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Dressed to Thrill

Dressed to thrill.

Keeping in line with the company policy as advertised, the phone was answered by the third ring.
Max the co-owner of the company lifted the receiver and in his most business like tone answered:.
“Eroscotia Entertainment, how we can we help?”
The voice on the other end of the line sounded dry and warbled huskily with each syllable.
“I’m looking to book a high class stripper to perform at a private function”
The owner responds. “Is it a male or female audience sir?”
“It’s all male. A group of 10. We’re celebrating a recent contract award and we’re willing to pay a substantial fee to the right artiste”
“Well sir, we do have some exciting females on our books. If you can tell me your preference I’ll see what we can provide”
The nervous voice now growing with confidence “We’d like a Blonde, large breasts, small waist, full buttocks and long legs”
The owner paused. The description given to him was a direct match for his wife. She performed as an exotic dancer when they first formed the agency. She was without doubt the most successful erotic dancer they’d ever had on their books. It was impossible for them to fulfil all of the requests for her bookings, so great was her popularity. But with the escalation of full sex expected at private stag shows on today’s market, she gracefully hung up her G string and retired from erotic dancing.
“Would the gentlemen have any specific routines they’d like the artiste to perform, for example naughty nurse?”
“If possible we’d like her dressed in the tightest lingerie, stockings of course with High Heels and masquerading as a secretary”
The owner was somewhat taken aback with this request. The customer had described his wife and now was describing her most popular routine.
“I’m sure we can accommodate that request sir” A strange feeling overcame the owner. Would he be brave enough to ask his loyal wife to perform her act one more time? To disrobe and display her naked body in front of total strangers. Would the gentleman expect more than a standard strip show? Would his wife approve of him requesting her services? A few of the girls on the books of the agency would perform the secretary act quite efficiently, but none would be able to hold a candle to the routine Becky performed.
“How much will this cost? And how long will the girl be performing her act?”
“The cost sir is determined by the length of time the girl will be on the premises”
“I was thinking of around one hour if that’s ok?”
“One hour will cost around £500.00 plus travelling expenses. I should state sir that all transactions will be cash and payable on completion of the act”
“Sounds perfect”
“If you could tell me the date, time and address I’ll book the girl and we’ll see you at the event”
As the owner scribbled the details down in the booking diary, a strange concoction of emotions swept over him. He felt two extremely different emotions, both so compelling yet unable to control either of them. He felt jealousy at the prospect of his wife parading erotically to an assembled group of strangers. Yet with this thought the other emotion gripped him. He found he was erect. He couldn’t understand why he found himself in this state of arousal. He’d watched her perform thousands of times, even before she was his wife. He would often on completion of her act feel a small sense of betrayal. As though she had been unfaithful. He remembered how he felt after her act; how he felt proud that she was the object of desire, that she was his and his alone. Her act was always sensual but always classy. She did not feel contempt for the girls who worked the circuit of today’s market, and never pre-judged any of their motives. A living is a living was her motto. Who was she to judge? With the large commissions the agency was raking in from the girls, she felt she was in no position to judge any of the girls. Besides the income provided them with a most lavish lifestyle. In the two years she had been retired, she still attended dance classes twice weekly. Three visits to the health spa every week maintained her voluptuous figure. In recent months the health spa she attended commenced pole dancing classes as a keep fit regime. She excelled in these classes, as her body would writhe as it had done thousands of times in her distant past. Bringing memories of her former life to prominence in her daydreaming mind. Her breasts though large were still as full and buxom as they were when he first met her. Her stomach though not washboard was flat and expressive. Her waist was two inches smaller from her dancing days. Her buttocks were higher and tighter than at anytime in her life. Her taut long legs were as smooth as porcelain. During her dancing days she had always favoured the Brazilian wax. Nowadays she preferred the smoothness of a full Hollywood wax. If any thing she had improved with age. Her cartoonesque figure was still as eye-catching as ever. When she walked into a room all eyes, male and female would cast furtive glances toward her direction. She always dressed extremely provocatively yet outstandingly classy. On lesser women her dress sense would be described as sluttish, yet she could present the apparel sophisticatedly with consummate ease.
His mind racing he picked up the phone and began to dial his home number.
As professionally as the office she answered within three rings.
“Hi Becky here”
“Hi babe it’s me”
“And what do I owe this pleasure too?”
“I’ve just taken a booking and the guy has requested you specifically”
It wasn’t a complete lie, just a little stretching of the imagination.
“What did you tell him?” she enquired.
“I told him the decision was yours and I’d get back to him with an answer today”
The butterflies in his stomach were fluttering in all directions.
“Would you be ok with me stripping again?”
“Its ok babe I told him there would be no sexual extras, just a straightforward erotic dance”
“Straightforward! Don’t you remember my dancing?”
“How can I forget? I see it almost every night when you come into the bedroom”
“If your ok with it honey I’ll do this one strip. It would be quite fun to see if I can still hold a room”
“Excellent. I’ll confirm the details with the guy”
“How big will the crowd be? And do any of the people know us”
“It should be fine as the booking is out of town”
“I’m quite excited at the thought of it. I’ll need to go out and buy some new undies for this!”
“No problem babe. He’s paying all expenses also”
“When is it scheduled for?”
“Tomorrow evening. I’ll book a Hotel as it would be too late to travel back home”
“I better get my music out and start rehearsing!”
“Bye gorgeous”
“Bye honey. Just hope you don’t get too jealous”
As he replaced the receiver of the phone, he visibly noticed his hand shaking; he opened his desk drawer and took out his collection of business cards. Leafing through till he finally found the one he was searching for. Placing the card on the desk in front of him, he dialled the number.
A voice came over the phone instantly.
“Holiday Inn, how we can help?”
He booked the best available room the hotel had to offer for the following evening.
Completing his transaction he hung up the phone and stretched back into his leather office chair. He was still erect!
At the close of business he set the alarms, locked the office and left the premises in his all too usual manner.
Pressing the key control to his car. Beep beep and the alarm was disengaged. Pulling the seatbelt across his lap he could still feel the erectness. Starting the engine, he drove carefully out of the car park, onto the main road and headed on the short journey home.
When he pulled into the snake like drive, he noticed the only light on in the house was his bedroom light. Parking the car at the house end of his driveway. Beep beep. The car was now locked; he walked the few steps to his front door. Placing the key into the lock he noticed how shaky his hands were. Turning the key clockwise, he heard the familiar click of the lock allowing access to his home. Pale strands of light from the bedroom upstairs were the only illuminations in the entire household. Becky’s husky voice called out.
