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Teenage valentimes

It was the 14 February 2011 st valentines where many couples try to flatter the other partner to end up haveing long and hard sex with them. this was no different for 16 year old carl, Carl was physically fit young guy; who has a shy personality to go along with his short brown curls. Carl was walking along the warm avenue where his sexy high school girlfriend lived. He had flowers, cards and a lucky durex in his back pocket just In case things went well. HE knocked oh the large red door to Molly's house ,a young blonde girl with tight white top on opens the door inviting her boyfriend over for a special Valentines day. After sharing presents and watching a movie Molly felt a sensation coming from between her legs she started to lustfully look at Carl examining him up down his mussels, his smile and the large lump coming from his pants. She was still a virgin and had no sexual
experience but she couldn't stop the urge as she reached over stroking his crotch. Carl looked down in a state of pleasure to see his blonde girlfriend rubbing his tool, he moved his hand and started teasing her, pulling her perky nipples, witch were rigid through her tight white top as her blonde hair came down attempting to shield them, he them began sucking her neck to which she moaned joyfully at giggling at the sexual pleasure she was receiving. He ripped of her top as she cried in protest although Molly secretly loved this. her perky breasts getting sucked licked and pulled as she felt her pants sticking to her tight lips. Molly groaned in pleasure as Carl lifted up her denim skirt and pulled town her soaking pants as he rubbed her tight wet lips. Carl placed his tongue and tickled cindy's massive tight pussy lips with his tongue slowly massaging her clitoris. He began to pick up speed licking everything tasting her juices flowing into his mouth.Molly jerked with excitement and the naughty though of what was occurring she was soaking her pussy filled with cum and Sylvia.Next thing Carl knew Molly was at his crotch pulling down his jeans revealing a tender 6 inch cock rock hard with with sticky per cum all over it . next thing he knows Molly m was forcing a deep 5 inches into her mouth gagging each time teasing him listening to him moan as she licked the dip of his big cock. Rolling it back and forth thrusting deeper and deeper down her throat as Carl emptied his first load into Molly's mouth. Molly swallowed his hole load making sure she dried his cock off with her luscious red lips. Carl got up, bent her over as she nervously open her skinny legs as he pressed his penis into her tight,tight thick lips consuming the hole of his cock as he trusted he felt her tight lips clamp round his cock as he heard her moaning faster and faster next thing he felt was the her wet juices running down his cock. Wild with sexual fantasies carl removed his large white dick, and bent molly over further as he lifted her cheeks wide apart producing a small hole above the pussy he licked with passion making it nice and wet. Molly cried in protest but Carl f***ed 3 inches straight into her ass hole as she moaned with pleasure. Carl thusted his cock into her huge bum cheeks faster and harder as jolly screamed with pleasure. Carl ripped his cock out Molly and one last time f***ed his 6 inch cock right into Molly's open legged pussy. Molly grunted as she felt her tired pussy lock as she could feel the warm cream getting pumped she then fell to her knees examining his once hard cock sucking the remaining juices from his cock like a pro as she swallowed it down. Carl felt his duck soften In her mouth as she smiled with pleasure he put his trousers back on and realised one small thing, he forgot about the comdom.

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