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Being Bad

I regularly went out of town over night on business matters. I would go with our partner Rich. Rich never drove because he didn't have a license and would drink and just didn't want to risk it, so he always had a driver to drive him. When we went out of town was not exception.

Not going to hide it, Rich and I were lovers and took advantage of the business trips to have sex. We also had sex other times.

One day, as we were on our way to out, Rich was in the back seat and resting alittle because he was exhausted from working long hours the prior night. I sat in the front seat and Sam was driving. I felt Rich's hand on my shoulder and he pulled me to the backseat with him. I knew what that meant. He was already horny.

We started kissing, and his hand had already started making it's way down to play with my pussy. He stuck his fingers in my wet pussy and fingered me, I wanted him so badly, but we were in the truck and although Sam had already said he wasn't looking, I knew he was and if not he could hear us.

That did not stop me. Sam was little short so his seat was pulled foward quite a bit which gave me enough room to slip down on the floor board behind Sam's seat, and took Rich's dick out of his pants and started giving him a blow job. I went at it for a little bit and Rich could not handle it and blew a load in my mouth. Rich knew I ALWAYS swallow and wasn't worried about the mess.

Next Rich decided it was his turn. He had a lollipop he was almost finished with in his mouth and we traded spots. I spread my legs wide and he ate pussy lollipop and loved it. He played with my clit with the lollipop, stuck the thing in my pussy as he licked it and when he pulled the lollipop out would stick it in his mouth and suck my pussy juice off the lollipop. Rich always told everyone I had the best tasting tight pussy he has ever had and he has had MANY woman. So the he was enjoying his self made lollipop of my pussy juices. He has always been a good pussy eater, but that night was even better. I came in his face and he got off the floorboard of the truck and said, "There, we will finish what we started when we get to our hotel room." I was feeling good. and I didn't care that Sam was in the truck and I knew he heard at the very least us eating and sucking the hell out of each other.

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