“Come straight up! I want you to see something”
Taking two steps at a time he ascended the deep pile staircase. The bedroom door was slightly ajar. An incandescent glow filtered between the door and frame. A shadow would disturb the light periodically. Placing his hand in the centre of the door, he pushed lightly and stepped into the room. Adjusting to the brightness of the light, his pupils dilated and were instantly positioned on the sight before him.
Becky his wife was cat walking up and down the room in her newly purchased lingerie.
“Like what you see” she teased.
His mouth was dry as he nodded like a startled schoolboy.
Becky was traipsing across the room wearing 5 inched heeled black court shoes that fastened with a thin ankle strap. Her legs were encased in black seamed fishnet stockings. These were held in place by black suspender straps hanging from a black wet look Waspie. The Waspie was cinching her already tiny waist. Her figure was perfectly hour glass. Her breasts were partially covered by a shiny black quarter cup bra. The bra matched the material of the Waspie. It didn’t’ so much support her breasts, more like it caressed and cupped her bosom. Her nipples rested on the lace trimmed edging surrounding the quarter cups. He could see the erectness of her nipples as they nestled in the bra. Her wedding ring wasn’t visible due to the long black wet look evening gloves that sheathed her arms. His eyes darted to her pussy. It was barely covered by a tight almost see through black lace thong. The thong was pulled so tight every line and contour of her pussy was visible. Her mound on display yet still hidden.
He let out a wolf whistle of appreciation.
“Is it my birthday?”
“No silly” she teased him “This is for tomorrow night. If you’re a good boy, I may just give you a private show afterwards in the hotel”
He moved forward to touch her body. She backed away saying.
“This is for the show. You did tell them there’d be no fucking”
“Of course!” He lied, though technically he hadn’t as the subject never arose.
“Then help me remove these and pack them into my case”
She removed the articles as she would on stage. One piece at a time, teasing him with each disrobement. Finally naked before her rampant husband, the smoothness of her recent Hollywood waxing drawing his eyes to swelling pussylips, they fell onto the bed and made frantic love. The hesitancy only added to their fervour, a hesitancy that had been missing for some time, frantically thrusting they both orgasmed within minutes.
Picking the lingerie off the bedroom floor, they both folded the delicate articles neatly into her costume case. Placing her music and cosmetic bag into the case, they descended the stairs and adjourned in the kitchen.
Eating their meal they both made light conversation. Both aware but not saying anything of the obvious sexual tension. Enjoying a relaxing evening they both retired to bed. His mind trying to unravel why he felt the conflict of sexual urges. One part of him is insanely jealous at the thought of strangers leering at his loving wife. The other part of him is bursting with pride that strangers will be lusting after his devoted wife and he will be offering her glorious body to the assembled mob to gratify and satiate their lustful desires. She lay beside him content in the knowledge that she will control the scenario. She will decide how far things will be allowed to progress. But a nagging doubt enters her head. She remembers why she retired. The memories flood back now as the images run in her mind. How she would entice a room full of men to full blown erection. How she would let them caress her body. How difficult it was for her not to pursue full sex with the most sexually attractive man in the audience. How for the sake of her marriage she would have to leave this segment of her life and move on to other pastures. The burning desire she experienced then was now returning to her aching body. Would she be able to resist the temptation? Would she have the strength of mind to resist another man entering her body and fucking her lustfully? She knew she would send the men wild with desire, but could she dampen the hard driven passion of her own sexuality. Could she control all of this under the watching eyes of husband?
As night turned to day, they were woken by the buzzing of the alarm clock at their bedside. Becky was first to rise. Kissing her husband, she stretched from under the duvet and walked the short walk to the bathroom. Lying in the warmth of the bed, he heard first the flush of a toilet, then spray of a shower, as the water raining on the stained glass door of the cubicle.
Returning to the bedroom, a white bellowing towel, wrapped clingingly around her body, accentuating her deep Mediterranean tan. Droplets of water ran from her shoulder and soaked into the luxury of the towel. Running a comb through her dampened hair she asked him.
“What time do we need to be there?”
“Seven o’clock for a seven thirty start”
“If we leave here at five would that give us enough time?”
“I was thinking if we left at four we could take our time”
“Sounds good to me”
The hours from then till four dragged like time had never dragged before. Dressed in their business clothes they locked the house up for the night, entered the car and drove off to their destination.
After two hours and forty minutes of casual driving, they pulled into the car park of the venue. Winding the windows down she lit a cigarette as he phoned the hotel to confirm they would check in around ten that evening.
The two storey building was state of the art. Glass encased the entire building. Light was visible in two areas only. In the reception of the ground floor and from what appeared to be a long room at the far left hand side of the building. As they approached the reception a voice came over the entry tannoy.
“The doors open, just let yourselves in. we’re on the floor above, just follow the noise”
Holding the door open for Becky, he carried her case, as they passed through the glass framed reception. A narrow marble effect staircase carved through the reception area. Becky, holding the stainless steel handrail, ascended the stairs one at a time. Her husband following her obediently. On reaching the summit they walked toward the chaotic chatter spilling from the room at the end of the corridor. Becky’s heels of her calf length boots were echoing off the walls of the corridor. Two steps from the door, it opened as a tall business suited man blocked the frame.
“I’ll show you to your dressing room”
Shaking Becky and her husbands hand he guided them to the second door on their immediate right. Opening the door the stranger stood back from the opening saying.
“Sorry it’s not much, but it should be fit for purpose”
Becky and her husband were taken aback at the splendour of the changing room.
The walls were full length mirrors; above each was fitted mood lighting. The main light in the centre of the ceiling was controlled by a dimmer switch, which at this moment was full on. Becky thanked the man and said she would be through in about fifteen minutes. Closing the door behind him, the stranger returned to the party.
“Phwoar” was the limit of his vocabulary to describe the essence of Becky.
Becky stood in front of the mirrored walls, inspecting her clothed body.
“Do you think I’m capable of doing this?”
“Of course. You were the best who retired. You retired from dancing not be being the best”
She knew she was more than capable of performing; this was a little give back to her husband, to show him she needed him with her. Plus the extra compliment was an added bonus.
Unnerved she removed her civilian clothes, standing naked she asked her husband to pass the articles from within the bag.
