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First time with a man (or two)

Hi there, ive been a member of xhamster for a while so i thought it was about time i added my own story, so here goes. This is a true story about my first sexual encounter with a man, which turned out to be with two men in fact.

I had been curious about gay sex since i was in my teens but i never had the guts to do anything about it til i was in my mid twenties. i didnt lose my normal virginity until i was 20 and then at 25 i lose my arse cherry. I was single at the time and a friend of mine, whom i was very open with, had told me in conversation that another friend of her's was gay and that he went to this place out in the country to meet other men for one off encounter's. She made it clear that she didnt agree with this at all but i got very turned on by the idea, i very carefully asked where on earth this place was, turned out it was a place i kind of knew. I had walked my dog there a few times when i was younger but had no idea it was like that.

I thought about it for a few days everytime i had a wank, then i made up my mind that i would go and see if i could make my fantasy real. I drove out there one week day afternoon having no idea if it was the right time of day or what i was going to do but i didnt care, by now all i wanted was that touch of another man. I pulled into the country lane which comes to a dead end and i saw that a car was parked in a layby. I didnt have a clue how you went about this sort of thing so i pulled up behind the car and just sat there. I could see that the car had to people in it and started to think i'd got this wrong, but after a few minutes the two men started to get out of the car.

My heart was pounding as they both walked towards my side of the car, then it hit me - there's two of them. What was i going to do, ive never done anything like this and the thought came to me that i might have to do both! i wound down my window and the two men started chatting to me, they were both a lot older than me (in there 60's) which is great as ive always like the idea of the dirty old man thing. We pst the time of day and talked about the weather, i didnt know what to say. Then one of them said "your the first guy we've seen today, i was thinking we wouldnt get any cock today!". That was the ice breaker i guess, being nervious i took a breath and said "its a good thing im here then". With that one of the guy's put his hand through the window and started to feel the bulge in my pants. My cock jumped at the touch of his hand, i was so unbeleivable tuned on. He then said "get out so we can both play". i did as i was told.

As soon as i was out of the car the one who had feltme up moved in and kissed me shoving his tounge into my mouth, fuck me it was so amazing. The other guy moved in behind me and i could feel his hands wrapping around my body and fondling my cock through my trouser's. I could feel his hard cock against my bum as i was being kissed, he then opened my zip and pulled my rock hard cock out of my pants. His hands felt wonderful on my cock, the guy kissing me stopped and pull up my t'shirt and stared sucking and nipping my nipples. I real thought i was going to cum there and then but i managed to hold off.

After a few minutes of kissing, nipple's sucked and cock wanked they told me to follow them. One took my hand and led me a little way into this woody area saying "we can really get at you now" with a big smile on his face. With that both of them took there trouser's and pants off and told me to do the same. I did as i was told again like a good boy. They were stood in front of me with there hard cocks sticking straight at me, i had to touch them so without asking i moved forward and took a cock in each hand and started strocking. Fucking hell, having a cock in each hand was heaven. One was a lot bigger and thicker than the other but i didnt care, both were amazing!

After a little while they said "time to start sucking!". i didnt need asking twice, i was down on my knees in a second. I took the smaller one into my mouth first while keeping a hand on the other cock. I never thought having another mans cock in my mouth would make me feel so horny, i sucked on it for all i was worth. To my delight i heard one of then say to the other "Hit we have a real pro here!". My first time cock sucking and i was being called a pro. The other guy said "Right then, my turn". I had to open my mouth really wide to get him in but that made it more horny if that makes sense. He took my head in both his hands and stared fucking my face, pushing his big cock right into the back of my mouth so i gagged. But i did the best i could.

The other guy had moved behind me and said to the other guy "Get down on your knees so he can get on all fours." so he took his cock out and got on his knees telling me to get down. So there i was on all fours with a big cock in my mouth and i just knew what was going to happen next. I heard the other guy spit on my arse and then i felt a finger go inside me, it was an odd feeling but not unpleasent. Then i felt the end of his cock on the opening to my arse, this was it, it was going to happen. I tried to relax as much as i could while he pushed his hard cock into my arse, i felt very full, there was a little pain until it popped in and then the pain grew less and my cock grew harder. He started pumping in and out of my arse, mmmm it was amazing. My fantasy of many years had come real. A cock in my mouth and one in my arse.

The guy in my arse didnt last long and i heard him moan out loud as he shot his cum into my arse. I could feel it, i didnt think i would but i did, fucking yummy! As he pulled out the other guy said "i want some of that" and took his cock out of my mouth and moved round behind me, i braced as he f***ed his much bigger cock into me, and i felt every inch. This time the pain was more and i moan with every shove but he didnt slow down. After a few minutes he too shot his load into my arse. I feel to the floor in full on satisfaction, "Thanks very much for that, hope to fuck you again" And with that they both walked back to their car and were off, i just left there sore, full of strangers cum and very, very happy!

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