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Five to one

Lee came home with four of his mates after an evening at the gym, and they sat down with a beer each, talking about their exercise, and recent girlfriends. His flatmate, Jenna, heard them all and came down to introduce herself. She was not planning to go out that evening, and didn't expect five young guys in the house together, so suddenly thought this could be time to fulfil her long-felt fantasy. She'd gladly shag them all separately, but hadn't thought they'd all be there together........ She was up for it, and made it clear right away.
"If you're thinking about it guys, and you've energy left from the gym, I want to....." She took off her black panties and threw them across the room. The guys were stunned, and Lee was first there. He'd heard about his flatmate, but never thought this would happen, so his cock came to erection quickly, and his hand was on her thigh quickly, moving up towards her cunt before she could say no.
"Yes, I want all of you - stick your cocks anywhere you like - no limits - come on!"
A couple of guys took their shorts off, one removed his shirt, and one opened the curtains so the neighbours might see what was happening. He looked again at Jenna - maybe he'd had her before at some random party, but he couldn't remember for sure. Jenna walked over to sit on the floor, opened her legs and waited for the guys to begin. Lee got his cock out, and she grabbed it and slowly put it into her mouth. She got her jaws around it, and gave him a blow-job he'd not forget.He bit his lip and groaned, while turning to see his mates in various states of undress, with a couple already pulling their cocks while watching the stunning happenings in front of them.
Jenna spat on his cock, and sucked it till he was about to come. He pulled out, and one of the guys removed Jenna's blouse while another gently touched her pussy, felt her bareness down there, and kneeled beside her, then put two fingers into her cunt and moved them back and forth, up and down, quickening soon. With her blouse now removed, two guys came forward to kiss her lips and lick her nipples which were rock-hard by now. Lee walked away to admire the view. Dave spat on her clit, and it was easier to enter it, so he was the first in. Jack stuck his cock to her mouth, and she licked the tip, then took his cock down her throat. She stopped sucking and his cock moved in and out of her mouth , just as Dave was doing below. As he left her mouth for the final time, his cum dripped from her mouth, and she spat some on the floor.
Chas then moved in, kissing her tits, and she screamed. "Fuck's sake guys, is this the best you can do?". So Chas took his jockstrap, already damp with sweat, and let her smell it before he put it into her mouth, telling her to stay quiet, because he "knew she was a slag, and he would do what he could to prove it".
Dave was down at the shaven door to her clit, entered, and began to thrust. He'd never been part of a gang-bang before and knew that Jenna was now to be had anytime, anywhere. As Dave poked and poked awy, Jenna quiet as her mouth was full, Tommy had been rubbing his cock watching on, unsure whether or not to join in. He didn't care anymore, and already felt spunk in him, so he knelt over her, and pulled himself till spunk flew over her face. He removed the jockstrap from her mouth, and cleaned her face with it, then she screamed, then gargled as she cried, "Let me kneel up, I want to suck all your dicks in a circle." She knelt, and began to suck Lee's balls this time. His were a little hairy, and she spat out a hair. The other guys were in a circle around her. There were a couple of cocks she hadn't tasted, and she wanted 'the big black one' to see if it was sweeter than any other.
Jack then lay on his back, cock rigid, and Jenna sat gently so his cock was up her arse, and he began pumping away. Lee leaned over his flatmate, and guided his cock up her cunt. "DP - done it before, give me one in the mouth as well!" The boys were queuing up now. Chas stuck his in her mouth, preferring to throatfuck her and let his hard man do the work. Dave let her give him a blow-job and closed his eyes to take it all in. He heard some movement below, and opened his eyes to see the guys, moving round, taking turns at her mouth, cunt and arse.
Jenna then demanded that everyone move away from, which they did, and legs open, she pulled back her flaps, and sprayed juices in the air. Of course, Tommy was on the floor, licking up the fluid like a dog.
Jenna then lay on the floor, wanting all the guys to come on her together. She found another jockstrap, and put it onto her face to take in the sweat, waiting for the guys to come. Dave was first, up her nose, then Lee and Jack in her mouth together. Chas let her wait. He pulled his cock slowly, and dipped his balls on the edge of her lips, so she could lick them, suck them and taste them. When HE was ready, the tip of his cock touched her lips, and he shot his load down her throat. Jenna opened her mouth wide, to prove she'd swallowed it all, licked her lips and waited for Tommy, who made it different. Tommy stood up, hands behind his back, and cock erect. He moved it, then his spunk spewed forth, three or four times into her mouth, while his hands were behind his back.
Lee took a spoon, to mop up any cum on her face, and fed it to her. Jenna licked her lips, and looked forward to another night in with the boys....

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