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A Lesbian Love Affair - Chapters 6 & 7 of 7

I am not sure what happened, I posted the final two chapters a week ago and nothing happened, so will try again.

As mentioned in my opening chapter, this story is based on a challenge by one of my XH aquaintenances (not on my friends list) and she said, "write me a Lesbian Love story" and to make it more of a challenge she insisted that not one reference could be made describing sexual contact with a man and I had to write it in first person, meaning I had to play the part of one of the women.

She said I could use others for research but the writing had to be 100% mine. I found a wonderful woman that describes herself as a lesbian and she was so kind to read the rough draft and suggest plot enhancements and advice on the emotions that would make the story more plausable. She is NOT on my friends list either, so don't bug my friends trying to discover who these two women are.

If you have not read all the previous chapters these two may not make much sense, hope you enjoy.....

Adventure Begins

I felt her hand on my shoulder and then mine was on hers and we were locked in a loving embrace, I found her lips and then I was lost in a kiss, just like the first we had on this couch. The next day was a blur, luckily I had a passport from a short cruise I had taken after my divorce, so that was taken care of. But there were inoculations and travel arrangements for the two of us, and shopping.

Peg had all the clothing and hiking boots she would need for travel, but I had nothing. We spent the day getting me outfitted and packed. It was a whirlwind of activates and I never felt such a rush yet apprehension built as this was international travel and to a jungle, which was all new to me. On our flight to South America Peg went over all the details of our trek from central Brazil northward along a river that connected to the Amazon River.

We were to be met by a couple local guides who would arrange for a small single engine aircraft to fly us north along the river and land about 10 miles south of the base camp that the researchers had set up. It was the only way into the jungle as foot travel along that stretch was very hazardous. Once on the ground we’d be met by another guide and we’d hike through the jungle to the base camp.

All went well when we landed in Brazil, I was amazed at the heat and humidity when we got off the airliner. I closed my eyes and wiped my forehead with the back of my hand and as I opened my eyes I saw a strange woman inches away from my face, it was dark all around me except for what had to be flames from a fire that cast strange lighting to the forest around me.

My mind cleared a bit, I was not as frightened as much as before yet this native woman was just inches from my face, I struggled to move but was still tied to the stretcher. The woman smelled of the jungle, hot and steamy, yet the musky scent of arousal. “I must be dreaming again,” I thought and tried to ask where I was. I still could not form words but my thoughts were clear.

I lay perfectly still remembering Peg’s instructions and closed my eyes. I was not slipping away again, but I decided the woman would not know one way or another. I felt her lips on mine and by reflex I kissed her back. Then I felt movement around me and opened my eyes enough to see the older woman, the leader, standing over us with her garish phallic shaped stick. She said something to the woman kissing me and she jumped away from me. I felt my heart pounding but f***ed myself to lie quietly hoping they would go away.

I heard more talking then it was silent. I dared not open my eyes, I lie on the ground with the sounds of the jungle all around me and shivered, not from the cold but of fright. My mind slipped back to thoughts of the crash of our light plane into the jungle. The two guides lying dead in the two front seats, and Peg and I crawling out of the wreckage.

I shivered again thinking of our decision to try to follow the river north and getting confused, the canopy was so thick there was no way to determine our direction and there were so many rivers and streams that we could have turned completely around and not known it. Peg kept assuring me that we’d be okay, I could do nothing more than trust her.

On the day we crashed we walked through the thick foliage for hours, we heard wild a****ls all around, and at one point tried to get closer to the river to stay on track with what Peg knew was the right way to travel. As we got near the rushing water there was a reassurance that she was right, this was a major river and the sound of the water meant we were close. All around it was dark even though it was still late afternoon.

Suddenly I felt something grab my leg, I screamed and held onto Peg’s arm, then she felt something pull at her and we both fell to the ground. I felt something wrap around my other leg and it seemed like I was going to be dragged away from Peg. I looked into her face, we were both covered in sweat and now rolling around on the ground we looked a fright. For the first time I saw fear in Peg’s eyes, real fear and I did not like it. She had been my expert, my guide, and now I worried that we’d be killed in the horrible place all alone. Peg grabbed my arms, “hold on Sara, don’t let go of me.”

