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Coffee and cream

That morning I called in sick at work. I was sick of !

I ended up at a small restaurant for breakeast. I can't stand

having someone right in my face at breafeast time but I like the

background voices and I watch the news or TV day shows from a TV

hanged on the wall.

I have the bad habit of sometimes commenting out loud either news on paper

or on TV. Two men about my age ( in their 50'S ) were sitting nearby

and started stating their opinions too to me. I was in no hurry, felt

comfortable were I was, drinking bad coffee and having a conversation

with two pleasant men.

After a while, I got up to get another coffee but one of the men offered

that we go back to his nearby place for some much better coffee !

It could not get any worst than it already was, the coffee that is !

So I agreed and off we went.

As soon as we got at the apartment, one guy went to get the coffee while

I sat down and kept a discussion going about a hockey game. Mr. Coffee

came back. He entered the room fully naked and with a solid stiffer of

at least 7 inches long.

- A little cream with your coffee sir ? he asked.

- Can I milk it out my self ? I responded laughing.

He took me seriously, probably because I didn't try to run away when I saw him.

He put down the coffee plate, started to pull off my t-shirt, got me to stand up

and suddenly pull down my pants to my ankles.

Take it all off ! he said firmly. So I did. I was now bucked naked !

His friend, Mr. Cream got undressed too.

On your knees boy ! Milk us out ! You'll get plenty of fresh cream believe me !

Mr. Coffee gripped my head with his big hand and direct it toward his dick !

First he rubbed it on my face then slapped it accross my face ! Finally,

he shove his long dong in my mouth with no intent to stop till I choked several times !

I had sex with another man only once, out of curiosity, and he told me that I needed to

learn how to take long cocks like his down my throat. He suggested starting

with bananas then cucumbers.

After a few trials, it was clear he wasn't going to be able to slap his balls

on my chin every time he tried to shove his huge cucumber down my untrained

throat. Mr. Coffee released my head from his hand lock and gave a chance to his

friend to enjoy me !

Mr. Cream's dick was as long as his buddy but much slimmer. My banana training

would be of use at last. He was less rough and slowly let his cock down my

throat. Slow back and forth with his balls just a tongue's lenght away when he

was as deep as I could take him !!

Ready for some more actions, Mr. Coffee noded at his buddy and they both grab

me by the arms and had me get on hands and knees on a wooden table !!

When I watch gay porno, I really like situation where a guy is the fuckmeat in

a "sandwich" : impaled at both ends ! And there I was about to be just that !

Mr. C came back for my mouth but was less rough this time. My almost virgin

ass ( yep, I had used dildos of various sizes to experiment that famous

prostate orgasm. Never happened ! ).

Mr, Cream positionned himself behind me. Drop some lub on my ass crack and his

cock head. Rub his shaft in my crack then made circle with his dick head on

and around my ass hole. Suddenly he very firmly grabbed my hips and brutally

shoved the whole lenght of his shaft into me. Of course, my mouth opened to

yell but Mr. Coffee decided to take this opportunity to shove his huge cock

into my throat down to the balls !!!

He pulled out quickly, slapped me silly with his dick then he inserted his dick

a couple of inches.

After his rough insertion in my butt, Mr. Cream went back and forth slowly,

pulling out totally a few times then back in to the balls. He then released my

hips and ordered me to move back and forth. I was now a ping pong "ball". One

dick in the other out, one dick out the other in. The pain took a while to

go away but this submission situation kept my cock very hard.

Mr. Coffee took a cup of coffee and placed it under my belly. Mr. Cream

started milking my cock while still enjoying my tight bottom. On a "high" from

the situation I was in, it wasn't long before I came in the coffee cup.

Mr. Coffee picked up the coffee cup and placed it on my back. Mr. Cream pulled

out of my ass and jerked himself off, shooting a huge multiple shots load

aiming at the coffee cup. Fresh cream was floating on the coffee but

then Mr. Cream placed the cup under my chin.

Mr. Coffee who was still fucking my mouth while watching it all, pulled out and

unloaded his balls on my face but specially on my mouth and chin. New fresh

cream started to drip into the cup.

"There you go ! The cream you requested " he said as he handled over to me the

coffee cup !

We all sat down, drank our coffees ! Was much better than the one at the


After that, I came back on a regular basis !

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