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A Mothers True Love, The Beggining.

As a young mother I would bathe with my son, most mothers did back when we saved on hot water, but when we moved upmarket, the bath disappeared to be replaced by a new shower.

By then my son was approaching six, and still we bathed, somehow it felt natural, as we had been doing it for years, several times a week.

Of course he was getting into that inquisitive age, where my body made him curious, so in order not to make him feel awkward, I allowed him liberties, that some mothers would have labeled 'Taboo'

It was at this time my relationship with my husband broke down, and my daughters became estranged to me and stayed with my husband, and I became more protective and bonded more with my son, moving him into my bed, for comfort and solace, and, as he entered his teens and manhood, to feel him against my body.

Since leaving my husband I had not been with another man, and at times this unnatural abstinence, hung heavy with me, for, as a woman still in her full prime of sexuality, my need for attention, began to center on my son, and possibly, scenting my desirous situation, started having erections as we shared our bed.

Clearly, all the warning signs of nature taking hold of the situation, were there, the convenience of the close proximity of our naked bodies, my need to mate, and my sons response to my body heat and the scents I was eagerly transmitting for a mating partner, all came together one night, both literally and physically.

I found myself alone one late afternoon, feeling as I had never felt before. Clearly I was in the mood, but today it was the most powerful I had ever experienced before, and even when I touched myself I felt I would explode, the waves of desire swept across my fevered body, but I wanted to wait, my mind was constantly focused on my son, last night I felt him press against me, his urgency, remained between my buttocks, which I unashamedly pressed back at him.

I arose as he slept in the morning, and in the stillness of the morning light, I stared at him, suddenly the desire to mount him and claim a mothers right, welled deep inside me, but I restrained and showered cold.

That was six hours ago, and the expectation of his arrival, excited me again, so I showered with extreme care, as I was on the very edge and could easily tip over, and perhaps loose the very personal feeling of guiding my son back home to me, my craving to have him back inside me, the perfect love and bonding, and as I dressed in stockings and garter belt, to be his lover, his mother, his tease, his slut all rolled into one sexual adventure, I will have him as he walks through the door, my mind and body were determined.

I walked to the window in the state of undress in stockings and belt, and pressed myself against the cold glass. I looked out at the buildings opposite and watched a man pace up and down his living room, one look to his left and he would see me as I stood unashamedly.

I looked down to the street below, and there looking up at me was my son, He waved and I returned my salutation, I watched as he hurried towards me, and when he disappeared from view I turned and let my open robe remain thus, he would be greeted as I stood, fresh and shaven, ready to receive my penetration in seven years of barrenness and self denial, tonight I feel alive and a full woman, and I could feel the dull ache in my crotch, as the key entered the lock, I relaxed my body, and thrust my hips forward, my venus mound glistening with the sheen of natures glide, my breasts heavy and sensitive.

The door opened and my son entered, 'Mummmm', his voice trailed off on the last syllable, sounding as my ears wished to hear, upon espying some delicacy, 'Take your clothes off Darling', I heard myself say.

to be continued.....

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