I clung to Peg, wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her close to me, “What is it Peg, snakes, oh God I hope it isn’t snakes.”

Peg was struggling with her pack, “hold on Sara, I think it is plant life, there are vines everywhere.” Suddenly there was the flash of shiny metal in Peg’s hand, a large machete style knife and she swung it towards her feet. Then she pulled my hands free of her waist and was standing and again the knife swung through the air and I felt one of my feet was free, and then one more swing and I was free and stood beside Peg.

All around us were long stringy vines, they were vibrating, moving along the forest floor towards us. Peg grabbed my arm,, “Run Sara, stay right behind me, we need to get clear of these, they are poisonous and drag their pray to the center of the vine where they consume the pray with a chemical solution.

Now it wasn’t snakes that frightened me, it was long stingy clinging vines, I had no idea they even existed. As we ran along the river away from the vines I noticed a change in the forest, it seemed a little more open, yet is was darker. It must have been getting late in the day.

We made a fire, not for warmth, the temperature and humidity was horrible, but the sounds of the jungle were frightening and we had no other form of protection other than the knife Peg had used to free us from the vines. We snacked on some dried fruit and water in our packs and huddled close to each other in the darkness that surrounded us. I rested my head on Peg’s shoulder and the next thing I knew it was morning.

Peg had remained awake all night feeding the fire with sticks that we had gathered. I woke with a start whit the sound of a monkey in the trees above us, and I grabbed for Peg. “It’s okay Sara, he won’t hurt us, I think he smells our dried fruit.”

After a bit of discussion Peg assured me she knew we were on the right path and we needed to move north to find the camp. We stumbled along through the jungle watching for the vines and hacking our way so we could stay near the river. When the soil turned rocky and the trees thinned out we were f***ed away from the river that was interrupted by a water fall that had to be hundreds of feet high.

I clung to Peg as we started to what had to be the east and entered the thick jungle again. “I wish we didn’t need to go back in here,” I said trying not to show my fear. Peg agreed but insisted she knew where we were and pointed to the falls on her map.

We hacked our way into the jungle for an hour or so and then found what looked like a trail that led to our left, or what we thought was north. As we walked along the trail we both felt a little more at ease, even though we were still essentially lost. At least we did not need to chop our way through the dense jungle and we did not see any more vines.

We stopped after a couple hours for a break and Peg pulled out the maps and pointed to where she thought we were, and we started walking again, she felt we were just a couple hours away from the base camp and that this trail was the route that we were to take when the plane would have landed. I had no idea how a plane could land anywhere near this as the jungle was dense and not a clearing in sight. Late in the afternoon we both were wearing down, Peg especially as she had not slept all night.

As we walked Peg noticed that the ground felt soft under foot, not muddy, just soft. Then without warning we both slipped and were knee deep in a soft gooey mud. I struggled and went in deeper, Peg clung to my hands, “Stop moving Sara,” Peg said, the surprise and fright I felt were reflected in her eyes as well. I felt her hands tremble, “or was it mine,” I thought.

Peg tried to shuffle towards me and did get closer but sunk into the goo up past her tummy, I screamed in horror as we were sinking deeper into the goo. I closed my eyes trying to block out the horror of sinking to our death in the mud and then felt a strong hand around mine and felt myself being pulled away from Peg. I opened my eyes, strange half clothed women were all around me, pulling me out of the mud and I looked back towards Peg.

I screamed as I saw Peg sinking into the mud her head and arms were all that were not buried in the mud. The hand holding me were strong and in a way reassuring but my lover was going to die in the mud in this horrible jungle and who knew what these women would do with me, ‘Peg,” I screamed and then felt my knees buckle and it was dark.

