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Roadside Assistance

I had worked late one evening to set up business for the week, and was headed for a shower, dinner, and whatever else might occur. As I drove along a shortcut between downtown and home, I saw a lady standing next to her car, who was flagging me down. I pulled over, and asked what the problem might be, to which she replied that her car had stopped runnning, and wouldn't restart. "Hate to bother you," she said, "But do you think you can help me?" I told her it would be no trouble, and went to look the situation over. We introduced ourselves, and she told me her name was Della. She looked to be in her late 60s, still very attractive, but what might be termed a BBW, and stood about 5-7 or 5-8. The light gray dress she was wearing was flattering, but did little to conceal her veryt large breasts, roundish belly, and thick lips and legs. Oddly, she had quite small hands and feet, and was wearing a pair of black mid-heels. Her hair was silver-gray, and she wore just the right amount of makeup and jewelry to accentuate her features. Soon, it was obvious the fuel pump had quit, so I offered her a ride home. "I hate to be a bother to you, and I'm not used to accepting rides from strangers," she said. I told her I understood, but our location and the advancing night suggested it would be wise to get her home. "You can deal with your car in the morning," I said. She thought for a moment, and replied, "Yes, that makes sense...hope I didn't ofend you with my caution." I laughed and told her I understood.

We got into my car, and she gave me directions to an area of the city I hadn't often been to, and carried on a rather fre and easy conversation along the way. She was 69, had been a widow for fifteen years, was retired, and did community work as an avocation. Soon we were arrived at her home, and she said, "Will you please come in for a cup of coffee or a drink?" I accepted, and followed her into her house. She opted for a cognac, and so did I. We chatted in her living room - discussing all types of topics, and ended up having many more than one nightcap. I found myself attracted to her full shape in general, but mostly to her very large bustline. Her dress buttoned up the front, and as she moved, it did little to conceal what I guessed to be 44DD breasts. She didn't have any c***dren of f****y, and staated that sometimes loneliness was difficult to overcome. She excused herself to use the washroom, and as she rose and walked out of the room, I got a good look at her ample ass is it moved under her dress. From the back, I could see the outline of her heavy duty bra across her back, and it appeared to be at least a four-hook.

She returned, and we continued our conversation and refreshments, and I was feeling a bit of a buzz. Somehow, the talk turned slightly suggestive, and she asked me questions about my love life. This seemed awkward, as she looked like someone's grandmother, even though she was very attractive and built in a solid-but-sexy way. As we talked, she seemed to get more relaxed, and soon, she was sitting in a way which allowed me to look up the inside of her legs. I began to think she was turning me on, but tried to suppress the feeling.

She suddenly stated that she hadn't had sex in fifteen years, and admitted to missing it, but turning to masturbation as a substitute. Even though I had a buzz, I was a bit shocked. She asked if I was seeing anyone, and when I said I was, she was curious. " have a fondness for mature women," she said. Her demeanor changed at that point, and I rralized she was becoming excited by the conversation. "What is it about older women you find so attractive?", she asked. I generalized a bit, but she was persistent. "Are you a face, legs, breast, or ass man?, she asked. My answer was that I liked all of those attributes, to which she replied with a smile, "Well, as you have been noticing, I have them all." I was comfortable enough to ask, "What is your bra size, Della?" Without hesitation, she replied, ൴DD, hips 42, panty size 12-14, lingerie size "large." All I could do was sit where I was without speaking. She then said, "I think you've been wanting to see my boobs since we got here, so have a look," She began unbuttoning her dress, and pulled it aside so I could see the very large, black, support bra she wore. "Do these fit your criteria?", she asked. My penis was hard in my pants, and I could feel my face getting hotter by the second. She said, "Trev, I haven't seen a hard penis in so long...would you mind showing yours to me?" Without replying, I unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my pants. My penis stood straight up in the air, and was rock-hard. Della stared at it for a bit, then, in a low voice said, " looks wonderful." She stood up, and finished unbuttoning her dress, letting it fall onto the chair she had been sitting in. My eyes must have nearly popped out of my head at what I saw. She was definately a BBW, but she carried her weight very well. Her large breasts were held high and tight by her bra, and under them, her round belly looked very inviting. She was wearing pink half slip which oddly looked to be several sizes too small, as it was stretched tightly across her belly, thighs, and ass, and was very short - coming down only to mid-thigh. I saw she had a full panty under it, and no hosiery. "How does my body compare to your standards?", she asked. I told her I liked what I saw, and she said, "Here...let me take off this bra so you can get a good look at my boobs."

She was s sight standing in front of me with her huge breasts free, and slightly drooping under their weight, and the excitingly tight short slip straining against her body. "Take your clothes off," she said. AS soon as I was naked, she walked over, out her arms around my neck, and pressed herself against me. I fondled her massive breast, and noticed for their size, the nipples were quite small. She grabbed my penis with one hand, and lightly touched and stroked it. I turned her around, and caressed her ample ass and hips, and pushed my penis against her. "Do you like feeling up this fat body," she asked. I didn't reply, and kept at what I was doing. She reached up under her slip with one hand, and pulled down the pink full panty she was wearing, and jerked me back-handed with it. "Ahhhh.....I see you are a tactile kind of guy," she said. She turned around, and my penis was pointed at her belly just below her navel. I rubbed against her slip with the head, and she smiled, saying, "Uh huh...and my slip has you hot, too, doesn't it - what about it do you find so arousing?" I told her I liked them, but had never seen one so tight and short. "Now I see why you like older women...young girls today just don't wear the kind of lingerie you prefer." She said, "I never leave the house in a dress or skirt without a slip under it - and it makes me feel sexy to wear them."

"You are not going to fuck me tonight," she said, "But I want you to make yourself cum." "I am not into oral or anal sex, so they are out of the question." I told her I understood, and she said, "You can rub yourself against me until you cum, and while you do, I am going to that agreeable?" I nodded, and we began, each doing our own thing. My penis was sliding up and down her belly over the slip, and she was rubbing herself under my my balls. Soon, I exploded all over her belly and myself, and as she felt it, went over the edge in her own climax. My semen was running down her legs mixed with her own juices.

We rearranged ourselves, and she said, "I cannot aloow you to stay the night, but promise me we will get together in the next dsy or so." I agreed, and she gave me her telephone number, saying, "I think I have some things you will find very interesting."

I gve her peck on the cheek, and left for home thinking this was an experience I wanted to repeat.

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