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Cruising and Swinging 3

It was about an hour after dawn on the third day of our Mediterranean cruise. I’d left my wife Melissa, asl**p with our neighbour Roger in his cabin. We’d spent the previous day fucking with Roger in the ship’s sauna and in his port-side cabin. I awoke to watch Roger and Mel making love, but once they went back to sl**p I was wide awake and slipped out to go for a swim.
I had swum about half a mile and was looking forward to the rest of the day as I walked back to our cabin. When I got there, our Brazilian maid, Maria, approached me looking concerned.
“Meester Jack”, she said, “you come with me please, eet very importanté’
“OK”, I replied and followed her. She took me down into the lower decks of the ship where the corridor consisted of smaller cabins than the upper decks; I guessed that these were for the crew.
She opened the door of one and indicated that I should enter. Inside, I found a white uniformed, male crew member, standing there.
“This is Meester George” she said and I shook his hand. There was something suspicious about this situation and I was immediately on the alert. I glanced around the cabin, I was sure it belonged to a female and assumed it was Maria’s. I also noticed a small device that might prove useful.
“Hello George, what can I do for you?” I asked.
“I need to discuss a very serious situation and I believe that discretion is in order.” He said with an air of self importance; he turned towards a laptop computer sitting on the table.
“Hold that thought” I said, I’ve just come from the pool and I need the toilet. I walked towards the bathroom and turned, “Nice cabin Maria, who’s that in the picture on the wall?” as they both turned I slipped the device I’d seen earlier, into my pocket.
“My mother” said Maria, confirming that this was her cabin. I entered the toilet and after relieving myself, primed the device and slipped it into the pocket of my shirt.
“Now then, what is all this Secret Squirrel stuff all about?” I joked.
“Part of my duties” began George, rather pompously, “is to monitor the CCTV systems around the ship. I was reviewing yesterday’s recordings and noticed some unsavoury activity in the sauna...”
“Ooops!” I thought, “We never considered that”.
George tapped on the laptop and a video began playing. A very clear video… showing me sucking on Roger’s cock. I assumed he’d also seen the earlier action where I fucked his arse.
“As you can see...” continued George “this is very serious and if was seen by the wrong people you could be in big trouble and could be chucked off the cruise immediately.”
“Let’s get this straight” I said “You’ve got a film of my wife and I having sex with another man in the sauna, which was locked and you’re offering to help me out by destroying the evidence. Is that right?”
“I’m saying I could be of service” replied George.
“And how do I go about securing your service?” I asked, expecting a demand for money.
“You go both ways… suck my cock!” he said, much to my surprise.
Now George was tall, blond, well built and very handsome, the idea of sucking him off, wasn’t the worst thing I could imagine, although I didn’t like this creep trying to blackmail me.
“So, if I give you a blowjob, you’ll let me have the DVD?” I said, “I understand that, but how does Maria come into it? She’s innocent!”
“I needed her to get you here and I can always invent something to get her sacked.”
“OK”, I said, kneeling and unzipping his trousers.
The cocky bastard was so confident that he’d get what he wanted that he hadn’t bothered with underpants.
I pulled out his cock, which was the biggest I’d ever seen outside of a porn film. I sucked the tip between my lips as I unbuttoned his trousers and let them slip to the floor.
George was busy removing his jacket, beneath which his broad chest was bare.
I began wanking him with my right hand, while my left roamed up his chest, admiring his six-pack and tickling his nipples.
I couldn’t get more than half of his monster into my mouth and my jaw was beginning to ache as I sucked him hard. Thank god he didn’t want to fuck me.
Maria bent down and tried to get a piece of the action, but George pushed her away - obviously not interested in the female form.
I on the other hand was excited that the beautiful little Brazilian had tried to join in. I removed my left hand from George’s chest and began rubbing up and down Maria’s long legs, slowly rising to her gorgeous bum.
I wished I’d undone my trousers, to let little Jack out; he was cramped and bursting to escape as I wanked and sucked George and felt up Maria.
By now I was having a good feel of Maria’s peachy arse and she was moaning in response. I extended my hand around and down moving towards her pussy.
“WHATTHEFUCK” I thought as I nearly choked on gorgeous George’s monster cock, “that’s not a pussy, it’s balls”.
Maria, tensed as I made my discovery, I didn’t say anything though - not much I could say with George’s monster rammed into my mouth.
I just continued sucking on George and began fondling Maria’s balls and cock.