Shiny Black tight Waspie accompanied by Black Seamed Fishnet Stockings, Outrageously High Heels, and a tight lacy see through thong, Long Black Gloves, a quarter cup Black bra, sexy black waistcoat with a tight knee length skirt. Removing her civilian clothes, Becky stood naked before her audience of one. First to be applied was the skin-tight Waspie. Once fastened tightly around waist, he passed her the Fishnet stockings. Even at this early stage a feeling of sexual urge was building up within her. Taking the Stockings from out of their wrapper, she slid one over her toes, pulling past her calf then into its final position resting mid thigh, accentuating the softness of her skin. The other stocking followed in the same manner. Stepping into her outrageously high heels, she fastened the suspender clasp hanging from the skin-tight Waspie. Next she slid the see through thong up her stocking encased legs, resting it, tightly against her hairless mound. Arching her back slightly, she turned to allow her husband to adjust the thin strip of material separating the perfect orbs of her perfectly formed ass. Gently, her husband tugged the material into position. The action of the movement applied pressure onto her clitoris, removing it from it its hood. Exposed now her clitoris throbbed against the flimsy material. Slight movements increased the intensity, as her love button brushed against the flimsy material. Although this feeling was a minor discomfort it still sent her sexual urges to a higher plane. Handing her dresser the Quarter cup bra, she intimated that he should fasten the hooks. One arm then the other goes through the straps of the tiny garment. Positioning the cups under her full ample breasts, taking the clasps he fastens the bra with precision. Turning toward her husband she positions her breasts in the garment for maximum effect. Becky’s nipples totally on display, standing so proud and erect. She steps into the knee length black skirt, feeling the inner lining as it grips her body on the way to its final location. Straightening the line, bending slightly she asks her husband to zip the skirt. Slipping her arms through the black waistcoat, buttoning the front as she adjusts her breasts, showing copious amounts of cleavage. Placing the half rimmed glasses on, she slides one long black glove over her arm. Handing the music to her husband she smiles.
“Do you think I will do?”
“They must be gay if it doesn’t”

She dressed efficiently in the attire she purchased the day previous. Her husband fastened the buckle on the thin straps of her High Heeled shoes, as she sheathed her arm in the remaining wet look black evening glove.
Staring back at herself, she made tidy modifications to her apparel. Still looking at herself she asked her husband.
“You sure this will do the trick?”
Her husband nodded as she made one final adjustment to her nipples, placing them back inside the black waistcoat.
“You don’t think this waspie’s too tight do you?” she teasingly asked her husband.
He just shook his head, gesturing that things were perfect.
Taking her music he entered the room first. She waited patiently outside the room.
The host showed her husband to the music system built into a crevice on the wall. He popped the CD open and placed the disc on to the machine. Pressing the close button, the machine swallowed the silver disc. Within seconds, pulsating music vibrated off the four walls of the room. Clearing his throat he shouted over the noise of the music.
“Gentlemen. I give you Sascha” Sascha being the stage name she had performed under in her previous life.
Becky strode into the room with an abounding confidence. Whistles and loud applause drowned out the music for a brief period of time. Instructing the crowd to sit down in the circle of chairs. Everyman obeyed this command diligently.
Becky then walked into the centre of the circle and commenced her performance.
The group of high profile businessman seemed delighted with their choice of artiste.
Becky started dancing and gyrating to the pulsating music as the guys all sat around in a symmetric circle. Taking her glasses off, she shook and tousled her hair. Sitting on each guys lap, tousling their hair, running her gloved fingers across the shoulders and chests of the gathered crowd. Giving each of them her undivided attention. Teasing each and every one of them with her driving sexuality. She’d been round the entire crowd once, now she thought it’s time to show them what’s beneath the garments. Becky decided to select a different guy each time to remove an article of clothing. The guy she chose first will remove her skirt. She approached him slowly and seductively, licking her glossed lips as she stood before him. Hands on hips, cinching her waist. She begin unzipping the skirt, as she bent over with her ass facing him, wiggling her butt cheeks provocatively just inches from his face. Sliding the skirt over her hips, edging it toward her knees with her back arched and head turned looking over her shoulder as her ass was put on display for him. The tautness of the suspender straps digging into her smooth flesh, clearly on display. As the skirt falls to the floor, she steps out of the discarded garment, parading in front of the crowd, the erotically charged thong framing her sex charged mound. Silkily she moved on to the next guy. Standing in front of him, she bends toward him. Pulling him close to her, she whispers huskily into his ear, blowing seductively.
“Unbutton my waistcoat”.
The guy shakily unbuttons the first button. Becky rotated your hips as he unbuttoned the remaining discs of the waistcoat as it opens exposing her hardened nipples and ample breasts to him alone. The Tight Waspie only accentuates the fullness of her breasts bursting out of the quarter cup bra, as they heave with each breath. Maintaining eye contact with him to unnerve him even further, she steps back from him and flashes the erotic underwear at him then re wraps her breasts with the waistcoat. Smiling at him, she peels the waistcoat from her body, gyrating seductively as it falls to the floor. The light gasp from the men in the crowd is audible. Brazenly standing in the middle of the crowd, the immense feeling of power takes over her persona. The figure hugging erotic garments, accentuating every curve and line of her sex charged body. Standing before the gathered crowd, the five inch calf tightening high heels adding Amazonian qualities to the scenario. The shininess of the Black Waspie enhances the smoothness of her skin. The lacy see through thong tightly gripping the mound of her pussy. The outline of the crack of her pussy is visible through the flimsy taut material. The recent waxing displaying the smooth lines of an excited pussy. Turning slowly she shows the entire room the magnificent body of sexuality presented before them. With every small sway of her hips, the thong separates her ass cheeks and tugs tightly on her pussy mound. Enticing the exposed hood of her clitoris with each step she takes, the effect mimicking a thrusting cock. The sexual urges coarse through her pussy making it pulse with sexual abandon, as every guy in the room fantasises that he is penetrating her. Becky’s glossed lips involuntarily part, as tiny breaths venture from her mouth, soft moaning sounds gently reaching the ears of the men closest. She’s in total control, yet a part of her surrenders a fraction of the control to the lust building within. Empowered by her actions she decides to tease the crowd like they’ve never been teased before.

