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The things i would do to you x

the things I would do to you
Our tongues dance in each others mouths sending charges of energy
throughout our bodies the soft moans from each other I slowly kiss your
neck and take your earlobe gently in my mouth, at the same time I am
running my hands up and down your sides and back and tracing the
outlines of your ass. your hand explore and trace the outline of my semi
hard cock and with a smirk and a raise of your eyebrow, without
hesitation you start unzipping my pants and start to massaging my dick
until it is fully hard, my hands have your tits in them, I free them
from you bra and take them in my mouth I smell your perfume and drives
me crazy, I trace your nipples with my tongue and gently suck them in.
you now take out my fully hard dick and continue to pull my pants down,
on the way back up you moisten your lips with your hot tongue and take
my hard dick into your mouth slowly in and out, swirling your tongue
around the head and the shaft, I grab a hold of your hair and follow
with your head you squeeze and massage my balls with you soft hands
saliva runs to the base of my dick and you take my dick all the way in
making me moan loudly. I pull my dick out of your mouth and lead you to
your bedroom I lay you down on the bed and quickly remove your pants
and undies. swirling my tongue in your bellybutton and kissing just
above your swelling clit I can smell your horniness and f***e my tongue
between your wet lips I feel your velvety lining and f***e my tongue
in as deep as it will go, and use the full width of my tongue to follow
it's way up to your swollen clit, swirling it with my tongue gently
sucking on it, and pushing the hood back to expose more of it, I slowly
suck your outer lips and work my way down towards your ass. I
reposition your legs and lick your taint, licking your soft ass and
pushing my tongue into it and you grab my head and massage it your hips
are gyrating and following the movement of my tongue, I move back up
to your extremely wet pussy and start licking your clit again bringing
you to your first orgasm. After you cum I move between your legs and
slowly ease my rock hard dick into your swollen pussy, slowly moving in
and out at first and your hands are holding my back as my pace speeds
up your nails are digging into my back, I move your legs so your knees
are on my shoulders, just so I my dick can get in all the way. You roll
over onto your knees I get behind you and my very wet and hard dick
enters your swollen pussy, I grab hold of your hips and speed up my
pace slapping my swollen balls against your clit, I run my hands up and
down your spine sending shivers through your body, my pace speeds up
and you cum for the second time and I pull out and cum all over your
juicy ass, but I am not done! I lower myself behind your ass and stick
my tongue in it, it is so hot and moist and swallows my tongue in, my
dick is now hard again and you make me lay on my back, you take the
shaft all the way in just to moisten it, and you lower yourself down on
it and start rocking hard and fast bringing both of us to an earth
moving orgasm. but this is nothing to the things I would do to you.

suzanne x x xx

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