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Sperm Slave to Any Mistress

There I was dozing in my cage, when the young guard came round. She opened the door, grabbed my chain and jerked me upright.

I knew better than to protest. She was only a young slip of a thing compared to my physique but she held the whip hand quite literally. Also her other hand now firmly gripped the chain that was attached to the fastening on my chastity cage and with a sharp tug she reminded me of the power that gave her. Anyway, I had been trained over the last year to be obedient, any reluctance or resistance would me met with strict punishment and reduction of privileges until submissive acquiesence was restored.

She led me out of my cage by my chain, tugging as it did on my captive penis as I followed her. I should say at this point that I was of course quite naked. I had no been permitted clothing of any kind since my encarceration ovef a year ago. That is to say, apart from the chastity device which enclosed my cock in its hard shell, fastened at the root of my balls and held in place by the gleaming fat gold ring which penetrated my glans. This was not as you may think, a Prince Albert, but rather a sideways piercing through my frenum. This was done to avoid any obstruction to my urethra, and solely for the purpose of trapping my shaft in the chastity device. My urethra was to be fully open, and I was sometimes "sounded" to that effect.

I did not recognise the young girl who collected me today. This was no surprise, these girls changed all the time as their apprenticeships completed and they moved on to more senior positions. This girl was dressed in the uniform of the establishment, a short dark skirt with a sheer blue shirt. The younger girls did not generally wear a bra, and their firm young breasts were quite an enticement to the captive males like myself. Her clipped black heels led me along, up some stairs and eventually into sumptuously furnished lounge. Three elegant women sat back relaxing, talking and laughing. There was another male there already and the girl who was obviously his minder was unfastening his cock cage as I was led in.

My girl began to unfasten me too. She had had the key to my device on a chain around her neck all the time. She tweaked my gold ring to release it through the slit in the cage and withdrew the hard case from my shaft. My cock hardened automatically as she removed the constriction around my testicles and I stood there in my full glory. I saw that my companion was in a similar state.

One of the women beckoned me to her side and I stood by her as she finished filing her nails. Almost idly, the fingers of her right hand curled around the shaft of my erection as she examined the result of her manicure on the splayed fingers of het left. The sensation was delightful, her fingers were so slim and so cool as she flicked the hood of my foreskin off my glans, peeling it back. This was a woman that I'd never seen before, indeed I had never seen any of the four females in the room before, and she was exhibiting total ownership of my genitalia without any hesitation. The other woman was treating the male in her charge with similar conviction, but the two younger girls who had brought us up from our cages were talking disinterestedly over at the back of the room now.

Satisfied with the appearance of her manicure, my present Mistress, for I must call her that, turned her full attention to my shaft. Her finger flicked at the fat gold ring which pierced my frenum sending delicious sensations down into my balls. My balls which had swung low began to squirm in their sacs and tighten, but seeing this, she then reached down under my penis and making a ring of her finger and thumb, encircled the root of my balls. She tightened her grip considerably pulling the two testes down and away from my body. Her fingers gripped at me, squeezing and pulling firmly, massaging each testicle in a smooth rythmic motion. The seminal chords attaching them to the base of my cock stretched and ached but the stimulation was undeniable so when she finally released them they swung free and heavy. Two fingers held my glans now, her touch was so experienced that I had no choice but to deliver my sperm. Her free hand was palm up as with a deep seizure in my balls, they jerked over and over as I disgorged spurt after spurt of thick white semen into it.

My Mistress looked at the fresh rich sperm with satisfaction. Thick and fertile, for I was a proven stud, it glistened for her. Slowly and carefully she began to smooth it into her hands, spreading it along her soft fingers and into her palms. I saw no more of this, the young girl who was in charge of me came across the room and took me away. My service was done for today.

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