Selecting the guy she felt was the most attractive. She approached him as her stockinged knees made contact with his. Gesturing for him to close his knees together, she placed both hands on his knees. Placing one stockinged leg either side of his closed legs, she straddle him slowly, gyrating sensually as she landed her barely covered pussy directly on to the material covering his now hardening cock. She feels his erect manhood twitching through the straining material of his trousers. The pulsing and throbbing of his cock, multiplies as the excitement surges through him. Placing the gloved hands behind his neck, she leant back slightly so her breasts partially encased in the flimsy bra, jutted and thrusted toward him. Moving back into the comfort of his body, bringing her glossed lips to his ear. Whispering seductively she uttered to him “Unhook my bra”. As his hands snaked up the small of your back, she rocked her pelvis agonisingly slowly. His hands made contact with the leatherette material as he manoeuvred to unclasp the bra. Gently flicking her extended tongue across his aroused lobe, she whispers to tell him.
“I can feel the heat of your cock”.
Knowing full well the arousal she had stirred, within herself as much as anything, she took it to a higher plane. Staring into his eyes, a confident grin spread across her face, she slid her mound along the shaft, slowly making figure eights with the rotation of her hips.
As the bra is unhooked, she placed her gloved hands on your heaving breasts, holding the bra, as it shrouded the ample bosom. Standing up, she stepped back from the guy, maintaining eye contact continuously. Turning her back to him, she bent over, arching her back whilst showing her toned tanned ass to him. Her legs slightly apart, the coolness of the air delicately kissed her pussy, all the while holding the bra covering her breasts. Straightening her body up to full height, she turned toward the guy, and standing in the showgirl pose, with her legs slightly parted, she gracefully removed the bra freeing her breast in all their glory.
Cupping her breasts in the black gloved hands, offering them slowly towards his face. Letting him flick his tongue over your nipples. Hands now placed firmly around her leather cinched waist, she straddled the tormented guy, allowing him to cup her naked breasts. Rhythmically moving her continuously soaking pussy across the straining material engulfing his cock. Placing her pouting glossed lips as close to his without kissing him, he feels the light pressure of her hot breath. He opens his mouth as she glides her salivating tongue along his lips and gently probes the inside of his upper lip. Lifting one breast up to his lips, she presents the hardened nipple to him. He flicks his velvety tongue across the goose bumped flesh. Flicking the nipple up and down, he attempts to suck on the erect flesh. Becky pulled her breast away from him, wagging her finger like a scolding school teacher. Standing up from his lap she danced her way to the centre of the room. All eyes could see the erect nipples as they stood proudly from her full luscious breasts. Placing her left hand under the left breast, she lifted the erect nipple toward her waiting glossed lips. Flicking the tip of her tongue in the direction of the hardening nipple. The tickling sensation reverberated through her body. Every nerve ending was tingling with desire.
Grabbing the other breast she licked the outer edges of the nipple, ensuring eye contact with the guy directly in front of her. Dancing slowly and seductively, the entire crowd were sexually charged. Moving amongst the gentlemen, one or two hands strayed onto her cavorting body. Allowing them the pleasure of touching her momentarily. She sidled up close to one of the guys, gracing him a few minutes of soft sensual petting of her exposed breasts. Letting her breast get close to his mouth, she moves them away from his lips as he almost kisses the soft golden flesh. Moving across to the opposite side of the room, brushing her naked breasts against the chest of the next chosen victim. Seductively straddling him, placing his hands on her bondaged waist, controlling every movement, she mimics the action of fucking him in that position. Throwing her head back and gasping softly as she fakes an orgasm for his effect. Standing up slowly, she placed her right hand under his chin, lifting his face upward as she arose from his lap. Leaning toward him she licked her tongue along the shape of his opened mouth. Standing upright now she moved to centre of the room again. Selecting the next victim like a panther in hunt. Cupping her breasts she straddles the next guy, unleashing a serious of powerful pelvic thrusts, banging the flesh of her restrained pussy against his already hardened cock. The thong biting into the lips of her pussy with each pelvic thrust. The strand of material separating the cheeks of her ass was sawing through her flesh. Enticing the circle of her anus to come join the party. Standing above the guy, she turned her back on him. Taking one step forward, then one step back, she slowly descended her parted buttocks onto the stiffened cock, still encased in its material prison. With her back against his chest, arching the small of her back, breasts jutting forward. Placing his hands on the naked breasts she feels his manhood pulsing as the bl**d coursing through his body supplies the erection bursting in his groin. Opening her legs wide, the flimsy see through material of the thong penetrates deeper between her labia. Taking his right hand she directs him to the exposed lips of her lust crazed pussy. Allowing him the pleasure of feeling the intense heat emanating from her cunt. Grinding against his inquisitive fingers, she rotates your hips. Millimetres of flimsy material penetrate the inner lips of her labia even further, as the pressure grows deep inside her pussy, with the rhythmic movement of her hips and his fingers. Bucking more intensely, she experiences a familiar sensation welling within her sex. The first wave of orgasm ripples down the walls of her vagina as the crescendo begins. Breath quickening, it’s obvious to the crowd that pleasure has taken over, as each pulse of orgasm leaves her body. As her pussy stops heaving against his hand, she pulls his head toward her and kisses him softly. Snaking her tongue into the first third of his mouth. Unlocking her glossed lips from his, she steps forward, still maintaining the rhythm of the erotic dance. Returning to the centre of the room, she selects the guy who will unclasp her suspenders and remove the stockings. Placing a high heeled foot into the groin of the chosen guy. Rubbing his cock with the sole of her shoe. The foot applying light pressure to his groin, slowly forming circles on his obviously erect cock. Unclasping the back suspender of her left stocking she offers the front suspender for him to unclasp. As he reaches to unclasp the suspender, she gyrated furiously. The pressure releases from the unclasped suspender. Rolling the stocking slowly down to her ankle, tracing the path back up the soft smooth leg. Changing feet, she placed the other foot into his groin. This time inviting him to unclasp the back and front suspender. As he reaches to unclasp the back suspender, she gyrated slowly making it difficult for him to unclasp. The rhythmic movement unbalances him and his elbow brushes against thong encased pussy. The swelling lips of her pussy are now almost bursting out of the thong. With both suspenders unclasped, rolling the stocking down her leg, she again traces the path back to where the stocking originated. Laying on the floor with both feet placed on his groin she asks him to remove the shoes and stockings, and to place the shoes back on to her naked feet. Shaking, he removes the shoes and rolls the stockings off her manicured feet. Taking first the left then the right he places the shoes back onto her delicate feet. Raising herself from the floor, she feigns a stumble and land in the lap of the guy who has just removed the stockings. Kissing his cheek she mockingly thanks him for saving her. Walking slowly round the room she moves over to the next guy. Turning her back on him. She rests her ass on his awaiting lap. With her back toward him, leaning her head to his ear, placing one hand around his neck and pulling his ear toward her. She instructs him to unclasp the Waspie. Opening her legs wide to the rest of the audience, she gives them a view of her pussy being spliced by the tightness of the thong. Feeling the biting pressure of the thong as it digs its way deeper into the hot moist crevice. The fleshy lips of her swollen pussy, struggle to cope with the postage stamp sized piece of material covering the opening to her womanhood. Looking over her shoulder, the guy can see the swollen mound of her pussy in the distance through the valley of her breasts. The eroticness of the view is pushing the guy to ejaculation. The tingling sensations gathering at the tip of his penis, as the first droplets of pre-come seep from his cock and are absorbed in the material of his clothing.
