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Used at school 8

During their lunch break Olivia got a text telling her to go and give herself to the builders and let them do what ever they wanted to with her, so she got up and left
Claire at the diner table and headed towards the gym. Claire sat there a little while before her phone started to ring and when she answered it she heard David's voice.

"Hello Slave, I bet you have been wandering why I have not done anything to you yet haven't you slut?"

"Hello Master, Yes I thought you had forgotten about me"

"Well I have not slave and now it is your turn to have some fun, come to the toilets and I will be in the end cubicle waiting for you"

"Ok Master I am on my way" As she started to head towards the toilets she dropped to her knees as David turned the vibrators on to full power and he then turned the stimulators on and she struggled to her feet and walked slowly along the hall way using the wall to hold her self up but by the time she got to the toilets she was on her knees and had already cum twice and was getting close to her third as she crawled to the end cubicle where she found her Master waiting for her. He watched her cum before turning the controls down.

"So did you enjoy that slave?"

"Ye-Yes Master" she replied

David then stood up and told Claire to lift her skirt and stand against the cubicle wall facing him. She did as he ordered and she lifted her skirt and moved inside the cubicle and stood with her back against the wall and David pulled down her panties and her diaper and he dropped to his knees and started to lick her pussy flicking his tongue across her clit making her moan with pleasure and then he pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and he stood up running his hands up her legs until he got to her ass cheeks and he gripped them in his hand and he lifted her off the ground and she rapped her legs round his waist and he eased his cock into her pussy and he fucked her hard against the cubicle wall until her came inside her filling her pussy with his cum. He let her down and the worked the vibrator back into her pussy and pulled up her diaper before leaving her there. She sat down on the toilet and she found herself starting to rub her pussy through her diaper and she loved how it felt as she ran her hand up and down bringing herself to another orgasm and she quickly pulled her panties up over her diaper and quickly headed off to see if she could find Olivia. She went into the dinner hall but there was no sign of her and just as she was about to leave she felt her phone vibrate and when she picked it up she looked and there was a picture message. She opened the message and the picture show Olivia tied up just wearing her diaper and she was laying in a skip outside. Claire ran down to the gym and looked into a couple of the skips out the back but there was no sign she went round the front to the main car park and she found one skip but she had to wait for a couple of teachers to leave the car park before she could look inside and once they left she sneaked over to the skip and look inside and there laying at the bottom was Olivia, so she climbed in and untied her and helped her out and she took her blazer off and handed it to Olivia to help hide her naked body and they both sneaked in to the gym to try and find Olivia's clothes. they looked round the whole gym but with no luck so the went down to where the workers were and Claire saw Olivia's panties on the coffee table and she saw her skirt in one of the workers pockets and Olivia spotted her shirt and blazer on one of the seats but there was a guy sitting on them. She moved in closer and one of the workers spotted her.

"Wow you got out of the skip fast. Did anyone spot you?"

"Please Sir can I have my clothes back?"

"Sure you can, but first you have to call your friend over her and do a little show for us and then you can take your clothes and go"

Claire heard what they said and came in to view and the guys looked at her and smiled.

"So what do you want us to do" Claire asked

"Well first I want you to undress down to your diaper and Olivia you can take that blazer off and then I want you both to lay down together and play with each other for us"