“Sara, Sara,” I swear it was Peg’s voice that I heard as a strong hand shook my shoulder. I thought I was dreaming again, that the d**g had transported me back to the horrible stinking mud pit where my lover Peg had sunk to her death. I did not want to open my eyes for fear the women were still near me.

“Sara, please Sara, wake up, you have got to help me,” I opened my eyes and felt this flood of emotion that ranged from fright to relief all in a few second. Peg’s beautiful face was hovering over me and out of reflex reached out to hug her. For the first time since our capture my arms were free and I pulled her down on top of me. We were both naked and the feeling of her breasts against mine was as heavenly as always, but arousal was the furthest thing from my mind.

After a brief hug Peg pushed herself up to her knees. I could see marks all over her body as if she had been tied up, I reached to touch one of the lines and Peg bit her lip in pain, “Please Sara, we have only one hope of escape and it is you.”

I looked around, we were in some sort of tent made of sticks, forest foliage, and a****l skins. The dirt floor was dry and dusty and wherever I had come in contact with it the dust clung to me making my skin as dark as our captors. As I looked back at Peg I could see her ankles were bound in some sort of tight leather harness and Peg was tugging at it to try to remove the binding.

“I can’t get loose Sara,” Peg said in a frantic tone. Peg was always the one in full control, now she seemed out of control. I got to my knees and hugged her close, pulling her hands off her ankles, “What can I do Peg,” I asked as I hugged her.

“They are coming for me again Sara, the leader, she is a terrible woman, she has this ugly stick with the tip shaped like a huge penis.”

I nodded saying, “I saw it when they captured us, she stabbed it between my legs, I thought she was going to kill me with it.”

“Death would be preferable to what she does with that stick. She rubs it with some sort of white creamy grease and uses it on the woman, both in their pussy but in their ass, and I think I will be part of that ceremony in a day or two. It seems has this ritual and that is the final act after several days.”

I shuddered with fear again, “This can’t be happening Peg,” I said as I clung to her. “We need to get away!”

“I know Sara, you can still get away and get help, they don’t know I can understand some of what they say, our base camp is about 5 miles north of here on the main trail, they are afraid this village will be found and destroyed.” Peg’s eyes were wild with fright as she continued, “I need you to lie down again, as long as they think you are under the control of the d**g they will not touch you. I will wrap the ropes around your hands and feet again but not tied.”

Peg told me her plan and her signals for me and then told me what she had previously held back. “These women are afraid of us, they intend to sacrifice us both to the moon when it is full. The moon will be full tomorrow night, I will be first but I know that once they kill me you will be next and if they miss this full moon they will hold you and make you their sex slave for another month. You must get away and get help. I was trembling with this news and tried to protest but Peg would have none of it and told me we only had minutes. I moved to where I had been and as I lay down in the clouds of thick dust, I held my breath for fear I would start coughing from it.

Peg laced the ropes around my hands and feet again, patted my arm and without a word crawled over to the other side of the tent near the opening. I raised my head and was going to tell her not to fear but she motioned me to be quiet and to lie down. Peg pulled the leather thong that held her to the stake near the door so our captors would not know she had been beside me.

Suddenly there was a commotion at the door and two totally naked woman rushed into the tent, my eyes were just slits in my head as I saw them fondle Peg’s breasts, the spoke to each other in almost hysterical voices, I knew they must be high on some d**g from the sounds of it. Peg cowered near the door of the tent as one of the women came over to me and reached down tugging at my hair.

I did not make a move as she obviously was testing to see if I was conscious, being convinced that I was still out cold she moved back to Peg. Both of the woman pulled at the stake that Peg’s foot was tied to, and when it was free dragged her from the tent. I could barely see for the dust but as soon as they were out of the tent I raised my head and the last I saw of Peg was with both women holding her arms dragging her into the darkness of the night.

I did not move from my spot for fear another native would come in to check on me, but then the night sounds of the jungle were pierced by a scream and the words “fucking BITCH”! It was Peg and that was her signal that I was free to run. I immediately scrambled to my feet and peeked out the door, there was not a native in sight and the light from a large fire danced on the trees all around the clearing. My hand rested on something and I looked down, it was an a****l skin lying by the door, I grabbed it and tied it around my waist.

