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Wife fantasies

I have for many years been interested in seeing things that I shouldnt see.
It goes back to when I was about 14 and the first time I picked up my mothers worn knickers, somthing just made me sniff them, and from that moment on I have always had a keen interest in knickers, and this has grown to include sockings, tights, and now also leggins. My voyeurism also started arouns the same time, i used to spy on my s****r getting dressed / undressed, and my mother would often walk around in her underwear (she was an alchoholic and often d***k). My dad left home when I was 12, after that mum had many boyfriends and men who used her for sex. There were many times when I used to hear her getting fucked late at night, either downstairs on the sofa or in bed. I would creep and look at what was going on, it became a huge turn on for me to see her sucking cock and getting fucked hard. A few times she was left half naked and passed out. I was able to look closely at her pussy, it was hairy and sometimes there was spunk over the hair. I have to admit that I wanked off over it a few times, adding my spunk to it. I loved that. I fantasised for years over what it would be like to fuck her. I really wanted to. But it never hapenned.
All this led me into a lifetime of voyeurism and peeping at anything I shouldnt see. I believe it also caused my interest in watching my wife fucking other men. I have written other stories about my current wife and her recent fling with my daughters ex boyfriend (have a read of them). This has not yet developed any further and she still has no idea I know about it, let alone heard and seen them. I dont know how she will react so I need to chose my time carefully, she knows I have fantasies about her and other men, so Im hoping that eventually we will develop that.
Which brings me to my first wife. I married gaynor when we were both 24. She was a cuddly size 12 with 36D tits and quite a pretty face. She had long mousey colour hair, quite thick and wavy. we had been together for 2 years before we married. Gaynor had told me she had slept with 8 guys before me, including a much older married man. We often discussed fantasies during sex, and she knew I liked to hear about her previous fucks when my cock was up her, although she did find it odd at first. She eventually used to really let herself go and tell me all, including the married guy who was 20 years older and had a big cock. There was something about this scenario that really turned me on, as it was plainly obvious he had totally used her for sex.
Eventually I realised that I would love her to do this again. Yes, I wanted my young wife to screw an older guy for me. One day I told her about this feeling that I had, how it would be such a turn on to let her fuck another guy, to know that he was so lucky to be enjoying my wife, to know how much pleasure he would get from ramming his cock into her lovely pussy, squeezing her tits and using her body. I was suprised how easily she agreed to this! We talked for ages about it while we had sex, and decided she would at first have a one night stand with a stranger, then come home and tell me about it.
This actually happened 4 times over the next few months. For me, it was fantastic. And gaynor was enjoying it too, so that was great. Eventually we agreed that it was time to bring a guy back and let me watch them. She told me that one of the guys she had fucked would be up for it, so it was arranged.
The day it was due to happen, I was very nervous and exited. He was coming to our house at 2pm. Gaynor had told me that he (alan) was married, he was 38 and she knew him as he used to date one of her old schoolfriends. The night she had met him he had fucked her twice in his car, and she seemed keen to get him into our bed!
Alan arrived 10 mins early, but we were ready. Gaynor was upstairs on the bed wearing black stockings, black lace knickers and a see thro top. I answered the door, strangely it wasnt awkward at all as i had feared. Alan was a nice guy, quietly spoken and average build. I could see why she chose him, he was good looking and with a professional job, so very discreet. We chatted in the living room, and I explained it was our first time to do this (which he already knew).
I told him to go on upstairs, and that i would follow and watch.
As we went into the bedroom, gaynor was lying on the bed. She looked stunning. She smiled and giggled as he sat on the bed, they chatted briefly, then he reached over and put his hand between her legs and felt her pussy through the knickers. I was rock hard already!! Then it all seemed to happen very quickly. He undressed, his cock was a good 7 inches and not fully hard yet. They kissed, gave each other oral, licked, fingered, groped, followed very quickly by an amazingly passionate, hard, fuck with alan on top, her legs held up by his shoulders, he fucked her with a real hunger, banging against her pussy, cock deep inside her. Gaynor was wimpering and REALLY enjoying it. He gasped as he came inside her (we had agreed this) shooting every drop of his spunk into her. After, we had a brief chat and he left with an agreement that we would do it again.
We saw Alan on and off for 2 years, but also many other guys too. Gaynor developed a fantasy for teenage boys, and eventually fucked a number of 16 / 17 year olds. Unfortunately youngsters are not discreet, and word got out locally, so we had to move. We continued with our lifestyle for a few years, I reckon gaynor fucked at least 40 guys in that time. Eventually we split up over other issues, I was single for a while bur as I say, have now been married again for many years. I will always have this lust for watching my wife having sex - maybe one day it will happen again.

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