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Sex with friend of wife after breakup - II

So after our regular meeting in the car, we slowly started to have phone sex. In fact I learned many things from her (not in sex) but what a women likes and expects from men generally and during sex too. Like ladies like lots of foreplay before actual sex. And they expect to be still with them for a longer time in bed even after sex. Just bang bang and jumping out of bed to bathroom immediately after sex...... they hate it.

We had nice phone sex, where I elaborated her about all the positions of doing sex and she was much aroused. She got married at 18 and experienced just bang bang only. Now that she is separated from him for the past 6 years... We used to imagine a situation where we meet and go about telling what we will do.

She has helped me to masturbate through phone sex, sometimes in night and sometimes when I was in office too. We started to speak just like Husband and wife and we were waiting for a chance to eat each other.

Finally a day came where all people at home went for an engagement leaving her alone (as she is separated from her hubby, she told she is not coming). As planed I applied leave, went near her house and waited for her call. I went around 9.45am. Everyone left and she told her father has to come home and then go for that engagement. so I have to wait in the car.

Sun started to be hotter and hotter. She also confirmed that all others have reached the spot and she is still waiting for her father to come home. 10.30...... 11.....11.30......12...At 12 she called me and told her father has directly gone there. I applied only half a day leave and I have to be there in my office at 1.

I hurried to her home and meanwhile she has sent to gurka to get milk so that I will not be watched by anyone. I rushed to the bathroom since mybladder was full. She was in nighty. My god...... what a beauty she is. Luckily the gurka came when I was in bathroom. 12.15pm. so whn I came out from bathroom, she has removed the nighty and she was in half hand white shirt and a long frock.

She was just like an angel..... We hugged and had a deep mouth kiss like mad dog and my heart beat was very fast. First time hugging somebody else wife.......heavenly feeling... I have to hurry for want of time. I lifted her arms and smelled her arm pit which I love to do always....then immediately opened her shirt,not fully and lifted her bra and strarted sucking like an hungry c***d.

She started moaning HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. "My dear come we will go to bed room da....." was the moaning from her. then we proceeded to bed room and as I was opening my pant jip, she was ready lying in the bed with the frock fully lifted. VOW what a divinely scene.

As per my instruction she was in complete shave and her pussy was just like a cake. Without wasting time I just kept my mouth on her pussy and started licking it and sucking it. she has applied some perfume on it which was a pleasant feeling. As I kept my mouth on her pussy she started mouning heavily HHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

But this pleasure she didnt give me long. she told "seekiram ma........." meaning hurry. But unfortunately due to tension, my tool didnt get full erection. She laughed and asked wat happened. But she helped in erection by keeping her hand on my tool and shagging it. Then slowly my tool got erected and the climax time came and I just entered in.

Fucking a lady apart from my wife.... Her pussy was not that much tight, so with 2 three pushings my tool went inside. she was breathing heavily and withn seconds I cummed inside without botheration (as she has done f****y planning) and then just lied on her.

All these things were completed in 15 minutes (actually both of us were unsatisfied since it was done in hurry) and 12.30 I went out. while moving out she was very much disappointed, she hugged me tightly and kissed me on the forehead and told " I LOVE U DEAR". This incident took place 1 year before and still we could not get correct situation to have a long and relaxed enjoyment. Waiting for the opportunity.

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