His hand grazed across the flesh between the Waspie and the thong. His fingers making contact with the straining material of the thong. Lightly stroking the dampening fabric, till the tip of his finger rested on the engorged pussylips. He shakes with excitement as she slowly grinds her cunt to his finger. His other hand snakes upward and teases a nipple to full erection. She leans forward as he cups a breast and massages the fleshy orb. Removing his hand from her pussy, she places it to the rear of the Waspie, reminding him he needs to unclasp and remove the skin-tight garment. The clicking sound of each clasp as it releases the Waspie can be heard to all. Peeling the tight garment from her waist he throws the garment onto the floor. Now leaning back toward the guy, she begins licking his neck, placing his hand again on her demanding pussy. Ensuring the audience can witness all the erotic action. The guy fondles a breast as he delves his finger inside the thong making contact with her exposed clitoris. This action f***es her to open your legs wider. Half of the audience can see his finger sliding in and out of her come soaked cunt. The other half witnesses the movement of the thong and slight glimpse of her wet pussylips being savaged by the probing finger. Removing his finger, she pulled the thong to one side exposing the bareness of her pussy. Taking her gloved fingers, she extended the digit finger and ran it the length of her pussy lips. Slowly moving the finger up and down the entire length, snatching at the lacy thong, keeping her bare pussy exposed for the audience. Separating the fleshy lips of her exposed pussy, allowing the assembly to see the fullness of the passion gorged lips and wantonness of her love tube. Grabbing one of his hands she let’s it rub the silky material back into her pussy. Breathing heavily onto the guy’s neck, she instructs him to rub her hot pussy in circular motions in front of the entire audience. The sensations created by his fingers, pressing the flimsy material, as it moves inward to her naked pussy lips. He can feel the wetness of her cunt through the see through material that is barely covering her pussy. Stopping the movement of his hand, she stands up from the guy and turning toward the middle of the room, she parades her sexuality to the excited mob. Standing in front of these strangers, a small flimsy strip of material covering her pussy. Her husband, standing at the far side of the room, witnessing the spectacle, smiles at his lust driven wife.
Licking her glossed lips, she returns the smile adding a seductive wink into the bargain.
Gauging the crowd she knows they all desperately want to see more. More of her flesh. More of her movement. More of her sexuality. Her breasts, full and ample, swelling at the excitement she’s generated. Sexual urges are pulsing through her pussy. The inner walls of her pussy are quivering. Even in this excited state, she can feel the soft trickle of come oozing out of her cunt. Barely able to stand up straight as the passion within her increases. She can feel her legs shake and quiver. The audience don’t notice the slight shaking of her legs as she teeters on her high heels. The burning within her pussy is intensifying with each step she takes. The bass of the music vibrates through the atmosphere, delicately blowing across her lips and clitoris. Each beat of the bass line feels like an extended tongue licking every nerve in her agitated cunt. The slightest touch to her pussy would throw her right over the edge.
She must maintain control, but the sexual tension almost has her relinquishing control of the situation. All of the men in the room are discretely rubbing their crotches. Trying to disguise the erections growing inside their trousers. The desire builds up inside her. A sexual tension that she’s never felt before. She’d driven men wild with desire in her past, but never in the presence of her husband. The anticipation grows in the room as they wait for her to remove the thong. With her hips swaying slowly, she circles the entire audience. The swaying of her hips seems to f***e her breasts forward. She targets the guy who will perform the last act of removal. The guy who will disrobe her completely. The guy who will experience the nakedness of her womanhood. The guy who will get first glimpse of her naked pussy. The first guy to do so since her wedding night. A strange stirring of emotions raced through her mind. If she continued now there was no way back. Glancing one last time at her husband, her eyes locked with his. Raising his thumb in approval he flashed a loving smile in her direction. This was the approval she was hoping for. Standing at the right hand side of her chosen victim, she slowly glided her hand down the right hand side of her soft silky body, hooking the thong in her thumb. Placing her right knee between his legs, she offered the material to his mouth to remove the thong with his teeth. He leaned toward her hip and took the tiny strip of material offered. Biting down on to the material, he moved the garment slowly. Feeling his hot breath vaporising on her exposed hip. His lips nuzzled on her bare flesh as he slid the material down over curvy hip. The electric charge of his lips on her bare flesh does not go unnoticed by her gaping pussy. Turning to the other side, she offered him the opposite hip. He bit down on the material. Again she felt his hot breath on the untouched hip. His lips slowly grazing her flesh, as his hands separated the firmness of her ass cheeks. The thong now resting below both hips. The release of pressure on her pussy is almost too much to take. Though not quite exposed yet, the heat from her cunt is almost overpowering him. Standing in front of the guy she places one leg either side of his outstretched legs. The thong is stretched to breaking point. Still standing, his face directly in line with her inadequately covered pussy. Slowly, she moved her fleshy mound toward his face. The movement brings a new tension to thong, now almost splitting the lips of her pussy in two. His breath is quickening now as he can smell the musky scent of her aroused pussy. He’s the only one in the room who can see her hairless quim. Pulling the remaining material toward his mouth she instructs him to bite the thong and remove it from her body. Obediently he bites the material. Gripping it with his teeth as if his entire life depended upon it. Guiding his head she directed him to slide the material down to expose her pussy. As he grips the thong tightly he released her cunt from its restraints, his teeth and lips brushed against her pussy ever so delicately. This sent her shuddering into a mini orgasm. Uncontrollably she thrust her bare pussy into his face. Releasing the thong from his mouth he slid the flimsy sex soaked garment down her shimmering legs, as he licked the lips of quivering pussy. Instinctively she grabbed her breasts with both hands, kneading and pounding them in unison as each wave passed through her body. As the last simpering waves of orgasm flowed through her pussy, a delicate sigh emanated from her slightly parted lips. Unashamedly she let a slither of come run down her inner thigh. Encouraging the guy to lick the inner length of a her Tanned thigh, she held the top of his head as his tongue lapped at her leg finally resting in the groove of her pussy. Placing her hands on his shoulders, she fell into his lap and kissed his neck, grabbing the nape of his neck with both hands; she grinded her come drenched pussy against the restrained hardness of his cock. Even through the material of his clothing she can feel the shape of his erection enter inside the shallow depth of her pussy. Small controlled thrusts, separate her pussy lips further. Controlling the movements of the simulated sex act, she feels another orgasm building. This time she declined pleasure. This orgasm would have to wait. Standing up and stepping back from the guy. She turned around with her back to him; she slowly kicked the thong from her smooth legs. Turning slowly, she exposed her excited naked gaping pussy to the guy. The moisture from his tongue still glistening on her pussylips. A warm trickle of come seeped from out of her burning pussy. She straddled him again, letting her exposed bare pussy clasp itself on to the material now straining his rock hard cock. Gyrating her hips, she placed his hands on her swollen breasts. The stretching of his material, now f***ed her pussylips further apart. Her opening, widening with each gentle thrust. Her breath quickening now as she imagined his cock is unleashed and inside her. He looked down to watch her pussy glide back and forward across the straining outline of his hard cock. He catches a glimpse of her bodily fluids sliming the length of his material covered cock. She opened her mouth for him to feel her hot breath on his face. He brushed his lips gently across her full glossed lips, as his tongue slithered into her opened mouth, exploring the inner workings. With mouths locked, she took one of his hands from her breasts and placed it on the opening to her pussy. Raising her pussy a couple of inches above his lap, she guided two of his fingers inside her throbbing cunt. His fingers twiddled the inner walls of her labia. Placing her hands on his knees she pushed uncontrollably against his fingers, pushing them deeper and deeper inside.