I quietly moved out of the tent, and crept along the line of trees in the dark shadows. The sounds of the jungle started again as I heard a low chant of women’s voices near the fire. One native woman was tied in some sort of a sling hanging from poles. The woman was supported in midair with her arms and legs spread as far apart as possible.

The leader of the group was dancing around with her huge phallic shaped stick, the tip covered in white grease of some sort and she was poking it at the woman. Peg was standing near the woman in the sling and when the leader danced behind Peg she shoved Peg onto her knees, her face just inches from the bound women’s pussy.

The leader shouted at Peg, but Peg acted as if she did not understand so another native rushed up and shoved Peg’s face into the hairy pussy of the bound woman and rubbed her face around in it, they obviously wanted Peg to perform oral sex on her. The leader yelled something to the tribe who howled in approval as Peg put her hands on the muscular thighs of the native and began licking the woman’s slit.

After a moment of watching the leader began dancing and chanting. I knew I should run but the scene was so horrible yet erotic my eyes were glued on Peg licking the native woman. It was as if I could feel Peg’s tongue on my pussy as she went to work on the native who was moaning with pleasure and pulling at the ropes as the pleasure took over her body. I knew that if the natives wanted the bound woman to have an orgasm Peg would make her cum with her lips and tongue.

Peg pulled off the woman’s hairy bush and looked around frantically, then screamed, “Sara run, run for your life,” and then dived back onto the woman’s pussy as if she was enjoying it. The leader circled around behind Peg and pointed the phallic shaped stick at the back of her neck, I was about to run but held back wanting to save Peg, but the leader was not going to harm her, instead she pushed the stick along her spine, the exaggerated helmet shaped tip leaving a greasy streak down her back.

When she got to the crack in Peg’s butt she rubbed the stick along her crack and under her, she was masturbating Peg with the greasy end of the stick. I could tell by Peg’s body movement that although she was f***ed into this act she was feeling pleasure from the tip of the stick.

Then as if gaining her composure Peg pulled off the woman tied in the sling, turned at the waist and shouted “you fucking whore, keep your damn stick off me.” I had never seen a look of rage and anger in Peg’s face and the leader took a step back as she saw Peg grab the large wooden stake that had held her tied to the floor in the tent.

She raised the stake above her head as if to hit the leader, others rushed up to protect their leader. Peg swung and hit the cock shaped stick the leader held knocking it to the ground, then she turned back to the woman on the sling and from her motion and position I knew she was sucking on her clit so hard that the woman writhed in pleasure and pain. As I prepared to run for the trail I saw Peg move her head off the woman’s clit and insert her fingers into her, then she shoved her entire hand inside the woman’s pussy, pumping in and out as the bound woman screamed.

Peg was not a cruel person and I knew she was acting this out so I could escape. Every member of the village had their eyes locked on Peg’s erotic display and the leader led the women in a chant and dance as the women tied in the sling screamed in what had to be a huge orgasm and then passed out. I looked back and saw the leader shove Peg to the ground under the woman tied in the sling. The chanting became almost like a drum beat as the women circled around this display of bondage and depraved sexual activity. The leader stepped between the woman’s feet as she hung limply from the harness and raised her ugly cock shaped stick above her head.

The women fell silent, dropped to their knees and a low moan came from their lips as the leader began probing the woman in the sling with the greasy cock shaped tip. It was not a gentle attempt to arouse the woman beyond the state she had been in rather it was as if the leader wanted to hurt the woman. Once the tip and penetrated the woman the leader began thrusting it in and out of her pussy and each thrust f***ed the stick, as big around as my forearm, deeper into her. I did not think it possible for her pussy to be that deep.

The woman soddenly raised her head, obviously regaining consciousness, and screamed, not with pleasure but a scream of pain. Peg was lying under the woman and tried to crawl away but another woman rushed up to her and pulled her back under the woman as if forcing her to watch the torture by the leader. Peg, lying flat on her back raised up on her elbows and looked frantically around the circle of woman, but I knew she was looking beyond them, looking to see if she could see me in the trees. Peg was crying uncontrollably and I knew that if I did not get help she would be next.

