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Well, How Was It For You?

She walked into her large bathroom. High heels, fishnet stockings and suspenders. No knickers or bra, as this was her play time.
She shut the door and looked at herself in the mirror on the back of it.
Now, first things first. She got her large dildo, with the sucker, her favourite black one and stuck it to the toilet seat. She then knelt on the tiled floor and grasped it in one hand and ran it up and down the length. She then moved closer to her toy and let some spit drip onto the shiny black knob, her hand moved up and down the shaft, the spit making it all wet and ready for her already moist cunt.
This was her play time and she knew what was next, that’s why her cunt was wet.
She turned to look in the mirror and reached into her box of tricks. She took out a red ball gag and after taking a couple of sharp intakes of breath, placed it in her eager mouth. Just a slight movement of her lips and teeth and the ball was in place. She bit down on it and reached round the back of her head and took hold of the straps. This was a slight fiddle, however, as her moist cunt was getting more wet by the second, she soon had it fixed.
She looked at herself in the mirror and gave herself a naughty smile. She did look like a slut, as was the idea. Next, she reached again into her box and this time she pulled out four steel weights. They had hooks on them and these were for her nipples. She took hold of her left nipple and pulled the ring pierced to it. She loved this feeling and the gag in her mouth was being bitten down on hard, as she pulled and twisted her nipple ring. She then quickly hooked two of the weights through the ring and gave out a little sigh as they stretched her nipple downwards. Her cunt was getting wetter and wetter, so she quickly did the same to her other nipple.
She looked again in the mirror and a wicked smile now came over her face. She was almost there.
She moved to the dildo stuck to the toilet seat and let some more spit drip onto it. Then turning around, she looked at her reflection as she straddled the seat and positioned her cunt just above the black knob.
She teased herself, as she eased herself down and took the knob into her cunt. She stood up again and looked at the black knob, it was covered in her juice already. This was great, she knew what was next and lowered herself down on the dildo. Three inches, four inches disappeared into her wet cunt. God, it was amazing. She looked at herself and thought, “Slut”, as she began to fuck herself with the dildo. Up and down, quite slow at first, savouring the feeling as the dildo stretched her cunt.
She then lowered herself all the way down on cock, all ten inches in her cunt. She saw the look on her own face, a look of sweet satisfaction. She lifted herself up and left only the knob in her and then lowered down again. That thought came over her again, as she looked at herself in the mirror. Red ball gag, weights on her nipples, stockings and suspenders and heels and a big black dildo up her cunt. She did look like a cheap slut.
She began to move up and down a little faster now. The weights on her nipples started to swing slowly and pull on them. This only added to her excitement and so, she moved faster still. All the way out to the knob and then all the way down, she was getting more and more wet and the dildo was sliding in and out with greater ease. She lifted off all together and then sat down hard on it. She was building up now. Her hand reached down to her clit and she began to rub it, slowly.
She pinched her clit hard and could already feel the orgasm building inside her. She was ready now. She lifted herself up and off the dildo and looked at herself in the mirror. She could see her juice on her thighs and a little drool spilling from the side of her mouth. She looked cheap and nasty, just the way she liked.
Orgasm time!!
She sank down on the dildo, all the way and took a short, sharp breath and began to fuck it hard and fast. It was hard for her to keep her eyes open, however, she loved the view and fought against closing them. She was bouncing up and down, her large tits moving with her and the weights swinging fast and straining her nipples. Drool was now flowing from her mouth and still she built up her speed. Her fingers were a blur on her clit and she was losing the fight to keep her eyes open. She managed one last look and saw what a slut she was, drool running from her mouth, her tits bouncing, weights swinging freely and cunt juice all over her thighs.
She knew she was there and lifted off the dildo and rubbed her clit, hard and fast. Her legs were beginning to buckle and then, she was there. Her orgasm hit her hard, her squirt was going everywhere. Over her hand, her thighs, onto the tiled floor. She kept rubbing, as she knew there was more to come and come it did. She could only squint in the mirror and see herself squirting on the floor, like some cheap whore. Her hand rubbing faster and faster on her swollen clit. God, she needed this gag out, she could feel the drool oozing from her mouth, her eyes were watering and legs were giving way.
She was done, she fell to her knees on the floor. The orgasm was so hard she could hardly move and just lay there. Exhausted and completely satisfied.

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