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It's football time part 1

We meet at a designated place and go into the room. It is a standard issue motel room with beige carpet and a floral bedspread. I pull you close and slide my hand behind your neck, tilting it back slightly and cover your plump lips moaning into your mouth as our tongues get familiar. The kiss deepens your arms grasp my shoulders pressing your soft breasts against my chest. I drag my lips down your neck leaving a path i can follow back to your mouth later. I find a tendon in your neck and suck on it lightly, the quick intake of breath letting me know that either you're really enjoying my ministrations or are nervous that I will leave evidence that would be hard to explain to your husband. I suspect that it is a combination of the two. As it dawns on you that I am not intensifying the pressure on your neck you relax more into my arms. I slide my right hand from your hip up your ribcage and then between us, it soon becomes apparent that I am a tit man. As I caress your breast over your shirt you shudder slightly telling me without words that my hand is right where it should be,only without the layers between the nipple and and the friction my fingers are providing. I pull your blouse out of your skirt and start unfastening buttons, as the gap begins to widen my mouth is drawn to your cleavage kissing and licking the exposed skin. I pull at your nipples through your bra and then pull the cup down releasing your left breast. My mouth plunges over the tip and the barbell clacks against my teeth, I suckle your teat and bat at it. with my tongue you lace your fingers in my hair and pull back. I clamp my teeth behind the barbell and allow you to pull my head back, stretching your nipple and causing you to moan. You f***e the words out between clenched teeth YOU CAN'T LEAVE ANY MARKS MY HUSBAND CAN FIND!!!! I smile around your stud and murmur of course not baby....... all the while dragging my slightly uneven teeth across your nipple only stopping to change from left to right, and keeping the other one firmly ensconced between my ever tightening digits.
I push your skirt down across the ass I had been dreaming about using as a canvas for my lust and then her words flashed through my mind...... no marks. As I sunk my fingers in her pliable flesh a thought came out of nowhere. A smile she never saw that might have tipped my plans flitted over my face as I put actions into play. I slide 2 fingers inside your tback panties

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