So the girls got undressed and laid down on the floor in front of the workers and they ran their hands over each other's bodies and they both kissed each other on the lips and at first they did not want to be doing but that soon changed as they both found that they were enjoying having an ordiance and their kiss became more passionate and they started playing with each other's breast's gently squeezing and teasing each other and Claire spread her legs and laid back while Olivia positioned herself so she could rub her pussy against Claire's and they both started grinding against each other. The feeling of their diaper covered pussies pressing against each other was so hot and the girls just got lost in the moment and the guys were so amazed at what these two young girls were doing in front of them and as the girls orgasm's swept through their bodies the guys started clapping and cheering. The girls fell back laying flat on the floor shaking and covered in sweat trying to catch their breath. The men stood up and sorted out the girls clothes and then helped the girls to their feet and they took them to the shower room and got them cleaned up and once the girls were dried off and dressed they heard the final bell ring and it was time to head home. Olivia and Claire waved goodbye to the workers and left the gym and started to walk to their Master's home.
Claire rang her mum and told her she was staying round Olivia's again tonight and as the two girls walked up the drive they could see their Master standing in the door way waiting for them. He welcomed the girls in and took them into the front room and ordered them to undress and to get on their knees and put their hands behind their back, so the girls did as he ordered but did it a bit more playfully than normal as they started to undress each other slowly letting their hands run over each others bodies making sure they took their time giving David a great show. The girls got down on their knees and put their hands behind their back and David moved in behind them and tied their hands and then he went over to the TV and turned it on and started a video and both the girls were shocked to see the video was of them two being fucked throughout the day by the workers and David. David sat down in his single seater chair and ordered the girls to move either side of him so they could watch the video together. As they watched the video David started to put a collar on both the girls and attached a lead to each collar and held them tight and he started to turn the Vibrators on slowly increasing the power as the videos went on and he watched as the girls started to move and try to lean forwards as they felt the vibrations building deep inside them and they struggled not to cum too fast and soon they were struggling to keep quiet and they started to moan out loud as the pleasure shot through their bodies as they started to cum hard and David loved watching his two young slaves fighting to control their orgasms and loosing out as they pull against their leads as they loose control of their bodies filling their diapers with their cum. Once the girls had regained control of them self's David untied their hands and made them crawl on their hands and knees to his office where and showed them a web site he had set up to show the would his two young dirty sluts and he showed them both all the pictures that had been taken of them since they first met and then the video's and the girls were just shocked at how many there was of them and how exposed the girls were in all the photos, they did not know what to say.
David told them that every time they have to do something they will get filmed and get their pictures take which will then be added to the web site for all their followers to see and admire. He also told them that the girls would be having to have sex with any bidders they get on the web site and that the girls would get all the money for it. Both Olivia and Claire looked at each other and they both new that they where becoming real whores now and that they would just be used as sexual objects to who ever wanted to use them. Once David and finished showing them the web site he then lead them upstairs to his room and first he grabbed Claire and made her stand up and he f***ed her hands above her head and tied them up before lifting her off the ground so he could get her hands above the hook and then lower her down until all her weight was on the hook and she was handing from the beam. He them picked Olivia up and did the same to her so the two girls were hanging for the same hook facing each other with their bodies pressed together and David then tied Olivia's ankles to Claire's and then spread their legs wide and tied them in place. He then left the room and came back with one of the fucking machines that he had used on the night before and he placed it on it's back between the girls legs so the dildo's were pointing up to their pussies, he then removed their diapers and pulled out the vibrators from their pussies and asses and he worked one of the dildo's into Olivia's pussy and then worked the other dildo into Claire's pussy and he turned the machine on. He watched for a short while before grabbing his camera and video recorder's and setting them up to film the fun and games he was going to have with his slaves. Once set up he went over to the bed side cabinet and pulled out two show chained nipple clamps and he walked over to his two slaves and clipped each clamped on to the girls nipples and he pulled Claire's body away from Olivia's making the chains pull tight stretching the girls nipples making them both moan with pleasure and pain.
He then let go of Claire letting her swing back to Olivia so their bodies were together once again and David ben down and turn the power up on the Machine increasing the speed and making the girls go wild. He moved round behind Olivia and started rubbing the head of his cock around her ass hole, teasing her at first before forcing it in side her hard and deep making her scream out as she felt his full length fill her tight hole. He continued to fuck her hard and deep feeling her body shaking and jerking out of control as she came and came on his cock and the machine and she buried her head in to Claire's neck and David leaned over her shoulder and kissed Claire on her lips as he listened to Olivia's muffled moans and screams and she continued to cum squirting over the floor and with a few last deep thrust's David filled her ass with his cum before pulling out of her and grabbing the camera to show the viewers his cum dripping out of her abused hole. He turned the power down on the machine as Claire had just cum and he moved away and just watched the girls for a few minutes as they kissed each other softly and sensually and Olivia did not know how much more she could take her body was getting so tired as she had never cum so many times in so few days and Claire was the same but David was not finished with them yet, he had so much more that he was going to do with his slaves and they were going to be cumming a lot more before school the next morning. David turned the machine off for a couple of minutes while he went out of the room to grab some more things to help make his slaves cum.
He went into a spare room where he kept more of his sex toys that in the past he had used on Olivia but never on Claire and he could not wait to be able to use them on both girls. He grabbed a toy that had a long hand with a rubber ball on one end of it with a power lead coming out of the other and he then grabbed some extra rope and a thin stranded whip and he walked back in to the room and he pulled the dildo's out of the girls pussies and he slid them into the girls asses and the grabbed the rope and tied it round the girls hips tieing them tight together and then he grabbed the new toy and slid it between their legs and pressed the round balltight against their pussies and used the last bit of rope to tie it in place and he plugged it in and turned it on and the girls felt these the ball starting to vibrate against their pussies and the vibration's got faster and faster and then David increased the power to the dildo machine and he moved back and sat on the bed and watched his two young slaves loose control once again as they came hard screaming out begging him to turn the machines off but he would not until he was ready. Olivia just kept squirting and was struggling to catch her breather before her next orgasm shot through her and Claire just could not control herself and for the first time in her life squirted her cum out of her pussy and with one loud last scream dropped her head on to Olivia's should and fell u*********s but still David left the toys running until Olivia could take no more and she to fell u*********s. David then got up and turned the Machines off and untied the girls one at a time and slowly laid them on his bed and left them there while he went and down loaded all the new video's and photos on to the new site and he set up a new page so that the girls fans could buy their favourite photo and more and sat back and watched as emails started coming in with request and one by one he went through them sending out photos and video before going to bed.

To be continued.

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