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Coming of Age

I don’t recall a time in my life when I didn’t feel some sort of attraction to men. As a k**, starting around fifth grade, I took every opportunity to look at men’s cocks and the bodies that sported them. I remember being fascinated by the different sizes, shapes and colors that cocks came in. It wasn’t until I was in my early teen years that I began to realize why I was so interested in the site of other men’s cocks and what I wanted to do with them. Occasionally I would jack off with my buddy from up the street. As I became more adventurous I would get myself in a position where I could suck off a few of my friends from school. Before long I had a small group of buddies who would regularly set up sessions so I could drain them dry. Through all my adolescent adventures I always wondered what it would be like to get fucked by a REAL man…one who knew what to do and had been doing it for many years.

In high school I would fantasize about my gym coach. He had hard pecs under his tight T-shirt and great hairy legs that he showed off under his gym shorts. His hair was silvery gray and he had neon blue eyes over a chiseled face. Think of Paul Newman with a baseball player’s body. Nothing ever happened (at least not while I was in school), but the sight of this silver stud left me wondering more about what sex would be like with a man who had been around. Finally I got up the courage to find out for myself. I was about to finish my Junior year of high school. I was young, firm and horny as Hell. I had a slight definition of a six-pack. I am Latino and had thick, coal black hair that fell all over my head. I was lucky enough to have a set of doe-brown eyes that were framed by the cascading hair. I was never particularly well-built, but had a beautiful bubble butt that was aching to be put to good use. In my community there was a neighborhood where I was always told by my parents that I should never go. Everyone in town knew that this was where all the gay men hung out. Being an inquisitive k**, any time I was told not to do something I had to find out why. One day I snuck out of the house, took the bus to Faggot Flats and was never again the same person.

I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I was too young to enter the bars. I had no experience in cruising, so I just walked around to see what would happen next. Before long I was aware of him walking closer and closer behind me. I could see his reflection in the storefront windows. He certainly was older, must have been at least in his thirties! At that time anything over twenty-one seemed “older.” I stopped to pretend to look at the merchandise in the window while he approached. As I looked up I saw a handsome man with dark brown hair, blue eyes, nice build and huge bulge in his pants. As scared as I was I was also very curious. It wasn’t long before he had me in the passenger seat of his car, headed to his place.

As we drove along the road he reached over, took my hand and gently placed it on his crotch. I shivered as I felt his warm cock begin to stir under my hand. My heart pounded with excitement at the thought that I was finally going to experience sex with a REAL man! I had fooled around with classmates, but this was going to really be IT! By this time the sun had set and I knew nobody would be able to see into the car without peering directly in. I slowly pulled down his zipper and pulled out the most beautiful 8 inch cock with huge veins running along the sides. The head flared out at the top and glistened with precum. Each time the bl**d pulsed through his cock it would throb just a bit under the warmth of my hand. He raised up slightly so I could gently tug his pants and underwear down. His balls were like huge fur-covered gems that lay splayed upon the car seat. I could control myself no longer. With one hand gently wrapped around those incredible balls, I leaned over on the seat and lowered my mouth over the top of that delicious looking flesh pole for my first taste of man cock. The excitement I felt as we drove along and I took him deeper into my throat was indescribable! I had sucked cocks before, but never one as huge and well-developed as this one. I was finally finding out what it is like to take a man in my mouth and make love to his cock. I slid my lips up and down that beautiful manpole, worshipping every inch of its length. My tongue seemed to know instinctively to tease every one of those thick veins and the huge head as I bobbed up and down. I wanted nothing more than to please this man and show him that I was a boy no more. With each pass down his cock I slid lower and lower until I finally got my throat to open up and allow the head to slide down to where it belonged – deep down my throat. After just a few deep thrusts like this I learned to hold the mushroom head in my throat and massage it. I was shocked and excited at the same time to feel this man’s entire cock buried down my throat. I knew right then that I had to have more and more mancock. After today I could hardly ever be satisfied with what my friends offered me. In that instant I had become a pig for real cock. I moved my wet hungry throat over that cock faster and faster as I learned to relax to accommodate it. Every time I felt my nose brush against his thick patch of manly pubic hair I heard him moan loudly and thrust his cock just a bit deeper into my throat. Finally, as we pulled into his garage, he grabbed hold of my head and pumped once, twice, then a third time and held his cock buried as deep as it would go down my throat. My first response was to want to gag and gasp for air, but I was determined to give this man exactly what he wanted. That beautiful manmeat began to throb in my throat and suddenly I felt my entire mouth flood with warm, sweet cum. I had a mouthful of mancum for the first time and I loved every drop of it! Letting go of my head, he allowed me to pull up slightly to fully taste what I had so richly earned. He seemed to keep squirting and squirting down my throat. Each time he did, his body seemed to twitch in ecstasy. I held his cock in my throat until it stopped feeding me its nectar. I then gently bathed that beautiful mancock clean with my tongue until I had lapped up every last drop of my banquet. It never completely went flaccid, anticipating what was to happen next once we made it inside.

Knowing that our evening of lust and learning had just begun, we hurriedly pulled ourselves together and got into the house. The tale of what happened next will be my next story. Let’s just say I smiled every time I walked for the next week.

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