The heat generating from her sopping cunt, almost burning his fingers with desire.
The smell of her hungry sex now filled his nostrils. He hooked both inserted fingers toward the front wall of her pussy, hitting the G spot with impeccable accuracy. Applying pressure to the area of desire, his strong fingers pressed and lifted the soft flesh in perfect circles. Bringing his thumb into contact with her exposed clitoris, he f***ed his fingers against the aroused erogenous zones. The sensations were too strong for her to resist. She couldn’t fight the a****l passion taking over her sexual emotions. Without shame or abandon she started fucking his fingers, bucking against the pressure. Thrusting the wall of her cunt f***efully onto his massaging fingers. With each thrust her clitoris sc****d his aching thumb. The hood of her clitoris moved tantalisingly back and forth, heightening the sensual pleasure. He moved his other hand around and down the small of her arched back. Tiny beads of sexual perspiration gathered on her reddening brow.
Her cheeks flush with the rose coloured tinge of pre-orgasm. With her legs splayed wide, her cunt sucking the digits deep within, she rode the hands for her own selfish desires. Her asshole puckered, opening itself to access, with each thrust of her hips on to his probing fingers. He stroked a finger lightly around the circle of her anus, worming a finger inside her tightest of holes. Smeared love juice from her previous orgasms, acted as a lubricant as her ass took his finger with zero resistance. Fucking his fingers, her breath quickened. A sensual sound tumbled out her mouth. Her cheek pushed against his cheek as she thrust her womanhood at him, till the heat at last brought her pleasure to a climax. Riding the last waves of orgasm, she took his fingers from her pussy. Placing them in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the come soaked fingers, mimicking an erotic blowjob in the process. She moved her hand to the straining zipper; as she slowly glided the zipper to fully open. His erect cock bounded out to freedom. Pushing his cock down with one finger, against his taut midriff, she smiled at him. Licking her lips with her finger still keeping his demonic cock pressed against his abdomen, she slid her open pussy lips back and forth along the length of his engorged shaft. Her pussy lips felt the soft downy hair of his balls tickling her lips and ass. Sliding forward she stopped at the bulbous end of his cock, Still pressing the hard cock down with her thumb. His cock twitching, desperate to be released and enter her slippery tube. Increasing the tempo of the movement, back, forth, back, forth. Her pussy lips grabbed the cock with each gliding stroke. Tormented the guy knew he wouldn’t fuck her, but how could it be better than this. His own hips now join in the rhythm of the simulated sex as she recognised the familiar sporadic pulsing of spunk firing up the length of his shaft. Globules of dazzling white come burst from the end of his cock. A river of come formed on his exposed midriff, as the final droplet oozed from his flagging penis; Becky scooped up a dollop of the salty discharge on to her black gloved fingers and licked the fluid. Leaning back she placed her hand above her opened mouth as the sliver of man juice fell inside the awaiting orifice. Easing herself from the lap of the guy, she stood, backing away from him as she sashayed to the centre of the room. Dropping to her knees, she eased her body slowly to the floor, swirling her legs above her body. Laying on the floor in the middle of the room, breasts exposed, pussy exposed, totally naked to a room full of strangers. A pair of gloves and high heels maintained her secret identity. The freshly waxed pussy displays another slight trickle of come juice bubbling from her swollen labia. Placing both high heeled feet on to the floor, she raised her pussy mound up into the air. The smoothness of the hairless flesh glistens with a varnished coat of orgasm. One hand cupping her heaving breast, the other teasing her raw clitoris. Opening her legs wide to the audience, she placed her hands on either side of her exposed pussy. Holding the lips of her newly waxed pussy, she opened her wet cunt and exposed the internals to the audience. She’d never been so exposed to so many before. She’d never exposed herself in such a fashion before. The air of the room wafted gently on her exposed cunt. The empowering of the situation aroused her even further. Every part of her being was open and exposed. Open and exposed as her choice. She controlled the situation, but for how much longer. Every guy in the room firmly believed he would get to fuck her. A belief she conspired but did not adhere to. She knew different.
She would tease them, bring them to heights of desire they’ve never thought possible. She may even decide to satisfy their lustful needs. But none of them will fuck her. That world belonged to her and her husband. Arousing them sexually will all be under her terms. As this notion whirled through her mind, the empowerment heightened her state of arousal, as a familiar sensation grew deep inside her exposed cunt. The early stages of orgasm burst through the walls of her inflamed pussy. Electronic pulses communicated with her clitoris, preparing her erogenous zones for the sexual onslaught. The torment of desire surged through her whole body. Every part of her burned with an a****l passion she’d never felt before. Every single nerve ending was now an extension of her clitoris.