I dared not stay any longer and ran as fast as I could into the jungle, following the clearing as Peg had instructed and found a wide trail leading to the north. The trail was hard smooth dirt and I ran silently into the night my heart pounding in fear and desperate to find help.

Escape and Rescue

The darkness of the jungle closed in around me as I ran along the trail but after a while my eyes became accustomed to the darkness. There were large trees along the trail and the roots from the trees were the only thing in the trail other than the hard packed dirt that felt cool on my bare feet. I could hear the sounds of chanting behind me and as I ran it became fainter. The sounds of the jungle a****ls frightened me but I had one thing on my mind, saving Peg.

I had no idea what time it was, the d**g was cleared out of me so I was thinking rationally again. As I ran along the trail I noticed a large shadow on my left, I slowed thinking it was an a****l that would lunge out at me but it turned out to be a huge stone boulder with a dead tree sticking out of a crevice in the rock having the appearance of a native standing watch with a spear in hand. I realized it was the sentinel that Peg had told me about when she gave me instructions on my route to the base camp.

Peg had been told by another captor to follow the trail north “past the sentinel that guarded the snake in the path. Peg was unsure what it meant cut cautioned me to remember it as an aid to bringing help. I made a mental note of it as a landmark and as I looked at the sentinel I noticed the nearly full moon rising above the trees and started running along the path again remembering the significance of the full moon and Peg’s fears.

I ran for what seemed to be hours, driven by adrenaline alone I raced through the night. The night air, cooler than during the day, was still very humid and my body was streaked with sweat and the dust from the tent floor turned to mud. I had no thought of how I looked, but I did think of being nearly naked except for the a****l skin tied around my waist.

The dense tree growth seemed closer along the trail as I realized that the trail was getting narrower. I slowed my pace, and the sounds of the jungle a****ls seemed to quiet and the only sound I heard were my bare feet slapping on the hard packed dirt path and my labored breathing from the exertion of running down the trail.

The trail turned sharply to the right, then to the left and then back again, this had to be the snake that Peg had mentioned and I looked ahead and could see the trail now went straight ahead. Peg’s words came back to me, “after the snake you are just about to the camp.” I noted that turn as well as a landmark and slowed to a walk catching my breath. The trail seemed straight and although narrow well defined. When I noticed the trail getting narrow I feared it would end and I would be f***ed to make my way in the heavy dense growth of the jungle.

I knew it must be close to morning as it seemed that I had been alone in the dark for hours and the moon was no longer visible above the trail I was following. I heard water on my left, it was not like the rushing river where we had gotten in trouble with the vines and mud, but it did remind me I needed water. I walked slowly, peering through the dark shadows of the jungle hoping to see a path to the water.

The trail curved a bit to the left and before I realized it I was standing ankle deep in water. It was warm like everything in the jungle and felt wonderful on my bare feet. I reached down and splashed my fingers in the water washing the mud from my hands, which was the result of the dust and sweat. I cupped my hand and raised the water to my lips, hesitating for a moment wondering if the water was safe to drink.

“Don’t drink that!” A loud male voice said in perfect English.

I nearly jumped out of my skin as I looked up from my hand at a man dressed in khaki pants, shirt, and sleeveless vest with a dim lantern dangling from his hands. “Who are you? What are you doing out here?” He asked and took a step towards me. His clothing reminded me of those of Peg’s and there was some comfort in the familiar uniform.

I trembled all over as I covered my breasts with my arm suddenly feeling very naked and vulnerable and took a half step back. He took another cautious step towards me holding out his hand in friendship and asked, “Do you speak English?”

“Yes,” I said, “I need your help,” and I dropped to my knees in exhaustion, both physical and mental. The warm water swirled around my legs as he rushed to me and pulled me up by the arm and helped me to the opposite side of the stream. “That water is horribly contaminated,” he said as he moved me further up the trail. He stopped and supported me with one hand as he pulled off his vest and helped me slip it on to cover my naked upper body.

