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First time giving a blow job.

I was a bit younger than I am now when I met a boy a bit older than I was who just caught my attention. He was a closet gay, I was bi-curious. He was so attractive. 6'1", 80kg, tan, short hair, brown eyes with a great fashion sense. For now, we can call him, Joey.

My friends and I were out clubbing one night when we stumbled upon Joey on his own at the bar. My friends were more interested in dancing, but I wanted to sit with him and see what was up.
We chatted about minor things like school, parents and our sexuality. He was the first person I told that I was curious and I was the first to know that he was gay. We hit it off there. We drank, we talked, we danced and we walked to his house together. No one really noticed us at all.

His f****y was asl**p, so we would sneak inside very quietly creeping to his room. He'd joke and bang his foot on the ground to shock me. It worked, and I got excited over the idea of being caught. He noticed my hard on and I got shy. We were in front of his room and he grabbed me by the hand, pulled me into his room, pushed me against the wall and we kissed.

Was it 7 seconds or 7 hours? I didn't care. It felt good. I felt good. I could feel his heart beat matching mine. When he pulled off my lips, he walked away and undressed until he was completely naked.
"Do you like what you see?", Joey says to me.
"I don't know" I quietly whisper.

unsure that he heard me, I took a step forward and said it again.

"I don't know", yet still too quiet, my face turning red and my hands shivering.

I step forward again until I'm face to face. I say to him, "Yes, I like everything I see".
I lean in to kiss him and he leans into me to return the kiss. He pushes me onto the bed still locking his lips on mine. My erection is so tight in my jeans that I tried to take them off but his hands were in the way trying to do the same thing. We giggle.

I get shy again and stop kissing him. I feel embarrassed for myself that I close my eyes and wish it would all end. This night, with this guy, I don't know if I even like him or not.
A sudden sensation runs up my body. My eyes roll back and my back arches. I can't look down, I'm tight all over but the feeling is so majestic that I couldn't help but to let out a quick moan. I move my hand down to feel his hands grasping my cock and his lips around the tip.

"Do you like this?", he says. I can't speak. It's like my body has been shut down. I feel his spit running down my cock and his mouth sucking my balls in. I lightly cum but I don't full orgasm.

He comes up to kiss me and says "that was fun, but now it's your turn".

"I don't know how to" I tell him.

He switches our positions with me on top and himself laying back. He says "It's easy. Just wrap your lips around the head first."

I lean down, slowly, until his cock is right in front of my nose.I consider backing out until he thrust it into my mouth. I spit out and wipe my mouth. I feel so embarrassed by that. He laughs and asks me to try again.
I lean down again faster than before and I grab his cock and slide the whole thing in my mouth. He lets out a sigh and tells me to move my head back up and slowly down. I work his cock slowly. I look up and see his mouth wide open letting out short sighs, his eyes rolled back and his chest elevated.

I pull his cock out and work it with my hand. No different than working my own. He loves it. He sits up and tells me to lay down. He says he wants to deep throat me. He tells me how to just open my throat and let him do all the work. I open my mouth and let him put his cock in my mouth. The sliding feeling is good. Each time his cock his the back of my throat my cock riddles with excitement. I can taste his pre-cum. Not what I expected. Not very thick but sweet tasting.

After sometime, he pulls out and lays with me.

"What do you think?", he's says while caressing my cheek.
"You're not my worst", I joked.

We noticed that we're still erect. I tell him how I've never tasted cum. His face lights up as he stands up and asks me to open my mouth. I agree to do so and I watch him masturbate. His cum shoots into my mouth, onto my face and down my chest. It was so warm, thick and salty. I taste it and swallow. I enjoyed it. I did the same to him afterwards and we both laugh and talk about the night before drifting off to sl**p.

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