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Anal Desires

Anal Desires

She stood there, hands tied above her head, a soft blind fold covering her eyes. She shivered with anticipation as she heard his footsteps. All she wore was small flimsy bra top and white semi-see through pants. Her head rested against the post she was tied to.
She gasped as he poured oil over her neck and shoulders, and felt it slowly trickle down her spine, then she felt his firm gentle hands slowly start to massage the oil all over her back. He spread more down her front, soaking the thin fabric of her bra. As he kissed the back of her neck he felt his hands move round and massage her breasts. The mixture of anticipation, the oil and his touch made her nipples harden quickly. She moaned with pleasure as he massaged her firm pert breasts and played with her nipples.
Adding more oil across her stomach he gently massaged it in his hand slipping gently closer and closer to her now oil drenched pants. Finally his fingers reached her sodden pants that clung to her smooth shaven pussy, aided by the oil his fingers easily massaged her sodden pants. He felt the warmth of her pussy and she sighed with pleasure as his fingers easily slipped in to her aroused pussy, wet now with her hot juices. Through the fabric he felt her hard aroused clitoris. As her arousal increased she pushed her pussy hungrily against his probing fingers, urging them deeper.

His other hand stopped playing with her breasts and poured oil down her lower back across her firm round buttocks. Slowly he rubbed her hard firm cheeks and then slid his fingers gently across the crack of her bottom. She shivered with pleasure and let out a long gentle groan as his fingers explored her pussy and her ass. This is what she wanted, what she’d craved. Slowly his fingers pressed more firmly against her ass hole, filled with desire it slowly yielded as the oil soaked material of her knickers aided first one finger to slip inside. She let out a gasp of pleasure and of surprise as she felt her virgin ass penetrated.

Her pussy juices drenched his fingers of his other hand as they probed deeper, she gasped at the pleasure of both her holes being probed. Withdrawing his finger he pulled the crotch of her panties aside. Then his fingers wet with oil he slipped one then another in to her now willingly yielding ass hole. She ground against both sets of probing fingers, pushing her pussy hard against them then pushing her ass hard against his fingers forcing them deeper in to her. As her anus relaxed he slipped a third finger in and worked them harder driving them deeply in to her. She groaned louder, the new intense pleasure of being taken in both holes made her legs buckle as she lent on him.

Then she screamed with ecstasy writhing against both sets of fingers as her pussy gripped his fingers tightly as she came, harder more intensely as his fingers rammed her ass hole harder and faster whilst she came.

As she recovered she said quietly, “fuck my ass” His cock hard with excitement slipped easily deep inside her aroused stretched as hole. She gasped at the new experience as she felt his hard cock slip slowly deeply inside her. As he started to rhythmically thrust in to her one hand playing with her hot hungry pussy the other squeezing her breast, using it to pull her deeply down on to his hard throbbing cock. Aroused as she had never been before she came again trapped between the ecstatic pressure of his hand hard against her pussy and his cock deep inside her ass.

Finally, he released her hands, slipped of her blind fold, his cock hard and bursting, he knelt her down and groaning shot his hot stick cum across her face and mouth, her tongue searched eagerly to taste it, she took his hot swollen head in to her mouth sucking to extract every last drop….A

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