I was beyond exhausted, I don’t know how long or how far I had been running along the trail, I did notice that the jungle seemed lighter and realized it must be close to sunrise. But through this thick jungle I had learned over the last few days that telling time is impossible unless it was near midday. I tried to speak to tell this man that we needed to run back to the village to save Peg. But the words would not come to my lips, I felt so weak that nothing came out of my mouth but a jumble of sounds. It was like a bad dream that simply would not end.

The man introduced himself, “I am Jason, with the museum, are you Peg’s friend?” I tried to answer but could not form the words, which I felt must be a delayed reaction from the d**g I was given. I shook my head to answer yes and felt Jason support me as he hurried me up the trail. I was so weak I could not resist even though my mind wanted to go back for Peg.

I could hear voices, but instead of a language of the natives it was hushed voices speaking English. I opened my eyes and saw white nylon bug netting surrounding me as I lay on a cot. I blinked several times expecting to see a stick and a****l skin tent or the dense jungle, as my mind cleared I realized I was no longer naked nor was I tied to the cot. I moved my head a bit and out of the corner of my eye I saw a native woman sitting on a stool near the cot and immediately screamed in fear and started pulling at the thin sheet covering me, the native woman spoke to me in broken English that I was safe, but I could not be consoled after the ordeal I had been through.

“Jason, come quick, lady awake” she said as she tried to comfort me.

I saw the tent flap open and it was pitch dark outside as Jason stepped into the tent and rushed to me. “It’s okay Sara,” he said as he took hold of my hands. “You are safe Sara, you are with friends.”

I lay back on the cot feeling the fresh linens of civilization that was such a contrast to the dirty tent and rough stretcher I had been transported on. I looked around and saw other men standing in the tent door and suddenly realized what was wrong with the image I was seeing. “It should be daylight,” I thought and I pulled my hands free from Jason and swept the bug netting aside, “What time is it? How long have I been asl**p?” I demanded as I tried to stand.

“It is about 9:00 PM,” Jason answered as he steadied me as I stood beside the cot. I looked down and saw I was wearing khaki shorts and a white t-shirt that was obviously one of the men’s as it was too large for me, it clung to my breasts revealing my semi-erect nipples. “You have been asl**p since early this morning, one of the native guides cleaned you up and dressed you, are you feeling better?”

“It’s not about me,” I said in a stern voice, “Have you sent help for Peg?”

Jason gave me a puzzled look and said, “You were talking out of your head as I got you back here, something about an airplane crash, dead people, natives having a wild sexual orgy, we just assumed Peg died in the crash and you were in shock.” Jason was visibly shaken from the realization that Peg may still be in danger.

I saw a pair of boots near the bed and slid my feet into the, they were not a perfect fit like the boots Peg outfitted me with before we left on this trip, but they would need to do. “Do you have guns here?” I demanded as I tied the boots and moved towards the tent door.

“No, but our guides do,” Jason said as he pulled the flap of the tent wide for us to leave the tent. Jason yelled at the guides in a language I did not understand and they came running with rifles as Jason and I headed down the trail. I was running ahead of the rest of the group desperate to get to Peg before the moon rose above the tops of the trees.

Jason caught up to me and cautioned me that we were coming to the stream and to slow down, which I did and waded across the water, which I could now see was a horrible stinking mess. I couldn’t believe that earlier today I was prepared to drink the water, I chalked it up to the exhaustion and confusion I was feeling.

I told Jason about the sentinel and snake explaining that this was our landmarks. Now that I was fresh from sl**ping all day I realized that we were covering the ground back to the native village much faster than I made it the night before. As we ran along the trail at the snake I watched for the sentinel and saw it approaching ahead.

I stopped at the boulder and waited for the others to catch up. I cautioned them that the village should be ahead and that the horrible sexual orgy had probably already started. I pulled Jason aside and told him about the leader and her use of the stick, “If we don’t get there in time Peg will be impaled on that horrible stick and will die at the hands of the Lesbian natives.”

