she just about sucked my face off, licking and sucking at our juices smeared on my face. Holding my head in her hands she had me twisted all ways before darting her tongue in to my mouth.
I felt my cock prodding at her pussy, slipping up over her bush each time, Jane shuffled and it slipped straight in, filling her gaping hole up in one push. I got my hands under her shoulders and started thrusting in to her while kissing her neck. Her tits squashed in to my chest while I felt the suspender belt rub on my belly, we were as close together as we could get, fucking away. Jane’s head turned and we kissed while our mouths locked together. It was starting to get intense between us, knowing any minute now we would be exchanging love juice.
“I want it in my mouth” Jane said “I want you to squirt in my mouth”
“Christ Jane I’m nearly coming now”
I hurriedly pushed myself up and stood on the bed as Jane sat herself up, she reached out grabbing my throbbing cock just as a thin squirt shot out, hitting her on the face, then another and another. I held on to her head steadying myself as Jane made no attempt to cover the firing missile with her lips and happily let it come over her. There is never as much as the first explosion of the day but there was plenty for it to run down her face and drip in to her cleavage. Jane’s tongue licked around her mouth before sinking on to my cock, she kept me semi hard, stroking it back and forth in to her mouth and milked it dry. Her tongue licked around my sensitive cock end before kissing the tip as she pulled off.
I sank down on to my knees, straddling her and ran my finger over her chin gathering a globule of cum. Jane grabbed my wrist and lowered her mouth on to my slimy finger and licked it clean. The simple acted of licking a finger set off a passion in both of us, we kissed long and hard tasting the salty taste of my cum in her mouth. She held my head tight, running her fingers through my hair as our tongues entwined.
“Sorry but, I have to go this time” Jane said
I shuffled back as Jane rubbed the drips of cum in to her tits as she got off the bed, we stood looking at each other before flinging our arms around each other in a tight hug
“It’s been great, can we do it again soon” Jane asked
“I’ll sort something out”
“I want to make you hard one last time” she said
“And how are you going to do that”
“I’m taking you in to the bathroom while I have a pee, I somehow got excites knowing you were watching last time, if that‘s alright”
Jane pulled me by the hand like some giggling schoolgirl, sat down and spread her legs. She started to pee while she held my cock in front of her face, I could not help myself and slid my hand down over her suspender belt and in to her bush as she sprayed. Jane give a gasp as I slipped my finger down on to her clit, I let her finish before massaging her pee in to her hairy bush as she sat. She was right and it had me semi aroused as she kissed my cock end one last time. After getting dressed and sorted, making sure I had her knickers in my pocket I walked her to the car, discreetly kissing her one last time, before getting in to my car and heading home.

The End

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