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Her First Encounter {part 1)

Her first encounter Part 1

She paused nervously, her finger hovering over the bell, she’d never done this before but how she yearned to be touched, caressed, kissed and made love to. She took a deep breath, god how she deserved these things having to put up with being taken for granted day after day, and never having her deep sexual yearnings fulfilled. Finally she pressed the bell, and pushed open the outer door that was open by arrangement facilitating a quick discreet entrance. AS the inner door opened she returned the friendly greeting with a nervous smile. He took her coat then led her gently up stairs, sitting her on the bed he offered her a glass of wine, she accepted and took a deep gulp to steady her nerves.
“I’m so nervous she,” she said, “I’ve never done this before”.
He gave a warm, encouraging smile back, “Don’t worry, you’re here for your pleasure, we’ll go at your pace, do what you want.” Then he took her hand gently pulling her up and towards him. He gently kissed her head, and then her forehead then softly pressed his lips briefly against hers. She kissed him back softly, and then they kissed again harder, passionately, her mouth open and her tongue hungrily boring in to his mouth. He slipped his hands down her back and held her firm round buttocks pushing her to him, she responded by pushing harder in to him, feeling his cock grow hard. As he pulled up her skirt to squeeze her lovely bottom, she slipped a hand down to caress his cock through his trousers, feeling it pulse and grow hard with her touch.
Their lips broke apart he kissed down her neck, her shoulders, gently pulling down her top, until he could kiss the soft whiteness of her breast he gently flicked her nipple with his tongue, feeling it swell and harden at his touch. He then kissed it harder, encasing it in his warm mouth whilst his tongue continued to tease it. She gasped with pleasure, one hand holding the back of his head and keeping him firmly against her breast, the other stroking his hard cock through his trousers.
He gently moved his hand around from her firm buttocks, gently caressing her hips, the soft silky flesh of her inner thigh until his fingers felt the flimsy material of her knickers, she moaned at his touch as his fingers gently massaged her pussy through the thin material, tracing along her pussy crack, feeling her warmth and arousal. He lifted his head to kiss her firmly, her tongue eagerly reaching for his; she lay back on the bed, her groin pressing upwards as his fingers played with her moist pussy. He pulled the crotch to one side and gently slipped one then two fingers in to her hot wet pussy, she gave a deep sigh of pleasure as they stroked in and out then, wet with her sweet juices, he traced around her hard clit.
He then slipped of her top deftly removed her bra revealing her fine firm breasts and her hard erect nipples. He then gently, kissed down her neck across her breasts, slowly down her stomach until he came to her skirt which he gently slipped of her. Then he gently placed a hand on each soft inner thigh gently spreading her legs apart then he continued to softly kiss down from her stomach until finally his lips met her hot wet pussy. She gasped as his tongue gently flicked at her clit then slid down her pussy opening which yielded willingly to its probing, As she gently moaned with pleasure she pushed her pussy harder in to his face. As his tongue probed deeper in to her pussy he tasted her hot sweet juices and stroked his tongue deeply upwards towards her eager clit and teased it flicking slowly then quickly, softly then gently, increasing then decreasing the intensity of her pleasure. She gasped loudly with pleasure as his tongue then probed deep inside her and his mouth tightly covered her clit and his tongue flicked harder and faster against her throbbing hard clit.
AS he gripped her breasts, playing with her hard sensitive nipples, she moaned louder and louder, “yes…yes…..don’t stop mmmmm” she writhed pushing her pussy hard in to his face, he sucked harder at her clit, she groaned and writhed in ecstasy as she came, her hot wet juices flooding his mouth, as continued to play with her clit. Finally she pulled him up by his hair kissing him tasting her juices as their tongues entwined. She then pulled of his clothes gleefully freeing his hard erect cock. She kissed it tentatively then took its head in her hot soft mouth her tongue flicking it making it swell harder. He knew she was here for her pleasure so he rolled on to his back and twisted her round so her hot moist pussy was firmly over his mouth, she gasped with pleasure as he licked her sensitive wet pussy again as she continued to suck his cock. Then……………………………….

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