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My Skinny Granny

I’m a granny pervert. There, I said it. In high school, I had a couple of middle-aged mothers of girls I dated seduce me, but it was one girlfriend’s grandmother that sent me down the lifelong road to admiring and craving sex with older white women. Being a black man, it is the excitement of giving them the “forbidden fruit” of big black cock (known as “BBC”). For me, it is the surprising gasps and raspy moans they make. Its the rekindling of making them feel sexually desired. Making their pussies wet again. Its bringing them into fucking, just for the sake of fucking. Having sex in positions that their husbands never ventured to put them in. Fucking white grannies that have only been put on their backs, pumped, and cum-dumped on all their lives. I make them feel like they’re getting lustfully fucked, pawed-on, dirty, and craved. I make them feel like my cock is hard because I’m fucking them, not just trying to get-off. And the more they react, the harder I stay, and the more we fuck.

I have more than one neighbor over the years that has been a fuck-buddy. Though one neighbor is very elusive. Back then I put her in her mid to late sixties, now in her mid-seventies. She’s married to the typical white asshole that treat’s their wives like “The Little Lady”, in others words, lesser than the white man - King of All. From when they moved in several years ago, I could tell that she was “curious” about me, the Black Man. You can always tell. But she’s very prim and proper, and very shy. She’s about five-seven or so, very skinny, long legs, hair always in a bun and perfect, and I’ve never seen her in pants - always a dress, skirt, or jumper. She always wears dressy shoes, seldom pumps, typically heeled sandals or something toeless. For me, it is the challenge of the hunt for her that makes my cock hard.

My first sexual encounter with her was when I was walking by her driveway and she pulled-up in her car and into her garage. I walked-up to the garage door and asked her if she needed help unloading her packages. She smiled and accepted my offer. She had her back to me and I took one of her hands and put it on my crotch and held it there. She made a weak effort to pull it away, but I held it there. She gently squeezed my cock through my pants. Knowing how shy she was, I kept her facing away from me. She explored my cock with her hand, squeezing, running her palm over the head. I was getting hard, and knew that this episode was not going any further unless I pretty much took control of her, which I did not want to do. I wanted this to be her game. I gently pulled away from her and walked away. We had such encounters several times afterwards, leading-up to me taking my cock out of my pants and her giving me a hand-job. Always her facing away from me in her shyness. Only one time did she bring me to climax, her getting very shocked and not knowing what to do when my balls lurched and my jizz flowed onto her hand and arm. It was a hot moment to see her wipe my cum on the inside of her skirt and walk off. I have no hopes of getting her to the point of blowing me or fucking her. Though I am thoroughly enjoying our discrete and sordid sexual contact.

Not too long ago, this neighbor and I were having our “fun” in her garage. She was wearing her typical attire; a jumper, hose, heeled sandals, hair perfect. She was facing away from me, stroking my cock with her soft, warm, hand. I was hard as hell, throbbing. I gently put both her hands on top of the roof of her car and positioned myself behind her. She did not resist. I lifted her jumper to her waist. She was wearing pantyhose and granny panties underneath. I gently lowered her pantyhose down to her thighs, but signaled that that was as far as I was going by pulling up her panties. She was tense, but relaxed just a bit when I did this. I d**g my hard cock up her inner thigh and let it nestle between her legs. She moaned. We stood there, my hard throbbing cock between her legs, her breathing faster and slightly harder. I reached in front of her and put my fingers on her pussy, lightly brushing it. She hissed a sigh. It was time to make another move.

With my free hand I moved her panties away from her crotch. She tensed. I let my cock slide into position over her pussy. It was shaved and smooth. I just let it sit there. I guess she realized that I wasn’t going further, because she relaxed just a little. There she was, against the side if her car, arms over the top, slightly bent at the waist, pantyhose pulled down, with a big, hard, throbbing black cock on her shaved pussy. She was getting hot, breathing harder. What was going through her mind? Was this man going to f***e this hard black cock in me? How can I handle this? Should I get away?

Maybe the excitement of her thoughts took over. She began squeezing and releasing her ass cheeks. She was taking control. What a fucking turn-on. I rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy. And there we were - her squeezing her ass on my cock, me sliding it between her legs and over her pussy. Fucking without penetration. She was shocked and lost in it all. I wanted to rub her pussy with my hand, but I wanted her in control. Was that a shudder? Yes it was. Her body was lustful of my hard black cock. She actually started to rock her hips a little. Working my cock on her pussy. I pushed her against the car just to let her know who was in charge. She tensed. That’s right granny, it’s your pussy, but that’s my cock bringing you there.

I leaned back a little to look at the picture before me. Granny’s white sandals, skinny legs, pantyhose around her thighs, granny panties, and the upper part of my shaved BBC against her skinny white ass, the rest between her legs, the head sliding over her tiny pussy. I pulled-back just to see more of my cock, and eased it back in granny’s panties. She moaned.

After a while I felt my balls getting hard and my head getting light. Granny had brought me to orgasm. I pushed against her and started lurching my hot jizz onto her pussy. She moaned. No doubt hadn’t felt that in a very long time. She squeezed her ass cheeks and milked my cock. After delivering, I slid my cock out from between her legs, and again pulled up her panties, now sopping wet with my load of BBC jizz. I pulled up her pantyhose, lowered her jumper, and brushed-out the wrinkles. She picked-up her grocery bags and headed for the house door. I turned and left the garage as the door was lowering. One of these days I’ll get to experience whats its like to give my granny neighbor a deep creampie. Its gonna be a while though.

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