Rotating her naked body she positioned herself until she was kneeling on all fours. Breasts swaying as she thrust your pelvis to the imaginary cock taking her f***efully. Cock teasing the spectators with every gyration. Two members of the audience stood from their seats. As they moved toward Becky their trousers fell to their ankles. Holding their prominent erect cocks, they sank to their knees and scuttled close to Becky. Still maintaining control she informed both guys that no fucking will take place. She placed her hand over your pussy blocking any unwanted entry to emphasise the instruction. Smiling at the closest guy, she extended her free hand; wrapping her gloved fingers around the middle of his hard curved cock. Slowly moving his foreskin back and forth. Flicking her tongue over the purple head of the erect cock. The other guy releasing the grip on his cock began to massage her breasts, as the remaining members of the audience released their cocks from the bondage of their trousers. The whole crowd now wanking their manhood’s slowly, staring in awe at the spectacle in front of them. Taking the cock between her lips, Becky began to suck the glands furiously. The guy besotted with passion started to fuck her mouth as she rolled the cock of the other guy slowly, like a Cuban maiden rolling cigars. Removing the cock from her mouth she turned to the guy massaging her breasts and with a sexy smile said.
“No fucking allowed, but licking and playing could be fun”.
Wanking the cock she’d just been sucking, she leant across to the other cock and flicked her tongue along the length of his shaft. Placing his cock sideways on, she nibbled the entire length. Placing the head into her mouth, she took the cock to the back of her deep throat, massaging the length with her tongue as her larynx engulfed the bulbous meat. His cock pounding her mouth she slid her snake like tongue along the underside of his cock as the tip of her tongue licked his balls. All of the crowd witness this amazing sexual feat, as they wanked their cocks furiously. Pleasuring one cock orally and one cock being stroked delicately, she felt hot breath breezing on the lips of her pussy. A tongue entered her pussy, lapping at the inner lips and nuzzling her clitoris. This was the longest fleshiest object that with the exception of cock that had ever penetrated her. The tongue was longer and blessed with a greater girth than most of the cocks she had previously fucked. As the enormous tongue darted in and out of her love tube, dragging her lubricating fluid with every exit.
The vision proved too erotic for the guy in her mouth as his cock pulsed, sending his come sliding down the back of her willing throat. The presence of her husband was now a distant memory as she satiated her pleasure with the available cock meat. The tongue lapping at her pussy removed itself from its location, only to replace it with his finger. Now kneeling, he hooked his finger to the front wall of her pussy, blindly feeling its way till finally locating her G spot. She was close now to the point of no return, as two of the wanking cocks explode their come, showering across her breasts.
Another orgasm shudders through her body as three more cocks unload on her spunk splattered breasts. The cock in her hand was unable to contain the vast quantity of jism as she wanked the shining dome into submission. Copious spurts of white fluid splashed across her flushed face. Swiftly turning her head to collect as much of the secretion in her eager mouth as possible. The majority of the liquid missed the orifice and congregated in her hair and face. The gentleman between her splayed legs, fingering her pussy with renewed vigour, clawed his digits to her slightly bruised G spot. His control of the sensations was masterful. Vigorously sanding his fingers across the G spot area. Applying pressure to the area, he lifted her mound further from the floor. The most intense orgasm of her entire life welled inside her. Her cervix opening and closing instinctively to receive the sperm she was never going to experience. Two more cocks arrived on the floor beside her. One of them entered her obeying mouth, hungrily swallowing the length. The second cock nudged her shoulder. She wrapped a gloved hand and brought it close to her cocksucking mouth. Three guys paying avid sexual attention to her a****listic needs re-positioned her. Almost thrown onto her knees, forcing her long legs wide apart, taking turns to suck each of the two cocks in front of her. Mr G spot, lying on his back, slid his torso along the sex dampened floor, placing his head directly below his bucking sex. Pushing his digit finger inside her pussy, he then pressed his sex substitutes against the front wall of her squelching cunt. Flicking his tongue along the flesh between her pussy and ass. The two cocks alternating between her lips were both on the verge of exploding. The attention her pussy was receiving set the pulses for another orgasm to journey through her entire body. The crowd were fascinated as they watched her body quiver on the hand below. As the last waves of orgasm passed through her body, a finger slid inside her accessible ass.
A cock in her mouth.
A cock in her hand.
A finger fucking her ass.
A tongue rimming her asshole and the pressure applied to her G spot surges another orgasm, this time it’s multiple, as wave after wave of intense pleasure drains her of any resistance as all of your available orifices receive sexual attention. The pussy juice squirts through the remaining fingers of the guy pleasuring her G spot. The two cocks being fellated exploded in unison. The cock inside her mouth pulsates come down her throat, almost gagging her with the pressure. The other splays come wildly across her sex drenched breasts. The guy beneath, removes his finger from her ravaged pussy, still keeping the other finger, firmly rooted in her ass. Sliding forward he begs to fuck her. She can see her sex fluids shining off his lips. Becky had never been so sexually aroused and yet still in control. Once again she gave the school teacher finger wag. Adjusting her position, all the while maintaining to clasp the finger still in squirming inside her stretched ass. Thrusting against the finger, breathing softly, she leant forward, taking his cock into her hungry mouth. Slurping on the length. Whoring the cock for effect. The audience are silent. The only sound in the room is the squelching of pussy and the lustful sucking of cock. The audience watch furtively as she sucks the cock while her ass is penetrated by the finger. Her anus stretched around the probing finger. The swelling of her overworked glossy lips gliding up and down the engorged cock. The guy continues fingering her ass and returns his other finger deep into her pussy as he locates the soft tender G spot. A deep throaty sound lurches from her mouth as the intensity hits her one more time. Begging to fuck her, she now sucks his cock with such determined vigour, almost creating a vacuum of mouth and cock. She could feel the stirring tension surging in his cock as spurts of hot sticky come flowed out of his cock. The first splash hit the back of her throat. She removed the cock from her mouth and nuzzled the head as spurt after spurt flew through the air. The orgasmic moans of the spent guy send Becky over the edge again and another orgasm surges through her body, as his finger fucks her ass in time with each orgasmic wave.