Jason had a look of disbelief but did not challenge me; instead he spoke to the native guides as I led them along the path. We had not gone more than another 30 minutes and I could hear the chanting of the natives and remember the sling the other woman had been tied to. I motioned for the men to follow and ran hard the last distance to the edge of the clearing.

Just like last night, a woman was tied in the sling with another performing oral sex on her. The leader was circling the women engaged in sex with her horrible cock headed stick. Jason pulled at my arm, trying to keep me from revealing myself, but I knew it was Peg tied to the sling and the moon would be high above in a matter of minutes.

I grabbed a rifle from the nearest guide and raced into the clearing. I had no fear, all the activity of the last days since the airplane crash filled my head, I was not going to allow any more cruelty to the woman I loved. As I broke into the clearing I was running hard, my breasts swaying under the loose t-shirt causing friction on my nipples. The sensation was arousing yet I had no desire to be aroused.

I saw Peg tied helplessly in the sling and the native woman preforming oral sex on Peg and thrusting her fingers into Peg’s pussy. I could tell Peg was experiencing pleasure from the attention, yet I knew she would soon be in pain if the leader came at her with that stick. As I broke into the clearing the women dropped to their knees and began the low moan chant that meant the end of the ceremony was near.

I ran hard towards the group and as the leader prepared to shove the woman preforming oral sex on Peg to the ground I stopped and raised the rifle to my shoulder. I had never used a rifle before but knew I had to stop this group from taking their final actions. Peg tensed and let out a scream of intense pleasure, f***ed to orgasm by a native woman as she hung in the sling.

I knew the sound Peg made at that moment of pleasure and I knew she was experiencing an orgasm, yet there was more than pleasure in her scream as she convulsed involuntarily in the binding that held her suspended above the ground. I heard shouts from the men behind me as the leader kicked the woman on her knees to the ground and raised her cock tipped stick above her head.

As she opened her mouth to begin the final sexual assault on Peg I pulled the trigger. My shot missed the woman with the stick but the roar of the gun stopped her attention on Peg. I ran forward, not daring to take another shot for fear of hitting Peg. I started screaming, “you stupid fucking bitch” and ran right towards her. I remembered how Peg had swung the stake at the leaders cock stick and caught her off guard so I did the same with the rifle.

I sent the stick spinning out of her hand breaking it in half. The phallic tip of the stick hit the leader in the face, which knocked her to the ground. I stepped over her, the leader lying helpless below me as I cursed at her while holding the rifle just inches away from her face. I felt a hand on my shoulder and feared it was a native so I pulled away from the grasp and screamed, “get back, I’ll shoot this bitch if anyone gets near me.”

The leader lay on the ground at me feet glaring up at me, bl**d flowed from a cut just below her eye where her cock stick had gashed her. I wanted to shoot her, I wanted to blow her brains out with this rifle, yet I didn’t have the murderous intent in my heart that this woman had.

I heard Jason’s voice, “Sara, don’t do it Sara,” and then his hand on my shoulder again. One of the native guides rushed up shouting in their language and the woman surrounding Peg s**ttered into the trees leaving me standing over their leader. The leader said something that I could not understand; my hands began shaking as I remembered it was Peg that needed me. One of the native guides held onto the rifle as I let go of it and turned to see Peg still strapped in the sling.

Her body was covered in sweat and the dust from the tent, muddy streaks covered her to the point that most of the men and guides probably did not recognize her from one of the natives. I stepped over the leaders legs and came to Peg’s side. Peg’s eyes flutter open and I could tell she was under the influence of some sort of d**g because her eyes seemed unable to focus.

I lifted her head, wiping the mud from her face and shouted, “Help me, help me get her out of this thing.” I was crying uncontrollably as I held Peg, I bent and kissed her gently on the lips and as I pulled back I saw a glimmer in her eye and she mouthed the words, “I love you.”

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