Maria relaxed when she realised that I wasn’t going to expose her secret, but when I attempted to pull her cock out of her silk knickers, she pushed my hand away f***efully, stood and walked into the bathroom.
“Not your day is it?” gloated George, still unaware of my discovery.
“Right, you nasty bastard” I thought, “I’m going to finish you off and fuck up your day too”.
I wrapped a second hand around this prick’s prick and began wanking him harder, squeezing it tighter. I sucked on his balls and didn’t take care with my teeth.
This only turned on the bastard even more and he began breathing rapidly.
“I’m coming”, he gasped, “In your mouth... take it in your mouth”
I moved his knob into my mouth and he exploded several times before he started to go soft. I kissed his cock and licked his belly and nipples as I rose to a standing position, I moved towards his mouth which he opened to kiss me with; I spat his cum right down his throat, the arrogant bastard.
He almost chocked on it. I moved towards the laptop as Maria emerged from the bathroom.
George stepped in front of me.
“Where do you think you’re going?” he asked.
“To get the DVD”
“Sorry, that isn’t going to happen. If that goes missing, I could lose my job”
I removed Maria’s mobile phone from my shirt pocket, pressed a few buttons and replayed the conversation in which George tried to blackmail me in exchange for sexual favours.
“This is 2012, George” I said, “I’m not going to get into any trouble for having consensual sex in a locked room, but you would definitely lose your job for blackmail.”
“Give me that!” he shouted moving towards me - I was ready for him and raised my knee into his naked balls - BALLSEYE. Maria was ahead of the game and opened the cabin door as I bundled him naked, into the staff corridor. George lost his balance, tripped and fell to the floor, his cock waving wildly. I scooped up his uniform and chucked it out after him.
“You’re a good looking guy George and I enjoyed your cock” I said, “I’d have sucked you off for free, all you had to do was ask nicely.” I closed the door.
I looked over at an ashen-faced Maria.
“Don’t worry about him” I said, “He thinks it’s my phone and he’ll be trying to concoct a believable reason for the recorded conversation.
You keep the recording on your phone and if he gives you any problems in the future, you can give it to his bosses. You have nothing to worry about.”
Maria considered what I said and gradually calmed down.
She hugged me and kissed me on the lips, which reminded me.
“Maria”, I said smiling, “you’ve got something I’d really like to see.”
“Thees?” she replied, lifting her skirt and revealing a semi-erect cock; she must have removed her knickers when she was in the bathroom.
She pushed me back onto the bed and; as I sat I pulled her towards me, manoeuvring her cock into my mouth.

She pushed me backwards, forcing my back on the bed and began removing my trousers. I was already erect, still excited after the earlier action, but she sucked on my cock for a minute or so before pulling a condom onto my cock, straddling me and positioning my knob at her arse hole.
With little effort, she slid down onto me and began riding up and down.
I switched my attention to her top and began to unbutton her blouse.
I pulled it over her shoulders and Maria allowed it to fall off.
With that removed, I raised myself and unclipped her bra to reveal her little tits and perky nips.

I stroked her cock with one hand while rolling her nips between a thumb and finger.
I pulled back her foreskin gently and placed several of my fingers onto Maria’s lips.
She sucked them in slowly, smothering them with her saliva and sucking on each in turn.
I slowly removed them from her warm mouth and concentrated on her shiny purple knob with my now slippery fingers.
I pinched her nipples more firmly as I increased the rhythm of my hand on her shaft.
Maria responded by riding me faster as she made a high pitched squeal.

Seconds later she came all over my belly. Wow! That was amazing, I was about to follow suit when Maria pulled herself off of me and rolled onto the bed so that we were in the 69 position.
Before I knew it, the condom was off and my cock was in her mouth; I licked Maria’s shrinking cock and balls.
I couldn’t hold back any longer and an orgasm rocked my body. Maria pulled my cock from her mouth and as I ejaculated, rubbed it around her face and lips, covering her face and hair with my jism.
We both fell back onto the bed exhausted and waited while we got our breathe back.
Maria was the first to recover and went into the bathroom to clear up. She returned with a wet flannel and proceeded to wipe her cum from my belly.
She indicated my clothes with her brown eyes saying “I work now.”
I dressed before hugging and kissing her briefly as I left.
“I’ll see you later” I said, as I closed the door. She was standing there completely naked, her hair hanging around her lovely breasts and a limp cock hanging between her slender legs.
“How am I going to explain this?” I thought.
I got back to my cabin as Roger was emerging from his.
“Is Mel still with you?” I asked.
“No she left a little while ago”
“You’ve got a DVD player in there haven’t you?” I asked, handing him the disk I retrieved from Maria’s cabin.
“Yes”, Roger replied, taking it from me. “I’ll put it into the machine, but I can’t watch it now, I’m meeting Terry in town. What’s on it?”
“Something you might want to explain before you show Terry.” I replied. “See you later.”
“Will do” said Roger as I entered my cabin.
Melissa was in the shower. I joined her…

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