As the last quiver of orgasm subsides, she grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands and exposed the rawness of her cunt and the fingered ass to the watching audience. Rolling off the guy, she lay on your back. Massaging all the collected spunk on her breasts into her velvety skin. Scooping up some of the come, she licked it from the come drenched gloves, swallowing the white fluid all the while grinning the sexiest of grins. All eyes were fixated on Becky as she slowly grazed the fingertips of her black gloves across the moist slit of her gaping pussy, holding the pussylips wide open, exposing her cunt to the audience. Raising her legs in the air, pointing her toes towards her body. Becky opened her legs as wide as they’d ever been. Her pussy and ass had never been as exposed as this before, and definitely not to so many people. Rubbing her clitoris gently with the come drenched black gloves and lightly circling her stinging ass with the other hand, she slipped an index finger in to her rasped ass; Becky finished her act with one last orgasm.
Rising from the floor as rapturous applause engulfs the room. Come juices running down her legs, collecting in the soles of her shoes making tiny squelching sounds. Cupping both breasts, she gave each nipple one final lick then curtsied to the crowd. Wiggling her ass as she tottered on her high heels towards her forgotten husband to guide her out of the room. Naked and drenched in come, she turned towards the crowd and gave her pussy one last rub before bowing and blowing a kiss. The couple left the room together, her husband with the discarded underwear heaped in a bundle and retired to the changing room. Becky’s husband returned to the function room to collect the fee and music. The scent of sex was prominent. The audience mesmerised, all huddled together at he table acting as a makeshift bar. They’d never experienced anyone so sexual. Although none of them fulfilled their desire to fuck her, not one of them appeared disappointed. One of the audience quipped.
“That is the sexiest, horniest slut I’ve ever seen. Whoever is fucking her is in for a treat”.
Becky’s husband nodded in agreement.
They offered an extra tip along with the fee. Taking the money and music, Becky’s husband rejoined her in the changing room. She’d cleaned all the dried spunk from her aching body. A waste basket almost full with wet wipes and cotton wool balls. Her nakedness had been clothed in the underwear that she’d previously removed. Dried semen visible on the tops of the stockings and the long black gloves. A quick spray of perfume couldn’t disguise the unmistakeable aroma of raw sex. Closing the Bag which now contained her folded civilian clothes. She placed her arms around her husband’s neck. Kissing him passionately, circling her mint fresh tongue inside his trembling lips. Turning her head toward his ear she breathed softly and whispered.
“Let’s go to the Hotel now and Fuck like crazy”.
Returning her kiss, he probed her lips with his tongue. The saltiness of semen now overpowering the mint mouth wash. The scent of sex overwhelming. Her full breasts heaving with each breath. Placing his hands on her exposed hard nipples, he caressed the tender fleshy orbs. Moving his hand down to her crotch. Pulling her see through lacy thong to one side, He slid a finger knuckle deep inside raw pussy. Her pussy is gaping after the show she’s just presented, but her pussy walls try to grip his moistened finger. He can feel the movement of her cunt muscles as they draw his finger deeper inside. The slipperiness of her pussy slides over his exploring finger. Her hips bear down onto the rotating hand, she fucks his finger till another orgasm bursts through her slouching body. Now raging with lust he turns her over. Forcing his engorged cock into the come dripping cunt. Running his cock up and down the slit of the swollen pussy. Guiding his cock inside her cunt. Two thrusts of hot cock deep into her pussy send another orgasm wavering through her entire body. With the previous display still fresh in memory, the pulsating quivering pussy sucks the spunk out of his frustrated cock, as the hot sticky spunk splashes the inner walls of her cunt. Turning round to kiss him, she sees 10 guys in the doorframe all applauding. Releasing her husbands spent cock from her sexual cavern, she proceeded to stand up. Bending over, in full view of the watching audience, She took her husbands limp come drenched cock in her newly glossed mouth and licked all the come from the now semi erect cock. Standing up now, she turned on your high heels and gives each guy a peck on the cheek, except for the guy who fingered her G spot. Opening her mouth she offered it to him. Darting her tongue deep in his mouth. Letting him caress her nipples and feel her wanton cunt for the last time. Her husband’s spunk and her own love juice blend together onto his probing fingers. Guiding his fingers from her pussy she placed his soaked fingers between both of their open mouths and together they licked the juices off his fingers. Giving his now erect cock one last squeeze. She said her goodbyes and husband and wife left the venue, her long black coat unbuttoned, resting on her shoulders with her exposed breasts in the tiny bra and the erotic underwear clinging to her glorious body in the cool night air, as they walked across the dimly lit car park to their awaiting car. Inside the car she applied more lip gloss and straightened her tousled hair. As the car left the car park, joining the main street finally on their way to the hotel, she let her long coat fall off her tanned shoulders, exposing the underwear that had previously driven the ten guys to distraction. The streetlights shimmered across her curvy body, exposing her again to the general public for a fraction of a second. She placed both high heeled shoes on the dashboard. Legs slightly parted. Lightly circling her pussy in a soothing action with the come drenched gloves. Soft flurries of sexual passion flowed throughout her entire body. As the car rested in the hotel car park, breathing heavily now, she looked at her husband. Pangs of guilt and shame engulf her at the memory of her sluttish display. Moisture gathering in her tear ducts, she tilted her head and said.
“I’m so…” He stopped her sentence abruptly.
Smiling back at his gorgeous wife he whispered.
“It’s ok. I’m as much to blame as you. I wanted you and the world to know how outrageously sexy you are and can be. I’ve never seen you so beautiful”
Returning a smile back to her husband, a single teardrop trickled down her freshly made up cheek.
“I couldn’t help myself tonight. None of those guys were what I would call my type, but the atmosphere made me so horny. I tried to stay in control I really did, but something took over me. And to do all that in front of you. But at least I didn’t fuck any of them”
His thumb wiped the solitary tear from her flushed cheek. Pulling her head to his shoulder, her face nuzzled into his tilted neck.
“When the guy phoned, the girl he described was a carbon copy of you. I can’t explain what possessed me to ask you to perform, but after what I’ve just seen, I’m so glad I did. You are the most erotic, horny…oh fuck! I can’t find the words to explain!”
She kissed his neck, opening her mouth; she took a small portion of flesh between her teeth and playfully chewed. Moving her head back to make eye contact. She looked at him, smiling into his eyes as her tongue parted her glossed lips.
“I want you to thank you for that. I want to thank you for opening my sexuality. Now I want you and you alone, to fuck me, to fuck me senseless in the Hotel. I may even let you fuck my ass. I don’t feel the need to repeat that kind of performance again, but if it turned you on half as much as it turned me on I now wish we had someway of remembering the evening”
That’s when he patted his pocket, with a satisfied smirk, taking out a small video camera, winking at his wife he said.
“We just might have!”

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